Moving Day

September 11, 2015:

Dani is moving some of her things from the Institute to the HQ for X-Red. Brinley and Wanda come upon her and help.

NYC - X-Red HQ


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Early Morning. Well, not so early for Dani at least, but definitely morning.

Dani and Brightwind are currently outside of X-Red HQ, upon the landing strip. They've landed as close as possible to the building and it's easy to see why. Brightwind has been bogged down with quite a few bags and boxes. If one looks close enough, they might see some weaponry strapped to him, as well. It seems someone is moving some of their things here to the HQ and that person would be Dani.

The winged horse idly stomps a hoof, as Dani quickly unstraps some of the packages from his saddle. "Almost done, boy. Only a few more trips." Says the dark haired woman as she lobs the bags to the ground and then also gently places the boxes on the tarmac next to the bags. The winged stallion gives a whicker of … amusement? Yes, it definitely sounds amused as he lips at Dani's sleeve playfully.

Brin looks up from her tablet, her breakfast forgotten as she reviews the reports from the previous evening, and gazes out the window at the winged horse and his passenger.

Rising slowly, she makes her way to the door nearest where Dani's 'parked' Brightwing and opens it "Good morning, Dani. Moving some of your work things in?" the small brunette looks at the horse for a moment, keeping her distance for the time being "And who's this?"

As soon as the door is opened by Brin, Brightwind's head raises upward, his ears pricking forward. His movements look completely horse-like, but his eyes, that's where it's all different. Those blue eyes of his are keenly intelligent and should Brin use her empathic senses, she'd be able to tell that Brightwind is /far/ more intelligent than a normal horse.

It also helps that he has wings. That's definitely not normal, either.

Hefting a box upward, Dani will likewise turn when Brightwind mentally nudges her that someone is here. Turning, the dark-haired woman will lift her chin in greeting, as her hands are too full to wave. "Good Morning, Brinley." Says Dani, as she takes a step towards the building. "And yes, figured I'd get some stuff down here while the morning is fairly quiet."

When Dani moves, Brightwind does as well. He keeps just a pace behind her, as he trots faithfully after her. He won't go /inside/ the building, but he will get as close as he can to it. Brinley's last question earns a quick half grin from Dani, as she looks over her shoulder at Brightwind. "Brinley, this is Brightwind. Brightwind, this is Brinley. A friend." At Dani's introduction, Brightwind will focus upon the young woman, giving her the once over. At the mention of friend, he'll follow his once over with a friendly enough whicker. Yes, it definitely sounded like a greeting from the horse.

Brin takes a few moments to consider Brightwind, reaching for a box or bag to help Dani with. "Hello Brightwind. I'm Brinley." Is it unusual for her to be speaking with a horse? Even if it is a winged one at that? Obviously not. "Let me help you, Dani. Is he… uh… she… going to be ok out here?"

When Brin picks up a bag, to help move the things inside, Dani will automatically say, "Thanks. Appreciate the help." Both the bags and the boxes are quite heavy and the occasional clink of metal upon metal can be heard, when the contents are jostled.

Brightwind just gives off the sense of amusement, as he continues to follow the two women. He does stop when they approach the door and he'll simply watch them a moment, before high stepping away from the women.

"He'll be fine. He's actually far more intelligent than a normal horse. He knows this place is safe, but that the city isn't always safe, so he'll stay here just fine." She'll nudge the door open with her foot and hold it open for Brinley, so she can enter first to drop the box off just inside the door. "How're you doing today? Better?" She asks with genuine concern and once she's able to, she'll likewise drop her own box off just inside the door.

Brin 'oofs' a little as she takes the bag… it most certainly is heavy but nothing the small brunette can't handle, even with the injuries to her arm and thigh.

Casting glances back over her shoulder as Brightwind follows, Brin looks rather bemused. At least he isn't a Limbo imp - the hitchhiker that Magik bought in the other week had rather shocked her! "OK, if you're sure. Does he need water or something?" she asks as she enters through the door that Dani is holding open.

"Better, of course. Each day, I heal a little more and last night was rather relaxing." She and Piotr had had a movie marathon and ordered in dinner and for a change, there were no call outs. "What's in the bags, may I ask?"

"You can ask him, if you like." Dani says with that humorous tone to her voice still, "He's pretty good at getting his point across, even if he doesn't speak as we do." Once the bag and the box are dropped off just inside the door, Dani is exiting and moving back towards the tarmac, intent on getting the last two boxes and bags that still sit there. She'll wait until Mana has caught up with her and when she has, Dani says, "And good about relaxing. I'm pretty sure we all have the bad habit of pushing ourselves more than we should." Dani included in that, she knows she does that /all/ the time.

As for Brinley's last question? That earns another half grin from the woman, "You can definitely ask. It's mainly supplies for my arrows and bows, and also my costume. I know we're not all about fighting here at X-Red, but I'd like to be prepared. You never know when you might need some every day weaponry, instead of mutant powers."

Dani has not long ago arrived at X-Red HQ, riding Brightwind, her winged horse (does that make him a Pegasus?). She and Brinley are currently transferring boxes and bags that Dani has bought over, inside. Brightwind is watching the goings on, with some interest.

"Uh, ok, I will." Brin places the bag she's carrying against the wall and follows Dani back outside "Brightwind, would you like something to drink?" She's sure they can find a tub or something.

Dani's answer about the contents of the bags gets a nod of approval "You are very right, Dani. And whilst we are all about fighting, we all still train and hone our skills. Sometimes, it's our powers and skills that people want." Bending to pick up the last bag, Brin smiles at the woman "It was good to just get some time to myself… well you know what I mean." She'd had Piotr for company.

The winged horse, which yes one supposes could be called a pegasus, is happily high stepping his way around the tarmac. It's only when Brinley asks her question of him, that the winged white stallion will pause in his playful gait. Turning back towards the women, the stallion will happily trot over to Dani and Brinley again.

He'll reach out to lip Dani's sleeve again, before he's turning his blue eyes upon Brinley. There's a grave set to his features as he offers a faint snort and then he shakes his head slowly from side to side. He may not speak verbally, but he's definitely shaking his head no, at Brinley's offer of water. Then with a toss of his head, he'll lean forward to lip Brinley's shirt, should she allow it, in gratitude.

Dani waits a heartbeat, before she says for Brinley's benefit, "He appreciates the offer, but he's actually fine right now. Thanks." Then she's picking up one of the heavier boxes, so Brinley doesn't and lugging it towards the building once more. Curiously now, Dani asks, "Do we have training rooms here? To practice our powers in? Or for that matter, someplace I could practice with my bow and arrows?"

"We are all about fighting?" Wanda must have misheard Brinley as she appears out of nowhere, leaning against a doorframe while watching the bags being brought in. She is dressed in an oversized t-shirt, and nothing else to be seen, so hopefully she just got out of bed rather than wandered in off the street. "Hello, Dani" she smiles, "You are moving in? And hello, horse." Horses inside the complex are perfectly normal. "Do you need help with anything?"

Brin laughs as Brightwind lips at her shirt, raising a hand to stroke his muzzle (if he'll allow it) "My pleasure, Brightwind. Just … uh… let us know if you want anything, O.K?" and she hefts the bag inside the building.

"Hello Wanda." the brunette mutant has sensed Wanda's presence in the building, so she's fairly certain the woman hasn't just wandered in off street… "We AREN'T all about fighting" she corrects automatically as she places the bag with the others. "I think that was the last of it, wasn't it Dani?"

"I can give you a tour of the facility shortly, but we're still refurbishing bits of it." X-Reds presence in this building is a new development. "But we will have a room to practice with our powers… " she stops as she thinks about the rest of that "I'm not sure about being able to practice with your weapons though. We can look at that, but maybe the Institute is the best place." After all, it does have all that lovely outdoor area. "Anyone want a drink?" She's offered to water Brightwind, could she do less for the others?

Brightwind allows the muzzle stroke from Brinley and there's another whicker of thanks from him, at her last words. Once the two women heft up the last of the bags and boxes, Brightwind will offer a faint hop-kick, before he's trotting down the tarmac. And while he trots away, he does keep his rider in line of sight, when he can. At the appearance of Wanda and her greeting to him, Brightwind will once again offer a toss of his head and a faint whicker of greeting to the other woman.

Dani shakes her head at his antics, before she's offering greetings to Wanda, as well, "Good Morning, Wanda." And then, at the sight of her clothes, Dani offers with wry humor, "Nice pajamas." And then back to Brinley, "And yes, that looks to be the last of it. Thanks for the help, Brinley. I appreciate it." Comments the dark-haired woman, as she sets that box of hers down within the X-Red HQ.

As to the mention of practicing weaponry? Dani will nod to the explanation, "No problem. I can definitely practice there, as opposed to here. No worries. And I'm good on drinks, thanks. Brightwind and I had breakfast before we came over."

"I will grab breakfast soon" Wanda replies to Brinley about the drink offer - that's probably a 'no thanks'. At Dani's tease she looks down at her t-shirt and shrugs. "They will not let me walk around naked. They think it will frighten people. If you want to practice here then I can help with that." She did once have a forest in her room and it certainly /felt/ real. "So you are moving in then? You and…Brightside? That is nice." Wanda looks over all the boxes and bags and really has no idea why anyone would need that many.

Brin sort of blinks at Wanda as she mentions walking around naked and shakes her head. "Wanda might be able to help you there, Dani." Brin had wandered through that forest in Wanda's bedroom and it had seemed incredibly real.

Brins phone rings as they're talking and the brunette mutant picks up and sighs "Got to take this… I'll be back as soon as I can." Thumbing the answer button, she waves to the other women "Hello Mr Jameson, it's Brinley here."

At the mention of walking around naked, Dani smirks. "Ha. Yeah, pretty sure clients might have some hang-ups about seeing naked women walk around. Or at the very least, it'd be too distracting for some." And then realizing she forgot to introduce Brightwind to Wanda, Dani will add, "And yes, that's Brightwind. We plan on moving some things over here, but without stables, I think our main base of operations will likely be the institute. Unless we can figure out what to do for Brightwind here. An occasional overnight with good weather won't hurt him, but winter is definitely something I'd worry about."

The mention of Wanda being able to help with training, causes Dani to turn a curious look upon the other woman. "Really? And it would allow us to use weapons and our own powers? If so, that sounds great." When the call comes in and Brinley makes her exit, Dani will offer a quick wave of goodbye, even as she says to Wanda, "And perhaps that will also help you figure out all of your powers, as well. Practice does make perfect, after all."

Wanda looks over all the 'luggage' and then to Dani. "This is just 'some' things?" Then a snort of amusement as she shakes her head. "I do not think /I/ would be distracting. You or Brinley, sure, but I just frighten people away. I could not even keep a vampire interested. But, yes, winter is coming. It always is. Hello, Brightwind." A wave to the horse…and then to Brinley as she leaves. "My reality would let you do anything, Dani, and it would feel like you are doing it" Wanda smiles sweetly. "But sometimes I have problems controlling it. But, as you say. maybe that is what I need?" A pause. "I think I will get some breakfast. I can show you the kitchen at least. This way." She turns on her heels and heads for a door off the main area.

"I'm told I typically over prepare for things." Comes Dani's wry tones, at the mention of this just being 'some' of her things. Dropping off the last box, by the other boxes and bags, Dani will pad after Wanda, even if the back of Wanda is given a slightly odd look. It's not every day that someone says they couldn't even keep the attention of a vampire, after all.

"A vampire? I'm not even sure if I want to know." States the dark haired woman, as she looks curiously about herself, what with this being the first time she's ever been in the HQ.

And as the two walk to the kitchen, Dani will once again backtrack, to the topic of practice. "The only way you'll be able to know for certain you can control your powers, is by praticing. Almost all of us have had trouble controlling our powers in the beginning and some of us have even caused accidents to happen, or injured people, but the only way we got past that was firming up our control. I think you should do the same thing." There's a pause and then Dani adds, "I think a lot of us always found it harder to control our powers during stressful times. Which was always bad when it would come to a fight. I have yet to fight a battle that I would call 'stress free'."

"All the battles I have been have been stressful" Wanda agrees as she retrieves a bowl from one of the lower cupboards. "But stressful because people want to fight…not because I am frightened. If I die then so be it. At least I will die trying to do good but then sometimes I wonder if it is worthwhile doing good. More hate us than thank us." Up on tippytoes she retrieves a box of 'Fruit Rings' from a top cupboard. "Full of sugar" she grins before pouring out way too many.

"I try to control but there are too many voices sometimes" Wanda notes as she rummages around for some milk. She decides she will add the strawberry flavoured variety to her cereal. "Doctor Strange taught me some meditation so I am trying to do that." Her sugary sweet breakfast prepared she carries it warily over to a bench before hiking herself up on a stool. "I dated a vampire once. She said she loved me…but then she left without a word. So, yes, I could not even keep the attention of a vampire."

While Dani isn't hungry or thirsty, she will move towards the fridge and open it. A small jug of orange juice will be pulled out and the dark haired woman will pour herself a small glass, after searching the cupboards for said item. Wanda's initial statement is considered for a time, before she finally says, "I know it seems like that, but hate always seems to block out everything else around it. Enough so that you don't see the other people who want to help, or try to help, or may not be able to help, but wish they could." Her brown eyes will focus on the much smaller woman, as she says, "Don't write everyone off just yet. There's a lot of fear that's keeping a lot of people quiet. Just because we don't see the thanks, or hear it, doesn't mean we stop doing what we do."

And then, she offers a faint apologetic, but slightly humorous smile, "Pretty sure I stepped up on my soapbox there."

Deciding to go with the safer topic, at least safer to Dani's mind, Dani will ask, "What do the voices typically tell you?" Her barely there glass of OJ will be brought over to the table, as she keeps her attention on Wanda.

"Sometimes they tell me what to do. Sometimes they tell me what is about to happen. Sometimes they complain about how unhappy they are." Wanda stops for a mouthful of her breakfast before continuing. "I don't control the voices. They tell me whatever they want to tell me. Sometimes I tell them what I want and people around me do it."

"I have not written off everyone yet. I am the one who tries not to kill…even the monsters" Wanda shrugs between bites. "But most of the heroes I know have no other idea than to destroy what they think is bad. Do you think we're Goddesses, Dani? Do we never make mistakes?" She glances over at Dani with a confused look. "Is a soapbox better than other boxes?"

When Wanda offers that confused look at her references about soapoxes, Dani will wave it away. "It's just a saying we use when we speak passionately about something. In the olden - You know what, it's not that important. It's just something we say." Explanations can be saved for later, in Dani's mind, especially as she considers what Wanda said before that confused look.

It takes her a few minutes to formulate a reponse, but eventually Dani will say, "No, I don't believe any of us are Gods or Goddesses and I've met a few, so I can say that with some conviction. And we've /all/ made mistakes. Never believe anyone who says otherwise, because if they say that, they're lying. Whether to themselves or to you, they are definitely lying. I think there are a lot of people who see things in a very black and white way." She offers a faint smile to the other woman, "I know when I was younger, I had much the same outlook on life, but now, now I know there's gray in the world. A lot of it and that we can't always go with our initial assumptions. I think now, we have to make other people see that same thing."

Her glass of OJ will be drained, as she once again mentally steps off her soapbox. "It's going to be hard. Changing how people think, or see things, or feel about them, but I do believe that we will get them to see that differences, and changes, aren't always something to be scared of." And then, lastly she adds, "And I'm glad you haven't written off everyone, yet. Sometimes that's the thing that will change a person's mind."

Wanda eats as Dani talks. She is a bit of a messy eater and also a protective eater; her subconscious body language very much of the 'don't try and steal my food' variety. The Transian did spend quite some time on the streets before joining X-Red. "Just because something is hard does not mean we should not do it. And we should always take responsibility for our actions." She stares off into the distance for a long quiet moment before nodding as if answering an unheard question. "Thank you for the talk, Dani" she smiles, suddenly remembering the other person in the room, "I hope you enjoy your stay here and being one of X-Red. I am sorry but I have to go now. You will be okay? I am sure that Brinley will be right back." Her breakfast unfinished she pushes it away and rises before quickly leaving the kitchen.

"You're welcome." States the dark haired woman, even as the other smaller woman gets up and leaves. "Be safe." She'll call after her, even as Wanda is already gone. Shaking her head, Dani will scoop up the half eaten bowl of food and her empty glass and take them to the sink. There she'll wash the dishes out and place them in the dish wrack, even as murmurs to herself.

"Why do I always get stuck with the dishes?" It's all said with a touch of amusement to her voice, even as she dries her hands and heads back towards her things. It's time to unpack and get her room situated now.

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