Pizza Boxes

September 09, 2015:

Oracle checks in with Ronin and meets Esme

Clocktower - Gotham and Ronins Apartment - New York


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Clint Barton is many things. On Oracle's radar is one of them. He's been down to Gotham more than once recently and it may have come to her attention that a rather timely 911 call from his cellphone foiled a murder. Police described the conditions in the house as… ritualistic. There's coincidence and then there's… coincidence. And some coincidences really aren't. That he should be just in time to prevent a woman from being ritually murdered by a hedge wizard. With a call from New York? That smacks of the kind of thing that means something else is going on.

Once again Clint is sharing his breakfast with Esme and once again it's leftovers. Once again she'd bumped into his window checking on him. He's really gonna have to talk to her about that when Kate's around.

Esme doesn't mean to be a creeper, she just doesn't know any better and there is also the fact that as exciting and wonderful as this new world is, it is also absolutely terrifying to the poor girl. Fear isn't an emotion she's experienced before. Most emotions are new to her actually. She also really likes Clint. She's sitting on the floor being careful not to flutter or stretch her wings and staring at her pizza with obvious fascination while she chews. This looks the same as before but it tastes different. Were these soft little white things on the other one? SHe isn't sure, but its People Food!!! Esme giggles and then hastily swallows before she chokes.

Perhaps Oracle noticed… of course she did. It's her job to know what's going on … in a lot of places. Calls from Clints phone to 911 would certainly get her attention. Which is why Clints phone is ringing now… she really must install the OracleApp … with the caller ID set to Prophetess.

Clint recognizes the number at least. The phone starts ringing which it hasn't ever before in Esme's presence. So she might think that's magic, but honestly for her it's probably no more magical than chinese food. Which is what breakfast is today. Cold Chinese food. He'll be hungry in an hour, of course. He hits the button to answer and picks it up. "Barton."

Esme may be under the impression that all human food is called Pizza. She hasn't learned alot about that yet and since she eats rocks usually.. still she seems to be greatly enjoying the experince until the phone rings and startles her. She leaps to her feet and takes a defensive stance near Clint as she gazes quickly around the room for dang-wait what is that? That is the magic thing he used to help save the woman! And capture the one who wake her! Wide purple eyes stare at the phone and she tip toes backwards and reseats herself, scooping up her hastily dropped carton of chinese food. Some of it is on the floor but she eats it anyway. Then she leans over and licks the floor clean.

"You know who this is… " the redhead in the Clocktower, voice digitally disguised, responds to the way the call is answered. If she's aware of Clints new companion, she's not giving anything away "Want to tell me how you knew to place a call to 911 the other day?"

"No…?" Clint sighs. Really. She knows everything. It's almost as bad as being married again. Except… he didn't have Kate when he was married, which is a significant improvement truth be told. "Would you believe me if I told you a gargoyle told me that someone was in danger?" When in doubt, tell the truth. It throws them off. Clint puts the phone down and puts it on speaker.

Esme looks at Clint and then the phone. She's eating the cardboard carton the food was in now and it takes her a few moments to answer. She thinks that is what they are expecting. "Bad man. He woke Esme, tried to use magic to bind her to him. He was going to kill the human! Clint is good. He stopped him with even better magic!" Esme gets to her feet and then leans over the phone and smiles brightly at it. Maybe she thinks the voice can see her?

The voice can see Esme… Oracle operates the camera on the phone… whilst she's got the open connection, she's installing the OracleApp - Clint thinks it was bad before? Try now, Archer Boy.

"I'd like to say I didn't…" It's a good thing the digital disguise removes emotion from her voice, she'd sound… resigned… "But I've seen a lot of unusual things lately. Hello Esme, I am Oracle. Where on earth did you find you, Ronin?"

"She followed me home?" Well that's not quite true, Clint took her home but she literally did fall off a building. "Uh… yeah. Kind of magic." The kind of magic that involves knowing the right things to say. Which come to think of it is kind of like regular magic. "She… she's kind of new to this… century."

Esme isn't in her stoneform yet. So she looks almost normal depending on how much of her Oracle can see. She's still got wings, purple eyes and intricately detailed pieces of metal attached to various parts of her body. One is placed right at the center of her forehead. "I am." Esme nods. "And free! I want to learn things. All things. Figure out how to help." She looks down seemingly a bit distressed. This is something she desperately wants but isn't sure can happen. "I want to.. to learn how to be people too. I am not a tool. Not anymore. I'm awake, alive. I bleed and feel and need to eat even if its a different food. I don't want to go back to sleep! Or be only a weapon."

Oracle can see a lot, but much of it would appear confusing, if Esme is close enough to the camera. "You want to help, Esme?" the redhead is processing the rest … be only a weapon "Help … do what?" That's an important distinction… "Followed you home, hmmm?" she'd sound amused if not for the digital disguise "And can you help her?"

"Not… really. I mean, I can try. But I've got a lot of people trying to kill me at the moment. Not exactly conducive to teaching someone about the twenty first century." Clint admits. "I'd hoped to introduce her to Kate, thought maybe Kate's shelter would be a good place to start out but she's been busy and I haven't had the chance yet. I'd love any assistance, really."

Esme leans back away from the phone for a moment and turns to pick up her discarded chopsticks. She'd tried to mimic what Clint did with them but failed when they snapped in half. When she reappears at the phone again she isn't quite so close but there are odd crackling noises. She's eating the chopsticks. "Mm..not much taste but crunchy a little!" The garygoyle thinks about the magic voice's question. "I want to help.. help people. Be useful. I was made to do that and I still want to but I want to be.. to not be just that. I want to be more." The longer she's awake the more she learns and her sense of self grows stronger. She's not just an animated statue. She's alive and she not only wants to stay that way, she wants to grow and learn.

Oracle… probably can't help her directly… but there maybe a way. "Hawkeye is a busy young woman, Ronin." the voice from the phone responds "She has her responsibilities as well. As you can imagine though, working directly with your new charge would be … difficult for me." a momentary pause "I'll speak to Agent May. She may be willing to help." And poor Esme if that's the case.

"I see Esme." The voice now speaks to the Gargoyle "there is much to learn and much to do, if you're willing. I will work with Ronin and find a medium to assist you." That's… the best that Oracle can do at the moment.

"I'm quite aware." Clint says wryly. He knows Kate's busy better than most. Busy at what, slightly less clear, but busy he gets to see enough. "If you want to inflict Esme and May on one another… just make me some popcorn." Because really… that promises to be kind of fun. "How about it Esme. Willing to meet some friends?" For some definitions of friend.

Esme looks very hopeful despite being somewhat confused by the conversation. "F-Friends? Yyyeesss Oh yes! I do. I would like that. Yes!" She rocks back and forth on her feet and then does her little happy dance. Meeting more people who don't think she's either a demon or a thing. She'll be able to learn more!

In the Clocktower, Oracle sighs deeply, not that it will transmit. No, she doesn't want to put this on May but the only other people she has who could help, are Gotham based! And Batgirl and Esme… she shudders to think of the results.

"I don't really see any other option, Ronin." again, the tone would be dry if not for the digital disguise. "You could take this on yourself, but if you don't wish to, then that's my best option."

The redhead smiles at Esme's enthusiastic response.

"Have you seen me try to babysit?" Clint replies. "Don't answer. It might be creepy and I really don't want to know. Well, I guess we'll see about May soon… and I'll keep looking for Kate." Because that seems like a much better option really. "Anything else?" If not, he'll be hanging up now, thanks.

Esme blinks. What is a babysit? Creepy.. she knows that word and blushes. People think she is creepy! She can't help how she looks. Her wings flutter sadly. She'll just have to do her best anyway and maybe they will forget. Or get used to her, maybe. She isn't used to this new world yet at all, and Esme is beginning to wonder if she ever will be. Not everyone is alarmed by her though and that gives the gargoyle-human hope. "Thank you." Esme smiles sweetly. Yes, she will do her best!

No, it's Oracle who is creepy … and she's used to that Epitath. The redhead sighs and rolls her eyes at Clints reply. "Do that Ronin. I'll contact May, but you do that too." The sooner they get this in hand, the better. Good thing, Oracle didn't see Esme eat the cardboard box!

"You are most welcome, Esme. Ronin knows how to contact me, demand he do so, if you have questions."

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