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September 07, 2015:

Another attempt by Darque to create a Deadzone - and it's foiled…

Whitehall - New York


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Fenris has not contacted people directly in some time. The fact of the matter is he prefers to be hands off with the Ley Guardians. They have lives. They have problems. They have their own things to do and honestly he wouldn't have chosen them to help if he didn't trust them to do things on their own recognizance.

Of course, the Ley Guardians aren't the only people that Fenris will work with. When push comes to shove its every blade that you can get into the fight and people like the Young Wolf and others are high on his list of people he can trust.

He's reached out to them tonight. Scott Summers to start with, and Zatanna Zatara. And a couple of others. Come out to White Plains if you can, my location. Bring help that you trust. It might get… interesting.

Zee's sent out messages to her friends and other members of Primal Force, asking if they could join her. Arriving at White Plains with a soft 'pop' sound, the teen mage with eyes still glowing takes stock of the location and looks for Fenris - he'll be nearby, surely… she teleported to where she sensed him.

Kitty knows both Scott and Zatanna. So, when the request for help comes from Fenris to both of those people, she got the call on both sides. Arriving with a 'pop' along with Zatanna, she blinks a few times. "So, we're here to see a wolf?" she asks the teenaged witch with a raised eyebrow. "I'm supposed to apologize on behalf of Scott that he had to send me intsead of coming himself. Though, honestly, I feel as if that's a little insulting as I'm totally equipped to handle whatever it is that's necessary."

Fenris turns and quirks a brow at Kitty. He's a tall, lean man with a vaguely predatory aspect to him. And he can sense, curiously, that the woman has a budding arcane talent. "You are indeed here to see a wolf. And I do hope you're up to it. We have a situation." He gestures to city hall. It's closed down, of course. It's night and the place is lit up with about the usual amount of lighting. Zee and Kitty both will be able to feel a tug on them though. And a sense of being… dirty? Grimy? It gets through even without being immersed in magic.

"Do you remember the creation of the deadzone south of Metropolis?" Fenris leaves the question hanging, the implication clear. If they were to repeat that in the heart of White Plains…

"Fenris…" Zee murmurs to Kitty "We're here to see Fenris." Zees friend and mentor. "Hello Fenris. This is Kitty." Of course Kitty's up to the task! Wincing a little at the feel of the magic "It's not surprising, Fenris. We thought he would try again."

At the sudden appearance of Fenris, Kitty comes to a stop. She gives Zatanna a confused look. "Scott mentioned something about a wolf!" she hisses, now more confused than ever. However, she looks at Fenris and smiles. "Hi. Nice to meet you. I've been through my fair share of craziness, so I'm pretty sure I can be up to wolf meetings. As long as there's no howling at the moon. I was told I shouldn'd do that any more." Her jokes, though, stop when she turns her attention toward the city hall. Her own talents are small and she's getting a hang on them, but she can feel something wrong about the building in front of them.

"They're trying to do that here? That'd be a disaster."

May had actually responded to the original message very promptly, but it was to tell Fenris she'd be delayed by about fifteen to thirty minutes. Fourteen minutes have passed. She's the last person to arrive, and when she does so, her hair is still practically dripping wet. But despite that she's armed and prepared. "Sitrep, Fenris." Oh, and she's in full mission mode. That's what happens when you interrupt her in the middle of washing her hair. And it had better be a damned good sitrep.

Fenris chuckles grimly. "No howling at the moon. At least not by me. If you want to do it then I certainly won't stop you." He's got a rather amused glint in his eyes for a moment. And then May shows.

"There's a group of magi inside preparing to enact a ritual that will create a Deadzone in the heart of White Plains similar to what happened south of Metropolis. It'll require a lot of death, so odds are good they have hostages." Who won't be hostages for long.

"I'll remain here and delay them. I can interfere with their magic by 'poisoning' the area. Flooding it with life." He's good at that. "But someone still has to go in there and stop them. Which is why I called you."

"Fenris Wolf." Zee could have been amused at Kitty's hiss, but her attention is on that tainted magic. "Agent May, have you met Kitty?" Zee's not sure who knows who! "Kitty, this is Agent May."

This… is at least, a learning experience for Kitty and Zee intends to make the most of it "What do you sense, Kitty? Can you get a feel for how many and where they might be located?" Good thing the raven haired mage is wearing her SHIELD issued body armour - there are likely to be guards.

Kate isn't the expert when it comes to magic, but she's pretty good at dealing with hostages and minimizing collateral damage. One of those nice things about bows. May isn't quite the last one to arrive, as Kate shows up with her quiver over her shoulder just in time to hear Fenris' explanation. "Seriously, what is with the extra-dimensional screwing around?" she sighs as she joins the group. "What is with the grudge people have against the fabric of reality?"

Kitty came prepared, at least. The purse around her shoulders carries Lockheed and her katana in its magical pouch. Both make an appearance as she watches the building with building concentration. Lockheed moves to perch on her shoulder, while her katana remains in its sheath. May gets a polite nod of her head. "Yes, I've worked with Agent May in the past. It's good to see you again."

The appearance of Kate is met with another polite nod of her head, not knowing the archer woman's name. Then, her attention is back on the building. Her eyes clothes for a few moments as she reaches out to try and figure out what she can feel. The energy feels cold and tainted, making Kitty give an involuntary shiver. "I think there's about six of them. And they're below ground. Once we get inside, I can start phasing us through the floors."

Melinda May doesn't reach for her weapons. Not yet. She's already prepared otherwise. After giving each other person here a nod in greeting, she looks to the other women. "Let's get this over with."

"It's really quite as simple. They don't have power here. If they remake the world, they will have power." Prosiac, true but particularly when dealing with the arcane the desire for power ranks high on the list of motivators. Power to do what almost doesn't matter. When you're willing to turn the world into a blasted deathscape so you can do it, it's bad.

Fenris nods to the three women and takes a knee. His hand makes contact with the paving stones at the city hall steps and he starts to glow with a green aura which begins to spread to things around him. All three of them - in the case of May her pendulum enables her - feel a rush of primal life. The very essence of what it means to be living. "Go, and hurry. I can delay them for a time but they'll overpower me if they spread enough death." And blood sacrifices are such a very good way to do that.

The first floor of city hall is a rotunda with the city seal on it. Very elegant. Marble verywhere with historically significant items in cases along the walls. The stairs to the sub basement are to the left. Locked. But since Kitty is here, it's entirely possible they won't have to take the stairs.

"Kate, this is Kitty. Kitty, this Kate from the JL:A, also known as Hawkeye." Introductions done, the teen mage looks between May and Kate "May, will you lead us in? Kate can you take the back? Kitty and I, can stay in the middle… " It will give the two magic users a degree of protection.

Assuming that they both agree, Zee heads into the building "Phase us, Kitty… and be ready. They normally have some nasty tricks up their sleeves." her eyes start to glow as she draws power to her … she can at least be somewhat ready herself.

"Hey. You're John's apprentice, right?" Kate smiles faintly to Kitty. Even when she hasn't met people, she knows them. "Nice to meet you." As Fenris starts the process and Zee sets position, she nods, slipping her bow from her shoulder and giving the place a good look for hiding spots and strategic locations. "Yeah," she nods to Zee. "I'll take the back."

The idea of blood sacrifices is enough to set Kitty's expression into something certainly more serious. She gives Fenris a nod as they make their way toward the front door. "Nice to meet you, Kate." As for being John's apprentice she hestitates before nodding. "Yeah, something like that."

Once they approach the door, it's a simple electronics lock that Kitty phases her hand through in order to get it to open without much trouble. Once that's taken care of, she grabs a hold of Zatanna and reaches out to put a hand on May's shoulder. "Okay, I'm going to phase us through the floor. Brace yourself for a drop, hold onto me whatever you do and take a deep breath because marble doesn't do much for breathing."

With a nod to Zee, she pulls her 1911 pistol with the precision of anyone military-trained. Leading the way in, she checks to make sure the main entryway is clear, then stops in the middle of the rotunda. "Bishop. How fast can you pick a lock?" Interesting, isn't it, that she asks Kate that question and not either of the other two women.

But, it's apprently not going to be needed. She reaches up to lock her free hand around Kitty's wrist and then nods. She's travelled all sorts of weird ways before. How much worse can this be?

Through the floor they go. Into the basement, which is empty but for files and financial documents, and then into the sub-basement. They're fortunate to arrive in what appears to be one of the document storage areas. It's dark, but that's easily fixed. What is not dark is the room next door, the light streams in from the slightly ajar door.

There are, indeed, hostages. Nine of them, in fact, all apparently employees here from the secretarial and janetorial staff. A circle has been drawn in the center of the room and six robed and hooded figures are standing around it. With them are three other shaved headed, rather fanatical looking men with guns. AK-47's all of them. Cheap and effective, as such things go.

"Something's not right. The magic is changing." Says a woman with a distinct Jersey accent.

"The Wolf God. Has to be. Bring the first sacriface. Nathan, grab the Athame."

One man turns to go get a stone knife from a nearby bankers box where it had been set. No one is looking in the direction of the room that they've all arrived in and from the looks of things they have a minute or two to get set. There's a stairway immediately to the left of the door that would offer cover and a good vantage point.

Melinda May steps forward to look through the slightly open door, take stock of the goings on, then looks back at the other three. Using a mix of ASL and military hand-code that Kate no doubt recognizes from working with Barton, she directs the archer to go left as soon as the step in and then up. She then points at Zee and Kate and to the floor just inside the doorway, hoping they understand that she means for them to hold this position. Lastly, she looks at Lockheed squarely, points at the little dragon, then points up toward the ceiling in the next room and circles. If the little dragon is fast enough, he could possibly be their ace in the hole, and if not he'll be safely clear of the worst of the combat to come.

Finally, she eases the door open just enough for each of them to slip through. Advantage to all the dark-colored clothing. She steps to the right of the door so the others have room to follow.

Zee puts her hand on Kates shoulder and takes the deep breath that Kitty recommends. She's done this before and it feels… weird to say the least, but it's certainly effective to get them in their quickly.

A drawn circle… can be broken but that may be dangerous with magic already filling the air… but then May is giving them /very succinct/ instructions - ones that Zee is more than happy to follow …. she'll help hold the line.

Giving May and Kate room to get through the door, Zee takes up a defensive position and gives Kitty a look — be ready for anything — they're skills will be needed and likely soon.

Kate takes a deep breath, grip tightening a bit on Kitty when the phasing starts. Because that feels weird. Really weird. Eww. Once they hit the ground, though, she nods to May's order, stepping to one side of the doorway to hold that position. She sees the circle, and while she's no mage, she knows what those are for. She's dealt with them before, too. Interrupt the circle, interrupt the spell. Quietly, she draws an arrow from her quiver - one with a small, directed charge that could take a chunk out of the floor, and thus out of the circle.

To be in a defensive position chafes at Kitty's desire to be close up in the action. It's why she uses a katana. However, she nods once at May's plan, staying right by Zee and the door, readying herself for the action. It's probably best to do it this way if she's going to attempt to use magic. She's not as well practiced as Zee and it will take her far more concentration to do what is necessary. Pulling her katana from her sheath, she slips the container back into her purse and keeps the pointed blade in a ready, but defensive, position.

Lockheed, on the other hand, nods solemnly at May's directions, waving a scaled claw at her in what may be a thumb's up - if he had thumbs. Instead, he readies himself for the signal and as soon as May is through the door, he launches himself off of Kitty's shoulder and through the door toward the ceiling, circling in the shadows.

In the time it takes for them to get set up, one captive is dragged, struggling and kicking, into the circle. Five of the necromancers take up position at five points, outlining a pentagram if one were to trace them. The sixth is in the center, kneeling over the bound, struggling man with the knife. "By this offering of blood we call upon the dread realms of darkness. By our will and our power let the two realms become one. We summon forth the planemeld!" The knife raises high…

Melinda May sees that the others are in position, and raises her pistol, aiming for the man about to kill one of the hostages. And, to avoid risking said hostage, she's aiming for the knife-wielding hand being held up very conveniently. And, hopefully this'll give them an extra split second.

"SHIELD! DROP YOUR WEAPONS!" She's fully aware that that kind of thing almost never works in the real world, but if it makes the ones creating the circle hesitate, it'll be worth it.

Zee's sure that being defensive rankles at Kitty, but she's equally as sure the phasing mutant will get a chance to employ her Katana … maybe.

The teen mage won't go head to head with the magic… she'll try to disrupt the ritual by disrupting the casters physically… particularly given that it looks ilke Kate is going to break the circle - they may need to watch for comes out of that… circles contain magic as much as stop things getting in. For now, Zee's going to draw on a signature move - see what's deployed against them when it really gets going.

~~ riA dniB ehT srecnamorceN, dnaH dnA tooF, dnuorG ekahS dnA kconK mehT ffO fO riehT teeF ~~

At the very least, this may distract the necromancers and anyone else supporting them, drawing fire (so to speak) to give the others something to act against.

Kate isn't willing to risk giving the mages a chance to go in murdering, whatever magic may come out of the broken circle. May calls for weapons to go down, and Kate banks on that extra split second. "Kitty, cover the sacrifice!" she calls to the other woman, holding off on firing the arrow just long enough to give her a chance to get there. As soon as she sees her moving and close enough to keep the captive from getting knifed or hit with exploding debris, she fires at the edge of the circle - the only time an archer aims away from the center of the target.

Though she's prepared to be defensive by the door with Zatanna, at Kate's command she goes dashing forward, passing right through the door and anyone in her way to make a straight line for the man who is about to be sacrificed. Sliding on the floor she becomes solid just in time to try and crash into the victim, hoping to phase him just as soon as they're touching. She's also low enough to the ground that she shouldn't spoil May's shot while she's solid. And, of course, once she's phased it won't make a difference. Both bullets, blades and debris should move right through them.

Ka-Boom. A chunk of the floor goes flying through Kitty's phased back. She gets to the hostage just in a time to prevent it from flying through his head. The circle explodes with power that doesn't harm the masonry but does send all of the magi flying back. Outside there's' a spine chilling howl that can be heard even down here.

"Stop them! Don't let them rescue anyone! For the Master!" The three guards indeed do not drop their weaponry. They start shooting instead. Not in time to prevent the knife wielding one from having his hand shot. The athame flies into a corner as Zee tries to bind the necromancers. The mana static is making it hard but she gets one before another throws a lot of power at her, trying to counter and reverse her binding.

Melinda May of course starts shooting back at the three guards. They aren't near the hostages, so she's far less forgiving. Having only a pistol against their AK-47s, she goes for center mass shots on them, knowing even if they're wearing vests (unlikely) a well-placed hit will take them down at least long enough for Zee to get the rest of the hostages (besides the one that Kitty's already got) out of the room and to safety.

Only one? At least they got thrown out of the way, except for the one trying to counter her spell. Warding the binding - strangely, Zee's had a lot of experience in creating wards lately - the teen mage leaves it there to distract the necromancer… feeding just enough power to it, to let them think she's still holding it. Focussing on the group of the hostages, her eyes flare brightly…

~~ tropeleT ehT segatsoH pU oT sirneF ~~

This will take a bit of power, to cut through the mana static and teleport 8 hostages, all at once - at least it's not a long distance.

As the gunfire starts, Kate ducks behind the doorframe. There's kevlar in her uniform, but she's got no interest in testing just how well it works right now. Not with hostages on the line. From the cover offered there, though, she starts to fire back at the mages. Energy's a tricky thing - sometimes different kinds don't blend well. So it's taser arrows she uses, hoping the electricity they deliver will help to disrupt the magic flying through the air.

Keeping a firm hold on the hostage, Kitty keeps herself phased. "Stay with me," she tells the hostage, trying to make sure he doesn't get out of her grip. As soon as that happens, he'll be vulnerable again. Keeping a hold on him, she starts moving back through the room, trying to keep away from the magic being thrown around.

From above, as soon as the howl reverberates through the room, Lockheed swoops downward, picking one of the magi and spewing fire at him before pulling back upward.

Melinda May moves to take cover as well, because while her SHIELD combat gear is far better than civilian clothing, it's NOT kevlar because of her requirements for freedom of movement. And, while Kate (and Lockheed) are aiming for the mages, she's concentrating on the guards. SHe's just got this whole allergy to dumbasses carrying AK-47s thing, you know?

Sometimes it's the simple things that work best. Bullets, arrows. Force spells and other forms of shielding will keep a caster safe from harm but if no one has any defense against an attack they're not expecting. Darque's people expect magic types to come stop them. SHIELD? And a young woman with a bow? That not so much. The first taser arrow hits one of the guards and sends him twitching to the floor followed by one of the mages. Another guard goes down to May's gunfire. They're scattering now, as best they can, looking for cover. All of the hostages except Kitty's are swept away, leaving the room much clearer and honestly, it'd be pretty simple for Kitty to just shove her charge into one of the side rooms at this point and come back from an unexpected angle. She's fairly obvious but they're fairly distracted, especially as Lockheed swoops down screeching and actually sets one of the remaining necromatic jackasses on fire. That's about half down and no casualties for Team Dead Things Are Bad.

With the hostages, supposedly safe, Zee sends a question to Fenris over the leylines

Do you have the hostages I sent up?

She'll make sure they're safe… and then turns her attention to the remaining necromancers - new trick time for the young mage.

~~ dneS sllaberiF tA ehT srecnamorceN ~~

Fireballs form in each of Zee's hands as she takes a small amount of time to aim, and then throw them…. maybe she's practicing….

Oh no, there's no running. Kate shifts her focus to the people trying to make their escape, swapping over to the riot foam arrows that wrap them in strangling foam, and the putty arrows that mire their feet to the floor, and even one that fires a line across the doorway at chest height. It would almost be comical if it weren't so damned effective.

With the other hostages easily taken away, Kitty moves hers to a side room and quickly shuts the door. "Stay here where you'll be safe," she tells him before turning around to see Lockheed set someone on fire and everyone else firing guns and arrows at the guards. As people don't seem to be paying much attention to her at the moment, she phases through the wall and through the side rooms until she's practically behind the magi and their guards.

Once that's accomplished, she phases through the wall fully, swinging her katana.

Yes. They were delicious. Fenris deadpans back to Zee. Of course he's got them. He's also still a bit busy containing the wild death magic that was released but that's easily within his abilities. It just takes a bit of time and concentration.

The first runner gets foamed and sticky-tacked to the floor. Those arrows are… well Kate's not wrong. It would be comical if it weren't so serious. Or effective. As it stands the second of the runners just gets fireballed. Not burnt or killed but definitely set alight. It might make Lockheed look at her with indication. That's his shtick. Another mage gets shot. Twice. Once in the shoulder and once in the knee. He's down. Casting takes concentration and he no longer has any to spare. Magi who can cast though that kind of pain are rare.

Which just leaves one shooter left. And Kitty is right behind him. Not for long though. She comes though and her blade slices into the man's back. Not a lethal cut. But he's not going anywhere. It's possible he won't be walking any time soon either.

There's a sudden rumble up top. You guys did it… could use some help up here though. Something big just came through. I think someone is being spiteful. Of course, someone may need to look after the hostages that just got set topside.

Up top Fenris is looking up at a T-Rex skeleton. One that is, if his nose does not decieve him, supposed to be in the Chicago museum of Natural History. "Hello Sue." He murmurs before the animated set of bones roars at him.

Up top, there comes a sudden surge of white and blue. A portal from the nearby leyline opens up, and a motorcycle surges through, traveling at around 60mph. It's rider, dressed in black with blue trim, is wearing an open faced helmet, but the visor beneath glows with an all too familiar red.

"Sorry I'm late," Cyclops calls over the roar of the engine, his words transmitted via the pendulum bouncing around his neck and chest. "Heads up, Fenris."

A tilt of the head, and an optic beam lashes out at 'Sue', aimed directly for her midsection.

Zee had to check that the hostages made it to where she had tried to send them. Fenris deadpanning has the teen mages eyes rolling. "Fenris needs helps…" Gathering the other three women and the rescued hostage… Zee teleports the group back up to the street… sure that Lockheed will join them.

Just in time to see Scotts arrival and his eyebeaming 'Sue' the T-Rex…. "Well… that's different." She needs a minute to recover from that last jaunt.

"What was that?" Kate asks at the rumbling above, bracing herself for Zee's teleport and…Once above, she blinks up at the skeleton. "That…I mean. I guess that explains…the rumbling…" She rifles through her quiver, trying to find something useful, only to settle on a blunt tip and hold it out between Zee and Fenris. "Can someone put a dispel magic enchantment on this?" she asks, keeping an eye on the fossil.

Fenris already has his blade out and is playing don't get chomped by the fossilized monster. It's definitely been reinforced with magic. Scott's eyebeam staggers it off to the side but doesn't shatter the bone like it should. And then Fenris doesn't have it's attention anymore. The beast turns as Kate and Zee (and presumably May) arrive and chomps at Scott. It's quick. Like fighting an alligator. Always closer to you than you think it is.

"Dispelling would be good. Or just turining it into bone meal. Though the museum might object." Fenris waves a hand in Kate's direction and her arrow begins to glow a bit. Not exactly a dispell so much as more life magic. The exact opposite of necromancy. The two interact… kind of like matter and antimatter.

Express ride back to the beginning. As much as teleporting like that makes Agent May queasy, it's vastly preferrable to having to run up all of those stairs. She gets one look at the t-rex skeleton attacking Scott and holsters her pistol to free her hands for her meteor hammer. (That's a long piece of rope with a weight on the end.) She can honestly say she's never done anything like this before, but really, how difficult can it be to lasso a t-rex?

Thank goodness he brought the motorbike! When the beast's head lurches, Cyclops pulls the throttle, accelerating just in time to avoid becoming prehistoric dinner.

The bike is leaned hard to the left, leaving a trail of burnt rubber in the asphalt as it skims inches from striking the curb. "I'll keep it occupied."

Coming around for another pass, Cyclops opens the throttle fully, leaving forward to prevent the machine from performing a wheelie. He's headed straight for the monster's legs!

In rapid succession, optic blasts are fired up toward the beast's neck, hoping to ward off another chomping attack. Hed back down, Scott grimaces as the bike heads right toward the dinosaur's legs, and with a slight turn to the right, he drives right between them.


Each leg is struck by an optic beam; one if which was reflected off the bike's side mirror to do the job.

"Dance, baby, dance," he murmurs.

Cyclops' distraction should buy the group time… Zee watches as Kates arrow begins to glow and May starts winding up to lasso the beast. When the t-Rex is disabled, she'll teleport it back to it's display spot… for now though, the teen mage holds her power.

Kate Bishop is not blowing up a treasured fossil. Talk about bad publicity. Besides, she's good, but chances of hitting a bone and the arrow not just going through the thing are slim all the same. "Here goes," she murmurs, taking a deep breath and sinking into that laser focus that comes when she's aiming. It's like everything slows down for just a moment as she pulls back on the string, aiming at the eye hole of the skull. Get the arrow in there and it might stay in long enough for the spell to take root. Exhale…and fire!

The creature writhes and roars under the combined attack from Scott, Fenris' magic and May's meteor hammer tangling it up and yanking it off balance. It lifts its head back to roar - how it does that with no lungs utterly unclear - and Kate's arrow goes right inside.

Green lightning plays over the beast, making Fenris jump back even though it's his own power doing it. There's a serries of thunderous booms as the animating magic is dispelled and then the bones slump and begin to collapse into a heap.

Pulling the bike around, Cyclops looks on with mouth ajar, leaving the machine to idle as the magic plays over the beast. When it crumbles, he grimaces.

Scott removes his helmet with an expression of reluctance, then climbs off the bike with a subdued sigh. "I'd ask what I missed, but… how 'bout, instead: is anyone injured?"

As the bones start to slump, Zee's ready … she knew that Kate would shoot true! Eyes glowing bright, she murmurs the words of a spell, designed to capture the now inanimate T-Rex and send it back to the musuem …. where it will appear in its display area, assembled correctly, mostly.

Museum staff may wonder at the slight pitting that appears on the leg bones.

Kate lets out a breath as the arrow does its work, lowering her bow with a rueful smile toward Cyclops. "Oh, you know. The usual. Crazy dark mages trying to reject our reality and substitute their own. Nothing new." The sad part is, it's true. But with the giant dinosaur out of the way, she goes to check in with the former hostages, making sure everybody's in good shape.

Melinda May hastily lets go of her meteor hammer when Kate's arrow flies, but the skeleton was doomed to collapse. "I do not envy whomever has to reassemble that thing."

"No one's hurt." Fenris murmurs. "Or at least, no one who doesn't deserve it. Glad you could make it Cyclops."

He looks around at the 'team' and smiles. "You have just saved this city." And no one will ever know. Well, some people will know, there's a mess to clean up downstairs and hostages who will no doubt be appropriately panicked. "We're working on finding Darque and ending this… insanity. But until then it's very, very good to know that I can count on the likes of you. I hope all is well for you? I've been hearing… rumors." That not all may be well for the X-Men.

"Don't worry." Scott looks toward Fenris with a decidedly glib expression. "The rumors are badly overexaggerated." The level of sarcasm is virtually dripping.

Scott has a broken house to put back together. There's a chance this has something to do with his late arrival.

"Agent May. Nice to see you on the other side of the 'fence'." A glance is given to Kate in passing, then a smile and a nod sent Zee's way. "I trust Shadowcat performed well?"

Melinda May starts reeling in her meteor hammer. "The kid's reliable. The dragon, too." Yes, she did just say that with a completely straight face. What? She's made a special trip to buy ice cream for a demon. How is complimenting a dragon any different?

"Shadowcat is great." Zee smiles at Cyclops "We've worked together a bit lately. And Lockheed is awesome!" Even if Zee did throw fireballs and upset him. "Thank you for the help out here, Cyclops." Zee's feeling a little bouyed that she didn't hurt for a change.

"Kitty aquitted herself well." Fenris confirms. "She's got a talent, if she hadn't told you already. More exposure to this kind of thing would probably not be a bad thing." After all it's not like Fenris calls Scott up to send him on missions generally. He's sure the X-Man can get into arcane trouble on his own and if he does… Kitty could use the experience.

"Her… pet is also quite handy in a fight. I suspect you knew that though. Is there anything I can help anyone with?" Even if it's simply a portal back to where they were.

This all brings a smile to Cyclops' face. "Well, don't tell her I said so, but she's one of our best. Lockheed's not bad, either. Speaking of, I'd best go check on her, see if she needs any assistance." He hooks a thumb toward the Town Hall, then hops on his bike to drive it over and obtain something resembling a legal parking space.

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