Some New Orleans Cemetery

September 13, 2015:

Jean visits New Orleans and stumbles upon something sinister.

Some New Orleans Cemetery

A cemetery. In New Orleans


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Fade In…


Her sharp and frightened breathing accompanies the sounds of several pairs of trudging boots on the gravel between the elevated graves. Under a bright full moon, we can see her face (obviously a mutant), with aquatic style eyes, green skin, and an ominously small mouth. She's running both for her life and from the life she was given with a bad hand of DNA.

Men chase her, interested in who knows what. One wears a wife-beater and torn jeans, while another wears a flannel in the cool night. You can almost smell the skoal coming from their breath.

The young girl takes a turn and her face shows the horror of what is in front of her. The maze of graves has given to a courtyard, a wide square surrounded by graves. There doesn't look to be any way out.


"I'm leaving, and that's final. I'm coming back, but there's something I have to do first."


Red eye flight, she was better off taking to the skies instead of pretending to be a normal person for once, stuffed full with the best coffee that airlines could by, bookbag upon her shoulders, purse strapped in between somewhere which made a mess and hell to get off. Big bands play in the crowded station over the airways as she makes her way outside, whispers from the crowds that mingle and pass her by premating her thoughts because for once.. she leaves them open.

'Stark should have stuck to making missiles, this phone is shiet.'
'I wonder if I could get a burger at this time of hour.'
'Stupid bitch, kicking me out at this time of the night.'
'I could just die.. die I say, die.. even though I won't.'

Jean shakes it off as she ducks behind the alleyways, cloaking herself in darkness before she takes off into the sky. Better off flying, feet to the ground won't work.

As Jean floats throughout the sky she sees a terrible visage. Just outside of the French Quarter, an overgrown cemetery is the site of a potential hate crime. Two men are cornering a girl. One has a baseball bat, the other a knife, while a girl cowers behind a headstone. Jean will become overpowered with the fright of the young mutant—the memories from her will flood into the woman from New York. The trio were classmates once upon a time, and even acquaintances up until her shocking change in high school.

Her flight was nearly haulted with that strong pang of fear, the path dropping her altitude so much that she focuses in upon the two standing near the headstone. It wasn't coming from them, but from someone else. Directed at all angles which was seen to her as a cry for help. She allows herself to drop down quick, only slowing her descent as she lands softly upon an uprisen grave, her bag hitched upon her shoulders as she clears her throat to draw attention.

"You don't want to do that." She says aloud. She didn't come for a fight, for disarming the men would be terribly easy. "It's late, you two need to be home in your beds." She wasn't compelling them yet, not just yet. "Do the right thing for once and walk away."

The man with the baseball bat actually sees Jean descend and he's shocked. He's never seen a flying mutant before and so he hesitates. The other one, the one with the knife, didn't see her soaring, so he's approaching without the fear.

What Jean does not see, at least not with her eyes, are the other four people in the cemetery.

Jean grits her teeth as a slight air passes through them to create a little click, her hand reaching up as the man approaches, her finger pointing directly towards his forehead as her eyes narrow. "Sit down." It was right there she compelled, her finger soon directing towards the man with the bat which soon turns to wiggle, snatching the bat from his grasp which shoots straight into her own with a solid catch. "You too."

Even as she remains unaware of the four others in the cemetary, she twirls the bat within her grasp to walk around and behind the men to bring the girl within her sights. "Hey there.. it's okay. You're going to be okay.." She holds out her hand for the young mutant to take…

Those that Jean beckons do as she asks. The man sits right then and there, with mesmerized eyes looking like a lost puppy awaiting Jean's next order. The other man looks as though he might piss himself as the bat gets ripped from his grip by some unseen force. His pose shows his fear, and his elbow shakes slightly in a tremble.

"Oh my god, thank you," says the young woman as she reaches to Jean's hand, relief washing over her emotions until a sound in the dark breaks her concentration.


There are two vicious sounds of metal on skull followed by something else that seems like a pair of bodies slumping over. Then there's a flicker of light from a lighter and a red cherry of a cigarette. Just after, Remy Etienne LeBeau takes a drag from his smoke as his staff is constricted and put away. "T'ink de redhead is right, chere. T'ings gun be okay." For added measure, he gives the young woman a wink. "Jean."

Just as Jean was about to grasp the womans hand, the two cracks cause her to stand on her guard, baseball bat at the ready, preparing to hit a home run just in case anyone came any closer. But what hits her first is the smell, the smell of the cigarette smoke that lingered near the boathouse near the mansion, that sometimes coursed through the hallways of the dorm rooms to the faculty wing..

Then there was a grin that set upon her face as the bat swings down, a slight lean given and an upnod in attempts to be cool. "Remy." And then the bat itself slips upon the wet grass, causing her to stumble and throw her bookbag just a ways, only for her to right herself again to lean with a nice and neat posture upon a headstone. "Long time no see."

Remy snorts a bit into a grin, holding his side with one of his arms. He doubles over a bit as Jean slips up, grinning as smoke slips from between his teeth. "Looks like y'all been hangin' wit de wrong crowd ag'in." Then his face grows a bit more serious. "Been followin' dese guys for a few nights now. Not too nice, nope. Glad you were here, Jeannie. Ole Remy gettin' too slow, seems." Another drag from the cigarette before he flicks it onto the gravel and stamps it out.

"Oh, you have no idea." Jean gives a smile to the girl, finally boosting herself from the headstone to walk towards her, giving her a good once over to make sure she was alright. "You should get going, young lady. Stick to the shadows and don't look back."

It was then that she finally drew her attention upon Remy, taking a few steps forward with a shake of her head. "We're all getting too old for this. So you're not alone." She glances towards the fallen men, gesturing towards them with the baseball bat. "What's the deal with these guys? Purifiers? Groupies of them or what?"

The young woman slinks off after a nod, "Thank you. Thank you so much." As Gambit watches her go, he looks back at Jean as his hands search for his pack. "Dun worry, I'll look afta her." Then there's an upwards nod as he stands next to his fellow X-(wo)man. "Jeannie, whatchu doin' down here in Nawleens?"

Jean watches the woman go, her head shaking as she takes a step aside to face him. Not that she didn't mind her personal space being invaded, but.. "I actually came here looking for you." Her shoulders shrug faintly, the bat twirled for just a moment until she shoves it against her back, lacing through the loops of the bookbag to create a perfect fit.

"I was going to try to tempt you to come back home with me. You're needed." She glances at the fallen men though, then frowns. "But you're needed here as well, it seems."

"Pretty lady tells you she wants you comin' home wit her, it be a tough t'ing to say no to, n'est-ce pas?" Remy says with a smile. "Everywhere be needin' people I spose. What's going on back at the mansion?" he asks, before adding quickly, "You heard from Rogue at all?"

Jean laughs a little, then begins to walk, it was assumed that he would follow. "Oh god. Where do I start." It takes her to create a slow exhale, along with an inhale.. "Mutant Town is a wreck because of Purifiers being backed by big money and gizmos that could track mutants, Scott and Rachel were arrested a couple of months back, they're fine now. Bobby is starting to internally ice over, DaCosta separated themselves from X-Red, a wolf woman armed mutants with weapons to kill Purifiers and school is starting and we're short one teacher." She grins. "And no.. ever since I've been back I haven't seen Rogue. I'm sorry."

"S'okay. She prolly dun want to see ole Remy anyhow," he responds with a grin. "Sound like y'all got your hands full. Been a while since I been up dere. Need a day or two to settle my affairs down here, but not long." After a moment, he adds. "Y'all still have my place up dere, or you rentin' it out?"

"Nonsense. She's probably busy." She gives him a slight nudge. "Yeah, we do. If I didn't think that it wasn't important then I wouldn't have come. It's an all hands on deck situation and you're terribly missed." She smiles a little, though it drops almost immediatly. "If you need help, I'm here. Which brings me to another.. thing we need to talk about."

She tries keeps a straight face even though she wants to laugh, totally lying. "Your boat. It blew up." She even makes the k'psssshh sound, and jazz hands. Jazz. Hands.

Remy's face twists with resignation and she shakes his head slightly. "Well, guess I'll be livin' in de mansion then. Last time dun t'ink the Teach was too happy wit me livin' dere on account of the smokin' and de flirtin'. Desperate times be needin' desperate measures, tho, I reckon."

Jean shakes her head. "Yeah, you're getting old. Your boat is still there, though I think she'll need a good cleaning. No ones been inside since you've left. But either way, we're leaving in two days? Suppose I could see the sights here before we go back home. Mind putting me up for the night?"

"Sure t'ing," Remy replies as he leaves with Jean from the cemetery and on to the sidewalk. "Ain't far. I'll take the couch."

"And I aint gun be doin' no cleanin."

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