Twerking T-Rex

September 12, 2015:

Nate, Ravager and Lunair just finished a Danger Room session, when Dani, Jean and Wiccan come upon them.

X-Men HQ


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The Danger Room door slides open to let out their latest victims. They look like victims. Nate, Rose and Lunair just went through one of Nate's 20-level marathons. Very simple program that send waves of random 'theme' enemies to the team inside, changing the environment to match. Ninja horde, followed by dinosaur horde, followed by robot horde, followed by alien horde, followed by… well, the alien horde was as far as they got before the DR pronounced them all DEAD. Like totally dead.

Nate always sets the Danger Room difficulty level at least two over the recommended. Otherwise it is not 'dangerous enough'. It means the sessions are pretty brutal and often cut shorter than usual. Exhausting, too.

There are no real injuries, of course. Just pulled muscles, frayed nerves and lots of burnt adrenaline. "Eh… that was fun. I didn't know T-rexes could kick," comments Nate, leaning against the closest wall. Floor keeps spinning.

Lunair is not the most motivated mutant ever. She likes working diligently… at her own pace. "And then he sent us a paaaaaartridge in a pear treeeeeee," Lunair warbles weakly. "Hey, did we fight the kitchen sink yet?" Smart ass. But she's a bit mentally crisped. At least she didn't have to push her powers and burn herself up.

Lunair looks to Nate. "… you keep using that word. I do not think you know what it means," She teases lightly. "That was intense."

Dani, who's dressed in some basic workout gear, arrives just in time to see the trio get spewed out from the doors of the Danger Room. Giving them the once over, the dark haired woman offers a greeting, which holds quite a bit of sympathetic humor to it. "T-Rex? Looks like Jurassic Park won." Held loosely in one hand is her bow, while strapped to her back is a quiver full of arrows. Unlike the team, it looks like Dani is going for some simple target practice for her evening work-out.

"You all look like you could use a cold drink." And she's not talking about water, either. More like beer.

The senior student who has made the team, as decided to teleport himself to HQ from school. A ball of light begins to form in the room, when it swirls outward, Wiccan dressed in his "costume" seems to fold out of thin air as the light fades from behind him. He is repeating to himself softly, "Teleport to Secret HQ". When he arrives, he stops chanting to himself and blinks at the number of people present.

He gives them all an akward wave and says with a smile, "Ummm hey there."

Ravager's platinum mohawk held in place by the viking-esque braids on the sides is frazzled. It looks more like Jurrasic Park fence and her hair had an electrocutional meeting, the conduction one of orchestral proportions when it comes to the metallic scale maille… If it was not for the fact that the suit that lines it and contours her figure tends to aptly shut the properties down.

Nevermind the wavering pace, the unlaced boot that she manages to fold in a step and almost lose until she kicks it off and unzips part of her body suit upon Dani's words. A flask is withdrawn from an internal holster where a gun /should/ go, but this is th Danger Room and she is prepaired for an aftermath of…. Defeats celebration, like a frazzled viking should.

Nate and Luna get an offer of sharing the contents of aged Scotch while Dani gets a hairy— okay add another to that as Wiccan appears -eyeball. And an upnod.

Nate blinkblinks at seeing Dani and smirks. "Naaah… we beat the dinos, it was the alien pirates in zero-g that got us this time. We gotta start thinking in three dimensions, I guess. But the ladies here do no fly. Much." And Nate is not great at flying either, but he skips that part. He is getting better!

Nate tenses, pushing himself off the wall when he sees the incoming teleport. Which is not 'bamfing in', so unknown. Or not. "Hmm… Wiccan, right?" He thumbs back, and then accepts the offered flask. "Well the Danger Room is all yours, if you want it," he mentions to Dani. "And… right. Rose, Lunair," he points, then to the archer girl, "this is Danielle. Or did you knew her already?"

"I almost got eaten by a t-rex once," Lunair recounts cheerily. She really did. There's a quietly amused look to Ravager. She seems concerned. "I'm good, thank you." Lunair figures alcohol+her powers could end in hilarity. Or explosions. Or both. Either way. She just smiles to Ravager. "Thank you, though," She murmurs. "And hello! Pleased to meet you." She lowers her head politely.

Wiccan looks between the group, "I love flying!" His feet lift off the ground. He floats there crossing his arms over his chest, "I'm Wiccan. I am kind of new to the team. I come from a different reality so I kind of know most of the team in a different version." He beams a bit brighter, "So in a way its like getting to meet you guys all over again." He runs a hand through his floppy hair, "You guys fought dinosaurs? Bah and I missed it! I must have had class that day."

When Wiccan arrives, Dani offers a half grin to the young man. "Nice arrival." She says, and then the dark haired woman is turning her attention back towards Nate and his team for a moment when introductions are made. She'll give a quick nod of her head back to them, as she says, "Good to meet you all, as well. Can't say I've met everyone, but I've heard some of your names around the HQ." And for Lunair, Dani says with a good-natured smile, "I'd like to hear that story. I can't say I've seen too many real T-Rexes around town."

The mention of other realities causes Dani to turn her dark gaze back upon Wiccan. "You'd think with all the people from other realities here at the HQ I'd be less surprised when people say that, but I can't say I am." Again her words are tinged with a sense of amusement, as she watches the young man float.

Rose must be the only one bearing the not-so-surprised face, or maybe not. That mismatched gaze skips over Lunair, then to Nate and back to Dani and Wiccan, a pale brow slowly rising afer furrowing at Lunair's denial. "One of these days Luna… Shit you not. You. Me. Bars."

When Nate finishes with the flask she takes her own shot and looks at it, tilting it her way and the towards the other two. "Stranger (from another Dimension) Danger, but… It's alcohol. Not cold." Beat. "I'm Ravager." And unless there was another simension quite like this, she and Luna are likely the unknown entities. Maybe.

Hence the alcoholism?

"Well, funny that. People from other realities are now the majority in this room," mentions Nate. "Gotta compare notes some other time. Plenty dinosaurs in the Danger Room. Someone did a good job with that program. Uh, although I don't think T-rexes are supposed to kick people." They have a lot of teeth, they should use those.

Wiccan 's feet begin to touch the ground and nods, "I can't do any Danger stuff today. I was going into Mutant Town to visit a friend." He shrugs and says, "More like check in on them. But if you guys are still at it when I get back. I would love to nuke some baddies." He grins like a Cheshire Cat.

Drinking in the headquarters; at least it was away from the school grounds. That was a plus. But, Jean.. newly discharged from some much needed bedrest that she probably didn't get due to a busy mind, follows the idle minds and voices to the gathering, only to stop and linger nearby against the wall. Both arms folded about her chest, one bare foot kicked up, there was a slight frown at hearing .. no danger room. The last time she watched, she got a good laugh out of Lunair. Maybe.. just maybe she still could.

"They usually bite, but I guess they kick to disembowel large prey. Like cats." Considerably less cuddly, too. She smiles, waving to Wiccan. "It was kind of more than a day for the non-danger room ones," She admits. She looks to Dani and beams. "Okay." Nod.

"And this world seems to be a focal verse for many dimensions and realities," She considers quietly. Lunair looks between them and smiles. "Sure thing."

She might chill out. Lunair is weapons grade awkward, and friendly enough. "I wonder if I could get t-rexes to twerk." Uuh oh. At Rose's offer for a bar, Lunair's eyes widen. "I um."

Ravager's offer of alcohol is waved politely away as Dani taps a finger against her bow, "I still need to run myself through my own paces just yet. Thanks though, appreciate the offer." And then, for those that were just introduced she adds, "And most just call me Dani."

Nate's words earn a curious look from Dani, as she's heard some of his own story through the Mansion grapevine, but only a tiny bit. Either way his words earn a chuckle from the Native American, as she says, "I always imagined the T-Rex would stomp, versus kick.

Wiccan's words earn another quirk of a grin, as Dani says to the young man, "If I'm still running my session you're welcome to join. I doubt it'll be as flashy as what the three just ran through, though. I'm just going for target practice." And while she was just about to ask what Wiccan's powers are, Dani hears some of what Lunair says and she turns to give the other woman a laugh, "Somehow I'm imagining the twerking T-Rex causing more damage than a normal stampeding one." Dani has yet to see Jean, as her back is to the other woman, but likely when the others greet her Dani will too.

Ravager is watching Dani and Wiccan with an intent that has the milky white eye flickering. Suspicion and unsurety as well as plain ole' ingrained distrust has her searching databases accessible. namely the mercenary ones. If they have prices on their heads or do the dirt Rose is likely to find them on MercMatch.Net. Not an open site!

Though since that is done she glances to Nate and offers a slow smile. "So this is the other dangerous one you referred to? Noted." A glance back to Dani and then that mischievous gaze smothered in deviance lands upon Wiccan. "And who are you? Aside from daring - to go to the Mutant Ghetto in times like these." Sad fact, but. Fact. The place was lucky it had not yet reached Cabrini Green status.

Though that taunting grin wavers when Jean enters, a slight tic at one corner of lips that is neither smile nor frown, a slow shut down. "Well someone recovered from the equivalent from the T-Twerk."

Nate nods at Wiccan as he goes and manages to straighten up. "And I am going to, to hit the showers, because…" he spots Jean and smiles faintly. "I thought I heard you coming, you look better, Jean. Good to see you," he is still going, though, but… "want to join us for coffee at the kitchen in 20?" He offers.

"And someone is still spritely as ever." Small smile as well, though there was a certain affection for the girl that no one could possibly explain. Not even herself. Jean doesn't move into the room entirely, sparing the others a bit of her 'downs', but she was great at putting on airs and slamming up those walls to near impenetrable. "Thanks, Nathaniel. But, no. I could swing by to say goodbye, but.. duty calls. Mutant Town walks then I'm on the next red eye out of New York."

She does give Lunair and Danielle a warm smile, however, even Wiccan gets a decent wave goodbye as he departs.

A Jean! Lunair beams at Jean. Dani gets a curious look between them and Wiccan. She nods sagely at Dani. "My dinosaur dance line will be a thing one day," She promises. It's a bit wry, at least. "Be well. Don't work too hard," Lunair tilts her head to Dani. She seems to be expressing herself fairly well. She even smiles back at people. "And I am glad to see you guys. Drinks in 20 sound nice. I'll bring out the cake I bought at a fancy bakery for everyone." Pause. "If I eat it all…"

Well, they may have to roll Lunair out of the Danger Room if she defeats CAKE BOSS. "I am glad I got to see you."

Likely nothing incriminating will be found on Dani, as she has no price on her head, or any sort of criminal record for that matter.

When Ravager and Nate greet Jean, Dani will look over her shoulder. Spying the red head, Dani turns and raises a hand in greeting, as well. "Jean." States the dark haired woman, even as she gives the other woman the once over. She hasn't heard /everything/ of what went on recently, but she's been back long enough to hear some of it via the Mansion's grapevine. "Good to see you up and around."

And while more could likely be said, Dani simply offers to Jean, "Be careful, wherever you have to go." And like Nate, Dani will motion towards the Danger Room doors, "And if all of you are around after I'm done, I'll join for something stronger than just coffee."

Nate gets that diabionical gaze following him as he heads for the showers, there's a linger as lips part and then the comment gets plugged by the flask for proprieties sake. The cap is flicked back on and it is tucked back within parially unzipped suit for storage. A quick flick of gaz gives dani and up-down from toe to head and reverse. Catty chick crap, but it is how she rolls. Nate commended her. Blame him. Luna only softened the blow of Ravager with Animal globes Kitty Bowl.

"If you're still in there in 30 I'll gladly join you." Though the only things strapped to her were semi-auto's, pistols, and kunai arounf thighs. Never mind the mini stinger pistol that looked like it was out of MIB!

Luna gets that challenging gaze to blink rapidly when she mentions cake, breaking the facade with a light slump of shoulders. Coat the arsenic in confections. Damnit. Though when Rose heads for the door to go get some coffee to chase her luqyir with she shoulder bumps Jean intentionally, enough to rock herself back upon impact and pivot to face her with that same up-down.

" 'Bout time you got your ass up. Make people worry and shit. Who you think you are? Somebodies mother?" There it is! That small crack of a smile before she turns and walks off.

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