Protection Charm, Please

September 10, 2015:

Reese arranges for Zee to meet up with Roy and Lian

New York


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Takeda Seikatsu had plans. Whether or not those plans were made known, but she needed to protect those that she surrounded herself with, even if it was just a place to lay her head, eat, keep her things there and leave. They were still family even though conversations were few and far in between, and she'd still go to the edges of the earth for them no matter the cost.

It took a minute, but finally she was up to visiting and speaking to people, which involved dragging Roy and Lian Harper to a nearby park. She didn't know what to say other than it was a playdate, but the explanation after their last group attack was that.. they were meeting a trusted friend who wanted to speak to Roy about magical protection for Lian.

Cause.. anything for the kids

Zee hasn't connected Reese with Roy and Lian… but she does remember the two from the pool a few months back.

Teleporting into the park that Reese has indicated, the Mistress of Magic appears out of nowhere with a soft 'pop' sound, pausing to glance around and reach out with her magical sense - is it safe? Ever since Darque showed up, she's been wary.

"Where are we -going-?" Lian Harper asks, tugging on her father.

"A play date with… someone," Roy responds, giving Seikatsu a look as he follows along.

Any further inquiries, though, is slowed down by a suddenly appearing person, which causes Roy to immediately move in front of Lian. "Who's there?" he asks, surreptitiously putting his hand to the hidden weapon he had, in case he needed it.

Her magical sense would actually pick up something dark and evil attached and possibly growing within Reese, but it all was still shrouded with light. A slight tilt of her head to the left as she hears the *popping* sound in which Zee's arrival makes has her hand reaching up to rest upon Roy's shoulder. "She's here."

As if she were protecting the two (which really wasn't needed of course), she steps in front of Roy to take those few steps forward, careful to not beat Zee's feet with the edge of her cane. "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. I've been meaning to stop by, but.. things have happened that were unavoidable."

Zee would be disappointed if people didn't protect each other. Looking carefully at Reese, eyes narrowing slightly, Zee takes her time before responding…

Sensing the light in Reese, she smiles at the adults, not trying to make eye contact with Lian, just yet.

"I can sense, something, Reese. Do you need help?" the raven haired mage murmurs. "Hello, Roy, longtime no see. May I say hello to Lian?"

"Oh, hey… you're… uh… Zatanna, wasn't it?" Roy greets, relaxing a bit as he steps out from behind Reese. Urging Lian forward, Roy grins. "Lian, this is Zatanna. She's a magician."

Although, Roy wasn't quite sure what was going on, a questioning look directed at Reese as Lian greets Zatanna, with a wave and a proffered hand. "Hi, Zat-tanna!" she greets, stuttering a bit over the unfamiliar name.

Reese furrows her brows slightly and gives a wave of her hand. "We can talk about that later." But as the introductions get a little under way, Reese relaxes herself and takes a step aside, her gaze lifted into the nothingness as she lets out a breath in relaxation.

"Roy.. I wanted you to meet Zatanna so that she could make a protective charm for Lian. Something pretty and fitting for her." Obviously, introductions needed to be had first, Reese understands that, so that the magic could truly be a real blessing. "After the last upset.."

"Call me Zee." the raven haired woman nods to Reese, holds her hand out to Roy and smiles brightly at Lian "We met at the pool a few months, do you remember?" It had been a little busy, so maybe not.

"Reese mentioned it, the last time we spoke. I can do something, of course, but I needed something personal… and" her eyes crinkle a little in amusement "I didn't realise it was for Lian." Clearly… Lian had made an impression on the teen! "Last upset?"

"A protective charm…?" Frowning, Roy quirks an eyebrow at Reese, before looking back at Lian. "But wouldn't a charm be more useful against magic, than against, well… physical threats?" Trying to be mindful of the fact that little pitchers had big ears, as indeed Lian proves by asking, "Is it going to be like Frozen?" after she shakes her head at Zee.

Sighing, Roy looks back towards Zee. "Well, we can do that. Anytime…? What do we need to do?"

"We had fun with a few ninja nurses who wanted to take Lian out for ice cream." Of course, translate that to adult speak? Ninja nurse attack, kidnapping Lian was on their minds.

Reese knew how charms worked, and how some would be able to ward off any sort of attack, depending on the caster. Zee was the one that she knew who could do it, at least. Or some variation of it. "The way I see it, anything could help, Roy-land."

Zee gets the message … and with a murmur of words, a big fluffy white bunny appears in her arms. "Would you like to look after Matilda for me, Lian?" The bunny is well trained, quiet and will happily let the little girl hold and pet her…

"I see." Zee murmurs to Reese and Roy "I made something for my man, not long along. It gave him physical protection when activated. What I create, will depend on what I do… I'm thinking a protection and tracking charm." That way, if Lian goes missing, they could find her. Although there's a risk to that. "I need something of hers, Roy. Hair normally works… "

Squealing, Lian clutches the bunny to her chest, trying to settle it in her arms before giving up and flopping straight down to the ground, causing Roy to groan. "Lian, that was a -clean- dress…" he moans, before nodding at Reese. "Yeah, though… we still need to find out who was behind the, uh, ice cream ninjas."

Glancing back at Zee, Roy flashes a grin. "Ask her for her brush, it's probably got enough of what you need…" he says, motioning to Lian, who's not listening, playing with bun-buns. Although she -will- cheerfully open up her little purse and give Zee what her father mentioned when asked for it.

Reese's nose twitches as she sniffs at the air, drawing back and..


She sniffs loudly, her hand drawing up to rub her nose by the palm of her hand quickly, trying her best to get the itchy-scratchies out. "That sounds like a great idea." Reese murmurs, though.. she does wander away from the two to settle next to Lian, speaking quietly to the young girl and carefully petting the bunny.. admist the sneezes.

"I can clean the dress up… " Zee chuckles as Lian, Bunny and Reese go to the ground. "Sorry about that, I thought you might like the distraction." And bunnies are cute, anyway. "Lian, may I have your brush please?" Zees… always polite and she takes the brush when it's offered.

"Now, with a tracking charm, there is a danger." For someone so bubbly and bright, the teen mage can get serious quite quickly "If it's worked out, someone else might be able to track her. Understand though, that would be powerful magic… very powerful… and there would be easier ways to find her mostly. But, you need to understand that." Glancing over to the little girl on the grass "I would suggest a pendant or bracelet. Something she'd wear all the time. What's she fond of at the moment? I'll have to craft something, but I can make it for her and her alone." Reese can hear the discussion, and Zee hopes she'll chime in with her thoughts.

As Lian busies herself playing with Matilda, Roy leans over to murmur quietly so that the little pitcher can't hear quite so well. "Uh, she really doesn't have much other than maybe the Frozen toys, but I don't think those would stand up to heavy use."

Glancing over to Reese, Roy shrugs briefly. "We could just get her something new… a pendant might be easier than a bracelet."

Reese was listening of course, though now she withdraws from Lian as she was busy, and Matilda, who was clearly enjoying the attentions from the little girl. Reese could hear the little happy chitters and the tiny calm heartbeat of the creature, as well as the quiet words of Zee and Roy.

"Or perhaps a ring. As she grows, could get a different one depending on the size."

"I can craft something. It's better that way." Zee will collect some jewellery parts, make the mouldings and enchant as she goes. It will be very thorough. "I'll do a ring and a pendant, that way she can choose." Glancing over with a smile at Lian and Matilda, she gives the brush back to the girl, "It will take me several days to do this, I'll be in touch through Reese."

For now though, Zee is happy to settle on the ground near the child and let her play with the bunny for a while. Time out and the pleasure of seeing one so innocent enjoying life… is a gift for the teen mage at the moment.

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