Rain's A'healing (Backdated)

July 10, 2015:

((Editor's Note: The events of this scene occur in the early morning hours of July 10th, 2015, shortly after a brazen attack by mercenaries on a youth center. See Log http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:1929 for further details.))

Moontree Manor, Flushing Meadows Park, New York City, New York

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble
that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost


NPCs: 'Captain' (Rain's familiar)



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Fade In…

((Editor's Note: The events of this scene occur in the early morning hours of July 10th, 2015, shortly after a brazen attack by mercenaries on a youth center. See Log http://cmbeta.wikidot.com/log:1929 for further details.))

Jim's been shot before. He's been gut-shot and chest-shot, and neither one of those experiences would be what one would call 'pleasant'. He also knows that if shows up at Stark Industries bleeding like a stuck pig, or with enough bullet holes in his clothing to make a new fashion statement, there will be some rather pointed questions from his boss, Miss Pepper Potts.

Though the option of 'dumpster-diving' for needed bio-mass is available, the human - stuck - in - bird-partner's form isn't quite that desperate yet. Using the ancient arts of city navigation and public transit, he's able to make his way in the direction of Moontree Manor. Arguably, it's not so much him as the partner, because a bullet-ridden bird-man would kind of stick out.

When the portly fellow gets closer, he gives the door a gentle knock, bouncing from foot to foot.

Currently he's clad in a business suit that would cost most folks a few months salary along with well-polished steel-toed boots.

Poor Jim. Rain is his friend, and she does worry. At least the bird fellow is one of the few welcome past the manor's strange, but harmless wards. Rain does sometimes ask a little bit, but not too much. Being homeless for a couple of years has taught her the value of not pushing too hard, lest she lose a patient.

Today, she's quietly working on something electronic and Captain is in a window sill, absorbing sun beams as cats are often solar powered. Or something. He is likely the first to spot Jim, hopping down out of his window sill. And soon, the door opens. "Jim! You're - here! Are you alright?" She asks

The portly fellow shakes his head. "This one is not the partner. This one is Corvinus. The partner engaged in some rather foolish yet necessary activity over in Mutant-town and has been heavily perforated. Does one have a good spot that one can let the partner emerge, potentially somewhere with plastic drop cloths so as not to disrupt or damage any furniture or rugs?"

That… should be a bit disturbing. Jim's not sounding like Jim at all. But… he's the big guy, right? Corvinus the bird?

Captain gets a wave as the salt and pepper'd fellow approaches the front door.

"I see," Rain replies quietly. She nods. "Yeah, I've got a tarp. This sounds a bit different," She admits. Captain lifts his head in a greeting, tail flicking. "Hey, man." The cat seems to have learned to restrain his bird loving (eating) ways. For now.

Rain opens the door to let the poor man in, and grab that tarp. "I'll put it on the couch. I'm not cruel enough to make you lay on the floor," She remarks. "It's pretty bad, huh? Should we have something cooked?"

Partial shifting isn't unheard of. Rain's got an unusual advantage in that she's seen things(tm), so this idea isn't entirely foreign. People share souls and vessels.

"Miss Rain, you should remember the time this one came in with similar conditions. Yes, please. This one can even provide a 'charge card number' or a thing called 'Cash' - though this one is given to understand that it is not a reference to The Man in Black."

He will help position the tarp, making a few adjustments here and there. He's moving a bit more smoothly than Jim used to, perhaps he's lost some weight? At any rate, once the tarp is in place there's a slight biting of the lip and a grimace as one entity fades out and is replaced by a battered bird-person thing.

"Wh…where.. Oh, hey Rain. Sorry for the mess. Playing bullet shield sucks."

Rain nods. "I do, I just didn't want to assume," Rain offers. "Steve! Please, um, big dinner this time," She explains. The goat headed servant ambles in easily and bows. "Of course," He and the golem trundle into the kitchen. "And no, it's fine. Like I said before, we have two aspiring chefs so…" She waves a hand. Rain lets Jim and the bird fellow get comfy on the tarp covered couch.

Captain is sitting now, his tail flicking as he watches the going ons.

She frowns faintly. "It's alright. I don't think that's a good game to play. I'll be quiet for a few minutes," She explains. And the servants are cooking, likely using a bit of their magic to speed things up. Life with magic can be kind of awesome (and kind of terrifying). She settles quiet, looking serene and distant. Healing time(TM)!

"One of these days the bird needs to meet up with them and have a cook-off. He's been kind of pouring himself into the art lately since… oh, right, you didn't.. well, remember when HYDRA was doing all the shenanigans a couple of months back? Well, they captured us and were kind of using us and it's really complicated and there's a Keith in the story too but long story short we're… kind of stuck on the opposite ends of the spectrum right now?"

Blather for blather's sake is a healing past-time. Conversational white noise not so much to drown out the zen moment the healer is approaching as the closest thing to a 'diagnostic unit' short of anything the witch's senses might tell her about the injuries.

Every so often he grunts as sore spots are touched upon to speed their recuperation. It's not a complaining grunt, but rather the 'unexpected pain from unexpected location' sort of grunt. A few feathers drop to the tarp, some even decent enough that they might even serve as toys for the feline familiar…

Rain doesn't mind. Her magic senses are going to do what they will. "I do, yes. And I'm sorry. If we can help, let us know," She offers. She is reaching witchy zen, feeling out where the injuries are and how bad they are. She doesn't push too hard.

Captain's tail flicks, but he doesn't go for the feathers now. There is the cheery sound of cooking and gossip from the kitchen, as it looks like something out of Fantasia.

She listens to him, making sure he's still capable of making noise, after all. It's hardly the most exciting new few minutes as he's mended. "But I was really worried about you. I'm glad to see you."

"Having someone to talk to is probably the best support. I mean, I have Pepper and this nice scientist woman… I think her name is Doctor Simmons… who are kind of watching after me and Corv, but… well, kind of awkward because, y'know, boss and scientist?" He pauses a bit and tilts his head in a way that Corvinus would not, canting the head at an extreme angle and peering at Rain.

The injuries? A lot of center of mass - shots got stopped either by feathers or by toughness, but given the close range and the velocity of sniper rounds even those that were stopped left some serious bruising.

"I'm glad to see you, too, and know that you haven't been whisked away to important Magic Stuff. That could have been embarrassing if I showed up and you weren't here, right? How are you doing, what have you been doing?"

Rain's an Engineer. She nods. "That sounds familiar," She offers. She smiles lightly at the man. Though, she doesn't talk about his injuries. "Yeah, it's nice not to be in one of Namor's subs," She admits. "That was a rough month and a half." She still has the uniform, too. Rain hms. "Well, I could've been contacted likely," She remarks.

"And I am well enough. Helping deal with undead, healing people, the usual." She doesn't elaborate too, too much. "And now, I tend to you." Captain pauses, "And cat stuff." "Yes." Sometimes, there's a question about who owns who here. But everyone knows it's clearly Captain. Jim's injuries will slowly knit together, mending and healing, damage repaired.

It's probably the first time Rain's noticed it working on either Jim or his counterpart. The body *makes sense* in a way that standard human physiology doesn't. Almost as if the form were constructed at an impossibly fine level, and then reinforced. This might be helping the Engineer side of her mind offer synergistic harmony with the Witch healing side of her mind.

"Yes. I… was in a coma for about a month while they tried to figure out how to 'turn me back on' without killing me or Corv. Vo… I mean, Keith… he somehow was sharing space with us for a bit there. That was exceedingly uncomfortable and I'm glad it didn't last more than a minute.

There's a brief pause.

"Gah. Dangit. How did you end up on one of Namor's subs? Isn't he… I dunno… a terrorist or something? I mean, if he's cool and all that's one thing but wasn't he talking about destroying oil rigs six months ago?"

Rain isn't sure what to make of it, but she goes with it. It's interesting. She wants to ask, but maybe it's best they don't. "I see. That must have been an… adventure." That's one word for what happens when Keith gets involved. But Rain doesn't seem to mind too much. She is more listening than speaking, as concentration demands.

"I was kidnapped. He blew a hole through the ceiling. It was weird," She remarks. "Right after I got a visit from Doctor Strange. But we're fine now. Most of the Atlanteans are good folks." Aaaalmost done (time warp lines).

Mikial has arrived in front of the Manor from GCPD now. Entering the Manor, he hears the commotion in the kitchen, and makes for the living room, "Hey, are we expecting compan…" He spies Jim and the tarp and all, and is surprized for a moment before looking over, and asking, "Are all the bullets and fragments out? I can get my kit." he says, a bit seriously, though knowing that Rain is a class A healer.

"It was sort of like someone else sticking your finger in a light socket and holding it there. But not so much on the burning as the energy just bouncing everywhere and trying to get out. Lucky I didn't explode or something."

The head cants to the side again at the description. "I think it's in the Misunderstood Supers Rules to blow a hole through a ceiling and attempt to abduct/murder someone. Miss Hol tried something similar, too. And she's not bad people, given what her people tried to do to her."

Another canting of the head as Mikial enters. "Hello there kind person offering to help but I think Miss Rain almost has it. We've been doing this a little bit and who might you be, sir?" There's a nice cadence to his words, almost as if he'd practiced them. Well, he had, sort of. Lots of processor space, lots of time within the seconds, and it helped him remained focused on the conversation, even.

Rain listens. She smiles, hearing Mikial. "Hello there. And yes, they'll be on the tarp," She replies. "Don't worry. How was your day?" She asks Mikial. Rain is almost done, really. But she is listening. "That's good. Exploding seems to be final for most of us," Rain notes quietly

Captain ambles over to greet Mikial, tail flicking. "I see. Well, in the case of the undersea people, it was to leave a giant, mystical beacon," She remarks. There's activity in the kitchen, and the scent of food wafting through the air. The servants are busy. "Almost done, really. Just another moment and you can sit up." Time~

Mikail looks top the man, "Mikial, Mikial Dimitri. Nice to meet you Mr. … I'm sorry, did you say your name was?" he asks honestly, looking at the bullets and fragments on the tarp, and nodding, "Well, at least you came to the right place for some good quality healing. If you ask me, Rain here is one of the best."
He turns to Rain, "Yeah, sometimes it's not best to try and use grenades at point blank range… They have a nasty habit of exploding in your face when you do that… Trust me!" He jokes. "My day? Um… it was… Interesting… a mental case and a.. I did't even know they made kitchen knifes that big!"

"Reha. Jim Reha." The avianoid lets that hang there for a second. "This is not the first time I've gotten myself in over my head and needed Rain's masterful touch to get whole again. Been trying to avoid that, honestly." He holds up one hand far and away from everyone to not threaten, and tries to relax his index finger. After a moment a foot-long talon comes shooting out of the tip of the finger. "Bigger than this, even?"

No, he's not trying to be a show-off, just trying to get a feel for scale. And it should be plainly obvious from his casual stance and caution that he's not attempting an attack of any of the occupants of the house.

Mikial nodds as he looks over the talon, "I see. Now that you mention it, I /do/ have a bit of deja vu…" he remarks, remembering one time trying to help an avian. he had been called and had brought something…. a cooler…. and gauze…. what was in the cooler? he had forgot.

Rain lets the two talk as she finishes. She snaps out of her zen state, looking between the two. She frowns faintly. "Definitely don't do that," She remarks wryly. "And er, I see. You're not hurt, are you?" She asks him.

Then, a glance to Jim. "We're glad to see you, but I'd prefer not to have to mend a friend," She remarks. Captain kind of blinks at the talon. Right, he'll leave that bird be. "Do we need to put anything in the freezer? Food's about on. And you're welcome to stay awhile to eat." She's glad to see them both, really.

There was blood in the cooler. Because the 'mundane' identity had been shot in the chest and was held in a tenuous state and had lost a great deal of blood, far more than any healing could have helped with immediately. At Rain's glance he drops the talon back down. "Sorry about that. Some of the stuff in this body is… pretty gosh darn amazing. That being said, yeah, I'd rather not hurt a friend or new acquaintance because I was being a dork."

The avianoid will cant his head again, then shake it. "I'm good to go, thank you!"

Mikail looks confused when Jim mentions 'this body' but decides not to ask what he means by that, instead, he adresses him seeming to be gettin g ready to leave, "You don't want to stay for a meal? I personally wouldn't mind if you joined us, and from the hustle in the kitchen, sounds like their making a decent bit."

Poor bird guy. She looks sympathetic. "Alright, if you're sure. I won't keep you here, but we do have food if you wish," Rain smiles politely. Captain circles Mikial's legs, because he is in fact, a cat. Rain looks to Mikial. "It's okay. I'm not one to keep a guest if they don't wish to be. It was nice to see you," She offers to Mikial. "You should stop by more often."

The bird-being blinks a few times in confusion. "Okay, I think we're doing the telephone strangler here. You asked if I needed food earlier Rain, and that hasn't changed, so yes, please may I stay for dinner? If you need to charge a card for consumables or need cash, I think Corv has some money for it?" It's hard to emote basic human facial features, and the feathers ruffle a bit as Jim tries to figure out some way to indicate that he'd like to stay beyond words. Beak… is a bit in the way of that.

"Huh, I've never heard that term before, but I'm glad that you're staying, it'd be the first time I've seen a guest in here, I don't get any visitors, but Rain does, usually when I'm at work, I'm glad to meet one of her friends." Mikial says with a smile

"Yes, sorry," Rain murmurs. "You do not need to give me any money for it. That's alright." The servants are bringing out some of the first dishes, smiling politely. "Here we are. We can eat in the living room if that's better." As furniture may not much suit a birdfellow. "Help yourselves," Rain offers.

There's plenty to choose from, surely. And a sardine for Captain. Snarf. Cats are odd, sudden eaters. Rain smiles to Mikial. "Thank you, and you are welcome to bring your friends, too."

"The avianoid nods politely and sort of fumbles with the silverware for a bit before getting the hang of it, then cracks his head left and right. A significant amount of foodstuff gets loaded into his beak and then he closes it and bucks his head a couple of times to start the processes of which less details are the better. After a couple of minutes he reloads. Not a machine in his efforts, but there's some regimented behaviour to it, as plate after plate is demolished of its contents. He'll pause after a few moments and glance to the others. "Your hospitality is appreciated. I will have to talk to my boss about returning the favor at some point."

Mikial eats and looks on as the Bird man eats in his peculiar way, "I suppose you have a crop to fill." he says, without tone of rudeness, but with a smile and more of the facinated tone that would be more at home to a researcher. "I think… do you need any stones or grit? I remember that birds use stones to help grind the food…. unless of course, that doesn't apply to you…"

Rain will help bring some in. "You are most welcome, think nothing of it." She smiles. "I'm glad you could join us this evening." The servants nod in turn. Captain is going to find a spot of sun to chill in, and curl up a bit. "Did you want anything to drink?" She offers. Rain herself will set a plate for Mikial, smiling to the two.

Jim squints at Mikial. "I really try not to think about it that much, to be honest. Because when I start thinking too much about something, I get distracted these days, and suddenly hours have gone by. Imagine, for a second, that you had the whole Internet in your brain. Not using a computer to get on, just… in your brain, information waiting to be used. And then imagine that multiplied by a factor of oh, say, several thousand, for conservative measure…"

He'll pause and consider. "Could I get a pitcher of green tea, please? I shouldn't have a taste for the stuff but I think Corv conditioned the body for tea or something."

Curioser and curioser.

When Rain sets the plate for him, Mikial glances down surprizedly at the plate, then up at Rain with a big smile , "Aww, thank you! you didn't have to do that for me."
He looks back at Jim, "Huh…" He risks not saying anything else, for fear of sounding odd. Butl it's not every day that a bird-man sits down to a meal with you…
Mikial does chuckle, however, "I wonder… What whould happen if you were to go to Egypt…" He muses.

Rain is quiet, listening to the two. "That's pretty impressive. ANd of course. We've got some nice green tea here," She nods. She'll start into the kitchen and smiles at Mikial. "No, but it's nice," She remarks. "And I'd be careful in Egypt. There's a lot of ancient, powerful magic," She notes. Rain disappears into the kitchen to brew the tea.

"I've actually been, once, and run into some of it. That's enough for me, thanks. Unless the fate of the world is in the balance, I'd steer clear of there for not just old magic reasons but also the fact that given my appearance I'd probably be executed by one of the many flavors of extremist in the region. He watches Rain head on to the kitchen and starts working at another dish.

How about you? Any places you've got on your bucket list?"

That's offered to Mikial.

Mikial smiles warmly at Rain at her reply, "You're too kind." Looking back at Jim, his brow furrows, "Oh, not a warm welcome? That's rather dissappointing…. I do suppose there's a reason they call it /anchient/ Egypt culture… I guess I was wondering if there was some cult that may have welcomed you as that one god…. But, I suppose, if that god happened to be a keeper of the dead, they'd try to, 'return you home' so to speak…. That would be in poor taste, though, now wouldn't it?" Mikial sighs, "My friend, I have seen a little bit more of this world than I care to, myself. You see, I am ex-military."

Rain beams, but she is in the kitchen, making the green tea. It'll be a few minutes before she re-emerges, but Captain is watching them quietly with some amusement. Fortunately, Steven and the golem seem quite content to bring out more food. Steven asks, "Dessert or simply more dishes?"

"Divinity is over-rated. Far too much work for far too little return. I have a hard enough time getting up to go to work in the morning, could you imagine me leading a cult of thousands if not millions? HAH!" There's a bit of a pause. "Oh? Really? Which branch?"

Because nothing says friendly one-upmanship like comparing military backgrounds and war stories. He pauses and glances to Steven. "I could use another dish then some dessert, please?"

"Ah." Mikial nodds somewhat.
Mikial smirks shyly, something he doesn't do often. A pause, "Special Forces."

There's a brief moment of silence at the avianoid nods before working on his plate some. "Was in the Navy a lifetime ago, like around the time of the Gulf War. No, not that other thing that happened later…. talking Kuwait and all that. Ended up serving on the other side of the world, though." There's a bit of quiet recollection as more food is consumed.

Mikial listens thoughtfully, nodding when appropriate. After letting Jim eat a 'beakfull' he pipes up, "So, what do you do now?" He asks, trying to get to know his new Avian Friend.

"Oh, nothing spectacular, some paper-pushing for a major tech firm. I'd rather not say which one, though? It'd sound all egotistical and all. We're a reasonably tight-knit group, though, and we watch each other's backs. From CEO all the way down to the new mail-room person." That may even give some hints… possibly. "They gave me a job when no one else would hire me, so I'm kind of indebted to Pe… the boss for that?"

Rain returns, with a fresh, hot pitcher of green tea and a couple of mugs. "Green tea is on. What did you want to drink?" She asks Mikial. Captain's tail flicks, looking between the two. "Aw."

"Hmm, sounds like quite the company. I'm glad they took you in, you seem like a nice… Being." Mikial isn't too sure Jim qualifies for 'person' or not, and 'Being' sounds about as polite as anything else.

Mikial looks at Rain when she asks, "Oh, please, sit down, you deserve it! I'll get my own drink, but thank you, babe." he says, rising and pulling a chair out for Rain.

Jim will gladly accept a mug with a bit of reverence and respect, then shakes his head. "I'm human where it counts, current appearance notwithstanding." And the tone is polite, not so much a rebuff or snide commentary but rather a statement of fact. The mug's contents get tossed back into the beak. It closes and gets sloshed down the back of his throat.

Rain seems happy a that news. "I'm really glad. You're out of retail? That's fantastic. Be free, my friend!" Sometimes that's how it feels, when one finally escapes the shuffle. Rain is genuinely happy for Jim, and peers at Mikial. "If you're sure, I'm technically the hostess here," She wriggles her fingers at him, before sitting down to join them.

After a short moment, Mikial reurns with a glass of soda and ice, seating himself quietly and letting the other two catch up while he eats and listens, getting to know Jim better.

"Yes, the boss is really good about that. If anything, I get worried I might have too much freedom?" Odd that would seem like a concern. "Speaking of, I'm going to need to head back there soooner rather than later. Don't have to leave RIGHT now, but…"

Jim will fade into conversational banter and may even zone out a couple of times.

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