Give Them A Long Stay In The Cooler

September 06, 2015:

Bobbys house is attacked by Purifiers and friends go looking for him

M-Town - New York


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Fade In…

The Purifiers had been quiet.

Sure, the discovery of their bases in M-Town and the shutdown of their confederates in the SRD had put them on the back foot. The loss both to arrest and combat of many of their lower level operatives had also but a dent in their operations. And they'd been quite for some weeks.

But they were not, by a long shot, done. Here's the problem with having a public face: People can find where you live. It's not like X-Red lists the homes of their members but someone like Bobby who is out and about and doesn't teleport everywhere like a certain member of the team, could concieveably be followed or monitored. Somehow they figured out where he lived. And they were waiting when he came home that night.

The ambush had been textbook. No warning. Just a sudden flurry of gunfire and then an explosion of a car bomb nearby. It was luck that saved Bobby more than anything else, since the explosion was supposed to have been timed to get him as he shielded himself with ice and instead he'd sought cover a couple cars down. It still hurt him. Fairly seriously. But he had enough presence of mind to hit the alarm on his comm before bolting down an alley and icing it off. That won't hold them forever, or even long but maybe it'll buy him some time to not get shot right now. Er, shot again that is.

The alarm goes out. Not a voice alarm, just a signal on the X-Red frequencies. Brin will pick it up right away on her own communicator. And thanks to her rider, Nyx can too. Both can tell exactly where he is, that he's moving and that he's in trouble, but not more than that until they get close.

The rider in Nyx's headspace only cares an as much as it would really throw Samantha for a loop if her friend Bobby died. Also the resources of the X-Men have been very useful. So with the new sensors, mmmm tasty stark-tech, it picks up on the x-red SOS and routes it to Nyx's attention. "Ack.. Bobby" the girl part of the pairing says and launches off the chrysler building wings bursting into existance as she starts to rocket over towards M-Town.

Dressed in her X-Red uniform, Brin lights on a roof, somewhere near Bobby's current location… well, the location that the comm signal gives her as current.

Crouching down to reduce her profile, the young brunette scans the street below - there's Bobby's icewall… and what else.

She's concerned on several levels… his current issues with his ability and him getting hurt more than he already was. Not that Brin has much room to speak there - she's still sporting gun shot wounds (albeit they're healing). Bobby, it's Brin. I'm on the roof. Sitrep. Of course, she's let the X-Men know too…

That there's no answer is a bit disturbing. The vehicle used for the car bomb, it was an old sedan, is still burning in front of his apartment and pieces of it are everywhere. The reason there's no answer quickly becomes apparent. Bobby's communicator is on the ground in the alley. Whether dropped or placed is unclear but there it is. So where could he be?

The sound of gunfire, in rapid busts and distant shouting - about a block distant to the north, in fact - may provide a clue for Brin.

Nyx can see from her vantage point that Bobby's led the Purifiers to the loading dock for a grocery store not far away. He's defending a choke point but it's six on one and they're using high powered rifles. He's in trouble and it looks like he's already wounded.

That really irritates Nyx. She likes Bobby. He is like her best friend. It probably matters to some that he is one of her like only friends but still. She tilts her wings and dives hard choosing to just land behind the one who looks fanciest. She is going for this sort of swoop, twist, launch into orbit and then land admist the others. Maximum intimidation perhaps. Especially for the guy who goes flying if she manages to snag him.

Brin leaves Bobby's communicator on the ground, no time to loose - she's concerned about her teammate and friend. Pushing off of the roof, wings carrying her towards the shouting and shooting, she'll find a nice vantage to point to settle … dismiss the wings and bring her bow and arrows to bear. Nyx can do the physical thing, Brins going to pick the ones closest to Bobby off …

The Purifiers never see it coming. Nyx bounces among them and literlly sands the leader flying. Whereh e goes is… well not horribly important at the moment. He's not going to be fighting anymore today. And then one, then two get arrows from Brinley. They're shifting to meet the new threat when Nyx is back among them and all the guns go to her. All of the guns. Not that it's going to do them any good. Might wreck her hoodie again but that's about it.

Nyx … goes through a lot of cheap Lex-Mart hoodies all said. She reaches out and just starts to take the high powered rifles away from them crushing them with her bare hands. "I want to talk to you all. Give up and talk or take a flying lesson like your friend."

Where's Bobby in all this? Brin peers down from her perch, glowing green and gold bow in her hands, scanning for Bobby - is he still upright? and just how injured is he?

Focussing again, she keeps firing her arrows, aiming to disable … and stop them shooting at Nyx.

Bobby is not upright. He's in cover behind a couple of pallets with the doorway half blocked off by ice. A lot of it had been shot away. How hurt he is isn't clear. He's still moving. But he's not up.

Another goes down to Brin's arrows before the remaining pair drop their weapons. They're not sure what to make of Nyx or Brin (other than they are most assuredly mutie scum) but they really don't want to take unscheduled skydiving lessions if they can help it.

Samantha, aka Nyx, crushes the rifles in her hands absorbing the best parts and letting the rest just fall as debris to the ground. "Right then. If you try to run I will fly you up to five thousand feet and just drop you to see if you spontaneously grow wings. Also my friend will probably arrow you." she starts to walk over to the frozen pallets "Bobby!?" moving to remove them

Brin has her field kit with her, but seeing Nyx heading towards Bobby, she steps to the edge of the roof and lets the remaining two Purifiers see her - before she drops to the ground and starts zip tieing them and placing a call to the NYPD. "How is he, Nyx?" Nyx can tell… Brins really worried …

Bobby looks up at the familair, friendly voice. "In here Nyx!" He calls out as he pulls himself up. There's blood on his shirt from his right arm and shoulder and he's been shot twice in the chest. Fortunately in that part of his chest that was already ice, so that's not as bad as it could be. He also looks to have some burns on his neck and there's a chunk of car door frame sticking out of his leg. "Brin! IS that you?"

Nyx looks Bobby over assessingly, and scanningly for that matter and then steps back once she clears a path "Uh if it was me he would be fine.. he is talking… bring your field kit Brin." she steps back over to eye the two Purifiers "Sooo where is your base?" head tilt. "Because now I am taking this personal."

"I'm here, Bobby." Brin waits for Nyx to return to look after the two Purifiers they've captured. "NYPD is on their way." It's… a heads up to the other woman.

Where to start with Bobby? Brin hunkers down beside him assessing the damage before looking at him and shaking her head "We're a pair, you and I… " she's trying to make light of it, but … that frame in his leg is a worry. She just knows that's going ice up too.

"I'm calling in Rescue. They can get you back and treat you properly. I can… ease some of this." she starts to address the arm and shoulder and burns to his neck. The leg… she'll get to next. "Can you control your power? When that frame comes out, I'll need you to ice it to stop the bleeding." and then she can dress it.

She's listening to the Purifiers and Nyx as she works…

The two Purifiers look at one another. Purifiers are, contrary to appearances, not random thugs off the street. They're well trained to fight and resist interrogation. Nyx however cuts quite a figure and she's not the mutants they were trained to deal with. She's a lot harsher. Well, in many ways she's exactly what they fear, she's just not a mutant herself. "Uh…" One says and the other swallows. "Base? What base? We don't, um, have a base?" Rule one of interrogation. Tell the truth. Just not in the way they want you to.

Bobby winces a bit and nods, starting to ice up his wounds which begin to slow the bleeding. "This… hurts like you wouldn't believe."

The young woman's eyes start to glow with particle beam energy. Really she never vanished her wings just folded them up. Now the eyes.. well she lets the energy just leak. "I am not amused." she reaches and grabs them both and just lifts them up in the air above her head now "Stop playing stupid or I will just break you down to your base parts and let your ashes scatter upon the winds."

Brin looks at Bobby dryly "I might believe how much it hurts." she fishes out the painkillers from her field kit and a bottle of water "Take these, they help." Rescue will be a few minutes or more - they were out on another job and whilst Bobby is hurt, they can wait.

Glancing at Bobby as Nyx becomes physical with the Purifiers, Brins inclined to let her… if she doesn't get anything from this time, Brin will go play 'good cop' - but for now, she'll make Bobby as comfortable as she can…

Bobby winces and nods. He's sure he'll be back on his feet sooner than he should. And equally sure that more of him will be ice statue when it happens. This is getting a bit out of hand and he hopes that Jemma can come up with something soon otherwise he's going to be in a lot of trouble.

"Wedon'thaveabaseIswear." One of the Purifiers breaks and fishes for his phone. "Look, we get messages. Here, see?" It's a text message with a date, time and Bobby's address. And his picture. Off the X-Red site. Well, there are some disadvantages to being public. Maybe they could trace the number back though. Figure out who ordered the attack. Or maybe Nyx will just eat the phone.

Like someone is psychic, well Brin is right, but yes Nyx just reaches out and takes the phone, rolling it around in her hand as it disolves into her skin in front of the guy. She will trace the number yes, pinging out to see where the number pings. "You had to have met at some point in some sort of haters support group." she drops them at her feet "Where do you recruit?"

"I hope she can trace the number." Brin watches as the phone dissolves "This is why I live in the HQ…" well, not really but lately it's certainly been safer - if you discount your own team kidnapping you.

"We know they have information on us…" Maybe Bobby will remember the raid that Magik, Aspect and Brin did a few weeks ago. As the Purifiers are now cooperating, Brin remains beside Bobby, checking the dressings and on Rescues' and the NYPD's status. "NYPD say they'll have someone here in about 5 minutes." Which probably means longer given this is M-Town.

Bobby grimaces at Brinley. "Point of the whole thing is to… live with regular people." Which Bobby is not but that has more to do with rent than anything else. Most of the other members of X-Red to live in the community. "We can talk about that later."

"Where don't we recruit you mutie witch! Political rallies. Bars. Breakrooms. People hate you because you threaten us. And we're going to do something about you. Ash me if you want. There'll be more like me." Wow. Someone got brave.

"We uh… we meet at the Rosewater Club." The more intimidated one offers.

"Shut it, Marv!"

Tosses the brave one, though in this case only like.. fifteen feet straight up… and look she even catches him before dropping him about two foot with a thump "Shut it." Nyx looks to Marv "Thank you Marv…. that was very helpful." she looks to the other two "Got a location. I'm going to go rain down some destruction I think unless you have a better idea."

Or maybe they won't. Whatever, for the time being, Bobby's just earned himself a Brin watchdog again… at least until she's certain he's healing.

"Uh, Nyx. It might be best to observe the place…" maybe see if they could get some plants, infiltration, in place. "They… don't know we know yet." And if they can get these two held in custody long enough, they'll have an edge on finding out more. A glance to Bobby to get his feelings on the matter.

"Whatever you do, be careful." Bobby knows that Nyx will do what she thinks is right and, odd as it may seem, he trusts her. A lot. "These guys are dangerous in more ways than one. Don't let them ruin everything you've worked for." Though if she wants to go inflict a little buyback on them, well, Bobby wont' stop her. She's not an X-Man after all.

Rescue arrives. Oooh. More Stark Tech. Please don't eat the ambulances though. They're expensive.

Mulling it over Sam sighs an shrugs "Okay so no blasting everything to dust…. I will just go swing by after you are safe and see what I can get for intel. We need to make sure these two don't contact their friends though and tell them they ratted them out."

NYPD arrive about the same time and Brin spends a few moments handing the captives over. "They'll hold them for as long as the can… if you go now, you'll have a headstart." If Bobby says Nyx is ok, then Brin will accept that.

The Rescue medtechs bundle Bobby, carefully, into the air ambulance and the brunette mutant follows behind, detailing the injuries that she noted and the steps that she took to address them. The Rescue medtechs are well aware of Bobby's current affliction. "Thanks for the help, Nyx."

"I suggest a nice long soak in the cooler for them." Bobby starts as he's lifed. "We'll be in touch though Nyx. Stay safe." That's all he gets before he's oxygen masked and set winging away.

Looking between Brinley and Bobby the young woman will nod "Okay Im going over and figuring out what I can figure out. I'll let you guys know." she salutes the NYPD and then spreads her wings and surges into the air launching.

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