The Subjugator

September 09, 2015:

A liaison of Master Darque meets with Loki to vet.

Unknown abandoned Railstation


NPCs: The Subjugator



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To request a meeting with Master Darque was like requesting a meet with death; only those truly crazy.. or with nothing else to live for turn themselves into the minion of the Darkforce, or become its prey by the wrong move or ill thought that was immediately set upon the Darque. Each of his minions weren't selected carefully, but those that had power.. well, they were vetted and possibly soon after brought into the fold.

Master Darque had sent his most trusted witch to field and vet, though her appearance was sightly and mundane, there carried an aire of darkness that hung behind her shoulder that only the most talented in the arts of darkness could see. But, she was prepared, briefcase held within her hand but not for show, dark hair tied up into a high bun as glasses set and rest upon the bridge of her nose. It was an underground meeting, an abandoned subway.. not too far away from the portal that lead to Master Darque's realm. And it was there she waited, set upon the ruined and rickety bench that almost seems as if it would not contain her slender frame, one leg crossed over the other as she reads an odd magazine about women, clothes, and makeup that almost holds her interest.

Loki has hubris and knows that he isn't easily harmed, much less killed. He's come against Darque's minions before and came out unscathed and he is just as unconcerned for this meeting. Finally. Granted, he hasn't spoken to those he has offered to join the forces, but he's certain that they will do as he asks.

The location gave him brief pause, but he met there, dressed in his perfectly-tailored suit and silk scarf despite the warmer temperatures. His staff is in hand and twirled easily as he approaches the woman on the bench, "I must say, this is a far more pleasant greeting already than I've had by your forces."

Her dark gaze lifts as the man quietly approaches, the woman slowly rising from the bench to draw a hand lower to tug down the flap of her jacket that rose in places uncouth. "We are well aware of your tampering and meddling with us and ours." She speaks cooly, the woman taking those few steps forward, boldly, to reach out a slender hand to grasp his if he should offer.

"And we also recognize power and talent." She pauses, even if her hand was taken or not, to gesture towards the bench so that she could take up her perch, one leg lifted over the other to cross, her fingers soon lacing together to rest upon her knee.

"My Master has felt that you may or may not have sought him out. As you know he couldn't very well be here in person, and he saw me fit.. as his Subjugator, to come in his stead." She bows her head in a slight greeting, then lifts with a ruby red smile. "He must consider your inquiry important."

"Tampering and meddling?" Loki looks at the offered hand before taking it. He's come prepared in case they try any tricks — that's his wheelhouse. "Because I recognize your mission and wish to join it in order to help it come to fruition? That is 'meddling'? Because I'm not entirely sure that you'll have a chance of winning without my help." He then takes a seat at the bench and looks over the woman, quite pointedly, "Yet not important enough for him to come himself. Is he real, or is he a…corporation of the many entities involved in this particular battle?"

If they recognize his power and talent, and have accused him of 'meddling and tampering', surely they know of his capacity for snark.

"Perhaps I've said it a bit too lightly." The woman murmurs. "But.. you were not invited to that sort of party however it was a great way to gain my Master's eye." She gives him a slight wink, then draws an arm along the back of the bench, one that wasn't close to him. "Pardon my means to offend. It is very rarely that I attend to his social calls." She chuckles faintly, then leans forward.

"It is what it is. And you also are aware that another 'God'.." She uses the air quotes.. "And his pets are currently after my Master. For him to show his face would be undesirious and very, very.. reckless."

"And aside from the lower ranking bastards that my Master has in his employ, he prides himself on -not- being reckless."

Loki's staff rests against one knee, "So I am a social call? He doesn't desire my assistance?" There's a brief chuckle before he moves to stand back up, "Then I see no reason continue this line of discussion…unless you are here for personal reasons." He's not blind, after all. "I know that many magic-users here in Midgard are after your Master and I know who many of them are. I also believe that some of them actually trust me…to one degree or another, and I could be useful as a means of deception as well. But," he spreads his arms, "If you don't want me…"

"Social call for me, yes." She grins. "This is what I am here for. I am here to vet. To see if you are worthy of my Masters presence, and quite possibly if he is worthy of yours." They don't call her the Subjugator for nothing. She wields a heavy hand when it comes to Darque's most trusted. And they all usually bow to her with little assistance.

"Personal reasons.." The woman thinks, drawing her leg to the side so that it could swing back and forth lazily. She had eyes as well, and it was highlly considered.. "I see." She slowly draws herself to a stand once more, her movements fluid, the briefcase bent and grasped as she takes those few paces ahead. "Walk with me, Loki." She murmurs.. then begins her slow pace with the sway of her hips. "My personal belief is that you both could do each other well. However, we both are aware that if we ask for your help, there is and will be something that you are owed in return. And you have not made that known yet."

The fact that she's also vetting Darque for Loki seems to mean something as his 'bristle' eases some. As she stands and takes a few steps, the God joins her, easily keeping pace. "I have offered troops…less easily killed than your current undead troops, I feel…and I've offered my assistance." She probably knows all of that, but he wanted to reiterate it to make a point. "I want a share in the spoils. I want me and those of my choosing to be unharmed in the battle and, should we be victorious, in the times following. And I want a sizeable share of the world to rule over. Equal to my contribution, of course." Or almost equal.

She listens like an apt pupil, her chin lowered faintly, her lips pursing as she thinks about his demands. It's highly fair, if she could guess and measure they both are almost equal in power if not for Loki's immortality.. though with Darque, it is all subjective.

"I shall tell him of your terms, however.. you must be more specific. Not as in, the how's of how your militia remains stalwart, but which hemisphere you choose to take if he agrees to your terms." She chuckles softly. "That is the most important. Selection and choice."

She rounds her way around a pillar, making her way towards the stairs that would bring the two out in the open. It was there that he could feel it, the hint of darkness that follows behind, a succoring motion that could easily take the breath away. But not from someone like him. "And of course, my personal need in light of lack of satisfaction of late will have to be fulfilled if I even decide to consider to bring your terms to my Master."

What a bitch.

"Must I choose now?" is asked with a quirk of his lips. "Or may I choose once the deal is made?" He'd rather wait, if possible. There is quite a bit to weigh for that. "I'll have one when he accepts my terms." As if there is no other way for this to go.

As they pause at the stairs and she speaks of her own need, he cants his head, "Are we to play at riddles in regards to your own satisfaction?" There's a glance at the shadows as if he can see that darkness, "If you seek power from me, I'm sorry, but that was not on the table. However, I'm sure we could think of other things…"

"You may choose whenever you wish when you come face to face with my Master. Or… should I say 'if'. We are also well aware that new deals, needs and wants come into fruition that do not mesh and match. Call it an only consideration that most would get." One hand presses against the railing however, a slight turn of the gaze she gives him over her shoulder. "Power? From you?"

She doesn't laugh, for stating her next words were serious.

"I have all the power in the world that I need. I shall not want for nothing in terms of power." She then turns and draws herself upwards and beyond.. leaving her last words lingering, an invite if he chooses to accept. "It is the other things that I want. Surely you can solve that riddle, yes? Or does a lowly peon such as myself have to speak plainly for a God such as yourself."

She grins, finally reaching the top. "For my request spoken aloud will truly make that pale skin blush."

It would seem that many of the warnings he was given were indeed incorrect. That, or maybe they just want power that they know is easily taken by those who don't know how to keep hold of it. Either way, Loki gives a slow smile at the words unspoken.

He does, however, follow her to the top of the stairs. "My dear," he offers, "I have yet to hear any request that might make me blush."

After all, he has equine, lupine, and reptilian children. Gods are strange.

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