Black Holes and Revelations

September 16, 2015:

A long overdue meet, and one final favor.

The Egyptian - Midtown Gotham

A casino, not yet opened to the public in Midtown Gotham.


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Sometimes places feature 'soft opens' to benefit the business, but alas, not The Egyptian. It just stood remodeled and erected in its glory a beacon among the rest in Midtown, though the gold plated statues that rest outside the doors are callings of their own. Setting a dare to the criminals of Gotham where the feline statues of bast even bear engraved patterns and inset jewels along their breasts in their necklaces that are outlaid in lapis and onyx, just like the eyes that stare forward in their giuard of the riches beyond the doors.

Spotlights reach to the skies, X'ing above the tall building and then spanning out to drop down along the street before and the stairs that lead upward, now bare of the red carpet entry welcome, but that is next week. The real opening that offers a free entry to Gotham's 'High Rollers'. Bruce Wayne served with an invite from Selina 'Calbrese', formerly known as Kyle to those who even noted the woman in her areas of fund-raising and aid. Now her notoriety is going in another direction, and the funds are funneling through the Casino to being forth a new uprising perhaps?

for now though, the place is empty save for the surveillance Rant had set up and Selina with Amenti, the Sphinx feline clutched in her arm with sharpened nails carefully stroking along its hairless spine while her other hand is occupied with the stem of a wine glass and emerald eyes focused on the blood red contents.

The invite to the Egyptian has gone rather ignored for sometime both Bruce and Selina are aware of who the other is beyond the masks of human skins; their true totemic empowered night creature selves, their real faces. That alone isn't, however, the real reason Gotham's playboy billionaire has been a continued no show to the invites. It goes beyond the game of cat and flying mouse the two have played over the years. It does of course make it easier to ignore at the very least.
If anything Bruce Wayne has learned of Selina Kyle calculated distance is always required.
To remain a continued no show to the Egyptian was unlike the Wayne the city is familiar with unfortunately and to continuously shun the hostess would spark interest and suspicion. Question springs from such things and the nosy start to sniff around. All things a man of Bruce Wayne's particular life style cannot afford so tonight he is making his appearance. Though a subtle one compared to his usual displays.
A simple suit made of dark blends that are most likely qivuit and something else, if Bruce had to guess he would say vicuna but he doesn't select he just wears. His butler has very fine and expensive tastes that work perfectly to the purpose of maintaining appearances. No models on the arms, no fancy sports car, just an old Royce and no drunken bravado none of that is needed for this visit. There is no one to impress and no one to fool. Just Bruce Wayne arriving at an up and coming business of an ex-girlfriend. Brief ex. At least as far as the public is or /was/ aware, a person would really have to do their digging through all of the piles upon piles of Bruce Wayne stories to find his time with the outspoken club owner and activist Selina Kyle from the East End. She is compared to many that have been witnessed on his arm rather less than celebrity material.

Quietly, music plays in the backdrop, there is hints of rises in tunes and tenors as well as the thrumming of low bass and equaled vocals. nothing that could really be /heard/ unless you listened, but to do that you'd have to drain out the other bits of white noise among the blinking slot machines and the settling ice or the whirring of mechanical things simply running to ensure they will outlast their use and purpose.

If only people worked that way, hm?

His arrival does not have to be announced, she had strained past the normal crescendo's to focus upon the music and the rhythmic draw of hand over down'd skin to know when the doorway hissed open and whispered closed. She had told the suited goons to leave her be, reported to the Alley she would be home too late to stay up for and needed time. Time she spent with the bare plate sitting beside her bearing only crumbs and frosting smears. Sprawled along the booth beside her is the small figure of a child in a Doc McStuffin's night gown and cuddling hr stuffed leopard from the zoo… The benefit she held for those lost and orphaned.

Upon herself is a simple slip of black silk, strapped one pice down the back, the other down the front, held upon her figure by laces up each side that criss cross and indent lines in the arched press of flesh.

The feline in her grip slowly opens eyes to slits and stretches from her hold upon the disturbance, though pretending to not notice nor care while it bathed between extended claws on the table. Empty hand now placing her own tipped nails upon lacquered surface while eyes never lift.

"Bruce." There is no need for show of bravado, nor a lack of expression, but her tone is oddly unreadable, her motions deliberate when she reaches down and tugs a blanket over the sleeping Ana before she slides away from her.

Expecting something?

"Mrs. Kyle." The easy and friendly enough response as the tall man makes his way over towards the hostess, "Looking more lovely than I expected."
It doesn't take too much for Bruce to be fully aware they are unwatched, ungaurded and in a private location of the Egyptian. Keen observation skill aside he's also made doubly sure by flicking a small emitter on his watch that sends out a pulse scrambling any nearby electronic frequencies.
Lowering himself in to the bench opposite Selina and her ward, "Taking in orphans now?"

"And what did you expect?" Now finally once she has put a small distance between herself and the sleeping child her tone lifts from that neutral whisper to a curiosity tinged in some embittered restraint. But for what? The restraint itself and the underlying posture that straightens her spine or the moment itself?

A flippant wave out towards the casino and its bearing, the staircase that spans up and then outward to the rooms for housing overnight guests, the finery.. "I would say I am doing fine." But under a different name and purpose, but for peaces sake if at least -that- has slipped his keen observation, she will let it.

His touch to his watch is noted, lids fluttering like moth wings against a lantern's light, the small smile curling upon lips ushering forth the words to follow. "Am I eating up your time? Forgive me the imposing." And there it is, that bitterness made voice but the flash of teeth only show a Cheshire's smile and uptilting feline gaze lined in kohl, like an effigy of the Ancient Egyptian surroundings.

Though when he does speak of Ana her facade shifts, a ripple as she looks to the child and then back to him as the glass of wine is drawn closer for a taste. An empty glass and full decanter gestured to for him to help himself to. "You should know the orphans hold a place in my /soft spot/." One of few things. "She is mine, yes."

"Something more… leather, I suppose."
A smile about the question of time. It is actually eating in to his time, David Cain was back in town and already targeting his 'family'. Possibly Catwoman as well but that had yet to be determined. She wasn't included in the message.
"I'm open tonight at least for a few." A glance towards the girl then back at Selina, "And you think that is wise? Considering everything currently transpiring? I'm hardly one to judge under the circumstances but you're not exactly in the running for the Good Samaritan Award. You've incited gangwars, muggings, shakedowns, city blocks have been locked down and the families of Gotham, Selina, the same crime families you used to hate, you're now working with." A pause and he offers a tight smile, tighter than the previous one.

The tightness is returned to him, coming much easier and with the peeling back of lips to almost curl her lips into the personification of a hiss. But with a flick of gaze to her cameras and his watch she eases down in an exhale and the downing of the glass of wine to follow up with another. Since he did not pour his own she did for him, turning the tray to have the full glass rest before him.

"Not here. Consider that nevermore." Selina states while that glass is now watched. "There is no more room for that, nor need. Gotham has enough and it was getting suffocating." A brief swallow works her throat and she does not look up until he questions further.

"I have my own methods, Bruce. Gotham only /moves/ herself when forced to. She will not go quietly into the good night and neither will I. I have incited what /works/ for the people. Less of those forgotten have come out dead for it." A pause and she spins that glass slowly before her by the braced stem balance between tipped fingers.

"Who would you prefer be at the head? I have a /family/ for once. One that will accept and back me as a -real- person, not some nicknamed nobody who sometimes spins on the tails of bat-capes and gets forgotten there as well." The more she spoke the more that venom sought to come out but instead her tones quieted… Something else?

A glance to Ana and her shoulders slowly sank from that rigid posture of 'holding the world'.

"I am doing what I must, and Ana has helped me understand a lot and forgive Rex for the decision he made. One I will not make."

Now that gaze returns to Bruce as te glass is brought to lips once again.

A low sigh escapes Bruce and he almost slumps at the shoulders, almost, he isn't the sort of man to display any form of weakness unless it is intentional and those brief moments are gone as quick they appear.
"Gotham is a meat grinder and what comes out of doesn't always resemble human. That is why we aren't. Why we can't be. You can't allow yourself or you'll be come one of them and forgiving Rex Calbrese is one of your first drastic mistakes. This isn't a family, not like you want and you're going to learn this the hard way no matter how much you think you're in control."
A pause and the man looks genuinely concerned, a flicker of emotion appears, "I'm sorry you felt forgotten. You weren't… but you know the rules, you know my rules and if you operate outside of those I can't give special exception. They smell weakness and devour it at it's source. " A hand reaches over and Bruce draws the blanket over the young girl's shoulder higher, securing her in to it's warmth more. A surprisingly gentle act for a man so dark and inherently violent.
"You should think about this before you further endanger this girl and confuse her with notions that these mobsters are family."

Selina watches him, his actions, those movements that scream more then words could whisper. It is the beasts that came from the meat grinder before fully run through. That is what they are, and this is who they have become.

"Since you shut off my systems and they have a backup installed that reactivates it, let me be perfectly candid before that happens." Selina leans forward in her seat, the vinyl upholstery moans beneath her shift that almost has her posterior lifting from the finery, torso hovering horizontally over the table and barely pressing the wine aside. A fine vintage, really. It'd be a shame.

"I am not a woman to forgive and forget easily, Bruce. But when I bear scars I look at in the mirror every day and know it was because I was forgotten it angers me, but what pushes me is to know that -I- survived. Catwoman, Selina. She doesn't need your family or this one. A hand rises and a single digit presses into the shining surface of the table with a silent *tic*, but something wavered, even the flex of sinew along scarred arm where the bicep bears a bullet hole scarring of through and through shudders in recollection or /knowing/.

"Ana does not know that feeling and never should. Do me one last favor and perhaps yourself. Save her." There it was, Selina blinked and leaned back and away, resuming the seat she had before he checked his watch, though now she leans back and spreads her arms along the back of the booth, her throat working over the lump just before she gleans an Emmy Eating smile.

Override it again, or play along. either way it is all laid out. "Please, call me Selina Calbrese now, Mr. Wayne."
A grunt sound and Bruce Wayne straightens out his suit jacket before standing up from his booth, message within Selina's words clear enough. Batman is all bout saving innocents. It is at the core one of the things that make him who he is. Not every wretched soul in Gotham required extreme violence for salvation.
"You are not the only one bearing scars, Ms. Calbrese. Just remember… gaze too long in to the abyss… "
Words from Wayne cut off there and he takes the hostess of the Egyptian's hand up and kisses her knuckles before helping himself towards the exit. Her scent will haunt him for the rest of the night.
Louder as the security cycles back on he follows up with; "Oh and one of my consultants will be in touch, my father had a small interest in casinos and a plethora of plans that were never acted upon. Perhaps we can do some small amount of business after all."

"Just because I bear scars doesn't mean I married their past." Selina watched as he made his exit and listened, her chin lowering in acknowledgment of his final words while the kissed hand flexes fingers outward after release and then curls them inward as the knuckles here swept down exposed side, skipping over the latticework of laces with a darkening grin.

"You taught me well enough about being void, let's hope these future dealings do not." The finality of her words do fade as she looks upon Ana and exhales a wavering breath before she leans in and scoops the girl up into her arms, clutching her close while she carries her towards the back where her own car waits for them to go home.

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