Maximus' Secret

September 14, 2015:

A brief scene aboard the starship Starfire reveals the secret of Reese's weird guide dog

Starship Starfire


NPCs: Max the "dog"



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Fade In…

Monday morning in the starship Starfire, which means pretty much nothing, since the crew it technically jobless and by now they must have repaired everything they could repair with the technology available. So Orn seems to have taken cooking as a hobby, and Skaar is not sure what Depalo and K’tten do. Maybe something scienc-y. He knows he would go nuts to be limited to the starship space. But they must be used to it.
Skaar himself is not as a frequent visitor as he was just after the weird plastic humanoids attack. Nothing was found, and no more attacks happened. So now he hangs out in a house Lunair has some distance from New York, and comes to the ship to use the teleportation systems to visit interesting corners of the world.

Lunair is here and there. She visits, but sometimes she seems busy off doing LunaStuff(TM). She does bring them Earth stuff to play with, random earth tech and interesting things she thinks might be interesting. She smiles to Skaar, meandering on in with a bag. "Skaar!" She beams.

Depalo is fine with being locked in his lab. What you -don't- want to know is what he is doing. Starfire seems perfectly okay with this because in the end it brings no harm and when it does, it gets them the results they want. Orn has taken up cooking but also preparations with K'ttn, as their unease and perhaps anticipation of the interruption in the peace of space and the ripples upon earth has given them more to do, though it is apparent they are researching everything they can to not let it lie. Outsiders have no specific legislation or rule, and they live it to the 'T', even the putty men still have a place, but parts are in Depalo's lab. Again, don't ask.
when Starfire comes out upon the duo's arrival what strolls beside her is a beastial creature unrecognizable. No hair upon its four legged form, scales and plated exoskeleton of almost chitinous appearing plates over joints bearing hooked spires. The maw of the beast is canine, wide, and the tongue that lolls forward in curled ad serpentine if not for the fact it lacked the slit at the very tip. Eyes are unblinking save the slide of nictating membranes over glowing green eyes.
Hideous and yet cute and obviously native to Tamaran wilde, but the collar has a jingling tag, proclaiming him Max.
Starfire herself is in a pair of cut off jean shorts, abdomen bare and the gauzy gypsy shirt billowing over her torso, more the look of the casual beach goer with a monstrosity at her hip and a flashing smile of joy at the appearance of her friends, offering them a wave just before she hops the banister between the top deck and the base level, landing upon bare feet silently, Max vanishing in the chameleon cloaking from above to appear below padding along the metal grating happily.

And most of Skaar’s exploring expeditions include Lunair, unsurprisingly. Although he wasn’t expecting to see her so soon. “Luna, good to see…” hmm, Kori and ugly monster? Well, ugly is relative. But Skaar had never seen Max, or any Max. He nods to the Tamaranean lady and examines her new pet. “Hrm… where did you find this. It doesn’t look like an Earth animal.”

"Hi Max," Lunair was to the dog(?). Lunair doesn't poke Depalo about what he does in the lab thanks to her phobia. Nor does she wish to bother the fellow. But she does at least bring back neat Earth food now and then? Yes. She waves to Starfire, before looking to Skaar. "And you, Skaar!" She scampers up to her tall, green friend. She seems curious. "I think he's from um."

They have seen Max, just not Maximus Prime… i.e. the reality of the beast she gifted Reese for her eyes and ears, as well as protection. Reaching down Kori stroked a hanf along the beasts broad head, fingertips sliding over the scales in a hiss to touch upon the collar and induce him back to the image of a large cane corso. Reese's companion.
"Sometimes it is good to be able to be you." Starfire states, scratching the beast behind the ears and then letting the image of falsity fade back. "He is tamaran native. A breed of the originating hunting hounds for my people.." A fade of the speaking with a wave of hand dismissively of the topic and coming back to them as the duo conjoins, the smile spreading across deep purple lips. "Depalo made him in his lab from what we could find." So a clone and a small idea of what Depalo could do given the resources.
"How are you two?" Star says switching the subject just after Max pads off towards the bunker rooms, likely to find /his/ companion.

Skaar chuckles, giving the ‘dog’ a smirk and nod. “That explains his behavior at the healing place,” comments Skaar. “I am well, as expected. It still feels odd to live in peace for so long. A part of me craves battle, but perhaps it is only because I had not known anything better. Perhaps I had become too comfortable with my old life,” he muses.

Lunair deals with battle. Often. It's not really her choice. War, chaos and mayhem seem to follow here wherever she goes. Maybe it's destiny, maybe fate just took a dump on her porch. Who knows? She tilts her head. "That's understandable. And I see. It's neat that almost everyone loves pets," Lunair considers. Animal critters: Across the universe!
Lunair looks to Skaar and nods. "It's easy to get used to fighting a lot." Granted, she doesn't ADMIT that she fights a lot - in part to avoid worrying people and in part because well, it's just a part of her day to day existence. "I am alright. Classes started back up. How are you?"

Starfire smirks towards Skaar at his remark. "It is hard to settle, even for a calm. But there is no calm here either. You can feel it and see it plainly." Having to disguise to leave anymore is a new occurrence, and one that Star does not like, but the mutant/alien/ and meta discomfort and hate… Has roots, some very active on Earth. "We will have our moments, until then, we do have the Bay. We can always spar there safely and without bindings." Starfire suggests even looking to Lunair, though her head tilts slightly, almost a feline motion that spills the fow of flame huen hair over her shoulder.

Well, for Skaar having to fight once a month feels almost like total pacifism. Also, being seven and half feet tall and green means people avoid picking fights or insult him. Running away or just scared glances are more frequent, and he is also used to that. “Spar inside the ship… that is not a good idea, Kori. I think we should instead go to the mountains for that.”

"There are open plains, too," Lunair offers. She seems to understand Skaar. "I'm sorry about this whole having to hide thing," She really is lucky she can pass until she busts out some huge weapon. She adores Skaar, and Star, though. She doesn't know differently.

"Up to you. I know my ship is safe from harming people and can withstand quite the force, even what Lunair can fire. Plus you cannot rip off part of the mountain and throw it at me in here." Star sticks out her tongue at him and winks to Lunair. "Or hit me with mountain shrapnel and make me twerk in the ashes. Just saying." A small flipped gesture of her wrist when arms come to fold over her chest.
Starfire misses it as well, but she also has more of a reason to just… breathe and stop struggling. Warrior is in her blood from a long passed down lineage, but tragedy came with startegy she had to use since she was a child.
Though it all allowed her to understand Skaar and therefor oblige gladly, because sometimes you just have to let it all hang out, and restraint is nothing she has ever willingly had to suffer until late. "Okay then. Once you are done with these…classes we can meet and go a few rounds in these plains and mountains? Are you learning new tactical advances against enemies? Warrior stances and fighting styles? Etiquette?" Those wide green eyes are intent on Lunair with a feline curiousity. Including wide eyed innocent blinks from pupilless gaze.

"She learns about plants," comments Skaar, sounding vaguely amused. Doubtful usefulness considering her line of work, but one should learn about what one likes, right? Skaar likes rocks. Sorta. And the Internet has much to say about something that seemed quite simple about a year ago.

"I do," Lunair beams at Skaar. "I also brought you some more textbooks," She smiles. "I did find a cool underwater cave we should explore sometime… but would you like to go to a plains or a mountain?" She lets Star go to tend to something. "And just plants and science. I do take some physical education stuff…"

Skaar glances a last time at the 'dog' as Starfire leaves with her pet, and then back to Lunair, shrugging. "It doesn't matter. I am convinced it is not a good idea to spar with her in the ship's bay. Any place without, hmm, anything important around would be best."

Lunair nods. "I agree," She remarks quietly. "There are some open plains," And she quietly lists off a few places. Some warm, some cool. Most far from humanity, land obstacles and buildings. She looks to the dog as Skaar does. "I am cheering for you," She murmurs. "I can show you some of the places."

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