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September 11, 2015:

An attempt on a 084 facility… and some interesting responders and responses

New York


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Two hours ago a SHIELD substation specializing in 084s was hit by theives. The staff suffered multiple casualties, including two fatalities and several items of unknown provenance went missing. This caused all field agents in the area to be recalled from whatever they were doing and, due to the uncertian, possibly volatile nature of the items in question, alerts to be sent out to several other agencies such as the NYPD, FBI, Coast Guard, Port Authority and BPRD.

Clint Barton is not a member of any of those agencies at the moment so it may be something of a surprise when he called May to let her know that he had a good idea where their recently stolen goods went. How he knows that there is anything missing to begin with is a very, very, good question. Either way, he gave an address in Queens near where he could meet them and explain. The fact that he wasn't simply willing to give them the location and let a strike team handle it is… also interesting.

Agent May is in the middle of prepping to go see what happened at that substation when she gets the phone call. Promptly telling the other SHIELD people that a WAND-related lead has surfaced, she goes to collect Jemma — leaving the other sciencey types to finish their preparations — and leads her completely out of the Triskelion. Hope Jemma hasn't eaten anything recently, because they're headed someplace distressingly familiar: the closest ley line.

Less than five minutes after Barton placed the phone call to May, she approaches the address in Queens given to her, possibly leading the biochemist along by one arm if she's still all discombobulated from travelling via ley line. The nearest one is a block or so over.

Jemma… is getting used to Leyline travel, but she lets May guide her by her arm, shaking her slightly to get rid of that spinning feeling. Field bag in hand, in her field kit no less… she was prepping to head out with the rest of the Science team, after all.

Well an all hands call to all agencies to be on the alert for stolen artifacts. That of course gets routed to Mystique's BPRD Agent Faye Stone persona, especially as she is in Relic Acquisitions specifically there. She shows up in her black leathers and in her Jeep Wrangler to a location her extensive network. Though they don't give her Barton's address as the location. Probably.

Barton is waiting. In a black gi like suit whose primary defensibility for wearing it is the fact that it has some armored protection. "May, Simmons… and…" He actually has to peer at Stone. Nope, doesn't recognize her, but that's not unusual. There's a lot of people he'd met… or rather his double has met, that he doesn't remember. If she's not supposed to be here Barton is sure May'll take care of them in short order.

"Alright, here's the deal. The artifacts are presently in a closed down office space a block up and a block over. I saw them being unloaded. I was… looking for these people for other reasons. Long story. The catch is I know who these people are… well, that's not quite true. But I've run into them before. I have reason to believe that they have access to SHIELD security protocols… which is why we can't be using any form of radio comms or call back to HQ for any reason. They may hear it."

Barton is waiting. In a black gi like suit whose primary defensibility for wearing it is the fact that it has some armored protection. "May, Simmons… thanks for coming." He takes a moment to look around and steps forward, hefting his bow.

"Alright, here's the deal. The artifacts are presently in a closed down office space a block up and a block over. I saw them being unloaded. I was… looking for these people for other reasons. Long story. The catch is I know who these people are… well, that's not quite true. But I've run into them before. I have reason to believe that they have access to SHIELD security protocols… which is why we can't be using any form of radio comms or call back to HQ for any reason. They may hear it."

At the office space, Stone can see that the place is indeed occupied. It's not obvious, she's observant enough to catch little tells. Light where it shouldn't be. Little moveing shadows. Yeah, someone's in there. No vehicles though. Those artifacts probably weren't small…

Melinda May nods to Barton at the quick briefing, and amazingly doesn't prod him for more details on these people. Well, except for this. "These people, do they have any connections to the arcane?" She then gives Jemma that evaluating look, likely trying to determine if the biochemist remembered to bring an ICER or any sort of weapon with her.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, after the other evening, Simmons does her an ICER pistol with her. It's in the holster that's attached to the belt she's wearing. Clint simply confirms for her, her previous assumptions - that someone has compromised SHIELD … and now is not the time to ask how he knows that.

Well definitely a suspicious building if there ever was one. Agent Stone reaches into her backseat and grabs a cloth wrapped object. She slips out of the jeep and onto her feet before unwrappign the sword and affixing the sheath on her back. "Mmm" she starts to make her way towards the building. Slow and steady and in the shadows, stealth and intel first. Fancy artifacts of which she doesn't need to return all of them second.

"Maybe. You'd know better than I. Now, I'm almost certain they're going to move the artifacts so we don't have much time. Come on."

Clint turns and takes off at a run, headed toward building. It's not far and it only takes them a few minutes to cover.

In that time Agent Stone will have certainly found some shadows and gotten close to the building. It's locked. With electronic locks too. Nothing fancy just industry standard but it's possible there might be an alarm of some kind attached to them. Fair bet it doesn't call the police, though. She'll also certainly get a good view of the SHIELD agents coming up. Silently Clint gestures the two other agents toward a side entrence while he does some decently impressive jumping and swinging to get onto the roof of the little shope right next to the place.

There's no evidence of any kind of lookout or guards but May and possibly Faye will sense… something. A minor spell. Maybe a ward or maybe a 'landmine' of some kind. It's been laid just behind the main door and the side entrence and there's a feeling that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand on end. Well. Time to get in.

It's like being in an episode of Doctor Who. Run here, run there, run some more, oh look something interesting… RUN! May follows Barton but when they reach the side entrance, she stops Jemma with a small shake of her head. Stay clear. This is something she's never really tried before, so fingers crossed.

May inhales slowly and steadily as if about to start meditating, and focuses her attention on that strange feeling that originated with her Ley Pendulum. She's trying to determine if that feeling she got was specifically something arcane, or if it's something Muggle.

Run? Jemma sighs… with her field kit in hand, running is … well she's trained for it, at least. Seeing Mays instruction, the biochem hangs back… waiting for the sign that she can continue. This is one of the drawbacks of being a 'squint' on the team… lots and lots and lots of waiting.

Agent Stone doesn't detect magic. I mean sure she has a small selection of toys to help her on her missions but she isn't Big Red after all. She circles though not about to go into the main entrance. That would be silly. She looks for a window and… oh a side entrance… and some shadowy… SHIELD agents. Agent Stone just sighs, because this means Mystique won't be able to 'lose' any useful artifacts as easily. Before one of them tries to ICER her though she flicks her leather coat aside so the badge hanging around her neck is very visible. To the eagle eyed or if someone gets closer it says Agent, BPRD, and around the Agency Logo is Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense.

Clint does seem to have spotted the other Agent and hand signs to May from his perch that they have friendly company. Then he makes a couple of hand signs to Faye. Two SHIELD agents going in from the side. He's going in up top. Enemy unknown. Target location unknown.

Alright… here goes. Trusting May's timing Clint draws back an arrow with a small sonic head. These are… not easy to come by for him these days, but it'll nicely shatter the pane of glass opposite him. He follows that with a cable arrow. Well, okay not a fancy cable arrow. It's an arrow with a rope attached to it which he uses to anchor on one end, then the other then zip lines across…

He's only been in a moment when there's a sharp yell and the sound of steel on steel.

Okay, so much for doing this the quiet way.

Seeing the hand signals from Barton, May nods once curtly and then proves that she does indeed plan her timing with the archer in mind, and at the same moment as the glass in that window way up there shatters, she busts the side entrance open with a swift kick, dreading the reaction that's going to get from whatever's on the other side but knowing it's better that she take the brunt of it and not Simmons.

The window shattering and the door being kicked open is enough to make Jemma flinch, just a little. She's not drawn her ICER pistol yet, but she clasps her field kit tighter, starting to move closer to May as they gain entrance.

Well it looks like things won't just up and blow up on Agent Stone so she makes her way the rest of the way to where May is and draws her katana as she does. Now while she isn't able to sense magic. Those attuned like May can sense the hell out of that sword. "Guess sneaky is in the past aye?" to Jemma.

Apparently it is in the past. And the sounds of the sword fighting above might justifiably be forgiven for being mistaken for the sound track of a Japanese Samuria movie. There's a great deal of grunty shouting interspersed with a lot of clanging and the occasional wet thunk.

The ward does indeed blow up in May's face, as she feared. It is not a particularly strong ward but if she had been charging through rather than just set it might well have knocked her on her ass. As it is it probably just winds her, the force of it like a solid punch to the gut. The noise of the door opening is accompanied by a single, deep gong and out of nowhere four men in concealing outfits with blades (well two have blades, one has a pair of fighting sticks and the last one has a kama) appear in puffs of smoke. There's no pause, no shouting of halt… they simply charge in to attack.

Okay, that was decidedly unpleasant. May actually has to take a small step back when the ward basically body-slams her and she has to take a moment to catch her breath. That doesn't mean she's not still prepared, though. These bad ninja movie rejects are really annoying, and she's going to show them how annoyed she is. Instead of pulling her ICER to fire at them, it's the 1911 pistol Partisan made for her that's in her hand as Jemma and Stone approach. She fires off two shots at the two closest people charging toward her.

No one said she wsn't allowed to bring a gun to a knife fight.

Jemma startles as Stone catches up with her and speaks… not quite as much as she does when the Ninja's appear though! Trying to pull the ICER pistol from the holster, the biochem steps back a little… she knows better than to get in the way of the real fighters.

Stone notes helpfully to Jemma since she appears startled "Federal agent no shooty shoot." then she just runs foward with her sword leaping at a Ninja. Good technique. Actually amazingly good technique as she goes Ninja.. killing by the look of it.

Between May and Stone they've got three. And it's close enough that they can't simply try to keep one busy and double team them. So instead it turns into a messy three on two brawl with guns, blades, chains and sticks. May hits her target for one shot while the other does another short ranged teleport to wind up right in her face. Okay, make that a messy two versus two. The Ninja do seem to be the real deal. Or at least, they're actual martial artists with a lot of training. Who has more? Well there'll be time to find out but the attackers fighting style seems heavily dependent on dodges and mobility…

The fourth Ninja? He teleports past May and Stone and right into Jemma's face with a sword.

Poofing around like that is annoying enough from allies. From enemies it's unforgivable. May almost literally snarls when the ninja gets right up in her face, and she tries to mentally draw on the Ley Pendulum to lend her a bit of extra speed while swinging her hand to pistol-whip the ninja so close, her other hand pulling and throwing a knife backhanded after the ninja that's targeted Simmons.

Jemma squeaks as the Ninja appears /right in front of her/ and raises the ICER pistol and just shoots, without really aiming… with the Ninja right in front of her, she can't miss? Right?

Well Agent Stone is … very good with that sword. Hell she is just ridiculously good at fighting. She slash step slash… then well all of a sudden her hand is a jaguar's paw and she takes the man's masked face right off .. unless he is quite good.

He is, indeed, quite good by anyone's standards. He is, however, not that quite good. Agent Stone siply shreds the mask and the face behind it while May puts on an unexpected burst of speed that sees her knock her attacker down and pinion Simmon's ninja as her ICER goes off. He's going to be very sleepy… and have a very painful sensation in his kindeys, when and if he awakens.

That leaves the three of them clear to the second floor. By the time they get there Clint is circling with a pair of Ninja. Another pair lay on the floor in various positions of not among the living anymore. There's an open door behind them that's clearly where they came out of.

With a quick nod to Stone and an evaluating glance at Simmons while pulling her knife from that one ninja's back, May holsters her pistol and leads the other two women to the second floor of the building. And the moment she sees two ninjas facing off against Barton, that knife is flying through the air again. This is of course to free her hands for her own swords, wide-bladed little things compared to everyone else's katanas.

At least Jemma shot the Ninja. Sparing a glance for the downed warrior, Jemma pulls a ziptie from her bag to secure him… errr her… whatever - and follows May as she leads them through the building. Seeing the next fight, she hangs back again… she is a scientist after all… not really a fighter.

Stone nods back to Agent May and then well her arm is back to normal very quickly after that paw strike. "Wonder why it is ninjas." is all she says as they head upstairs. "Also this doesn't seem like enough ninjas for something important… " she just follows May's knife throwing with a sword, not thrown, no, she is running.

"Because they failed pirate school!" Clint grunts as he keeps fighting. The Ninja on the left is distracted by the thowing knife long enough for Stone to blindside the Ninja on the right. That's going to be over quickly. Clint takes advantage of that distraction to cut twice and then lunge, finding a good spot in the gut and then bringing his sword back in a twisting, ripping motion. He learned well whilst away in whereverthehellitisistan. Also, that's messy.

And it leaves only Stone's opponent, who is not at all long for the world. That's over moments later in a… well actually Clint was busy, he didn't see how she did it.

There's a noise in the back. May can see SHIELD marked crates of 084 objects and… a someone's moving back there.

Melinda May doesn't bother to respond to Barton's quip, having noticed movement in the room past him. Swords in hand, she races past Stone ending the fight to catch whoever is in the room with all of the 084s.

Stone did not claw this ninja's face off. She just stabbed him through the heart it looks like. "Lets see.. human or demon ninja.." she is peeling the ninja mask off to check when May goes racing by "Hmm?"

Jemma watches it all happening, hanging back - at least this group hasn't tried for her. As the ninja's seem to be handled and incapacitated, the biochem moves slowly towards the room, holding her ICER pistol in one hand and her field kit in the other. Seeing the 084 crates, she turns her attention to them and waits to see …. she's seen something moving and Mays on her way.

The moving things turn out to be a couple of squirming, bound, malnorished children. One boy, one girl, both young and possibly twins. Their state makes it hard to say how old they are and they cry out in alarm when May runs in.

The crates are there, some of them are opened and the items… well Simmons will probably know best if anything is missing. Thankfully nothing seems to have been activated. SHIELD doesn't keep items that aren't dangerous in one way or another.

Clint comes to stand behind Stone as she peels the mask off. The man beneath is human, Japanese by the looks of things. A further search reveals the small tattoo of an open human hand on his wrist but no other markings on his clothing, person or gear.

Melinda May stops abruptly upon seeing the children and kneels down to set her blades on the floor in the hopes that they'll understand she doesn't mean them any harm. "Simmons." The biochemist will likely be more reassuring to the children than she is, and she can likely also make a quick assessment of their health.

Simmons moves over at Mays call, eyes opening wide as she takes in the children. "Hello there, my names Jemma." she speaks quietly, hoping they at least speak english… She'll check the crates in a moment, first things first, lets see to the children. "What are your names?"

Stone peers at the tattoo "Oh great… The Hand…. what the hell were they doing going after this stuff…" she punches the Ninja in the face one more time then drops him and heads into the room. Right kids. She leaves that to the … well whatever Agent Simmons is.. therapist agent… and fishes out an amulet from her coat and then holds it up. Sending out a detect magic sort of pulse.

A lot of things ping on that. Some but not all of the items in the crates. Several of the dead or KO'd ninja, both of the children. A couple odd spots in the room where there may be other wards of some kind and… May. Well something on May yes but also May herself. Big fat old ping on that one. Looooots of magic. "What's that for?" Clint asks. "And… who are the Hand?" He's never heard of these people, obviously.

No such luck for Jemma. The kids babble back at her in an east asian language. Not Japanese or Chinese… Thai, perhaps? Or Vietnamese. One of those. They're a bit less frightened now that she hasn't hurt them but May looks scary as hell.

Well… Clint agrees so they're not the only ones that think that. They're in decent health aside from being malnourished. Which is a bit like saying they're fine other than starving….

Melinda May doesn't move an inch closer, though she does translate for Jemma and the children. It's a Thai dialect, slightly obscure, so hopefully the children understand the urban dialect that May is most fluent in. She is also completely unaware of Stone busting out the detect magic doohickey. That's going to take some explaning. Though really, she could brush it all off with one word: WAND.

Names received, via May's translation, Jemma's probably going to call the children Jimmy and Sally in her head. Moving slowly and carefully, unaware that the children have pinged on the magical radar, she offers a reassuring smile as she drops to her knees in front of them and begins a simple visual examination "They seem ok, Agent May, just undernourished." Reaching into her field kit, she pulls out some muesli bars - whilst not the best of food, it's better than some - and offers each child one.

"I wonder why they were here?" Raising her head, she looks at the boxes … surely… they hadn't been in one of those? No… then how did they get here?

Agent Stone frowns lightly "It helps me identify paranormal relics. Agent Stone, relic acquisitions for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense." there is, a very good chance May at least knows what that is. "Also a surprising amount of … well everything here is magical. Not good. The kids. Some of the boxes. The ninjas.. damn Hand… also the agent there.. interesting." she walks over to one of the boxes that pinged. "The Hand are a bunch of asshole mystic crime ninjas…"

The very nature of SHIELD's 084 classifcation means that none of the objects are readily identifiable. Some are statuary but belong to no known culture. Others look like rocks or crystals and a few are clearly some kind of technology though what kind and what they do is also utterly unclear. Clint groans and turnst to smack his head lightly against a wall. "Crime ninja. Great. Crime ninja who have been buying up SHIELD secrets and are now using them to rob us blind. Er…" Well not 'us.' Actually.

This also makes a bit more sense in terms of the reports coming in from the East Asian area of operations. SHIELD operations there have been severely undercut by some organization with in depth knowledge of their proceedures and security protocols. For May and Jemma it won't be too far a stretch to suspect this 'Hand' though SHIELD files have relatively little on them. Well, SHIELD has only been in the magic game for less than a year. For 'Stone' of course, this'll likely all be… interesting.

The kids calm down a little though when Clint bangs his head against the wall one of them asks if he's crazy.

May's eyes cut toward Clint when one child asks their question, and she replies in kind before asking them how long they've been away from their homes. She still hasn't moved, her blades are still on the floor, but she heard everything that Stone had to say about the Hand. And that's something that's going straight to Fury's attention. The east Asia operations have been a complete mess of late (that's putting it very politely) and now she feels like she can start to figure out why.

Agent Stone looks the crates over slowly and then steps to the one giving her amulet the largest tug and reaches out to pop it open if it isn't so she can look over the artifacts. She does snort a little at the child's question. She gets the gist of it. "Mystic Crime Ninjas." she corrects Barton. "Wonder why she is up in your business like this, though so many of these being mystic explains a lot. I imagine you lot don't even have a clue what you might have, just shoved it into a warehouse 13?"

Jemma's listening even as she watches the children. She's still interested in how they came to be there, but Mays asking the right questions. She sort of gets the gist of the childs question and isn't quite sure how to react - Barton is certainly acting crazy.

Stones question gets a look from the biochem - that's why the artifacts are there - they don't know what they do, and they were supposed to be stored safely. Speaking of, Jemma stands and grabs her tablets, time to start cataloguing or checking and seeing if anything is missing.

The answer is… er… the kind of thing you'd expect from young children with a questionable grasp on the passage of time, but at least a few months seems to be the answer. This'll be a nasty one for SHIELD support services to sort out.

"Of course. Mystic Crime Ninjas yes. Who use I-Ching Trigrams to do I have no idea what." Had Oracle communicated that one? Maybe not. He can explain it later though honestly what he just said constitutes the bulk of his understanding of the matter at the moment.

As best Jemma can tell nothing's missing though they'll need to get it somewhere safe and upend the boxes to make sure. Which makes Clint's insistence that the comms protocols may have been compromised all the more vexing since they can't exactly radio this in. Or can but they're rolling the dice a bit.

Agent Stone's amulet leads her to a stone disk about the size of her palm with an asian dragon inscribed in a spiral on both sides, going inward on one side and outward on the other. It's intensely magical and the moment she touches it she gets a vision…

Melinda May watches Stone out of her peripheral vision, then finally moves to put her swords away, though she does so slowly and deliberately so as to not spook the children any further. Once the swords are concealed under the back of her jacket again, she puts one of her hands back on the floor where the children can see and gingerly pulls a non-SHIELD-issue phone from her jacket with the other. She initiates a phone call, and what she says is probably bizarre and nonsensical to anyone not familiar with SHIELD's standard 'possibly compromised' protocols.

"Maria, hi, it's Melinda." Using first names is an immediate clue to the other person that the normal communication channels are not secure. That, and the fact that May's voice sounds almost completely different — slightly higher pitched, as if she were any other civilian chatting with a friend. "I'm here visiting with a friend, and we found some really neat family heirlooms. Thought you might be interested in seeing them too." She pauses for a moment as Deputy Director Hill replies and likely gets the recovery team quietly on their way. "Oh, and we also found a couple of stray kittens that might need fostering. Could you ask Belinda for me if she's got time to help out?" Simmons for sure and Barton possibly would recognize the name of the head of SHIELD support services.

Initial checks on the contents done, Simmons returns to the children. There's not a lot more she can do here - Mays unusual communications gets a sharp look and then her attention is back on the kids - who don't seem to be speaking or answering questions at any rate. Perhaps 'Belinda' will have more luck with luck.

Agent Stone narrows her eyes as she turns the disk over and then mutters something obscene. "Well this is it. They wanted this. It is also obscenely dangerous and intensely magical." she fishes her own phone, it does look flat black and she keys it with her thumb and puts it to her ear. "Hey.. yeah Director… it is a complete cluster fuck of artifacts and the Hand were here in force gunning for them." pauses a beat "nah they are down for the count and I don't smell any stalking about trying to get into position to stab any of these SHIELD agents… you should probably get a unit down here with someone who feels up to dick waving and jurisdiction because I don't have the patience."

It's days like this that Clint is glad he's not in the Division anymore. "Well that sounds like my cue to get my unauthorized ass out of here." The disposition of the artificts will have to be argued about and as division head of WAND, May might have to be the one who does it. Or she could foist it off on Hill. Either way the Archer nods to the three women and grabs his arrows. Hey, these things are expensive.

"I'll be in touch if there's anything more." Probably through unconventional means. "Nice to meet you agent Stone."

And with that the archer is out, back out the window and down onto the street before anyone who might object to his presence or knowledge gets there.

And yet again, May doesn't get a chance to make Clint promise to catch up with her, and she's not about to cuss in front of these children. So she ends the call with Hill and, still kneeling on the floor where the children can see her, she looks up at Stone. "Can you guarantee that the BPRD can and will safeguard that artifact?" And then, possibly fo no reason at all, she pulls her Ley Pendulum out from under the neckline of her shirt, revealing the flecked carnelian stone and the little golden chinese dragon coiled almost protectively around the Pendulum's chain.

Watching Clint leave, Jemma settles to entertain the children, waiting for the mop up to occur. She's /very pleased/ she's /just a scientist/ and doesn't have to get into this type of wrangling. Of course, she trusts May to ensure that they get the information on what Stone has found… that, goes without saying.

Stone listens to someone with increased volume on the other end of the phone, there is most certainly eye rolling there as she does. She mutters "Right I will not leave until the squad gets here… christ I am not that flighty…." she hangs up and glances over at Agent May. She archs an eyebrow at the pendant and then notes "Well.. probably better than you lot did. That said.. not my job to argue with SHIELD about mystic relics on US soil, but I know someone will want to argue… people always like to argue… and honestly it isn't like SHIELD specializes in the paranormal or magic. On the bright side though it doesn't seem like this is one of those end the world in a plague of demons or elder gods sort of artifacts." she pauses a beat "I really hate those assignments… especially the frogs." she looks at the stone disk again "Something about a dragon and chaos… all about Tokyo. If I had to guess they want to wake up a dragon… and they are usually cranky and evil."

"If you will personally guarantee the security of that artifact in BPRD's vaults, I will let your group take it." Since she's currently looking at Stone and not the children, her expression has returned to her usual stone cold demeanor, even if her tone of voice doesn't match what she's actually saying. "If you can't promise me that, I might have an alternate contact who can take it. Decide. Now."

Stone snorts lightly, evidently she isn't really impressed with the stone cold demeanor. Which is .. well says a lot about whoever Agent Stone is. "Listen. I already said it isn't my call. Am I impressed with our vaults and agents. Obviously. Am I impressed with your vaults right now. Not so much. Am I personally promising anything when I already said it generally isn't my call interagency…" she rolls her eyes. "Fine sure we want it. The guys back at HQ always want anything paranormal to secure it to protect the world. We have been doing it for longer than SHIELD has been called SHIELD so sure… we will take it all in. As to my personal promise I am a field agent not assigned to HQ so not so much Agent. I'm sure whoever they send above my paygrade will be happy to give such a promise though."

Melinda May shakes her head and resists the urge to stand and face this BPRD woman more equally. "No deal, then. As the director of WAND, I get the dubious honor of squabbling with whomever you just called to try and steal these artifacts to your vaults. That one item, though…"

May goes quiet and still for a couple of seconds as she sends a message via the ley lines. ~ Fenris, do you have a moment of time to help me secure a dangerous artifact? ~

Agent Stone squints "WAND… I think I got a memo about that… I'm pretty sure you get to squabble about all of it. You guys lost them and the Hand according to your archery friend are robbing you blind and possess your secrets. Also we are in the US right now… so yeah it isn't really stealing when we have full jurisdictional rights to anything Paranormal in the United States. I am sure you will have a very fruitful night. Again though my.. condition… means I don't have a lot of patience for these tender conversations and will leave it to you and whoever the director sends to squabble over." she sets the disk back in it's crate and flips the lid back down sealing it in.

Melinda May gets an affirmative reply from Fenris and blinks and looks up at Stone again. "You're right. It isn't. But that's how your bosses and mine are both going to see it. Thank you for your assistance." She's kind of hoping the woman doesn't take that as a dismissal, but she's already admitted to not wanting to have to deal with this, she with any luck she'll take the chance and skedaddle.

Agent 'Stone' is a bit disappointed. To many manifests and that one agent clearly did some inventory. To much heat to try to liberate anything and call it lost to the Hand. "No problem, just doing my job Agent.. well Director I guess sorry." a light shrug. She cocks her head and there is the thump thump, faint, of a sound surpressed governmental chopper "Ah… think they are here." she nods to May and heads for the door. She might not have taken the thanks as a leave to.. well leave but she takes the thump of the chopper as a leave to go fill someone in.

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