A Wolf In The Stables

September 11, 2015:

Rahne and Dani meet up near the stables and catch up with each other.

Xavier's School - The Grounds


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Already it feels like the afternoon and while it's nearly there, it's still technically morning. For Dani and Brightwind it's already been a very long morning indeed, with the majority of the early hours finding the two transporting a few of Dani's things to the X-Red's HQ.

It's only now that the two are returning to the Mansion grounds. They're flying high in the clouds, for cover, until they're close enough to the Mansion grounds. Once close enough the two will drop in a steep dive downward to land with a solid thump of hooved feet.

Shaking her head at Brightwind's antics, Dani will quickly dismount and land upon the grassy ground with her own much lighter thump. "All right boy, let's get you cleaned up and fed. How's oats sound?" The winged stallion offers a toss of his head, even as he whickers in agreement with Dani's words. Already the pair are slowly making their way across the grounds, towards the stables which is where Brightwind has been staying at.

Paths had not crossed around the X-Red headquarters, though Rahne has actually been around. Nothing came up in conversations that would have led to one or the other sticking around a bit longer, either.

So it is that Rahne makes her way to Salem Center and, after stopping at the favorite place for most of the mutant students to eat while they were or are at Xavier's, she makes her way to the front gates via the woods and enters.

The winged horse and his companion continue on their way, their steps slow as they walk. Occasionally Brightwind will dip his head to crop at the longer grasses that can be reached, an impromptu snack as they continue on their way to the stables. It's only when they reach the fenced in pasture that Dani will pause.

There's something just on the edge of her senses - something more than just a rabbit, a hawk, or songbird - But what, is the problem. She can't quite pinpoint it or what it might be and this causes her to frown.

Brightwind, sensing some of what Dani can feel, immediately raises his head upward and swivels his ears forward. He's likewise looking for what she senses, though his senses are much more mundane. Simply ears, nose and eyes.

Eventually, Dani's senses will allow her to turn herself in the direction that Rahne is coming from, able to pinpoint at least that much while the half wolf is just outside of Dani's empathic range.

Around that same time, there's something in the back of Rahne's head that causes her to stop and sniff in the direction of the stables. She even rubs 'round an ear as she squints, head tilting afterward. Something familiar, perhaps, but distant. Not something she'd felt recently, yet it reminds her of something else.

So, Wolfsbane approaches. She looks mostly human except for the wolfen traits seen in fur, fang, and claw, but there's nothing overly animalistic in the appearance right now. Meanwhile, she's got a very curious look on her face.

Movement. Yes, Dani can sense that and as the distance between the pair diminishes, her senses brings her side of the link into sharper focus. That sharpening of the link allows Dani to finally realize what, or rather who, she's sensing. "Rahne." She says the wolfen girl's name out loud and perhaps, if Rahne is close enough and/or listening closely to that feeling in her head, she might just hear an echo of her name in her head.

Brightwind, who's still relying upon his every day senses, will prick his ears foreward, once the telltale signs of Rahne's arrival can be heard. There's a soft whicker of warning for Dani, even though he doesn't see Rahne as a threat. Just a warning for his rider to alert her that someone is coming up the path. When Rahne can finally be seen, Dani will easily raise her hand upward in a wave. "Rahne." She'll call out, once the auburn furred wolfling appears within her sight.

There's definitely a growing sense of memory now, as Wolfsbane rounds a corner into view. The link is stronger, and while it's been quite a while since she felt it, at least a year since the last time she had even been Stateside until the past month or so, it's still there. "..Dani?" she asks, voice more hushed than not, and it doesn't get all the way over to the Cheyenne.

However, Rahne's ears are good enough to pick up on her name being spoken, along with that sensation in her head, and she rubs lightly at a temple with a clawtip. First thing she sees is Brightwind, and she just stares at the winged horse. That's..hardly something she ever expected to see. "Muh eyes must be playing tricks on me," she declares, but the surprise is replaced by a growing smile when she recognizes the other woman. "Och, there's someone I've no' seen in ages. Hullo, Dani." She's holding back something, just to make sure all is well first.

All seems well on Dani's part, as the dark haired woman starts walking towards Rahne, intending to meet her halfway. Brightwind, who is definitely an oddity that most people don't expect, trots dutifully alongside Dani. If you took away the wings, he really would look like a normal horse, but where that notion is dispelled is those blue eyes of his. His blue eyes definitely show far more intelligence than a normal horse would have.

In fact, he's giving Rahne the once over once the trio is close enough, as this is his first time meeting the wolfen girl, as well.

"Rahne." Comes Dani's greeting a second time, "It's good to see you. It's been too long. Nice to see there are still some familiar faces around the Mansion."

Of course, Rahne has a wolfen scent to her, but there's also the leather of the costume she wears, a departure from what Dani may remember of her previously. "When did ye get a winged horse?" she asks, her tone incredulous in spite of Brightwind being right there before her very eyes.

Her own green eyes dart between horse and woman, woman and horse, finally back to Dani again, and she simply rubs the back of her neck in slow confusion. "I have a feeling there's a wee bit o' a story behind this one, but before tha'.." She does indeed meet Dani halfway and offers a hug, tentative at first but more natural if it's returned, adding, "Actually, I'm no' really here these days, but I'm back around an' visiting off an' on. But..aye."

"I could say the same thing about your new duds." Comes Dani's response to Rahne's question about Brightwind and the fact that she has a new costume. "But yes, there's definitely a story behind how we acquired each other. I'm pretty sure it's not a small story, either." States the woman with an amused tone to her voice and when Rahne offers that hug of hers, Dani is quick to return it. Pulling back, the dark haired woman will say, "And I can't say I'm here full time either, but it's still good to see everyone again."

"We were just heading to the stables, care to walk with us?" Asks Dani, as she nods in the general direction of the stables. "And speaking of stables, Brightwind this is Rahne, Rahne, Brightwind." It's definitely an oddity to introduce a winged horse, but Dani does so nonetheless. Brightwind seems completely unphased, as he extends a velvet nose towards the wolfen woman, a faint whuffle of greeting coming from the winged horse.

"Why, ye like them?" Wolfsbane asks, offering a brief twirling spin after the hug that shows off the way the loose, thin parts that drape off it move. "Och, a long story, then," she remarks, a brow lifting as she comes to realize something: "It's yuir scent. I noticed it around th' X-Red place noo tha' I think o' it. It'd been a while since I had it."

She moves into meeting their pace for the stables, squinting at Brightwind when the introductions are made. "Well..hullo, Brightwind," she adds somewhat awkwardly, offering a hand toward the animal's snout. "I've been around their place as well, ye know." At least, she'll know now, if not before. "Are ye joining them?"

"I do." Says Dani, as she eyes the flare of the 'skirts' when the wolfing twirls. "They look hardier than your typical unstable molecule costume, which is nice." States the dark haired woman, as she starts back on her way to the stables.

Brightwind, for his part, will happily whuffle Rahne's extended hand. His nose is velvty and a little stubbling, thanks to the whiskers upon his nose and chin. Once the greeting is over, he'll once more plod alongside both woman, as he crops at some more grass as they walk.

As for Rahne's question about joining X-Red, Dani nods, "Already have, actually. I decided this would be the best way to help. Especially with the trouble that's been going down in M-Town." And speaking of trouble, that sparks Dani's next question as the Native American turns her dark brown eyes back upon Rahne, "How've you been?" She asks, and while that question seems like a general question any friend would ask another, beneath those gentle words of hers, is a deeper question. Dani, like some of the others, knows why Rahne really left and even though it's been some time since the incident, there's still worry from the dark haired woman. Worry for Rahne.

"Some of us were worried you'd never make your way back here."

"But it's th' same sort o' technology," Wolfsbane mentions when Unstable Molecules are brought up. "So, tha' works out well in th' end, an' I like th' way it looks an' feels. I probably would no' have said th' same thing a few years ago, but I dinna think it's indecent or anything like tha'." She smiles briefly at Brightwind's response, her hand lowering back to her side as she pauses for a closer look at the wings. "A pegasus. Ye have a pegasus." It still seems hard to believe.

The mention of Mutant Town as it related to X-Red leads to a frown from the Scot, a slow shake of her head. "It's th' Purifiers. They're bad news, verra bad news," she tells Dani, the proper weight applied to the words. "I've been doon there though, getting tae know a few o' th' X-Red people. I was thinking o' joining up with them as well." But, she hasn't made the decision yet, apparently. Maybe this will make it an easier one.

She turns somewhat hesitant the more personal question, figuring it out for what it is, and through the link Dani may pick up on a few conflicting emotions that run from a reluctance to go back to that time to something stronger now. "I'm..better," she settles for saying, and there's a mental suggestion that it's true. "I grew more back a' Muir Island, an' I dealt with something tha' bothered me a lot even before all tha'. Then when I came back here I learned he was actually alive."

Dani is quiet for a few minutes, after Rahne's explanation of how she's really doing. Likely those little emotional tugs were felt through the link the two share and with a nod, the raven-haired woman finally says. "I'm glad. You do seem better. Stronger." States Dani, as she gives her friend a faint smile. "And yes, he's alive. I think we were all grateful to whatever powers-that-be that made that happen. I know I was."

And while more could have likely been said, Dani switches to safer topics, knowing that sometimes only a few words need to really be said on such delicate topics, though she does add before switching gears. "If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, you know I'm here for you. Absolutely anything."

Then, it's onward to M-Town and the Purifiers. Her expression turns much more sober, as she says, "The Purifiers and the Reavers. Have you heard about both of them? Brinley was just filling me in on the Reavers. Both are bad news and I can't quite figure out which group is worse. They might be even in my book." Says the Native American woman, "We could definitely use more help dealing with them. Even if you don't officially join the team, though I think you should - " She grins, " -, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you helping out, at all."

"Aye," Rahne says to the comment about being stronger. For that matter, the old Rahne would have never dressed like this. Not that it's indecent - far from it - but that should say a lot on its own. "It doesna erase th' past, but..aye, verra grateful," she confirms, and she does seem content to leave it at that rather than dwell on everything. The offer to provide an ear or two when needed is met with a mild nod. "Thank ye. I appreciate tha'. Lady Moira would often listen, but it's no' th' same thing as someone ye spent time training with before."

As far as the issues with what's going on in Mutant Town and who's behind it, she frowns. "I came across a wee group o' Purifiers a few weeks ago, but I've no' been around th' area much since then. Have ye met Nicholas? He helped me deal with th' Purifiers. I dinna know much o' these Reavers ye speak o'." When it comes to the suggestion about X-Red, she says, "It's something I've been thinking about, maybe doing something with a group again."

"Nicholas?" She says, "No, haven't met him yet. Does he live in Mutant Town?" She asks curiously and as the trio walks, the stables come easily into view, and while there's no other horses within the barn itself, Brightwind still picks his pace up a bit, as he sees his 'home' upon Midgard.

Smiling at the winged horses antics, Dani will give the stallion's neck a pat before he's out pacing the two women. Giving her head a slight shake, Dani continues with, "And the Reavers, they're apparently a group made up of men and women with cybernetic implants. So, while the Purifiers are more para-military like, the Reavers are more enhanced than the Purifiers. Both are bad news." She echoes again, as she slings her hands into the pockets of her jeans.

Her gaze will stay focused on Brightwind, who's being as playful as a colt right about now, as she continues to speak, "I think you'd like X-Red, Rahne. It's not all about the heroic side of things. It's about getting out there and helping people, even sometimes in the most mundane way. They'll actually give you contracts that match your skill and powerset. Like Doug, he does a lot of computer coding projects. I have a feeling I'm going to end up being the messenger girl - " A chin-nod towards Brightwind, "- for the team. Delivery in 20 minutes or less, or the fee is on us." A grin is cracked at those last words of hers, even as she adds at the very end with that same self-depricating humor, "Hopefully, Illyana won't think I'm strong-arming into her territory."

Wolfsbane explains, "He's a former student here as well. Wolf like me, but he canna shift one way or th' other." She slows to watch Brightwind's act, and it leaves her smiling at his apparent eagerness to get into a stable. "I'm no' sure why he's so happy tae be in there. I'd rather be off in th' woods or around an open field," she remarks.

Then, "Someone may have told me about th' Reavers, but I'm no' really sure. Either way, they all sound like problems." Problems that won't be fun to deal with at all. "An'..I'll probably end up there. Coming back around th' mansion an' school, I dinna feel like I want tae stay as separated from others as they can be here. I know a lot o' them get oot for things, but if ye've been tae th' place X-Red is working on for a headquarters, it's much less secluded. I'd have tae find what works best for me there." Naturally, the mention of Illyana causes a rise of some discomfort to come and go. Some things don't change.

Slanting a smile towards Rahne, Dani says, "While it may not be his usual home, it's still home." And then that smile turns to a grin, "And he's hungry. He knows he's going to get a sugar cube or two, and likely a few apples tossed in with his oats."

At the mention of Nicholas being a former student, Dani furrows her brow in thought. "That sounds familiar." She says, "But I can't quite place him. I'm sure if I met him I'd remember him."

"And I think X-Red will be far less secluded than here at the Mansion. And yes, I really like their HQ. We just have to figure out how and where we can practice our skills and powers. There's not much in the way of a 'danger room', which is understandable, but concerning." And while that momentary discomfort is felt from Rahne at the mention of Illyana, Dani doesn't remark upon it. As said, some things never change, and that's okay. "But, yes, you need to do what's right for you. No questions on that and the fact that you said that outloud means you will. Which is good." Glancing towards the stables, which Brightwind has deftly slipped inside, Dani adds, "I need to get him settled for the afternoon. You're welcome to hang around and watch me bail hay, but if not I'd completely understand." She grins.

"Maybe I'd be more willing tae stick around there if I knew I was getting some treats," Rahne comments, a light joke out of her as she eyes the pegasus. "An' ye'd definitely remember Nicholas if ye met him. He's running a rescue operation thing in th' city."

There's no talk of Illyana, though she does say, "I feel sure enough in muh abilities noo tha' I dinna think general training is needed except tae keep me in shape, an' I doubt they'd have a problem with people coming back here tae use th' Danger Room." She clasps her hands in front of her, sniffing in the direction of the stables before she glances back toward the buildings. "I..actually had some other things I came here for, but ye do have a story tae tell me next time about him." Brightwind, of course, gets one more nod, then she looks toward Dani once again. "I'm glad tae know ye seem tae be doing well. We should talk more soon, over a' th' X-Red place." Then their goodbyes are made for the time being, leaving the Scot to disappear indoors.

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