Werewolf Swinging A Tree

September 09, 2015:

Rescue gets a call out and X-Red go to help.

New York


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This is NYFD calling Rescue. We have reports of a metahuman situation in Staten Island. Reports of multiple metahuman combatants on the south shore. Hostilities are in progress and police and fire units are unable to approach. Civilian situation unclear. Respond as soon as possible.

Rescue One and Two are winging away toward the situation. They'll be over the site in five minute. "This is Wolfcub. Rescue One and Rescue Two responding. Request the police authorize X-Red for support."

Copy Rescue One. X-Red support is authorized. Good luck.

Of course X-Red support would be authorised - they've been working closely with the NY Emergency Services particularly in meta-human relations. Good thing that Brin is already in Rescue Two which is normally housed at the X-Red HQ and in her field uniform - not the one she takes meetings with clients in. It's probably not a good thing that she's still injured - two bullet wounds to the shoulder and one the thigh, although healing take time.

Healing does take time and Nick hadn't wanted to bring Brin but everything he's seeing from the air tells him he's going to need her. "Alright Brinley. We've got three people in the woods being chased by two… I'm going to guess they're cyborgs. I'm going to set down in the woods half a click north of you and try to delay them. You'll have to find the runners, get through to them and haul them to safety before I run out of tricks. Don't take too long. And be aware, you're in a uniform. Odds are good they won't trust you right away or they'd have called for help themselves. Good luck."

Rescue One peels off and dives. Rescue Two takes a more gentle descent, aiming for a watercourse in the park. That should put Brin right in the path of the runners, whomever they are.

Brin can sense that Nick isn't happy about her being out and about… but she is and it's kind of her job. Offering the Wolfman a small smile, Brin nods to him and makes sure her backpack is settled in place. "Got it Nick and …. I'll be careful." The uniform might unsettle the runners but it might also serve to calm them.

Jumping the short distance to the ground from Rescue 2, and only wincing a little at the pull in her thigh, the brunette mutant takes a moment to see what she can sense emotion wise … and then starts to move in the direction of the runners… across the watercourse and through the trees.

She can hear them before long. Running. Panicked. Panting. There are three. A woman and two men. All of them around eightteen. All of them mutants. They'd been found in the woods. Camping? Perhaps a little trouble. But it hadn't been the police that found them. It'd been the Reavers. They wouldn't be much of a fight but maybe their plight would draw someone out.

Their emotions are a tangled mess. Anger. Fear. Lots of fear. They're coming right at her, running blind. They'll be on her in just a moment. In the distance, Nick howls.

Stepping out from the shelter of the trees, Brin puts herself directly in the path of the oncoming three, summonsing her wings - glowing green and gold pyschic constructs - she can't rely on them to know about X-Red or herself… but she can /out/ herself as a mutant easily enough.

"Brinley Myers, from X-Red. I'm here to help." She doesn't yell, but her voice does carry… She doesn't try to stop them, or direct them… time might be short, but things will go more quickly if they co-operate.

The unexpected voice draws a started squeak from one of the men. And the group sort of stumbles over itself. "X-Red… X-Men? What… what do you want?" One of them, the woman, says.

"Come on, Lisa, we have to go. They'll be here any minute. Lady, you should run to, they're-"

The sound of something falling echoes to them. Seems like a rock slide, maybe? Or a mudslide? The emotions are a welter of confusion, hope and panic, each warring with the other.

"I'm here to help. NYFD told us there was trouble, they authorised us to help." Without waiting, Brin gestures "I have no desire to meet what's chasing you. I've done that a few times already." The bandaging on her shoulder should be visible to the three… the way she stands, favouring her injured leg too…

Looking towards the sounds, Brin frowns deeply. "Rescue 2 is in that direction … an air ambulance, they'll take you to safety." You, not us… With a little concentration, the wings on her back disappear and glowing green and gold wall appears between the three and the direction they came in. "I can hold this position for a little while, give you time to get out of here." Actions, in Brins mind, speak louder than words.

Staten Island, one of the several state parks that dot the place. A few mutant teenagers ran afoul of a coupel reavers who were looking for either some easy prey, or some bait. Nick is out delaying them and he sent out the call for X-Red help. He's… somewhere north by the sounds of things, though those sounds are getting close are he runs out of tricks.

"Are we… wait… how do we know we can trust you?"

"You can trust us because you know us" announcing Wanda as she strides towards Brinley and the trio. In uniform…but late. "Why are you here, Brinley? You are hurt" she gently admonishes her friend before looking over the three teens. "Get out of here and we will talk with you in a place of safety." A deep breath as she stares northwards. "The werewolf needs help?" she asks Brinley rhetorically. "They never need help in Transia." Scarlet energy starts to build around her twitching fingers.

"Hello Wanda." Brin looks at the teens "You don't know… but I've not attacked you, neither has Wanda. I'm injured and I'm still here shielding you… Just go, get to Rescue 2, as Wanda says we can talk later." Brin looks to the North, incredibly worried. "He might see it like that Wanda… he's creating a distraction. Once these three are safe, we can extract and so can he."

The teens look at each other nervously before a terrific crash echoes through the forest and a high pitched yelp. Brin can feel Nick's still alive. Just hurt. And mad. That was a lot closer. The teens take off again at a run, but this time in the direction that Brinley told them. Looks like the party is coming to them…

And in a moment there it is. Nick bolts through the moonlit woods with scarlet laser fire burning holes in the trees behind him. "I hope you got them out! They're here."

And they are. A pair of heavy looking Cyborgs stride through the woods, laying down fire like it was on sale.

Wanda quirks a brow at the cyborgs as they burst out of the wood. "Not clockwork…" she notes absently before sighing. "Why do people hate us so much, Brinley? They make me want to hate them back." Her eyes narrow in anger, her energy sparking with dark streaks before she shakes her head. "No. There is too much violence." When she casts she merely throughs up a 'wall'. A corruption of reality to absorb the fire and protect Nicholas and Brinley. "If we run away, what will happen to the robots?"

"Reavers, Wanda. Remember, Bobby and I spoke about them?" Brin spares a quick glance for the departing teens, radioing to Rescue 2 that they should go… "If we run, Wanda, they'll remain." Brin thinks they need to be dismantled "Nick! You're hurt." Brins glowing green and gold shield disappears as Wanda's wall goes up. "They've gone, back to Rescue 2. Wanda, can you disable them? Or do you need a distraction?"

"If we leave now they'll find someone else to hurt." Nick's got a gash on his left arm from claws on one of the cyborgs. Now lasers are impacting Wanda's wall and Nick takes advantage of the cover to uproot a tree. This does make him bleed a bit more but he seems…. really really pissed off. "Right then. We at least need to settle them for the authorities to pick up."
They can't seem to get through Wanda's wall, but they're maneuvering around it. They'll be past it in a moment if something doesn't adjust.

"So I need to kill them?" Wanda asks with something approaching sadness. She has seen so much violence lately. It seems to be the only solution people are willing to try. Arcane words slip quietly from her lips and the ground beneath them gives way. What was solid becomes marsh…and worse. A sinkhole that sucks them downwards and clings to their legs like a vice as it does so.

"Disable them… Wanda." Brin sees the sinkholes form and summons her bow and arrows … aiming for control units to disable them. Perhaps their tech will give them something to work with.

When the sinkhole forms Nick swings the tree and clocks one of the cyborgs right across the head. Which does not, amazingly, knock it out.

So he does it again.

"They're Cyborgs, Wanda. Pull their arms off if you have to. They'll survive. I promise. They don't have to die and it may be better if they don't, honestly." Questions and all that.

"Rip their arms off?" Wanda looks at her compatriots. They are both healers. People who take care of life and refuse to hurt it. So if they say it is okay to rip their arms off… The words the witch mutters changes slightly and now it is the air that thickens around the cyborg's arms. It tightens. Constricts. Grips the limbs with frightening strength and then starts to twist the limb. The arm resembling more of a corkscrew than anything human as joints begin to fray and tear.

Brins arrows don't seem necessary, so she holds the shot… Instead she radio's the teams. Two cyborgs to collect … and take somewhere for interrogation. Uh… she will be there, but she doesn't want to lead that particular task.

The police will handle that. They're moving in and they radio their thanks for X-Red's assistance. There's a cry of somethign like pain from the cyborgs as the joints tear off and the weapon limbs are rendered useless, with the borgs now half buried in the muck. "That… should do." Nick really doesn't want to think about what else Wanda could do. Or what might have happaned if she hand't come. "Rescue Two just radioed they have the kids. Come on back a bit and I'll signal Rescue One and get you two home." The other ambulacne will make sure the patients get taken care of.

Wanda winces with those cries from the cyborgs. She glances over at Nick with almost a 'you lied to me' look in her eyes before she resigns herself to what she has done. She wanders over to the armless…and now harmless…cyborgs buried in the mud. "Why?" she asks them softly. "Would the world really be a better place with you in charge and no more mutants?"

"Because that's how they're programmed." Brin touches Wanda's arm gently, sensing the other womans … distress? … "Come on, Wanda. Let police deal with them, please. I need to tend to Nick.." and Brin needs to rest a bit herself… her healing delayed by the exertion.

"Because you're all mongrels that need to be put down. Get out of my face, mutie bi-" Nick applies the tree one more time. That does knock him out. "Right then. I'm sorry Wanda. It does hurt but they won't bleed out. They'll live and it's safer if they don't have laser arms anyway." If Nick had really been thinking he'd have asked her to simply drain the power but then he's not really used to having a witch on his side. "Thank you both for coming though. Come on. Let's get out of here."

Wanda continues to stare at the cyborg even as it is knocked out…by a werewolf wielding a tree! Thankfully there is the consoling touch of Brinley to wake her from her reverie. "Okay…we leave them to the police. And you are both hurt. We should leave." She turns her back on the cyborg and follows the pair to their ride.

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