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Astryd starts to confront Brenna and is interrupted

Flushing Meadows - New York


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Midday in Flushing Meadows, people are wandering around, families with children, couples… not many business people, it's Saturday after all…

A tall, hard looking, strawberry blonde dressed in a jeans and a long flowing tunic top stands in the shade of a picnic shelter, observing the crowd.

A tall brunette woman stands to the left side of the shelter, observing the raven, speaking on her phone as she does.

The strawberry blonde turns her head to look at the brunette… before speaking loudly enough for the woman to here "Do you really want to do this here, Brenna?"

"Yes, I do Astryd… you will submit… by your missing piece…"

Astryd sighs… and runs at the woman… and sweeps her feet from beneath her, eyes flashing dangerously as she stands over her.

Lunair is out and about. She looks a little pale and flushed, a bag of soup cans and such in her hand. She also has her backpack with her - the mark of a college student. For her part, she seems to be at peace. There's even season passes to the Botanical Gardens in her hands and she looks thoughtful. At least, until someone sweeps their feet out from under someone else. "… is this some kind of Fight Club?" She moves over to see what the heck is going on.

Wanda likes parks - she used to sleep in them on occasion - so she was happily enjoying the last of the summer sun when there is a disturbance. At least she thinks so from all the people suddenly running around. No one is panicking, they're all more curious. Nothing attracts a cheering audience more than a hot girl fight. Wanda casually makes her way over to the forming circle and spots Lunair in the crowd. "Hey" she waves before sidling up alongside her. "Is this a normal fight or one we have to be part of?" she asks the college girl as she watches the blondes battle.

It's still daytime and Esme isn't supposed to be seen. Clint told her to stay hidden. It's so long til night fall though and she just wants to watch all the people and maybe learn some new things. So she's clinging about thirty feet off of the ground on the side of a nearby brick building. Her camoflauge is active and she's invisible to those walking by so long as she doesn't move.

This is harder than it sounds because the strange woman is so excited to see people that she forgets and turns her head alot. Before anyone can take a second look to figure out what the hell that was?! She's remembered and gone still again.

Anyone able to get a good glimpse in that split second of appearance would see a strange woman with an amazonian build. She has dusky grey skin and glowing amethyst eyes. Wings protrude from her back and claws extend from her fingertips and toes. Mysteriously marked metal bits and extreme piercings mark her body in various places, including one in the center of her forehead. The movements nearby draw Esme's gaze and she gasps softly. Astryd! Astryd scares her. And Esme is supposed to be hiding. She creeps up the side of the building some more to get a better look. Clearly visible now and not yet aware of it. Easily distracted is the newborn Gargoyle.

In this day and age, there seem to be fights everywhere — or at least, in parks. Not too long ago, there was a swordfight in Central Park, so why not here in Flushing? Surely no parks should be left out!

Jason was getting something to eat from one of the nearby food trucks when the commotion caught his attention. Taking his overpriced, truffled grilled cheese, he makes his way towards the growing crowd around the two fighters. He's currently staying near the edge of the crowd but seems to have found a decent vantage point.

Astryd scares lots of people. There's just something about her, a predatory / otherwordly air, that has crowds parting before her.

Brenna shuffles back on her backside, shocked… "Yyyou… still have to do…" Astryd raises an eyebrow "Don't, Brenna…" the tone is quiet but extremely firm. Not one to be argued with.

As Astryd looks at the crowd that has gathered, the bulk turn away and disappear - no one seems to like 'that look'.

"Nothing to see here, you can move on…" Her eyes flick to where Esme maybe hiding - has she noticed her?

Lunair smiles, as Wanda comes over to her. "Hello. And I'm not sure," Lunair admits. "I was just getting some food and books," She murmurs. "Did you want anything at the apartment?" She asks quietly. She is watching, quietly concerned. And there's an Esme! This is curious. Lunair has never seen anyone like that. But she just accepts it. She is a blank slate socially.

She doesn't seem aware of Jason yet, although her gaze turns that way.

"The apartment? I haven't been there for a long time, Lunair. Don't you notice?" Wanda smiles softly before looking at the battling beauties. "Do they seem odd to you? Especially that one…" She stares right back at Astryd's predatory look and doesn't back down an inch. "You see her too?" she asks Lunair, eyes still on Astryd but referring to the strange woman upon the building. "I am glad sometimes that the things I see are real. Then I am /not/ glad they are because they are usually trouble."

Esme turns around again just in time to realize she's being seen and that Astryd is looking her way, startled, she lets go of her hold on the bricks and falls. She's about six feet from a face full of hard ground before her wings expand and save her. She still lands in a bit of a heap and then gets to her feet with a look of alarm. "Esme was hiding! Really! D-do you need help?" When she stands, the living gargoyle is seven feet tall. Probably not very reassuring to the person on the ground. She takes a quick look around at the other people, her purple eyes wide. So many people! But they are looking at her! "Ooh no." Esme trots back a few paces, looking like she's about to bolt.

Jason Todd takes a bite of his grilled cheese and just sort of watches as a giant gargoyle now appears amid the fighting and the crowd. Usually things like this happen in Gotham, but he's finding that the weirdness easily extends to other Metropolitan cities. He looks around at the others in the crowd who react to this new appearance.

Maybe it will break up the fight before anyone manages to call the cops.

Brenna scrambles to her feet and glares at Astryd before slinking off back into the park. Too many people to witness … whatever it is she was planning.

As Esme falls to the ground, Astryd rolls her eyes "Child, should be out here?" It's obvious she knows the Gargoyle and she's fairly certain Esme should not be out in public. Glancing at the group that remains "All is well here. As you can see."

"I do… I just figured you did your own thing. Though, I've been kind of in and out," She admits. "Classes started back up," Lunair smiles. Plus, she's been well, away. And then she spots Jason and his sandwich. There's a polite wave, even if she doesn't quite know him.

She looks back to the two women. "Maybe they're fighting buddies," She muses. "I don't think I've met the tall lady."

And then a pause. She looks to Wanda. She is puzzled a moment. "I can understand that." She kind of gets it.

"I haven't met either of them" Wanda shrugs to Lunair as one woman leaves and the other attempts to play it all off as nothing. "Do you think we should introduce ourselves?" A glance over at Jason. "Do you know him?" If Lunair waves then Wanda will wave…and then point to her own chin…and then his. 'Cheese' she mouths silently before looking at the gargoyle that has now joined the party…or is it a grotesque? The churches back in Transia were covered with them. They were great to conceal surveillance cameras in. As her blue eyes take in Astryd…and then Esme…and then Lunair, she asks her friend, "Lunair…am I really short?"

Esme tries to look small and fails miserably at it. There's nothing small about her. A dusky rose blush forms and mixes with the black color of her skin before it all starts shifting colors to match the bricks she fell from. Wings flutter nervously and Esme can't help but peek up again. "No. Esme..I was hiding! Really hiding. Then.. um. Fell down!" Her eyes land on Jason. Or more specificaly, Jason's sandwhich. "People food!" She breathes reverently. Are those two women nearby staring at her? Uhoh. But the people food.. and Astryd. Esme shifts from foot to food and makes little nervous sounds. She doesn't know what to do!

"What is that?" is murmured from those gathred as they look at each other as if wondering what to do now. "Is it a Mutant?" someone calls and the conversation swells as the questions start to be asked. Do they call the police? The FBI? Is the Mutant going to kill them all? What do they do now?

Jason blinks as Lunair waves at him and there's a brief frown. It could be 'Do I know you?' or maybe even 'Do you know -me-?'! Wanda's wave gets sort of returned but when she gestures to his chin and mouths, he quicklly lifts a napkin to wipe the cheese off there. 'Thanks!' is mouthed with a slight smile.

And now the large gargoyle is eyeing his food. Blue eyes glance around to see if it really is his food or someone else's. It's his. If she wants it, there's gonna have to be a fight — he waited in line for half an hour for this sandwich!

Astryd isn't all that tall… well for an Asgardian. Seeing the last of this group isn't going to leave, Astryd sighs. Three hundred years on Midgard and still she makes errors like this. "I am Astryd." she introduces herself to Wanda, Lunair and … Jason if he engages. "And this is Esme…"

Glancing around at those making comments "She's a cosplayer…" Yes, Astryd knows about Cosplayers.

"Perhaps we should move this discussion…"

Blink. Lunair looks apologetically to Jason. Then she looks to Esme. "… did you want a sandwich?" She offers. For someone as desperately socially inept, Lunair does seem genuinely well meaning most of the time. She looks to Wanda. "And you are welcome to join us for food," She offers.

Then a pause. "No, you're not short. She is tall," Smile. Lunair is offering to treat them for food. "I am Lunair. It is a pleasure to meet you guys," She nods. There's a quirked smile at Jason, too.

"Food is good" smiles Wanda to no one's surprise. "I am Wanda" she introduces herself to those interested. "I am in X-Red" she adds, because she thinks it is in the contract that she advertises like that. "But I am not a superhero. I am more in the background." Her voice is still heavily Eastern European accented. "Hello Asrtryd…Esme. What is cosplayer?"

Esme's wide eyes are focused on Lunair now. She would not have taken Jason's sanwhich from him. She probably doesn't even know theft is a thing. It wouldn't have occured to her. She's just happy and excited to see it. "P-people food?" The gargoyle woman asks hopefully. "Please. Yes. Thank you!" She creeps closer to Astryd despite her fear. The Asguardian is the only one she actually knows. "Nice to meet you!" Esme grins and bounces on her feet. Someone thought she was nice to meet! She gives Wanda and Jason a small wave.

Shy but eager to talk to more people. She's never going to be able to learn how to be a person if everyone is always afraid of her and these people aren't! The cosplayer talk goes right over her head. It isn't a word she knows and sometimes Esme doesn't notice unfamiliar words. Or they sort of just slip past her awareness until she's calmer.

"Bullsh—" is coughed into his napkin as it's called out that the gargoyle is a Cosplayer. Maybe it was Jason doing the 'coughing'. He takes another bite of his sandwich before glancing around again. He's actually not sure that he should engage with these women…although he could be in worse company.

It's a difficult choice; girls and food or solitude. He doesn't actually know any of the women and being seen in the company of a seven foot tall gargoyle isn't really subtle. That said, an opening was given in the waves from Lunair and Wanda. There's a pause before he saunters closer, still working on his sandwich.

"Cosplay is when people dress up as characters. And please…she's so not cosplaying. I don't know what she is, but do you really think these people are going to believe that when she came pretty much flying down? Cosplayers don't actually have working wings."

"In my experience…" Astryd looks over to Jason "It's the doubt that she may or may not be, that's important. And" she gives Esme an amused glanced "she still came down in a lump." A glance back to Jason "You have not introduced yourself." then to Wanda and Lunair "Pleased to meet you Wanda and Lunair."

There's a food vendor very near by, and Astryd leads the group back to the picnic shelter she'd be standing in… "You can sit here while you eat, if you like. Now Esme, tell me why you were out."

"Surely. Just let me know what you'd like and I'll fetch it," Lunair beams at them. "My treat. Food and drinks," Nodnod. She looks to Jason, quietly amused. She beams at him. "Actually, it is possible. You just need the right riggings and some circuits. There's very impressive work with LEDs and slightly robotic-" Pause. "Sorry." She rubs the back of her head.

"Anyway." She beams at Wanda. "You are very heroic. You don't have to wear spandex and punch people into space to be a hero," She offers. Still, Lunair seems willing to take their orders.

Wanda loads up on hot dogs and other unhealthy food…and she will offer to pay for her large meal…before she is heading back to the picnic table. "Why do they dress up as other people? Are they not happy being themselves? When I do not like myself, I do not want to be other people." She thinks on that a moment before amending, "I do not want to /dress/ like other people." A smile for Jason. "Hello, man."

Esme wilts a little at Jason's words. She understands enough to know he's talking about her and not in a happy way. Maybe only the women people were happy to see her. The red tint to her skin fades to muted grey and she sits obediently where Astryd points. "He's scary!" She whispers. Only she may be thinking aloud because she isn't looking at anyone when she says so. Just her hands being nervously wrung in her lap. The only thing she's wearing is a faded and falling apart nightgown, and the odd piercings which on closer inspection seem to just be growing out of her skin. Even the chain of rings that trail down from one ear.

Lunair is talking and smiling and that reassures her a bit. She hates scaring people. Really really. She takes the food offered to her with huge eyes, forgetting her worries for amoment. "Oh yes!! Yes yes yes. People food. Esme has people food!" She does a little bouncing dance of glee while she sits, keeping her wings folded tight to her back. Then she takes a large bite of hotdog without unwrapping the foil covering.

"Sorry, Miss Manners," is quipped with a smirk as Jason looks at the others. Lunair's answer gets his grin to widen some, "Sure…but in the middle of the day in plain sight of everyone? Doubtful. They'd see the rigging."

When Wanda returns with the food and asks her questions, he raises his eyebrows, "Seriously? You've never worn a costume for Halloween or anything? I know that they don't have it everywhere, but pretty much every culture has some sort of variation."

"Hello, Lady…" nope, he still hasn't introduced himself."I'm just saying that you shouldn't assume that people are stupid. I think that's what's gotten us into this sort mess in the first place. People make excuses for strangeness."

Astryd gives Jason a flat look and raises her chin slightly. The Asgardian Goddess takes the measure of the man … "People excuse what they don't understand. Or fear it." she murmurs as she settles on a bench as the others return with food and drink. "It is fear that has gotten Midgard into trouble."

Esme eating all of the hotdog has her blinking "Has your friend been helping you adjust, Esme?" It's not that she particularly cares, but she's interested in how those on Midgard interact, something that hasn't been quenched in 300 years.

Lunairs explanation about the wings gets a nod of approval and Wanda… gets her regard. "I do not understand Midgards fascination with it either, but it is certainly something I've observed."

Lunair smiles. She will pay for the food cheerfully. "My treat," Nodnod. She doesn't seem bothered by Esme. She is a social blank slate. She doesn't know any different or any better. People are what they are. She accepts them without a word. "And clearly, you've never heard of gothic lolita," She teases. jason. "Besides, it's easy to hide the rigging. A bit of foam, some leather or cloth…" Handwaves. "Anyway, I hope you enjoy the food. I'm so glad to see you guys. And I love costumes." She admits. Of course, Lunair is a rufflemonster who loves Gothic and Elegant Lolita, so there's that.

Wanda peers at Jason before shaking her head. "/I/ have different costumes sometimes but they are not the costumes of other people. I do not think that Superman would like me walking around in his clothes. Or Wonder Woman…though I would not fill them as well. I have never been to a Halloween but I am looking forward to it. Maybe my new friends will do the tricks and the treats?" A pause. "Oh…then I will be a cosplayer?"

Esme is listening but most of her focus is on tasting her food and watching what the others have and are doing. She has to learn. Learn all the things. Realizing Astryd spoke to her Esme nods. "He tries. Looks for a teacher. Maybe found one." She sets her hotdog down and claps her hands whispering joyfully to herself. "people food! sitting with the people eating people food!" Clearly this is a very special exciting occasion for her. She smiles brightly at everyone and resumes eating.

"Sure, hide it in the costume, but from the building?" Jason starts, but then he looks over to Astryd and his humor fades. "Got it. Well." He finishes off his food and looks to the women and the gargoyle. "It was nice talking to you all. I hope that your ideology works out for you. Didn't seem to do so well for those relegated to Mutant Town." Wanda gets a shrug as he starts to step away from the group, "That's up to you, I guess. Good luck with your first Halloween." He then balls up the container that held his grilled cheese sandwich and napkin and chucks it in the nearest trashcan and continues on his way.

Astryd's only vaguely aware of what happened in M-Town but she cants her head at Jason as he walks away. Interesting human, but a curiousity at best.

"Do you know him?" she asks the others gathered at the table. The talk of costumes and Trick and Treat have the goddess shaking her head "Trick and Treating." she sighs. "I've travelled this world for many years and will never understand why this country does it. Costumes are one thing… trick and treating… "

Astryd looks to Lunair "You seem well versed in special effects, Lunair. Is it a hobby or a calling?" and then to Wanda "Yes, you would be cosplaying, then. Your accent is not from around here." Of course, Astryds is a bit of a mixture, it's hard to pinpoint from exactly where.

"It's good they are looking for someone to tutor you, Esme." The link to the Gargoyle is still in place. "And I can see that you are enjoying the 'people food'. Have you had anymore difficulties with he, who woke you?"

"He seems familiar, but I can't say," Lunair admits quietly. "Um. Mostly a hobby, honestly," She admits. She doesn't seem to think it odd that someone has a different accent. She pauses at Wanda's question. "If you wish to. I usually give out candy or go out dressed up," She admits. "And congratulations." She waves to Jason.

Wanda waves farewell to Jason before looking to Astryd. "I am from Transia. Which is a small country in the small region of Wallachia…lots of small there. Sometimes I think of going back to answer for what I did there. Sometimes I want to stay here with the first friends I have had." A smile for Lunair. "I would like to. Who should I cosplay as?"

Esme shivers. "Bad man tried to kill a human and make me come to him. Clint fixed it. No more bad man." She relaxes after Jason leaves. Her Masters had all been men. Usually she's alot more frightened by them than women. She likes Clint though. "I want to learn to make clothes!" She tells Wanda and Lunair with a smile. Her poor gown is ready to give it up. Or her up, really its amazing it's still on her at this point. "This is good food. Thank you. Very good!" Esme then eats a napkin.

Astryd is familiar with Transia and nods to Wanda, considering her carefully "Answer for what you did? Was it so bad, Wanda?" She considers the woman but adds nothing more. "That's a good hobby to have, Lunair."

Leaving Lunair and Wanda to discuss costumes and trick or treat, Astryd considers Esme again "That is good then, child. Now you are free to make your own way in the world." the nightgown gets a raised eyebrow "Learning to craft your own garments is good but in this day and age, you can more easily buy to replace."

Lunair is quiet. She smiles and nods, sipping her soda. "Wanda is a good person," She offers. "And it will be fun. Are there any colors you like? We can find inspiration." She looks to Esme and Astryd. "It may be tough if she is a tall lady. I can loan you my sewing machine."

"It was bad" Wanda confirms to Astryd before letting it slide and smiling to Lunair. "Lunair is also a very bad judge of person" she teases before talking moves to clothes. "I can sew. I had to learn in Transia. We did not have all the big stores there and who would want to buy the standard uniform as approved by our President General? I do not look good in grey."

She does know about money. For some reason. She doesn't think it was something she needed to know before but maybe her last master taught her? It's hard to remember. "Esme has no money! I will learn how to do it. How to do all the things!" She smiles brightly again. Then looks puzzled. "Sewing Machine?" She blinks and looks a bit overwhelmed. It's not just her height but her wings that make clothing difficult. She also doesn't appear to have any idea just how one goes about making clothes, just a determination to learn. Esme gasps. "You know how?! That is so nice."

"This is true, Lunair. Finding clothes to fit one so tall might be an issue." Astryd responds as she considers Wanda and nods slowly at her admission. There's not much she can add to that. "It seems, Esme, you may have people who can assist you." At that moment, Astryd's phone starts to ring and she looks at it. "Please excuse me, I must take this." Standing, she moves away from the table.

"It's no problem. We can take your measurements," Lunair considers. "I keep debating doing a minor in fashion or art," She admits. Then a curious look at Wanda. "I see. I think vibrant colors do suit you more," She nods. Then a giggle. "I am just fine at judging." Beam. Really! She looks between them. "We'll help if you like.

Esme smiles at the other two. The people around the park are still gazing at her though and she should get back before Clint realizes she's gone. "I would like this very very very much! You are good. Both of you. It was nice to meet you! Thank you for being so kind to me. And the people food!" She claps her hands excitedly and then flies off. "Esme will come back here in the dark!" She calls back as she goes.

Time to leave then. Wanda collects as much food as she can, waves goodbye to everyone, promises to help anyone who needs it, and then wanders off with her doggy bags. As she walks she hums 'Saturday in the Park'.

Lunair waves to them. "Sounds good. Be well." She seems happy Wanda has plenty of food. And she too, will wander.

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