Not This Piotr!

September 09, 2015:

More cleanup in M-Town with X-Red and Maria Stark Foundation… and Nyx mistakes Piotr for someone else

M-Town - New York


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It's been an interesting couple of weeks for Brin. Mindblasted by Jean, kidnapped, then rescued, shot twice (in the arm and thigh) in helping rescue Jean and then shot again protecting Gabby Trent - the brunette mutant is supposed to be on /light duties/ (or so they tell her).

Cleanup in M-Town is slow… hindered by the continued appearance of Purifiers and Reavers, but today, some headway has been made for a change. A street cleared and at least one building more habitable… and there's Brin, in the midst of the work, in her 'business' X-Red uniform, speaking to some officials. Today, she's not trying to lift and carry, instead she's providing liasion and co-ordination support…

There's a drink station nearby, serving water, soda, tea and coffee… it's probably a good idea for her to take a break….

Stark Industries keeps Pepper WAY too busy to get back to M-Town nearly as frequently as she wants, but even with her non-stop schedule she does try to get down here at least every week or two. The Maria Stark Foundation has been a near-constant presence and a major part of the cleanup efforts, and she likes to check in with them as she can as well.

Still dressed for work and thus likely sticking out like a Maserati in a parking lot full of Fiats, Pepper has just approached a drink station set up here to make sure that everyone actually doing the difficult work of the cleanup gets a fresh bottle of water. Because she can.

Colossus appears out of a collapsed building, one arm throwing aside a huge chunk of rubble effortlessly. He straightens to his full height, metal skin gleaming under the late evening sun, his other arm tucked close to his side. The reason is made clear when a young girl runs forward to receive her very confused and frightened cat from the Russian ex-mercenary, who cannot help but smile at the high-pitched squeals of thanks as the cat is returned to its owner.

He walks forward past the crowd, grabs his bag as he heads toward the refreshment table. Cat saving is thirsty work!

Snagging a bottle of water, Brin stands next to Pepper "It's been a hard couple of weeks for the residents here, Miss Potts." her right arm is bandaged at the shoulder and she's still favouring her right leg a little. "We're very grateful for the assistance of the Maria Stark Foundation." Certainly, some people have decided to leave M-Town.

As Piotr aproaches, Brin tosses the bottle of water to him, smiling slightly at the youngster who took charge of the cat "Welcome home, Piotr. It's good to have you back." Maybe she missed his company! "Miss Potts, have you met Piotr Rasputin? Code name Colossus, and one of the newer members to the X-Red team."

Pepper Potts smiles at Brin while taking a sip from her own bottle of water. Oh, and the drinks station has a recycling bin attached. No littering! "I wish there was more we could do." Especially for the people choosing to leave. She makes a mental note to see if the MSF is possibly helping with relocation expenses. They probably are.

When Brin starts to introduce Piotr, Pepper smiles at the tall man and shifts her water bottle to her other hand to offer him a handshake. "Mr. Rasputin. A pleasure."

"Miss Potts," Colossus answers, the ogre of metal slowly shrinking down to a more common size. Which, just shy of seven feet, still means he towers over most people and that his hand absolutely swallows her just in the short contact. Which means, for men like him, he had to learn how to be gentle lest he never gets the rush of joy that comes with a good handshake or hi-five. Not that Potts looks like the hi-fiving sort.

He looks past the CEO to Brinley, vague consternation visible at her visible injuries but his smile clears it quickly. "This is nothing. Grow stronger and better, you'll see."

From very high up, thanks to very powerful Stark Designed sensor technology, the Angel of Metropolis spots several familiar figures. One is Bobby's ally. The other she owes an appology too. The Third though as far as she is concerned is a demonic despot that she had to punt back to an interdimensional parrelel dimensional portal. She tilts his energy wing constructs and dives hard towards the group.

It's cleanup time in M-Town - it has been for a while… today, there's been progress made and no Purifier or Reaver attacks - hooray! Brin, Piotr and Pepper are standing near a drink station on the side of one of the, now cleared, streets, talking.

Seeing Piotrs look of consternation, Brin offers him a gentle smile in return for his - the look says I'm alright - and she mostly is. To set his mind at ease some more, the small brunette moves to stand beside him. "So do we, Miss Potts. Uh, wish there was more we could do, that is. The whole SRD thing" Brin just shakes her head, her lips forming a thin line as she thinks about that whole episode. "was just …" there are no words!

"I'm not sure the news has filtered through to you yet, but Bobby's house was targetted the other night - bombed, by Purifiers. He was fairly injured in the attack… fortunately he got a comm signal off and Nyx showed up to help." Of course, Brin hasn't seen Nyx approach and is unaware of her intent on Piotr…

For a civilian, Pepper has almost frighteningly good situational awareness. She probably learned it from having to deal with Tony. "Wait, they targeted Bobby? Is he going to be all right?" She looks at Brin concernedly, but then abruptly looks up in surprise at something (someone?) dive bombing them. All she has time to do in reaction, though, is gasp.

Colossus has as well. He spent most of his young adult life in dangerous situations, after all. The shadow falling on Pott's face is his first clue followed by her abbreviated gasp of surprise and fear, and he's moving before the first syllable of surprise leaves the woman's lip. His right arm sweeps across, shoving her away and turning toward Nyx with gritted teeth as metal expands across his entire body. He's just quick enough to just grab onto the dive bombing cyber, sending both of them tumbling through the table of refreshing beverages and smashing into a parked MSF relief truck whose frame collapses around them as if it was made of paper.

He totally messes up Nyx's dive there, really she had planned to land hard between Colossus and the other two, so that she could protect them. When he reaches to grab and pull her off course like that she goes a tumbling with him. Evidently right through a refreshment table set up for the relief truck and then into a truck. The thing is, she is far from helpless and she has excellent flight control. Also hugging her is like trying to hug a particle canon when you hug around those wings, they aren't really wings after all. No one likes holding extremely excited subatomic particles focused in tight beam form, at least not for long even if you are made of cool metal.

So all said Nyx kicks free, hard, when the grip slacks even an inch. The kick, while not as hard as Colossus can kick, is boosted by exceptional flight ability and in itself is still remarkable. It probably does the relief truck no favors as she pops back. "Brinley … Pepper call Jericho if you can. I'll hold him here but we need a portal to banish him!"

"Nyx!" Brin stumbles as the pair take a dive, wincing as she pulls her thigh. "This… is a member of X-Red and Jericho's met him… stop it… please… now!" She's still polite….

Seriously! Facepalming is not out the question here.

Pepper Potts stumbles as well, though amazingly manages to NOT turn an ankle despite the heels she's wearing. She DOES reach to steady Brin, and as soon as she recognizes Nyx (and Nyx's voice), she adds her voice to the empath's. "Nyx! What are you doing?" She's mostly looking at the smashed MSF objects in clear dismay.

Colossus hands scramble for purchase as they whip through the air, metal skin sizzling as the pair cover distance in one heart stopping explosion of motion. Then the truck catches his weight, his massive frame imprinting on the vehicle like a body in snow. He slowly pulls himself off the vehicle, shaking his head to clear it as the metal shines bright red as it was superheated, steam rising from him like an angry demon ripped straight from Limbo.

Which, of course, there is a Colossus who is exactly that. The big Russian's patience, or the lack of it is writ on his heavy brow, but he does not charge the recently arrived scout. Not yet anyway.

Samantha, aka Nyx, touches down and folds her wings somewhat defensively like side shields as her arms glow with a brilliant white light now. She doesn't shoot him back into the truck though. Instead she calls "Stay right there!" then back towards Brinley "That is crazy.. this guy attacked Jericho, Zee, and I with an army of demons like a week ago… he was out for blood and I barely got him back through his portal in time for Zee to close it."

Brin grasps Pepper as she's steadied, that had been a bit of a shock and she balances enough to look at Nyx and then Piotr. Confusion clearly written on her face … "This Piotr?" She's not processing this very well, "Magik has approved Piotr… his own sister!"

Oh, no. This has gone too far already. "Piotr. Nyx. Both of you, get over here, right now." She doesn't yell, she doesn't even raise her voice beyond conversational volume. This is the voice that brooks ZERO argument. She's even pointing at the sidewalk in front of where she and Brin are standing.

Oh no, Mom Voice! Nobody likes Mom Voice. He approaches only after a very slow perusal of the collected women, stomping forward after a brief inspection of the truck. It might not be totaled, but he wouldn't put his own money on that fact. He calls as summoned, still steaming. "This woman is known to you?" He eyes Nyx, the silver of his eyes shifting. He looks back to Brinley. "She speaks of a Colossus, is true. A man that walks in Limbo against my Cepta, waging war on her across strange demon land."

"You kick quite hard."

Nyx shakes her arms and they stop glowing, and seem to subtly alter. She depowers her wings and steps back a bit from Colossus. "… You.." she squints "You don't feel like.. Limbo like he did." she frowns. "Is he a demon clone or something?"

Brin ducks her head to cover the 'wince' at Peppers tone. Brin… isn't sure but she does know that Magik, Illyana, Piotrs' sister has approved this man… and this man has been a big help to her and X-Red. "I… don't know, Nyx. But this man isn't a demon. He's a X-Red team member, and Illyana knows him."

Nodding to Piotr "I believe you. And I trust you and Illyana." That's all there is to it.

Pepper very well knows that the damage to the nearby truck and to the drinks stand were not at all intentional on anyone's part, but people randomly attacking each other in the middle of a public area simply cannot go unremarked. "Piotr, please help pick up the drinks stand." She looks at the volunteer apologetically and hopes the extra pair of hands will be sufficient recompense for now.

And then she turns to Nyx. She's clearly much more displeased with the young woman, but she makes an effort to not just scold her like she probably would do to Tony. "I appreciate your willingness to protect us from what you thought waa threat, but … did you stop to make sure there was an actual threat here before you threw yourself into an attack?"

"Is long story." Colossus says with a frown. "In which there's… ah, three me's?" Long probably doesn't begin to describe it, and now he's got a barked order to see to. "Right. Drinks. Pick up." The large metal ogre rumbles off to assist in cleaning up the mess he made.

Nyx doesn't really cave to the mom voice, not like she should. She looks to Pepper "I was going in for a landing to put myself between you and the threat when he grabbed me and totally screwed up my landing… also I didn't stay at fifty feet and try to melt him to slag with beams…. So no.. I don't think I threw myself into the attack." she frowns "I figure out are pissed about the tower… I'm pissed about the tower and what the rider did…… but I am not an idiot Ms. Potts."

Brin just sighs as Nyx responds to Pepper. "Thank you, Piotr." Brin goes to help him, she feels a little bad that this all happened… not that she knew it could, it's just the way Brin is. "Nyx, thank you for trying to help but maybe next time, be a little more circumspect?" For now, she'll leave Pepper to address the rest.

"In her defense, she is right. My weight pulled her into spiral, caused damage… just, with Reavers and Purifiers, did not want to take risk." Colossus says, speaking up as he heads to collect the bottles and jugs. He does, though, place one large hand on Brinley's head and give the fondest of ruffles.

Pepper Potts looks over at Colossus, and nods before she looks at Nyx again. "Nyx, I was never angry at you about the tower. How about we help clean this up?" With all of them helping, the mess should be cleaned up quickly enough.

Samantha inhales and then sighs "Okay… um.. I'm not really sure. I can pick stuff up or fly out to get more supplies from somewhere.. but I can't fix the truck…." she frowns over at it and then looks to Pepper "your… not mad about the tower.." she pauses "Is Tony mad?"

Looking up as Piotr ruffles her, Brin just sighs… "It was good thinking, Piotr. And Nyx, I really appreciate what you were thinking." Picking up more bottles and stacking them neatly, the brunette mutant looks over her shoulder at Pepper. There's a lot she can learn from that woman.

Pepper Potts offers Nyx a small smile while reaching to pick up the closest spill of disposable cups that had been waiting to be filled with coffee or tea. "Actually, could you make sure this stand's support structure isn't damaged?" She sets them carefully to one side and then tries to right the overturned coffee carafe without spilling more of the beverage still inside. "And, no, I don't think Tony's mad either. He's caused more damage just … tinkering."

Samantha ohs softly and steps over to eye the structure now. She carefully feels one of the supports and then scans it quietly. "It is fine Ms. Potts… also now I feel like a complete idiot for not coming to the tower afterwards… god."

Bottles stacked, Brin starts to pick up the rubbish and dispose of it and then moves quietly to talk to one of the crews. There's a bit of gesturing down the street to the next set of obstructions, clearly, it's back to work for the X-Red member. She's still listening though, to the interaction between Pepper and Nyx.

"You could have, Nyx. In fact, you still should." Pepper waits for the stand to be settled in place again then puts the coffee carafe back in place. "Tony might actually want to share lab explosion stories with you, now that you're part of the 'let's wreck the Tower' club." She dusts her hands off as the mess appears to be mostly taken care of. "And don't worry about the truck, I'll have it taken care of. Just… maybe take a moment to make sure that you're seeing what's really going on before you jump in all Mighty Mouse?"

Sam facepalms "Right… and okay…" she chews her lip "I'll stop by later and talk to everyone… I kind of ate the helmet though I'm afraid…" she ducks down and picks up another stack of cups going quiet.

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