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September 10, 2015:

Jesana stops to talk to Jason as she continues the search for her old friends.

Outside Jason's Apartment

A street in M-Town


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It's been interesting, that's for sure, the last few weeks in M-Town. Some residents have hidden in their homes, some have fled, and some have fought back. A few, like Todd, have been watching and waiting. He's not thrilled at the police presence, but he's not cauing trouble. Not here. After all, you don't poop where you eat.

It's not as warm as it's been and Jason has opened one of the windows to his apartment and is out on the fire escape/balcony to watch the comings and goings of the neighborhood. This building has survived some of the attacks aside from a few scorched and nicked bricks and he's fully taking advantage of that. He's leaning against the railing, in a t-shirt and cargo shorts, just watching. For now.

Jesana isn't a mutant but she's usually mistaken for one by people who witness her abilities. Most of those people either end up dead or are those she trusts and it isn't usually a problem. She hasn't been in M-Town much of late. While she'd have loved to be here helping and fighting to protect people, an urban war isn't the place for a pregnant woman. Now that things are quieter she's ventured into this particular neighborhood in search of some old friends. So far Jes hasn't had any luck with her search. The native american woman stops and leans against a telephone pole, crossing her arms over her chest and sighing as she considers where to go or what to do next. Occasionally she turns her head this way her that, her nostrils flaring in response to scents that most people either don't notice or aren't capable of smelling.

The woman is noticed and watched as she pauses to lean against a telephone pole. A swig of water is taken from the water bottle in hand before Jason calls down, "You probably don't want to stay there for too long. They've really cracked down on loitering lately," since a 'loiterer' could be some mutant looking to cause trouble, of course. "What are you looking for?"

The indian woman looks up and eyes Jason. This is M-Town and as far as she's concerned it belongs to the Mutants. If someone comes looking for trouble then she'll give it to them… but now really isn't the time, is it?

"Some friends of mine. They used to live over in Hell's Kitchen some where but they've disappeared. I thought maybe they'd moved here. I haven't had much luck looking though. No one's heard of or seen either of them." She considers for a moment. "I also wanted to see how things are now that its settled down some. Maybe see if I can help out with rebuilding or something."

Jason Todd might know them, he might not. He hasn't really been one to go knock on doors and introduce himself since moving in, but, "Who are they? You can't call or email them?" Sounds like someone might need to call the cops or something on that. There's another drink of water as he observes the woman a few stories below, "Settled? I doubt this place will ever be 'settled down'. Not while people are scared of the folks who live here."

"Well, no. Probably not, people are stupid. But it's not as bad as it was. My friends are.. they move around a lot and change numbers frequently too. I wouldn't be worried but I haven't seen them in a few months and they haven't been in any of the usual places in weeks. It occured to me they might have decided to help here.

Either with the fighting or the rebuilding. Or maybe they'd needed a place to hide. She hadn't been available to help them and it's beginning to look like they needed it. "So far, no luck though."

And she isn't giving him their names, so he can't really help either. Blue eyes watch the woman for a moment before Jason offers with a smirk, "Well, no…especially if you don't tell people who you're looking for. But there have been a lot of folks coming and going here and with all the fighting, who knows?" Yet he seems thoroughly unconcerned for the moment.

"Zia and Zio. Twins from Italy. They're young.. around eighteen or so." Jes isn't really worried at the moment either, at least about danger. Her friends on the other hand, she's definitely getting concerned about them. She's got a pistol tucked against the small of her back beneath her jean jacket and there is a ley line near by. She can get out of here in a hurry if necessary. "Yeah.. " Her voice is filled with frustration and there's a feralness to her expression that sends the couple walking near her scurrying away from the Indian woman's spot. "It sucks what's been happening here. It's not like there aren't enough real things out there that need fighting but nooo people need to come here and.. " Jes sighs and trails off. Ranting isn't going to help anything.

Jason Todd just blinks at the names, "They have the same name?" Basically. Just different vowels at the end. "Ok…I -know- I'd remember that if I knew them. Sorry," is offered with a shrug. He then considers the woman and those milling about before he disappears from the fire escape. He's gone for a minute or so before he reappears at the front door, leaving and flipping a set of keys into the pocket of his shorts…which may or may not also have a gun in it.

"Didn't think it was right to be yelling all this…correct me if I'm wrong. I can always go back up."

She studies him for a moment and then smiles. "It's easier to talk here, for sure and I don't have anywhere else to be at the moment." It might seems strange, for all she looks human there's an energy about her, similar to what one might notice around a dangerous wild animal. It's something that even the dumbest people usually pick up on, especially when she's feeling emotional. Which is most of the time at the moment, with her hormones being all out of whack. "I'm Jesana." She offers a hand in greeting.

Jason Todd isn't bothered by energies given off of strange people. He's from Gotham. His own energy isn't exactly 'calm and peaceful'. Taking the offered hand, he replies, "Jason." It's a common enough name. "People come here because it's close and it's supposedly an 'immediate threat'. They can reach this. They can't easily reach the stuff going on in the Middle East or Africa. But they can sure as Hell take potshots at people who just want to be left alone and to live in peace.


Jes shakes her head and sighs. "No, I didn't mean.. those places are problems sure, but thats just war between people. It's always happening somewhere. I meant the bigger threats and dangers. The ones that these morons starting trouble here don't even know we're saving them from. Only if they did it would just scare them even more and make it worse." Sometimes Jes is really tempted to just let the humans die. Only the things out there wanting to destroy and take over the world aren't really picky about who they prey on. "Not all of them suck anyway. I'm just frustrated, inaction isn't something I'm good at and it's been driving me crazy." Jes admits.

"And this isn't a war between people?" Jason glances around as if that will somehow make sense of that statement. "War is always between people…and if you're saying that the biggest threats are things that come from outer space or something then man, are you wrong." There's a chuckle then, "It's always about the people."

There's another pause, "If you don't like inaction, why don't you do something about it all, Jesana?"

Jes looks at him thoughtfully. "I'm not wrong. There are things going on right now that are a much greater threat to the world than this, as much as this sucks. Usually I do, do something about it, but I recently.. suffered an injury." That's really not an apt description but it's a lot easier to say and believe than what actually happened. "I'm still recovering and I'm not used to having to be careful or think about the best way to do that so until I've adjusted had my pu-uh baby.." Jesana hastily switches mid word. "I've got to stay on the sidelines mostly. It's alot easier to say than it is to do." She's already run into trouble half a dozen times or more. She can't help it really. It's part of her father's legacy.

Jason Todd crosses his arms at his chest, "Like what? Alien invasion? Robot takeovers? Zombie viruses?" He seems bemused, "What's a greater threat than people killing each other because of what they look like, what they can do, who they pray to, or who they love? You're telling me that one of these outside threats is going to do more harm to the world's population than they'll do to themselves? Do tell!"

"I could show you but I'd need to check with someone first." Jes leans against the pole again and looks more thoughtful than frustrated now. "I don't know you well enough yet, but yes there are greater dangers out there. I don't know what kind of threat aliens might pose, and I know pretty much fuckall about robotics. You're alot closer with the zombies though."

"There is a.. a being out there." She continues. He was a man once, not really sure what he is now.

"He wants to be a god and he's been doing his damndest to make that happen. He has access to a dimension of power that pretty much no one else can touch and he's been capturing and killing and using all of the supernatural, magical and God like beings around the world for some time now. He's gotten to the point where he's begun attacking, trying to take over. This guy is a very very powerful necromancer."

"I know it sounds crazy but it's not. It took almost two months to undo a hundred square miles of what those fighting it called "the deadzone" after he subverted the land and every living person and thing in that area. Thousands and thousands died and they can't be brought back. The land will recover now, eventually. It was covered up, so people wouldn't panic. Most have no idea what really happened to all those people, and he's still out there and trying and won't stop until he's killed and drained every living thing on the planet. So yeah, that's a lot more worrisome to me than war, even if this war.." Jes gestures around at the neighborhood. "Is close to my heart. I hate seeing this happen and I would be here fighting in between trying to stop this guy, or I will be when I can."

Jason Todd listens, his arms still crossed and his expression neutral. "So you're claiming that this is nothing personal then? That this guy…who used to be a -person- isn't trying to get people to do what he wants? I'm telling you, it all comes down to personal power. You can think that it's beyond that, but if you break it all down to its basest form, it's someone wanting power over someone else for, well, various reasons. But that's what it all comes down to and people seem to be the most power-hungry of them all. You don't see animals trying to take over the world…" unless you're Gorilla Grodd.

Jes grins a bit at that. "I suppose you have a point. I just think its stupid that people are fighting here and over something so unimportant when there are greater dangers. Some mutants have abilities that can allow them to do great things to help others, or fight against threats like this and if people are always trying to kill them then they either aren't going to be able to help or won't want to. It's a waste of time and a waste of lives. I understands fighting for food, and territory even. Anything else.. I just don't get it, but I'm not really human either." Jes shrugs. She isn't and now that she knows it's not something she's really keeping a secret. That time in her life is over with.

Jason Todd shrugs, "Ordinary Joe's can take guns and shoot mutants. They can't go fight magical zombies. They're going to choose the cowardly way more often than not and that means picking on people they perceive as being 'smaller' or 'weaker'. Zombies seem like they could be stronger. Just saying. I mean, me? I don't know that I'd want to go attacking zombies when there's a strong chance I'll be overwhelmed, but…where did you say this place was?"

"Yeah I guess and I guess I shouldn't expect them to realize they are hindering their own c hances for survival when they don't know about this kind of thing. If they did it would just cause panic and more hate probably. That doesn't make any less frustrating though." Jes eyes Jason for a moment. "I am reaching for my necklace and not a weapon." She's good at reading body language. He seems like someone that can handle himself and she doesn't want a misunderstanding.

There is a plain leather string visible above the front of the loose black cotton dress she's wearing under her jacket and Jes tugs the necklace up from beneath the material revealing a smoky quartz crystal. Her eyes go unfocused for a long moment and then she drops the pendant and lets it fall against her chest. "I can show you if you want. I have a way of getting there quickly. I just had to check something. "It's outside of Metropolis. There were a few towns that were swallowed up. I think they told people it was some kind of natural disaster or chemical spill or something."

A nod is given at the warning — not that he was going to reach for his gun, but he appreciates the consideration. One never knows what people can do here in M-town. Jason watches as she pulls out the crystal, "I don't need to go there, but thanks. Knowing that it's outside Metropolis…I can probably find it. I haven't been there in a while anyhow," and it might be an excuse to visit and poke around.

"So, instead of battling zombies, you're here, looking for your 18 year old friends. Sounds like you'd kind of rather be fighting the good fight."

A flash of wild anger lights her eyes for a moment. She has a personal grudge against necromancers but this one in particular she badly wants a piece of. "Gods yes, but I'm more hindrance than help until I can get my shit under control. So I'm doing what I can. I haven't seen these guys in awhile and I'm worried. They had a semi dangerous job, its why they moved around so much. Street kids you know?" She hesitates a moment. "It's also slightly possible that the wrong person saw me with them. I don't think so though. I was careful enough."

Jason Todd huhs after a moment but then offers, "I know a few street kids. I'll ask around for you. The names are pretty distinctive, so if they used their real ones, maybe we'll find them." After all, he does have an extensive network, should he choose to use it. "Especially since you gave me the tip about the zombies. Might be fun for target practice…" or to see just what some of his new weapons can do. "

Jason Todd huhs after a moment but then offers, "I know a few street kids. I'll ask around for you. The names are pretty distinctive, so if they used their real ones, maybe we'll find them." After all, he does have an extensive network, should he choose to use it. "Especially since you gave me the tip about the zombies. Might be fun for target practice…" or to see just what some of his new weapons can do. "Thanks for that."

"I haven't been there since they undid it. I've heard it still looks really desolate but there probably aren't any animated zombies about. Just watch out they don't swarm you if there are. That's the real danger with those things. If you see someone alive that.." her lips sort of quirk because she's aware how rediculous it sounds.. "looks like they are casting a spell, and also looks like and evil shit, some mages are they good guys, then shoot them. Or do whatever you can to interuppt their voice. Most of the mages I've seen have to speak at least part of their spell."

Jes nods. "I'd appreciate that. They're identical, aside from one being a girl and the other a guy. They probably did change names if they wanted to disappear. And no problem. If you the type the gets out and about, well like I said this guy isn't about to stop. He's going to try again. If you see something weird going on, now you'll have an idea of what. His minions were running around the tricities pretty freely for awhile. Less so at the moment I think but I'm sure there are more of them too." How many of those morons had she killed? Five..seven? It seems like a lifetime ago and really it was just a few months.

Jason Todd shrugs and might just shoot first and ask questions later in a place like that. Maybe. It depends on his mood. "If they want to disappear, should you really be searching for them?" is asked easily before he glances off down the street. "Honestly, I'm more worried about people ripping each other apart for stupid reasons than zombies and guys wanting to be gods. If he succeeds, we're all screwed. But these guys usually get taken down by their own egos."

"Usually and I can hope but so far he's came out on top or broke even. Besides, someone has to stop the guy." She looks a little glum. It's not likely to be her right now. "I just want to make sure they're safe. I can find them a new place to stay or deal with whoever is looking for them." She just needs to find out who. "They helped me out when I first got to the city. I owe them, even if I don't live here now. I don't forget that kind of thing." Jes is also bored and running around looking for people is alot easier than sitting at home alone brooding over the disasterous turns her life has taken lately. "And pretty much any part of New York is nicer to walk around in than Gotham."

"Or the guy will find that there's nothing to take over because everyone's offed each other already." But they're going back to that old argument. "Look. Good luck with fighting your wannabe god-guy. Frankly, I'd rather see everyone sort of band together against something like that than attack each other for their differences, but diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, you know? But I'll keep an eye out for those kids." Jason glances about before heading back towards the apartment. "Good to meet you and stay safe out here. It's still not Utopia."

Jes nods and waves. "You too." Interesting guy, she thinks as she wanders off. She'll check a few more places and then head.. somewhere. Not home. Not yet.

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