Listen Here, Miss

September 16, 2015:

Demon Zee makes an appearance to Zee's friends… what could she possibly want?

New York


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Fade In…

Text messages are received by certain of Zee's friends… a date, time and location and simple invitation "Join Me… ~Zee".

The location? A quiet park, somewhere in New York… It's just on dusk, the shadows are lengthening and the exact spot is a table and bench… Zee must be running late though, because she's currently not there… she won't be long though.

Reality shivers for a second, parts, and spits out one cheshire by the name of Vorpal. When his feet touch the grass, he looks around quickly.

"… hello?" he says, very quietly, ears twitching. It's… strange. Zee usually is a little more verbose than that. But his curiosity… you know how cats are…

Melinda May likes cryptic invitations about as much as she likes surprises. That is to say, not at all. She arrived a good amount of time early and staked out the park for a good hour or so. She encountered nothing untoward and was starting to get bored, and then Vorpal arrived.

Zee usually contacts Jericho via text. Certianly she's proven about adept with a cell phone as every other nineteen year old. So when the message instead arrives by letter the hacker is naturally suspicious. And doesn't show. Well, does and doesn't. He's about half a mile distant, looking down at the park from the top of the nearest high rise through cybernetically enhanced eyes.

There's a slight flicker in dimensions and a portal open… out steps … Zatanna. Well it is and isn't Zatanna… this Zatanna is at least 10 years older than Zee, with short horns on her head and peaking out from under the long dress (with a slit right up to hip) are cloven feet. Those who can will recognise the feeling of Limbo as Zatanna steps through and the portal closes.

"Nice of you to join me, Vorpal and Agent May." Not-Zee smirks and looks around "Well, I know who her true friends are now…"

Cloven feet. Horns. Zatanna.

Vorpal's fur puffs out and he throws his ears back. Instantly, the Cheshire begins to multiply- splitting off into multiple Vorpals until there are about nine of him in a wide circle, around this 'Zatanna.'

"… who are you?" the Vorpals ask. The real one is keeping an eye out on May, in case she needs help.

Not likely. This is agent May. Anyone who happened to her would be the one to need medical attention.

"And why are you impersonating Zatanna?"

Melinda May turns to look at the portal, and the moment not-Zee steps through she's pulling a weapon. And a flask of holy water. "You don't belong here," she says in a low tone that means anyone who tries to mess with her right now will learn exactly how angry she can get. "Go back to your version of Limbo." Before she finds a way to get a hold of Illyana.

Jericho takes out his gunblade and takes aim. It'd be a hell of a shot from here but… he'll hold it. Or he might get a bit slower. "Hello otherZee…" He murmurs quietly. What do you want…

Jes is suspicious because Zee would have just spoken into her mind. So she's approached carefully and quietly. She's wearing an armored vest to protect her stomach. Great for one being shot at, for one being magicked at, probably not so much but well, it felt better than nothing. She can scent Limbo and this thing that smells like but doesn't. Dimensions and what? Alternate realities? So out of Jes's league. There's Vorpal though and May and she can at least supposrt them so Jes stands and approaches May from the side. She remembers, Do Not Startle Agent May.

Not-Zatanna laughs at Vorpal's and May's questions and begins to prowl around them. "I belong whereever I want, Agent May. And come now, Vorpal… don't you recognise me?" Seeing Mays flask of Holy Water, Not-Zee snorts softly "I'll head back… in my own good time." Jes' approach has her head lifting "Hello, Jesana." her eyes drop to the womans stomach, a knowing smile touching her lips - that might make Jes a little uncomfortable…

Trailing a hand over the picnic table, Not-Zee looks to those gathered "There's one missing, at least… I would have expected to see him here… " There's a faint brush of magic, tainted by the feel of Limbo, but Zee's own brand none-the-less … and Demon Queen Zatanna looks in Jericho's direction "He's even annoying in this dimension." beat "So how is Zee?" she asks those gathered.

"Don't toy, demon," Vorpal snarls. Nine pairs of eyes narrow in her direction. "Unless you want chaos chasing at your heels. What do you want? And why are you impersonating Zatanna?"

Nine Vorpal swords flash into being, crackling with chaos magic.

"I won't repeat myself again."

Melinda May actually manages to not roll her eyes at Vorpal. "She's not. You know what alternate dimensions are." She's careful to not use the cheshire's name when addressing him. Just in case. Also, she's very much aware that not-Zee is watching the holy water flask, so she's banking on that to give her an opening to hit the she-demon with an oil-coated throwing knife. Fingers crossed, she won't have to throw anything.

Jericho takes off with the glow of amber wings. It takes only about twenty seconds before he drops to the ground, wings winking out and blade unfolding. "I was wondering when I would get to see you." The hacker growls, eyes flashing dangerously. That is, of course, not the sword that Not-Zee will be familair with, which may or may not be interesting.

Jes stands off to the side to give May room and makes sure not to block any shot Jericho might take. If she's bothered by demon-Zee's comments it doesn't show on her face or through her body language. Jes can lie and bluff with the best of them. Another legacy of her Father and one she hasn't quite become aware of yet.

The coyote woman's attention is split between watching this Zee and Vorpal. She's never seen him like this before. All growly and swordy and many eyes. It's actually kind of hot. The purple fur too.. Jes blinks as Jericho arrives and startles her from the day dreaming. "Argh! We are going to have words, Old Man." Jes mutters as she shakes her head as if to clear it of something. These hormones are going to kill her yet. Maybe no ono noticed. They are all looking at Jericho and Demon-Zee. Not mumbly-Jess drooling over her team mate.

Not-Zee nearly purrs when Jericho arrives "Ooooh, still growly in this dimension too." Her eyes flicker to the sword and the disappearing wings "Not upgraded yet, I see…" and turns her back to him.

Jes gets her attention next, the dark haired woman laughing even more… before she turns her attention to Vorpal and the swords "Chaos is always at my heels, would you like me to prove it?" her tone drops dangerously "Or shall we all have a pleasant little chat."

May, gets an indulging smile "That's more like it. Now… I asked…" her tone hardens just a little "How is Zee?"

"I'm aware of a lot of things, May," Vorpal growls, "and demons are deceitful no matter where they come from- this hell or an alternate one." The presence of this creature makes the steel in the cat come out. The Fae and demons have not had a harmonious relationship, not since Lucifer tricked the Fae into settling in one of the free terrains of Hell, a place where Faerie could be transported when the Fae abandoned the world.

Every Fae remembers the price of such 'charity' from the Morningstar: A Fae sacrificed every seven years to appeace the rent of Hell. Every Fae also remembers how Faerie eventually rose against the Morningstar- and learned that Demons could be beaten.

"There is never such a thing as a pleasant chat with demons. You won't get an answer to your question until you tell us the reasonf or asking- and before you get sassy, miss," he raises the sword to point at her- all nine of them do, "Don't try to scare us. The daughter of Trigon is one of us, and no matter how high and mighty you may be in your hell, you know very well what she is capable of. So keep that in mind."

Raven didn't enjoy it when Vorpal brandished her relationship to one of the ultimate evils of the universe… but at times it was useful to keep the lesser of two evils in line with a warning.

It didn't do Raven's self-esteem any good, he imagined, to know that she wasn't the potential lesser of two evils. He wouldn't trade shoes with her for all the money in the world.

May spares Jericho only a glance as he arrives looking as ready to start a fight as she is. This version of Zatanna really needs to get the hint and go away already. and while she's thinking about things that need to happen already, she is THIS close to telling Jesana to go scratch that itch before her repeated distractions get someone injured or killed.

Frighteningly, May agrees with Vorpal on more than one count. "Tell us why you want to know and I'll consider answering." But only consider.

Jericho decides to skip the repartee. His blade folds away as the weapon flips into 'gun' mode and the moment Demon Zee turns her back…

Well that's never been a wise thing to do to Jericho. Turn your back on him. It comes up in less than a second and he just holds the trigger down, firing what would surely be a couple magazines worth of shots straight at the woman without so much as a 'howdee do'.

Jes just kind of stares. She'd seen Jericho's movements from the corner of her eye but wasn't about to give him away. Not-Zee is not Zee and so Jes doesn't really care what happens to this one. Besides, if she dies then maybe Zee won't have to go to Limbo so much. Jes isn't a fan of that place. Even if it is interesting. It's like she can be of much help to her Zee any way right now. If this one gets up and comes around the side of the table though.. The coyote is very focused on their situation now. The guns are out it's too important to be thinking about swords and how sexy they are.

Zee had obviously been expecting Jericho's action and turns on her heel as he fires - no words, none what so ever, just short sharp bursts of magic deflect each and every shot at her. "Sooooo predictable, Wolf…" She hasn't even broken a sweat.

Vorpal simply gets a snort of amusement, she dismisses his actions just as easily as she dismisses Jericho's attack… This is not some sweet 'Miss' anymore - this is a freaking Queen of Limbo with all of Zee's powers and then some.

"I simply wish to know how she is, Agent May." That she even answers the question is telling "I do, as I've told you before, have plans for her…"

Sauntering past Jesana, not-Zee smirks at the coyote "Guns and swords are 'hot', are they not?"

"Then make other plans. Bitch." The Cheshire growls low. "She is our team-mate and not yours to plan. Now go-" the circle takes one step closer to her. "Queen of filth," Vorpal's voice changes as he speaks, acquiring a lilt that's not normal to Keith, but more typical to the Sidhe "lest ye forget that yer highest throne is still nae more than the dog's cac of Creation. Enough of yer posturin' far an taine 'n abhainn, 's ann as mò a fuaim."

Melinda May doesn't let Vorpal's starting to speak in another language faze her. She's still witholding her attack, but the temptation is getting stronger. "Get used to disappointment." She does put the little flask back in its pocket, though, as she instead prepares to pull an oil-coated dagger. Or maybe setting up a circle of holy oil might not be too amiss at this point.

Jericho curses under his breath as Zee deflects the attacks with precisely applied magic. Sucker punch had been the best bet of ending that quickly and he is not at all confident that a straight fight won't result in, at minimum, a lot of property damage. To say nothing of people getting killed. He rather doubts this version of Zee at all pulls her punches.

Either way, the firing stops and the hacker takes a half step back. The blade hasn't unfolded back. Not quite yet.

Jesana blinks. For a single moment she considers seeing if she can push that thought. Demon-Zee seems similar to her Zee in not being attracted to females and Jes considers the odds of luring her into a bed and killing her while she sleeps to high to risk. More likely she'd be the one to end up dead-or trapped which in Jes's mind is even worse.

She has her gun on her of course but Demon-Zee just dodged or stopped all of Jericho's shots. Vorpal is.. Jes isn't sure what he's doing aside from being enraged. May is the expert her right? Jes steps aside and keeps her mouth shut.

Not-Zatanna smirks at May whilst Vorpals little display has her laughing even harder at his antics. "Try harder, Vorpal… " Jes gets a knowing a look… no Not-Zatanna's not interested but she might use it to her advantage.

Pulling a dagger from her waistband, displaying it to the group gathered. Jericho will recognise the blade… a soul dagger… similar to Illyana's soul sword, just a dagger. "Ask Jericho what this means, Vorpal, before you try to bait me further." Yes she knows what he's doing.

"I think I've found what I came to find…" one last look at the group "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again." She's obviously getting ready to leave….

They say pride comes before the fall, and none are more prideful than demons- not even faerie cats. There's a madness to the fae, but that madness has a certain logic to it… do not climb up a mountain in the middle of a storm to curse the lightning, unless you know how to bottle it and trap it. The demoness was clearly cool headed, too cool headed to attack. No matter.

The cheshire moves with a cold efficiency that belies the apparent rage he had been building himself up to- A rabbit hole appears as the cheshire moves through it- appearing a few feet from Zatanna. He explodes into a summoning of the Chaos Wave and it spreads forth from him, the magic of chaos moving out like a wave. It may appear like idiotic, thoughtless bravado on Vorpal's side, but it is primarily curiosity to see how that knife will react to the magic- it may be the only time any of them will have any direct feedback with it, and if the woman returns they will have to know something about it. While he observes, he lets the Cait Sidhe rattle on his litany of curses and threats:

"Ye threaten us here? The Morningstar lies skewered in the pits of Tartarus. I fair ken the Seelie court would love t'hunt another upstart to throw into the pit. Yet a demon, a fallen filth. If ye threaten our friend, ye'll have the Fae on yer heels. Worse."

He snarls "I'll send John Constantine t' plague ye for a million eternities, and even then ye'll nae hear the end of his incessant, chalky, whining, whinging, nagging keen."

Maybe the one thing the Fae hate more than demons may be, probably, John Constantine. Oberon certainly wasn't happy with the rumors of him and Titania and donkey parts- however unfounded it may be.

Melinda May knows better than to tell Vorpal to stop. Besides, now that he's (hopefully) distracting not-Zee, she pulls that oiled throwing knife and throws it at the demoness, promptly throwing a rag dripping with consecrated oil after it. If she dodges the knife, whatever. Let's see her react to the rag.

Jericho knows better than to step into a chaos-wave and he knows he would react fairly poorly to the knife and rag. The last time he picked up one of May's consecrated wipes it burned. So instead he just unfolds his blade and puts it into a low guard. If Zatanna is going to react badly, it's going to be now.

Jes growls softly at Vorpal's threats but it quickly trails into a whimper. She misses John dearly and suspects there's no way to get him back. From the hints and last echoes of the dreams she's had.. whatever remains of John Constatine is lost within some demonic force in Hell that's begun eating the Astral Plane. Jesana first reaction to fear is always violence. She was raised to never let that fear show, to never back down in front of her enemies or she'd be eaten alive. She's afraid for Zee, the real Zee. And afraid for John and more frustrated than she can adequetly express while human at her inability to help either of them. Pregnant women, demigod or not don't go charging into Hell or Limbo to make war. The coyote woman is angry now but she's thinking since she can't act on that anger. Thinking hard about what she might actually be able to do and how to go about it, Jes moves out of their way.

Not-Zatanna holds up the soul-dagger and as the Chaos Wave hits, it totally and utterly unravels … as if it never existed in the first place. Mays thrown dagger is deflected with a casual expenditure of magic and the rag that follows bursts into flames. Not-Zatanna hasn't uttered a word in all of this.

Shaking her head at the group, a portal opens behind her and the corrupt Mistress of Magic steps through the opening "I'll be seeing you soon… " and the portal closes.

"Well," Vorpal says with clinical detachment as the wave unravels- lesson learned- "Now we know how to deal with her," he says after she is gone.

"Which means we have to get cracking. Hard."

Melinda May huffs faintly, then after making sure the demoness is gone she moves to find her deflected dagger. "Trent, any guesses as to what she meant?" Where the h… oh. THere it is.

Jericho shakes his head. "No. But she's been active. Zee won't be happy. Neither will Illyana." Clearly Jericho's not happy either but there doesn't seem to be anything to do about it. "That she knows you all is a bit disturbing but… we'll deal with that later."

Jes just stands to the side and sighs. "I need a drink. No. I need to be drunk. The kind of drunk where you wake up three days later with no idea where you are, how you got there or what happened to your clothes and that's okay because it was the point.

How many freaking (long rambling and virulent cursing in Blackfeet) end of the world threats can we face at once before one of them wins!? Jes finishes with a snarl and promptly sits down in the grass and starts rubbing her feet. Don't any of them even look at her feet. If she even thinks someone is thinking the word "cankle" she's going to take her cankles and shove them so far down someones throat they're going to be crapping cankles for a week! "GROWL"

"Well… two things 'ere. One: she cannae be attacked directy, her draíochta- her magic- is too strong. Lesson two be that knife of hers and it be mighty important. That's Anamdraíochta. That blade o' hers is made o' Anam." Vorpal grumbles and rubs his forehead. Soul magic. He vaguely remembers hearing of it- but it's not something the Fae ever indulged in, because Fae souls are inseparable from their bodies… to segment a section of your soul and imbue it into an object for a Fae would be akin to taking a leg off to wield it like a club.

"So ye can forget t'try anything 'gainst her with magic…" his speaking pattern slowly returns to his more prosaic self. "So. We're going to have to get Raven to eat her soul. Or her knife. Failing that, we need to find a way to neutralize her magic so Agent May or anyone else with good aim can throw something holier-than-thou and consecrated at that blade. It's made of her corrupt soul, if you get anything holy to touch that, she's as good as melted. Don't count on me for any of that, though, touching holy stuff makes me revert back to human."

He looks at Agent May for a second. And grumbles. "There is one person I know of, whose mastery of magic surpasses even that of Zatanna or Constantine. If we need to nullify her defenses so we can get at the knife, then one of us is going to have to consult…"

He lets out a sigh, "Someone might have to look up Loki…"

He officially hated the universe. All of it. Even the shiny bits. What's worse: Gar was still being a worm after his jaunt as the phoenix, so instead of cuddling up into a reassuring embrace and a sleepy voice telling him it'll all be alright, he's going to have to lay on an empty bed full of worry. After putting some worm grub in the box that was currently housing his fiance.

"Fuck the universe. Like, hard." He grumbles. Technically speaking, Wotan himself was the Norse god of Magic, but that was a level to which nobody really had access to- Loki was the second tier equivalent.

"Alternatively," Vorpal pipes up, glad at the fact that there is an alternative, but apprehensive at what it is, "I can…. look for a way back into Faerie. Look for the Market." The road to Faerie is paved with difficulties, mired with rules and rituals that he is, fotunately, familiar with due to the fact that he carries within him the soul of he who once was the Cait Sidhe, "If there's something that can be used to nullify her defenses, it's bound to be in Faerie." The question was, of course, how steep the price of getting it would be. Everything in Fae came with a cost- and not in coins.

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