Destroyed Subway Front

September 10, 2015:

SHIELD are called out to investigate the appearance of a strange box at the site of an explosion

New York


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There's a large part of a street missing, near the entrance to a Subway in downtown New York. No one knows quite what has happened but there are, unfortunately, casualities. First responders to the scene have found a device, a small non descript box at what appears to be ground zero for the blast… That the box has withstood the blast, raises concerns and the area's been cordoned off and called SHIELD in to investigate.

Rain is - weirdly enough - about and able to investigate. Such a mysterious box baffles her as an engineer, and also as a magician. Captain is riding on the back of the broomstick, and she seems open to a passenger. "Oh geez."

Jes has been all over the city of late searching for some missing friends and also avoiding going home. She's feeling completely lost with the twists and changes in her life of late and if it weren't for her pregnancy she knows she'd be absolutely out of control. Knowing that there is a chance that she's pregnant because her father either anticpated her running wild or simply decided to have some fun without any regard for the consequences does nothing to make her already mixed feelings over her situation any better.

Hearing some police talk about the event while scarfing down hot dogs and chocolate milk, she's decided to come check things out. Maybe she can help. Scent something or track someone. Anything is better than being left alone with her thoughts. She quickly spots Rain and makes her way over to her team mate. She's got to remember to talk to her later, but right now isn't the time for that. "I don't know if I hope this Darque or something else.." Jes murmurs.

Janet is a NYC local after all and she zips on over with the news reports. She stays very small though and scopes out the whole scene. Judging it with a critical eye.

And, SHIELD arrives right on time.

As various agents in their MiB attire begin to cordon off the area, question anyone that might have been in the area at the time that this… thing touched down, and so on. May is one of the agents actually in charge of collecting the 084. She stands and oversees as the small handful of sciencey types make sure the object isn't emitting anything like soundwaves or radiation, isn't going to explode when touched, you know, all the usual 084 site-checks.

Simmons arrives with Agent May and the rest of the SHIELD agents, kitted up in her field gear and carrying her field kit along. Leaving Agent May to handle the others, Simmons directs the science team to set up their sets. It's during that time that she notices Rain with the other young woman and waves to her to come over. Rains a contract SHIELD agent and Jemma would appreciate the assistance.

For those who are observant, they will note that the box, a strange black/grey in colour, is in a hole but not embedded in it. Almost like it was dropped there.

"Agent Simmons?" one of the SHIELD scientists calls to the biochem "We can confirm that there's no radio active material in the area. We're going to sweep the device and see what we can find." Simmons nods in their direction and passes that information to May, who she just happens to be standing beside.

Rain is arriving nearby, and waves to the others. She lands near Jemma. Captain is in his business suit (business tie- serious cat is serious). Rain will accept orders. "Just let me know what you'd like help with. It looks … like a really odd object," She admits quietly. She doesn't have her engineering kit, but she is willing to help the science team. There's a polite smile if she sees Jes or anyone she recognizes.

Jes is glad to see May. Her and Rain are Titans and Jes might have been able to offer help or muscle their way in because of that but this is much b etter and Jes doesn't have to explain what they are. Or get annoyed with anyone. Jemma waving them over gets a nod from Jes and her eyes close halfway as she concentrates on scenting the wind as she approaches. This situation is concerning enough that she'll probably go coyote once she's sure no one is going to shoot her or something. Her scenting ability is far better when in her other form. Radioactive material? Jes places one hand on her stomach protectively. Shit, is she glad to hear that it isn't.

Ah a recognizable figure. Wasp zips down from her surveying and skims along to alight on Jemma's shoulder "Hey… so SHIELD got called in?" she cocks her head and looks down at the box. She is .. about a half an inch tall.

Melinda May looks over at Rain and Jesana when Jemma greets them, then nods. They're okay to approach. She'd acknowledge Janet as well, but she missed the extremely diminuitive woman's arrival. "Passive scans only for now, please." Whether she's telling Jemma or the other sciencey types directly is debatable.

Simmons starts as Janet lands on her shoulder … at least she's seen the woman do this before! "Uh, yes, Ms…. uhhh" What does she call her? "It's fairly standard in these cases." With May onsite, Jemma can focus on the research! "Yes, Agent May. Rain, we're not sure what this is at the moment, we know that it's not radioactive." Jes gets a curious look from the biochem "I'm Dr Jemma Simmons, I'm not sure we've met?"

The street, is a busy street, and the hole the box is in is just outside the entry to the subway. The smells around are of blood and sweat… and the normal things you'd pick up on a New York street - all in all, nothing unusual for the scene, really.

Those with magical senses or the ability to sense these type of things will know the nearest leyline is several blocks away.

The SHIELD scientists begin their passive scans …

"It's good to see you guys," Rain offers. Despite the circumstances is the quiet, unspoken part. Captain spots the tiny woman. His tail flicks, butt wiggling a bit. "Oh man. Wait, she's talking too?" Damn! Between this and that mafioso pigeon, is anything safe to prepare to pounce!? "No, Captain. We're on the job," She offers to her baritone voiced cat. "Anyway, let's see what we can find…"

She can test her magic GPS later. For now, Rain settles quiet, looking peaceful. She is perhaps, looking over it with magic senses. Or being stoned on demand.

There is a light Hmmmm from Jemma's shoulder. "Just call me Wasp when on duty, though not that I am a secret identity business.. no mask… but the press just hasn't seemed to notice." which may be Hank's virus's fault in the internet. Damn scientist obessively looking out for her. "Anyhow… what do you think it is?"

The nearest leyline is far enough away that Jes is sure it wasn't the target and she's close enough now to suspect going coyote isn't going to help. Aside from the blood and terror sweat she doesn't smell anything abnormal for New York city. Jes's hand comes up to squash the bug on the scientist looking lady's shoulder but Jes's eyes focus and she pauses. Not being a total animal Jes manages to bite her lip instead of blurt out "What the freaking hell is that?!"

But she may be obviously thinking it. "Uh.. I'm.. I'm Jesana. A member of the Titans." Jes trusts May, mostly. Strange scientist from SHIELD..not so much. Even if said scientist is rather pretty. Very pretty actually. She smells nice too.. Jes shakes her head. These hormones…gods.. this had not been a problem the first time! "Focus! Focus…!" "Uh." Shit, did she just say that outloud?? "I am not picking up anything weird aside from you know, this looks weird." The coyote woman turns aside and studies the box. "I thought maybe, the Joker. Only I don't smell any drugs or gas and no one is acting crazy.." She doesn't see any sign of Darque either. This seems way too quiet and small for him really,.. but that could be the point.

Melinda May notices Janet now and nods to her. "Wasp." And then Jesana's comment about the Joker earns her a sharp look. "No. This isn't his style. Not nearly … flashy enough." If she's noticed any of the coyote-shifter's less than normal behavior, she doesn't mention it. She will, though, slap Captain down if he DOES try to leap at Janet.

Trust me. Captain does not want to be Wasp Stung. He may not know it but. Trust me.

Janet shrugs lightly and then steps off Jemma's shoulder and touches down, and by touches down she grows rapidly from half an inch to full height, her wings somehow vanishing. That should make the SHIELD geeks go crosseyed, at about four foot. "So not magic by that stylishly description. Not Joker… which why would it be it isn't a jack in the box. So lets see…" she walks towards the box "HAL, scan for me please." after fishing out what looks like a smartphone "keep it.. passive… no need to panic the agents."

Simmons shakes her head at Janet "Wasp, then. And I've no idea." It's also not standard practice to make guesses in the field. "Hello Jesana." Simmons looks at the pregnant woman intently "Are you, OK?" perhaps she needs to see her doctor… Jemma's well aware that pregancy changes a womans body chemistry and can cause her to act… strangely "Perhaps you should sit down?"

"We did some checks coming in, and there's no trace of Smilex or it's variants in the air, so not Joker, not." And then Janet starts to grow and the SHIELD Scientific team pause for a moment to stare… then look at May and get back to their work.

HALs and SHIELDs passive scans reveal, not a lot… the box whatever it is, is not emitting any signals at all. It appears to be quiet. Rains magical scanning picks up a very faint magical residue but it's hard to tell what and it's very, very faint.

"Agent May" one of the scientists addresses the agent "The box seems to be inactive. Permission to proceed with a closer visual examination?"

Rain furrows her eyebrows after a moment. Captain is just quietly pouting and flicking his tail. He could use some pettings. Rain tilts her head. "There's a very, very faint magical residue. I am having a hard time putting my finger on it," She admits. "I just hope it's not activated by touch." Way to go, Rain. "I'm sure it'll be fine if you have gloves or tongs."

There's a polite smile to Jes. "No, no Joker." She offers softly. There is some sympathy.

Melinda May nods her approval to the scientists to begin checking more closely, then gives the others the side-eye for continuing to mention the Joker. And then she's studying Jesana as if trying to determine something. "Sit down, Jesana." It's not a direct order, though certainly could be construed to be one.

Jes isn't an ordinary woman and while it is her pregnancy affecting her, it isn't doing so in a way that she needs to sit down or rest. If anything she could stand to go for a run right now. Or a cold shower. Maybe both. "I'm fine, thank you. You're hot is all."

She blinks. "I'm! I'm! hot. The heat, you know. It's hot here." Maybe the thing can just you know, reset time for a few moments now. Or open up and swallow her into another dimension. That would be great. Blushing, Jes steps away a few paces. Wasps sudden growth doesn't quite surprise Jes, at this point she's seen so much weird stuff, but it does provide a welcome distraction and the native american studies her with interest, nostrils flaring to catch the woman's scent. Then May is telling her to sit and Jes sits because that is May and demigod or not Jes isn't ignoring that order. Besides maybe it would be a good idea. Maybe she can melt into the asphalt.

Well Janet smells like Janet. Also unstable molocules, who knows what they smell like. She shakes her head studying her phone "Well it is definitely deactivated Agents. As your scientists postulate…"

The Scientists glance nervously at Rain when she makes that comment about being activated by touch… and then get the remote control unit out… clearly they're not taking any chances. The box is retrieved and set inside a containment field.

"Can we tell what the box is made of?" Simmons seems quit happy to let the others do this bit of work. "What do you think, Wasp and Rain?" Looking to Agent May "I wonder if we have anything like this in our records at all…" Now she grabs for her tablet, she'll start some searches of her own.

But not before she glances at Jes in a very startled manner. "Well increased body heat is a side effect of pregnancy." Maybe she's putting the blushing down to that heat as well.

Poor Jes. Captain hops down and walks over. "… so uh. You cool with petting cats?" He is a cat, and good PR and company. Also plushie.

Rain, for her part, looks apologetic. She watches, listening and furrowing her brows. "Hopefully nothing alien. It's definitely something that would have to be analyzed. Random black objects…" She shakes her head.

Jes smiles at Captain. "I'm good with you anyway." She's totally fine with Jemma thinking it's the heat bothering her. Having decided these people have a much better chance of figuring out the what, Jes turns her attention to the why. "Why here? People were hurt.." She eyes the blood splotches. "I'm guessing there were casualties right? So who died? Anybody important, or is one of these buildings a bank, a jewelry store, some kind of goverment office or target for.. I dunno, terrorists?. Or something.."

This isn't M-Town but mutants do live outside of there. Jes's eyes narrow. What if HYDRA is making a reappearance? But again, why here? Jes suddenly looks nervous and begins eyeing the rooftops. "Agent May.. I was shot at by snipers a few days ago. I was with Jericho Trent's sister and a member of X-Red. I don't know which of us was the target or who did the shooting. Could this be a setup? Or a distraction for someone to hit something else?" The wind shifts slightly and Jes keeps eyeing the rooftops but does glance at the box. "There is a hint of something to that thing that I've never smelled before but I've hardly scented everything in the world. I'm not sure that means anything." Aliens. Yes thats really what they need right now.

The Wasp steps a bit closer and crouches with her phone and looks thoguhtful. "Mmmm well crap… the material is extradimensional or extraterrestrial for certain…"

Melinda May leans a bit to look at the data on Jemma's tablet and actually frowns ever so slightly. Janet's comment just makes it worse. "This is an 084, Simmons. Proper protocols." She then looks to the other three women. "Thank you for assisting us, but we have delicate work to do now." She hesitates a moment then adds, "If you like, I'll keep in touch with you about what we find." Thats very decidedly NOT a standard SHIELD response.

"Yes, Agent May." Simmons is reviewing the data on the tablet as one of the other SHIELD scientists starts examining the hole it was found in.

On Mays comment, the rest of the scientists start packing the box up… it looks like a very delicate procedure. It's going to be transported and stored … somewhere very safe for later inspection.

There's nothing special about the street. Your standard New York street really. About the only thing was the subway entrance, really but why would that be a focus?

There are images coming through to Janet and Jemma… the box may have appeared to be undamaged but closer inspection reveals that there are faint scratches, marks on surface… and the images of the hole it was found in? The box seemed to have been placed on the ground before the explosion - and the hole seems to have been created around it as it sunk …

Just what have they found?

Extradimensional or Extraterrestrial. Jes stops staring at the buildingtops and looks at the Wasp woman and then May. The dimenson doesn't seen to be Darque's and the only alien Jes knows is one she wants to kill. She's got a lot to deal with at the moment and while she's definitely curious.. she is trying so freaking hard to keep out of trouble at the moment. "Good enough for me!" Jes scritches Captain and rises to her feet. "If there is anything I can do, you know how to find me." Jes frowns. "Actually.. wait. Kara isn't the only alien I've met. There was another once. I was with Zee. I can't remember the woman's name.. Zee might though." Glancing over at Jemma for a moment the coyote woman is quiet for several seconds. "Uhm.. " What had she been.. leaving! Yes. She needs to leave now, without looking any more like an idiot preferably. Or attempting to steal the very cute-… Jes is certain that low chuckle of amusement is not her imagination but rather her Father's amusement. "Yeah I'm gonna go find some icecream. Goodluck and be careful. Rain I um.. I need to see you tomorrow or whenever is good." Jes turns and flees.

Rain isn't sure what they have found. She and Captain nod to May. "We'll be around." She scoops up Captain. "Sure thing," She offers to Jes. She's met a few aliens in her time, and Captain merps. He got scritches!

Nevertheless, the witch is complying and likely should have things to be doing.

The Wasp considers "Well… since you all outsource a good deal of your sensitive science to my company. I am sure that can be facilitated Agent May under standard clearances." she smiles a touch crooked, which is cute. "That said I have plenty of scans to have my people and HAL analyze."

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