Bearing Gifts

September 10, 2015:

Nathaniel and Lunair visit Jean, complete with gifts!



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It's only been a couple of days since Jean was awake. She's had her usual round of visitors from Elizabeth, Scott and Kurt, a few overnight stays of going over the ciriculum with Professor X from what the other teachers have submitted for his approval. But now? She was finally up and out, not out persay but out of the bed, a robe donned upon her shoulders as she slowly paces the room. She was really, ready to leave.

But honestly? If she were to leave right then and there, she would be out of the HQ and into the streets to try to help clean up. Especially since she wasn't ordered to. She wasn't arguing with any of the nurses or being mean or terse, she dealt with their commands of sitting down and resting with a slight shuffling of her feet and a bounce in the bed. And now, she was there, in bed, flipping the channels upon the television with obvious boredom upon her expression.

Nate has not been around much lately. That is because the X-Black telepaths are working overtime tracking down the movement of Purifier supporters, trying to track down the higher ups. So far they have found a good deal of dirt, but not supreme overlord, or even local overlord. They are sneaky.

But finally he heard Jean had been in some kind of trouble and was recovering here, so instead of a Danger Room session with Lunair, they are going to the medlab. "Sorry, Luna," he says while knocking at the door. And greeting Jean psychically. "You can go ahead if you want, I would drop by mid-session. I guess."

Lunair has a phobia of hospitals and such. But she's trying. She's heard that Jean was hurt. She's brought a medium sized messenger bag, which likely has some goodies in it. Any telepath can feel the fear and uneasy and the battle against it within. A pause. She doesn't seem bothered. "It's okay, I've been worried." She admits. "I brought her some things." Nodnod. She's sympathetic. And Lunair will wait until Jean responds to go in. No sense startling someone who can set you and your pants on fire.

The latest incarnation of Days of Our Lives wasn't all that bad, though.. instead of reliving childhood memories, she flicks the television off as soon as she felt that 'telepathic knock'. Her mind reaches out, along with a lowering of a brow, then tilts her head just enough to bring the door within view to twist the knob with her own TK to tug the door open. Entry, was apparently granted. She could use a bit of company.

Nate steps in and gives Jean a quizzical look. He is not particularly phobic to hospital rooms, medlabs and those places. That is Rose and Lunair's stich. He does hate the hospital robes, though. "Jean, heard you were down here. What have you been up to?" He invites Lunair in and closes the door. A glance to the TV makes him smirk. He should have expected that kind of TV show from Jean, right?

Poor Jean. There's a bit of sympathy, even if Lunair is - well - not excited about the hospitaly vibe. She is doing her best to not think about the rising unease. "We brought you some stuff," She offers. "How are you feeling?" She steps inside the door just after Nate so he can close the door.

There was a little smile that goes to both of her visitors, her hands pressing against the bed to push herself upright so that she could be more presentable. At least she was off of the IV bags and oxygen mask, so she looked almost up to snuff. "I've just been here watching television." Surely he's heard about her time gone, but.. she didn't want to relive that fact. None of it, really.

She does lift her eyebrows then holds out her hands for the 'stuff', she was curious as to what it was. Maybe it was something to keep her mind from wandering, being idle.. and off of school stuff. "What is it? Let me see!" She could tell that Lunair was nervous, but she didn't want to poke and prod inside of the womans mind to help her with it, but distraction is always good.

"Hmm… I have been out of the loop," admits Nate. He is not sure what has been going at Xavier for the last month. Except some Native American chick dropped by with a magical horse from Asgard. And it shows he has been around that he doesn't consider that particularly weird. "But we managed to take down one of the Purifier's operations, it should help," he explains.

Lunair is trying. She seems sympathetic, at least. "I have been busy with classes and helping deal with the Purifiers," Lunair admits. "I visit Metal sometimes and umm. The Joker tried to kill us all the other day when I was in New York trying to get some cake." Oh, Luna. War and chaos always seem to follow her. Nevertheless, she hands over the small laptop and some candy. "This might be more entertaining," She admits.

Jean winces at Nate's revelation. She allows him those bits of flashes, how she was taken.. parts of where she was forced into wearing a collar and an emitter and brainwashed. Her time as Alpha.. and her ultimate return. Surely she's left a lot out, but that was all she felt comfortable sharing, and even allowing those moments to pass from her to him made her pale and feel uneasy.

Jean reaches for the small laptop and candy, a slight grin drawing upon her face as she immediately takes the candy to eat a piece, her eyes closing in thanks. "Lunair.." She murmurs softly. "How ever are you keeping up with classes and all of this chaos?"

Nate freezes when Jean opens her memories, and staggers back at the info-dump. "What the hell, Jean…" he grumbles. "How could they? Why did they know about you?" And it doesn't seem they interrogated her for information on the school, which is very strange. Also, that is not very important now. "Are you alright ?"

Lunair smiles, as Jean grins. It's tasty! "I don't have to study much. I learn fast," She admits. It's a mystery to her as why, but she is super intelligent. She has some clue but not entirely. "Also I'm kind of used to it," She admits quietly. Lunair really has been hunted for years and years. It might also explain her alarmingly violent take on life.

Nevertheless, she looks between the two, worried. "… are you okay?" She asks quietly.

Jean lifts a hand, the TK building up within her palm to try to steady Nate, but backs off at the last second. "From what I could gleam of one of the doctors that we've captured from the last facility I was.. they saw us on television. It was either me or Elizabeth." She draws her hands upright, then purses her lips. "I'm fine. Everything is alright now. I'm in tip top shape, I believe this is Scott's doing to make sure that I'm alright." She smiles slightly, then looks towards Lunair.

"No one should be used to that kind of life, Lunair. You need to have a little bit of joy here and there." She doesn't answer the last part though.. outwardly, she was alright.. inwardly? She was far from it.

"Fine, hmm?" Nate looks unconvinced. He is still digesting the information Jean passed him, so not quite fully here. "What would stop it from happening again? Or from doing that to someone else?"

Ah yes. Luna leads a hectic life, she is a poster girl X-Woman now. Nate should be worried, except, again, the abnormal has become commonplace. His own life has been quite complicated since he has memories.

Lunair is quiet for a moment. She listens. She is quietly concerned about Jean, but she's not pushing hard. "I do," She promises. "But this is the life I have, and what I am." She was, after all, created by HYDRA. Friggin' super terrorists. Nevertheless, she looks concerned. "I think that's awesome of him," She offers. She looks to Nate.

"Yes, I'm fine." Jean at least tried to sound cheery, whether it helped or not. "Beast is currently working on counter-measures though, but for now we captured and rescued most that were stolen from Mutant Town underneath our eyes."

She does give a warm smile to Lunair however, then reaches out to briefly brush her hand. "Just because it's what you are does not mean that it can change. Everyone has the capacity to change. Remember that."

"That doesn't explain much," comments Nate, looking at Jean with a frown. "A bunch of human supremacists came up with a way to pretty much instantly turn a powerful telepath into a loyal agent. How could that happen?" Well, if Beast and Scott are in the case, he will maybe read the reports. He will try to remember to.

Lunair is listening. She smiles back to Jean and nods. "I am glad you're here and feeling a bit better," She admits. "That does sound kind of odd," Lunair admits to Nate. "I know that they can detect mutats and metahumans. I wonder if their research involves more manipulation," She consider.s

"I can't give you answers, but the people currently contained at X-Red could." She frowns just a touch. "The technology they had was impeccable. When we infultrated the underground facility there were two victims hooked up to a device; something that manipulated their brainwaves. Some of it was old school, some new and enhanced with technology.." Her hand lifts to her temple as she idly begins to rub.

"Thank you Lunair.." She recalls a conversation before everything went bad with X-Red. "I do remember hearing something about the devices that they use now that are more smaller and more compact. Jericho has a lead on where they possibly may be held. I suggest speaking with Sunspot, I'm sure he still has all of the information on hand."

Nate grunts. "So they can grab and turn anyone, anytime? Because if they do, they are not going to do it with mutants that often. They will just grab and turn into puppets important politicians and businessmen. We are screwed, Jean. We need to know right now who have they mind-controlled."

Lunair is thoughtful for a moment, she furrows her eyebrows. "That must mean they have some sort of alien tech or super science," She considers. "Or a really self-loathing mutant," She runs through the possibilities. "I'll do my best to help," She promises. "I wish I knew more, honestly," She admits. "But I wonder…"

"Wouldn't you if you had that kind of power, Nathaniel?" He pretty much said it. They could turn that tech on someone and make them a manchurian, the question is, if they've done it already or has it happened in the past, which brought them to now. She didn't outright voice it, but it does make her go a little bit pale.

"What are you wondering, Lunair?"

"It sounds like high-tech, but yeah. I could be a super-human behind it," admits Nate, shifting uncomfortably. "Not necessarily a mutant. I have met a couple powerful telepaths that weren't mutants." Usually, he would be pacing. But the room is too small.

Nate does have the power. He just doesn't have the skills. But Xavier could do it, Jean or Emma could maybe do it. Nate definitely could do it if Emma helps him. But no, he wouldn't do it. "No, but I am not a genocidal asshole. The Purifiers are fanatics and their bosses are assholes."

Lunair pauses. "Or aliens, yeah," She nods at Nate. "There are some super smart people," She remarks. Lunair looks to Jean. She looks concerned. "Also, did you want me to bring anything else by?" Headtilt. "I am wondering if they are trying on multiple fronts. Self-loathing powered people, found or discovered tech and general hatred," She remarks. "Also what Nate said."

"I almost was." Jean confesses a little. But she lets it go. She wanted to let the entire conversation go until there was a solution in mind. Maybe Scott had already formulated a plan? She needed to check with him through the link..

"Super smart people like Lex Luthor and Reed Richards, but I highly doubt either of them would let something like that get from behind them. Especially Reed." Even though Reed often deals with military..

But, Lunair's words causes a hitch within her throat, her eyes closing briefly as she waves her hands with a smile. "Alright.. alright.. I'm sensing there was another purpose to this visit."

Nate looks skeptic about some super-egghead figuring how to mind-control Jean. And then being so dumb as to work with the Purifiers. Oh right, there are all kinds of stupid/smart people out there. Nevermind.

"Er… yeah?" He has wanted to talk about Untainted Grove and some choices that go back to the same subject. Controlling people for reasons that seemed reasonable. But really, are not. "But I think that other question answered itself."

"well, I wanted to see you," Lunair admits. "And there was that weird town of Purifier people with the robots and dogs," She remarks. Lunair- totes helpful. Never underestimate the power of hatred and prejudice. "I figured you could use a present and company."

Jean somewhat stares towards Nate, her head tilted, fingers clenching so that she wouldn't willingly pry into his mind, but she lets it go. She does smile at Lunair, then gives a faint nod. "So wait. They have robot dogs?" Like that would surprise her. She did remember sensing a robot dog in regards to Lunair's own memories, so it wasn't far fetched. "And I do enjoy the company.. thank you."

"Well, I wasn't there," admits Nate. "I didn't hear about robot dogs, but they had some androids or something. They weren't very good in a fight, but they passed as humans pretty well and telepathy didn't work on them, of course." They were black market Life Model decoys. If Lune bothered to get some pieces the electronics takes all the way to an island nation in the Pacific called Gamorra. A high-tech autocracy ruled by the Gamorra Clan, supposedly exiled noblemen from ancient Japan.

Lunair pauses. "The dogs weren't robots, necessarily. But they barked at me. It was odd," Despite her disguise. "And Betsy mentioned the robot people. They were immune to brain pokings," She taps the side of her head. "I guess it was hard to pick them up," She offers. "I can't say too much more than that. And what he said."

And Lunair beams at Jean. "Thanks. We are glad, too."

"Strange." She murmurs. "Not the fact that the robots are immune to telepathy, but it's all strange indeed." Where is everyone getting all of this stolen tech from? She nods to the both of them, then lets out a slight sigh.

"Some animals can be genetically enhanced to sniff out certain species or strains. Or trained.. what have you. But.." She sits up a little, then waves them both off. "Go.. I know you two had Danger Room training to do. Don't let me hold you up. I'm going to watch from afar, if that's alright.."

"Hey, it is your world, not mine," comments Nate. Where is all the high tech being built, indeed? Mad genius working in secret labs? Aliens? Other dimensions? Probably all of it. "I guess we can try to make a list… but hell, I bet SHIELD already has a list. Maybe Scott has the list." He shrugs and heads out, "sure, come to watch. It will be fun!" Well, for Jean. Nate tends to put the DR setting too high.

Air-quotes. 'Fun'. Lunair doesn't seem to mind, though her power level is likely much below that of a Nate. At least she has some super sciencey powers. Nevertheless, Lunair tilts her head. "I see. Well, there's no worries on watching. Try not to laugh too much at me. Did you want me to bring anything next time we visit?" She is leaving the laptop and candy with poor Jean.

"Mm.. your world now." Jean murmurs, throwing her feet over the side of the bed and gripping the rails so she could stand easily. There was a thought, but she knew what she had to task Luna with for her next visit. "Two days I'm supposing, bring me a pair of clothes from Scott's room? Don't worry about going in there, the room looks just like this." She gestures around. Bare. The man at least keeps things neat and tidy and in order. "And I promise I won't laugh too much." She eyes Nate briefly, then shakes her head. Their training session? It's gonna be a doozy.

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