Mystic Meetup

September 11, 2015:

An attempt on the Leylines and mystics arrive to look after it.

Central Park


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Things are slowly falling in place in the hunt for Darque. With the discovery of Sandria Darque and identification of two bethren who hold the key to his location, Zee's been busy making preparations. Add to that the continued incursions by Darques minions, The Fox's request for assistance with what's happening in Gotham and it's no wonder she's left the mystery of The Obelisks and Apokolips to the Sorcerer Supreme.

Central Park - New York, about lunchtime

The park is busy, of course, it normally is at this time of day. Children playing and laughing, families and couples strolling, business people hurrying to lunch or perhaps their next appointment.

About 30 minutes ago, Zee had put out a call to the Titans, Primal Force and others of her magical friends - requesting aid in dealing with a problem in the Park.

She can be found, standing near the entry to the Zoo with an intense look of concentration on her face. Anyone with magical senses can tell, there's a lot of magical power here… some is distinctly Zee's and the other is tainted… necromantic in nature, seeking to corrupt the Leyline and steal life from those in the area.

Rain is one of the Titans, and an inherently magical being. She's been helping the Burrito- er, Sorcerer Supreme. Even if Rain feels it's so far above her paygrade she's going to be the guy in the red shirt who dies hilariously.

She and Captain are riding on their broomstick, Captain in his snazzy tan trenchcoat. They land near Zee, and look concerned. "Oh geez. Um. We have some mana you can drink." For starters.

Wanda is one of the inherent ones…and has a penchant for finding trouble even when not summoned. "The zoo?" she asks Zatanna and Rain as she wanders up to them in her X-Red uniform. "I think this is not a nice visit to see the animals." Unless they are dead animals - which would explain the necromancy. "Do you know who is responsible?" she asks the others.

Jes is more than a little glad to receive the call. She wants to see for one, and is still avoiding going home. She's gonna have to soon to sleep in her own bed instead of a tree, Fenris's porch (he hadn't been home) or SuperBox. Curious about whaat could be happening in the park, Jes lopes up to Zee with an equally intent expression as she eyes their surroundings.

Jes is dresses simply in a brown and green jungle patterned sundress and black summer shoes. She's wearing an open jean jacket sans sleeves over her dress to hide the gun at the small of her back and her pendulum is clearly visible hanging froun her neck. "Rain, Zee, Captain." Jes murmurs. Mana you can drink? She's curious but now isn't the time. The coyote woman's nostrils flare as she scents the air. "Oh seriously? Central Park? If I wasn't sure he'd just taste like rotten dead meat I'd rip his throat out with my teeth." Jes growls. They also kind of need to find him first.. She turns and looks at Wanda. Who is this? Jes love the park, except the zoo. She hates zoos. For obvious reason to anyone who either knows her or sees her shift. "I can guess…"

For those that can recognise, there's the feel of the Darkforce. Zee's magic isn't combatting the incursion directly, whereas previously she'd been trying to drop a ward on the line, now she's poking around the edges, seeking to contain the taint from encroaching further and being indirect as best she can.

Eyes glowing bright blue, she glances around at the three other women gathered "Feels like one of Darques to me. It's a new tactic, steal life to keep their power up. We can't use a direct attack." There's a flare of power through the Leyline as the mininions seek to push out further "But we can block the Leyline for the time being, that will stop this attack."

"Mana to drink, Rain?" That's got her interest for a moment before she refocusses her attention "I can distract the minions… if you three can put the block in?"

Ooh, that's a familiar feeling. Rain winces. "Ugh, that's not good. Well, I can help. And yes, magical energy condensed into a fluid. Many mages like it for a quick power boost. I made it kind of sweet flavored. I thought it'd help. And sure," She nods. Captain is down on the ground in the grass. He might attract a kid or two because KITTY IN A COAT! OMG!

Rain smiles to Wanda. "Hi! And I don't think so. I think it's an unfriendly neighborhood necromancer," She offers to Wanda. There's a nod and a greeting for Jes. Captain lifts his paw. Rain takes a deep breath and starts to feel about for the leyline and such. She has to do this manually before she can settle in and start co— magiblocking.

"I am Wanda" the witch replies to Jes with a shy smile before listening to Zatanna's plan. "Blocking the leylines? Okay. I will try." She can certainly feel the magical pathway so how hard would it be to redirect or block? Famous last thoughts. Her chaotic magic forming around her hands as she closes her eyes to concentrate on finding the leyline.

"I'm Coyote. And Jesana." She smiles at Wanda and then turns to Zee about to ask what counts as a direct attack because she would to run in there and beat the… her eyes drop to her stomach. Okay maybe it's a good thing that she can't directly attack at the moment. Okay, switching tracks then."Um..well." Jes looks over at Wanda again. Zee seems to trust this woman and Rain isn't alarmed, it's a little difficult for her, trust is a thing Jes has never had in abundance and recent events have not helped her gain more of it. Despite that, she trusts her team mates. "I'm not sure how to do that but I have more power now. You can use it." It's wild and primal and has the slightest hint of chaos and infinite possibility about it. Whether or not Jes will ever learn to wield this magic remains to be seen but its there and they can tap it.

"I can also shoot them if I can see them. Sorry Zee, I know you hate guns… but if I get shot at again I want to be able to do more than run and pray." Her voice is a little growly.

Rain adds, "And I am Rain. The cat is Captain."

"Please, take Jes power, Wanda and Rain." Zee's focussed distracting whoever's at the other end of the Leyline… "Wanda, you've worked with my power… you can do this do. I don't want to bring Darques attention to Jes" and her unborn child… that … would be a mess.

When she feels the other two women's power come down, she smiles grimly. "Now… let's bring this."

~~ htraE ekahS dnA elbmerT rednU riehT teeF, gninthgiL ekirtS tA mehT ~~

Tapping the sympathetic link back to Darques acolytes, Zee attacks the physical environment they're in… whereever that is…

Immediately, the hold on the leyline falters and weakens… there's a split second that the others can act.

Rain nods. She will help take up that power, dispersing it with her own. The witch has a magical manor with servants who are capable in combat and of magic. She's warded and fine. Plus, she has a cat and it's never safe to go alone without a cat. She is sympathetic to Jes. Rain's magic is like, turbo pagan as all hell. Ancient, wild and fervent with life and frenzy for the moment. It ebbs and flows. She smiles faintly at Wanda.

Time to magiblock some whacky acolytes. NO LEYLINE FOR YOU. COME BACK NEXT YEAR.

It's always better when Wanda takes from others…not so good when they take from her. She nods to Zatanna's words and seeks out Jesana's power. A quirk of an eyebrow as she realises there is more than one life there but that is none of her business. Finding the familiar feel of chaos, she draws from the coyote and then combines with Rain to sever the leyline from the magical vampires.

Shivering slightly, at the feel of her power being drawn away Jes slips her gun free and tucks it into the side pocket of her vest. It's small enough to fit. There are people about or she'd stand with it ready but this will have to do. Probably won't need it, but.. She can't shift and she's a bit slower right now and also still adjusting to her strength. That actually isn't much of a problem right now. She is so not gonna mind if they, or she, kills this necromancer. She'll prefer it.

Trust has never been an easy thing for Jes and recent events have only made it harder but if this is the best way she can help at the moment than dammit, it's what she'll do. Besides, she does trust her team mates to have her back and not hurt her and if they trust Wanda then so does Jes. Even if she can't help but look aside slightly. Wanda smells.. interesting.

It is only a fraction of a moment but the three women will feel the block slide into place and the necromantic power redouble against it…. they're going to try and break through the block… can they anchor it?

There's a backlash of the power against the women and Zee throws up a shield even as she calls down more lightning on the necromancers at the other end of the link… once the block is warded and secured, the attack will subside.

Oof. Rain winces. She's going to pour more of her own magic into it, hiding Jes' magic as she can. She is not pregnant, after all. The idea of Rain reproducing seems like something that happens with budding, much as plants do. She is duly grateful for the shield and offers a quiet "thank you" to the others. Captain is near Jes' feet and a curious kid or two might wander over. He is kinda jowly and an orange tabby, after all.

Rain holds out as best as she can.

Wanda growls as the necromancers try to break through their block. She plants her feet firmly, though it has little to do with her magic, and pours more chaos into the barrier. Subconsciously she happily draws more from Jes and even starts to be interested in Rain's magical energy. Wanda is not conscious of much of how she does things but she is very conscious of the effect she wants to have. The block grows stronger and stronger.

Jes smiles distracedly at the children. Whatever her feelings are over being pregnant she loves and has a soft spot for children. Oh she does not want to have to pull her gun out now. It's weird, she's always been able to scent magic and she's obviously doing so now, her own and the other three women's and the necromancers all have their own unique trail, but she's almost positive she can *feel* some of what they are doing even if she can't quite recognize it. It might have occured to her this could be dangerous, Darque will want her, especially now. Jes has a place to go that he can't reach her though so she's less worried than the others. Hell, she'd be tempted to let the bastard possess her. Then they'd know where he was and she'd have a better chance of killing him. But, no. Jes protectively cradles her stomach with one hand while she keeps her gaze focused for any danger to her friends.

Jes won't have to pull the gun, the necromancers are far distant and using the Leyline to channel their energy…

With the renewed efforts of Wanda and Rain, the block settles in place. The Leyline won't be usuable until that block is removed … but the necromantic energy just … stops.

Zee winces and then lets out a big sigh of relief as the attack finally abates… whilst tired, she's no where near as tired as she used to be… maybe she's learning to work smarter. "Well done, you three. Is everyone alright?" There's a look of worry in her eyes. "That… was nearly too easy…" and it was. An attack on such a large target, so easily foiled?

Rain is there. She looks to Zee. "I'm fine. And yeah, that was … oddly easy," She admits. Captain will hop around Jes' feet. Why not? "Especially after he sicced a random succubus on me that managed not to get nuked by Doctor Strange," She admits quietly with a sigh. She looks to the others, quietly curious. Captain is fine. He's feline, even.

Wanda warily allows her power to wane as their mission seems to have succeeded. And, yes, it was worringly easy. "Is that all?" she asks Zatanna softly. "Not that I am complaining" Wanda quickly adds. Maybe there'll be time to visit the zoo after all.

It's good that Jes can't read thoughts or there would be a lecture on the evils of zoos now. Instead she's frowning. Half of her is snarling in rage and urging her to go running after these necromancing assholes and the other half of her is screaming at her to remember she needs to stay safe and protect her child. All atop the fact that this has to be a trap or somethign because what the hell.. they haven't hurt Darque this badly yet, have they? Why give up so easily, and if attacking Central Park, why do so on such a small scale? This doesn't make sense. Jes sighs and takes a couple of calming breathes. "I'm fine, but this is weird, right?" Brown eyes dart around the area suspiciously.

Zee still looks worried. "It's near Fenris' house… they're probably testing us. See who responds and how quickly." It's stated as a matter of fact, a slight level of resignation. "We're close to finding him, now. We've got some good leads. We just… " she sighs "have to keep pushing forward."

Looking at Jes, taking her in, the last time Zee had seen her was a week or so ago "How are you feeling, Jes?" the teen isn't sure what to ask pregnant women… or even if you should ask all! "Oh, and hello Captain!"

The four women and Captain are standing in a grassy area, near the entrance to the Zoo…

Rain isn't sure, either. "Did you need anything to eat or drink? I remember a girl in one of my classes was about to have a kid and she really liked being able to eat in class and nibble," She recalls quietly. Captain lifts a paw in greeting to Zee, his voice rich and baritone. "Sup."

"I like the zoos, but mostly because I can appreciate animals and when they breed and keep ones that get poached or are endangered." Pause. "Except when I got attacked by a giant cock." Pause. "A peacock male." Really. It was huge.

"I'm alright. We'll do our best," Rain promises.

Wanda stares at Rain as she talks about giant cocks. "Good story, Rain" she smiles weakly at the witch before looking back to Zatanna. "Where is Fenris himself? Should he be not showing his quick response?" To Jes she adds, "Congratulations."

Jes smiles to reassure Zee, and Rain. She looks kind of sad though. "I'm.. I'm alive. So there's that. It's just been so crazy lately." She suspects its only going to get worse before it gets better and its going to take time to adjust to the things she's started to realize. "It's weird really, I never expected finding out who I am would make me more confused than ever."

Then she's starting at Rain in alarm. She got attacked by wha-?! Oooh. A bird. Geeze… Jes had been ready so shift and go hunt down some guy and bite his junk off. "I.. yeah. I know they do that. It sucks to be caged though. I don't wish that on the animals I eat even. At least they have a chance to get away and they were free and living before I caught them. Zoos.. they stink of fear and despair and hopelessness. People just can't smell it." Jes manages another smile for Wanda. "Thanks." She considers for a moment. "I am hungry. I'm always hungry."

Zee just stares at Rain for a very long moment … she got attacked by a what? Oh! A Peacock! That makes more sense… but with the line of business they're in, Zee wasn't so certain… ah, no, that's not right either.

"Hungry Jes?" Zee motions to a food vendor, not far from where they stand, and starts moving in that direction "Let's go grab something to eat, all of us, and we can catch up for a short while… but I can't spend to long." She's preparations to make.

"Fenris has many responsibilities, Wanda." Zee smiles at the woman "Which is why there are some like me who lighten the load and respond to incidents like this." And it seems, Fenris likes Zee to learn.

"Of course, I can treat a bit if we like. And it depends on the zoo. A properly run one has enclosures and sanctuaries more than cages," Rain offers. Fortunately, cages are going out as people become aware. "And mental stimulation. I liked it when they gave the tigers pumpkins and cardboard boxes." Cats: Cats at any size(TM) which just proves that if Captain were big enough, RAIN would be the familiar.

"We help as we can," Even if Rain is Loki's apprentice. And BFFs with the Darkness. How she's not evil by now is anyone's guess. And don't ask what she's storing artifactswise. Full of secrets. "I am on afternoon break," She works with WAND and also as an occult detective. "But I'd love to spend some time with you guys." "Yeah, totally," Captain offers. He'll catch up and pause. "Anyone wanna shouldercat?"

"No thank you. Not right now" Wanda replies to Rain's sweet offer of a pussy to sit on her. She wanders over with the others towards the vendor, hands stuffed in pockets and eyes downcast. Wanda is the mutant here…and a known mutant…so she's half waiting for the insults and the angry fear of onlookers. "Should I ask who your husband is, Jes?" she asks the coyote - because it is a biological impossibility for women to have children if they're not married!

Jes blushes as they approach the vendor and her stomach rumbles loudly. She eyes Captain for a moment and then scoops him and sets him on her shoulder. See, she's totally getting used to him. "I used to eat so much because shifting burns a lot of energy and I'm pretty active even without that. I'm not supposed to shift so much right now, but I'm just as hungry if not more so."

Jes is so not going to be judgmental over Rain's relationships. Some of her own are or have been.. well, she's not going to judge. "It's nice to meet you Wanda." Nodding at Zee Jes continues. "Fen isn't home I think. Or, he wasn't last night. I.. um. I slept on his porch."

"Uh." Jes eyes Wanda. "I don't have one. My kind, we don't mate for life. Even if I wanted too.. I just.. " Looking throughouly depressed Jes sighs. "I thought I found someone. I was even ready to try this whole exclusive not sleeping with anyone else thing. He even seemed okay with what I am. Until he met my Father." Jes shakes herself. "Its for the best I guess. I'm better on my own. I know it. I'll tell you though I'm never looking at a human again for anything more than a night of fun." Maybe Wanda is Amish or something? Jes has heard of them.

"Excellent." Zee seems to take it all in, not a lot phasing her. Then again, she's helping fight a war in Limbo - and she's not sure what that's entirely about yet! Letting the others place their orders, Zee finds a table to sit at.

Well, nothing seems to phase her till Wanda asks about Jes' husband and then she just sort of blinks…

Jes news has Zee wincing a little "I'm sorry to hear that, Jes." the last time she'd seen Jes with her man, they'd seemed happy. "How are things, Rain? Shift doing ok?" and other things SHIELD related of course.

"So far, so good," She offers quietly to Zee. "It's all really mysterious," Rain admits. And then she looks to Jes. "Whatever floats your boat. Not everyone wants to get married," It doesn't seem to bother Rain. But then, her family had a lot of witchy swingers so she's vaguely traumatized and accepting. Having to deal with the cops asking your mom not to be 'skyclad' on the lawn. Well.

Captain is on Jes' shoulder. Shouldercat(TM). Rain looks to Wanda and nods. "Want me to order you something?" She offers. She does seem to care about the mutant. "And I keep busy enough," She admits to Zee. "I've been helping Doctor Strange and - um." Shrug. "Well."

"How about you guys?"

"Sure. Whatever you like" Wanda nods to Rain's offer before finding herself somewhere to sit. "I am at X-Red" she says to Zatanna, but that is hardly fresh news. "But I think I have to move out of the headquarters and find somewhere else to live. A superheroine moved in yesterday who had more luggage than I have ever seen in my life. And that was only 'some' of her belongings. And…umm…I think some other residents are getting to know each other very well and I also think they are unaware of how much I am aware." A pause. "Does that make sense to everyone?"

An amused snort is sent Jes' way. "Nights of fun? I wouldn't know about such things…not through lack of desire. But it is not just humans who disappear on you when you think everything is happy." She shrugs it off before looking over to Rain. "How is Doctor Strange? Could you tell him that the meditation is going well."

This vendor has footlong chili dogs and they're actually reasonably priced. Jes gets two of them and two packages of reeses cups which she splits in half and lines the hotdogs with, right atop the chili. "Yeah, I know. I eat raw meat and even I think this is weird but.. right now it tastes so freaking good and I eat peanut butter chili dogs almost everday."

Pregnancy.. lots of weirdness going on and this time, unlike the first, she's aware of all of it. She nods at Wanda. "That's true. It doesn't suck any less but its true." She quietly scarfs hotdog for a few minutes. Well, mostly quietly. There might be a few moans of delight that she c an't help. She understood most of what Wanda said but is still puzzled. "You mean they're up all night having sex? Ear plugs will help, won't they?" Aside from noise interfereing with sleep, Jes doesn't see why this would be a problem. But then, she's half coyote and doesn't really care about a lot of things that seem to embarrass or make people awkward. That could also be because of her wild upbringing too.

It's time like these that Zee is so pleased to have a home like Shadowcrest. At least she and her man can be private… The teen mage just sort of blinks at Jes and Wanda as the discussion heads down that path and coughs.

Watching Jes eat… what do you call that… Zee suppresses a little shudder. Time to try and change the subject! "Meditations, Wanda?" That sounds interesting.

"Glad to hear Shift is doing ok, Rain. And that you're working with Dr. Strange as well, that's awesome."

Rain is private! She just sort of doesn't really talk about her love life. She settles quiet to listen. She'll bring Wanda a chili dog from the vendor. "I can bring some sweets after," And a nice drink! "It sounds like a busy place," She offers to Wanda. "I will tell him," Rain promises. She beams at Zee. "Thanks. I'm honored but I feel so far out of my league," She admits quietly. She doesn't push the subject on sexytimes.

Though she did used to write fanfic. Rain. Shame. SHAAAAAAAAAME. "Well. We do have our concerns about Shift. But I suspect his potty mouth can at least be fixed with duct tape." That, is a joke.

Wanda shrugs at Jes' idea about the ear plugs before smiling shyly. "I am not upset they are having sex, I am upset that I am not" she explains. "Everybody seems to be…I guess I am just jealous. And things do not go well when I am jealous." A nod of thanks for the hot dog before she replies to Zatanna, "The meditation is to help me focus because there are so many voices in my head." Is it any wonder she sleeps alone. "Who is Shift?"

Jes grins at Rain. She's met Shift twice. Once in battle, where he probably hadn't even noticed her and once recently while he was.. she isn't sure. A talking doll? Her language had matched his though and she'd so have peed on him if May hadn't been holding him. She has no idea what is going on there but if there was anything she could do then someone would have told her, she's sure.

"It's sooo good. I can't even.." Jes stares at the last bite and then eats it too. "Coyote's eat pretty much anything I guess but usually when I'm human, I don't mix things so weird. Its.. the hormones or something. They're driving me crazy. Seriously. I either want to eat endless amounts of peanut butter dogs or sc-uh.. excersice wildly." Jes seems to remember suddenly that people don't talk so freely about sex generally and decides screw like a bunny is something she should keep to herself.

Frowning slightly Jes regards Wanda. Voices? "I hope it helps. I've never been great at Meditation, but I know it can do a lot for some people. Maybe there are meds you could take?" She doesn't know, but seems sympathetic, without appearing to pity Wanda. Every one has things that are hard to deal with. "Shift is a mutant. I think something happened to him and he's… uh.. not himself?" Jes is good at reading body language and peoples emotions through scent and after watching Wanda for this while she adds "It doesn't bother me that you're a mutant and I'll cheerfully kick the ass of any one who hassles you over it, okay?"

"I'm not so sure about that, Rain" Zee murmurs in regards to Shifts language "He's pretty much out there in general." Looking to Wanda "Yes, as Jes says, Shift is a mutant who's had some trouble lately. Rains been helping him."

She should be used to Jes by now, and she grins at the way she phrases how her metabolism works and then looks to Wanda again "It's good the meditation is working. If you'd like to work on more, let me know… I'm constantly working on my own control." and that's true…

"Yeah. I don't think he's a bad guy." Foul mouthed. Shiny headed. But not a bad dude. Rain smiles at Wanda as the mutant enjoys the hot dog. She does seem to care. She settles quiet a moment. "I sometimes meditate but I'm usually focusing on something or another." Hello, giant engineering stereotype! But it is what it is. She accepts Jes and seems glad for the company.

Captain is now dozing softly.

"Meds? Oh…medication" Wanda frowns at Jes' suggestion. "You think I am sick? I am a mutant not sick. Many have tried to make mutants 'well' before but I don't think they had my health in mind when they did it." She nods to the information about Shift from Zatanna. "I am not sure if the meditation is working. I think it frightened Brinley when she wandered into it. But I will call you if I need help. Focussing /is/ meditation, Rain. It does not matter what exactly it is or isn't that you focus on." Wanda, as she does, consumes the food quickly and with an air of concern that someone will steal it from her at any minute.

Jes had eaten in a similar manner but because she was hungry. If someone tries to take her food she's going to freaking bite them. Although.. she glances aside again. Not Wanda. Aren't they feeding her at X-Red? She needs to check on Brinley. Maybe Jes will bring something for Wanda when she does. Her protective instincts are also raging. "I didn't say you were sick, but I know there are other people who hear voices. Sometimes medicine can make the voices go quiet. Sometimes not. You just have to find what works for you." It takes her a few moments to puzzle the rest out. It sounds like she'd been captured and held somewhere maybe? Jes looks angry at the thought. "I'm glad you got away from those people." Jes grins at Captain sleeping. He's kinda cute. Definitely growing on her. "I'm not glad we had to fight a necromancer, but I'm happy to be here with you guys." It's a nice day and she's missed friends. Rather badly.

Wanda's words about someone walking into her meditation has the Mistress of Magic frowning a little, but she'll address later, maybe. She's seen Wanda eat before and believes that now it's more habit than anything "Alright, Wanda, but the offer stands, if you'd like." beat "And I think Shifts heart is in the right place place, Rain."

Standing, Zee leans over to give Jes a hug (if she'll allow it) "It's been good seeing you, Jes. Don't be a stranger, mmm?" and to the others, she smiles "I really need to be going, there's some work that needs my attention." and with a wave, Zee starts to wander away, very soon, she'll just disappear from view.

Rain smiles and nods. "I think so, too," She agrees. She smiles at Wanda. "It was good to see you. You are always welcome to visit. C'mon, Captain. We should get going. I think our break is done." She is glad to have seen them all. She nods at Wanda. "I understand that in a way." But not Wanda's way. "Be well."

"Thank you for the food, Rain" Wanda smiles as the last of it disappears into her mouth. She frowns at Zatanna having to leave but she understands. "Take care. If you need my help, you know how to get in touch." Which seems to just be having to think of Wanda. And then everyone else is leaving. "Nice to meet you, Jes. I hope no one will travel through time to try and kill you and your child." Wanda has met one such assassin after her so maybe everyone does. She nods to Rain's goodbye. "Thank you. Maybe I will see you with Doctor Strange?"

Jes smiles and does hug Zee. She will be around more now. At least with the people she knows can defend themselves. Learning that she's gonna most likely spend the rest of her life putting anyone she spends time with in mortal danger, Jes is going to take precautions. She also smiles at Rain and Captain, blinks at Wanda. "Um. Thanks?" Then smiles again and hands Wanda a scrap of paper with her cell number. "If you need anything.." Jes is seriously hoping that was just a bit of Wanda's.. she isn't sure what, and not a vision of the future. Her stepfather is still out there somewhere. "I need to get back to my job for a bit. I'll see you around." Jes hops up and clears off the table before heading for a leyline. "Yay. Gotham." She mutters unenthusastically.

"You know it," Rain smiles, waving to Wanda. She'll do her best. "And you are most welcome." Rain was homeless. She knows the value of food all too well.

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