Parking Garage Problems

March 02, 2014:

What starts as a simple break and enter to a car becomes a gathering point for heroes.

Midtown Manhattan parking garage

Just off the street, this dimly lit, five-story public parking garage is filled with cars of all makes and models. It caters to the tourists in that it is within blocks of most of the major tourist attractions.


NPCs: Alfred Pennyworth



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Fade In…

Evening, night before a snowstorm. The Oscars on the West Coast are gearing up, and those on the opposite shore will be damned if they miss the festivities over the forecasts of yet another 'stormaggedon'. It's raining for the moment, but that doesn't keep those that have planned for these parties from enjoying themselves.

Here and there around the city, then, the parties have only just started, the drinks flowing after the sun has dropped past the horizon. Here specifically in Midtown there is something of a 'slum gathering' of those that are simply choosing to find a good bar rather than a higher brow place. Doesn't mean, however, that they don't have money- they are just laying the foundation for the bigger parties that will come later.

Out in a public car park, on the third level, there are a couple 'nicer' cars parked here and there. Off, to one side, a well-dressed looking man stands, hands in his pockets. He wears a suit, a woolen coat, and a green and gold scarf draped about his neck. He watches and waits as a couple less 'elegantly' dressed men approach a car with a black box… and as they press it against the door, the audible *click* sounds of car locks sound. With a furtive look back to the man in waiting, that is, Loki, the pair of car thieves open the door tentatively.

No alarm…



"Nah, Aunt May, you watch it for me. I got it on DVR up in my room."

"But Peter, we've been watching the Oscars for /years/," the middle aged woman responds, going so far as to have already made the popcorn.

"Aunt May, junior year is the hardest, and I have a Design Methods presentation tomorrow. I gotta make sure I'm prepared." Peter kisses his aunt on the cheek. "Love ya. Don't wait up."

"I'll leave you some meatloaf!" Aunt May says as the door shuts hard.


Peter Parker has pulled on the old familiar suit and is doing the rounds of his city, New York. Things have been a bit dodgy lately after that fire. They're after him, but they've always kind of been after him. Cops won't stop him. Thugs won't stop him. With great power comes gr-what's that?

Out of his peripheral vision, Spidey sees some guys acting nefariously as they stand around a car. The Webcrawler shifts direction and silently swings low, deciding to sneak up on the situation from underneath.


"Aye, the food therein is a rare treat," Thor says agreeably, chatting with Amora. Soaring across the sky at a languid speed, the Enchantress is wrapped under one thick arm, carried along with him, her tresses snapping in the air. "The 'deep fried twinky' is a name ill-suited for such a delicacy, but one worthy of the halls of Asgard."

He frowns, peering at the garage. "I sense a presence, there. And I suspect those toothless thugs are criminals, stealing those… 'automobiles'. I understand them to be valuable." He changes direction abruptly with a flick of his hammer, and looks down at Amora. "Shall I place you somewhere safe, or wilt thou join me in expediting a correction of this vagrantly rude behaviour?" he inquires, giving Amora a gamin grin.

While Spidey goes for subtle… Thor does the opposite. Because subtle. Amora is cut loose at a point where her own skills can support her, and Thor goes blistering into the middle of the carjacking, electricity crackling around him.

"FEAR ME, MORTAL SCUM!" he bellows in an earsplitting voice. "I AM THOR, GOD OF THUNDER, AND I COMMAND THEE TO-" he pauses and stops, abruptly brought up short by his brother's presence.

"Loki? By Odin's eye, prayest thou tell me why you are here?" he demands of his brother, lowering the hammer.


It is very obvious that Amora has so much to learn about when it comes to the customs and traditions of the mortals of Midgard and it becomes all the more so when Thor begins to talk about the food they find enjoyable. "And what is this thing you speak of, Thor," she inquieries curiously, her voice easily carrying despite the wind that whisks past them as they travel through the air.

The ill doings are noticed by the sorceress just as Thor calls it to her attention, then and she shakes her head, not at all pleased. "They do need to be taught a lesson," she murmurs only to then find herself left to her own devices. Oh goodness. Frowning, she teleports a little closer towards that car but doesn't come any closer, too surprised by the sight of Loki to take further action.


"It.. it worked!" One of the would-be car thieves looks more than a little astonished at the black box in hand. It has no real distinguishing features of it. It simply is a black box. First, he looks to Loki, then to his 'partner in crime' before he elbows said partner, "Get the stuff. We've got a few more— aw, crap.."

The appearance of Spiderman isn't yet noticed, and will go unnoticed for the moment when the booming voice sounds, echoing all through the levels of the carpark. (In fact, a couple of car alarms DO go off…).

Backing away from the car, the guy with the box pushes the other at the back of his head towards the open door of the pricey car- "Get it and let's go!"

Turning about, however, the one nominally in charge is met with a rather LARGE Asgardian, hammer crackling. There's a glance back at the figure that is partially still in shadow before he simply… tears off, trying to get as much distance as possible. Leaving behind, of course, his compatriot.

Loki's hands are still deep in the pockets of his wool coat when the shadows cast brings the movement of Spidey to his attention. That, however, is quickly overshadowed by the appearance of Thor. A low groan sounds from the Trickster's throat, and he takes a step forward.

"Brother," the word is meant to gain Thor's attention from his minions. "What a surprise." Beat. "Amora. Flying with Thor now?"


As people seem to not be paying attention towards Spider-Man, he comes swinging in to land upon the top of a van. His legs are spread out defensively and he looks more animal than man as he leans down low upon an outstretched hand.


Spider-Man depresses his shooters with his middle finger (it's a metaphor) and sends two gooey masses of webs towards the men who Loki rolls with, attempting to web them to the car they're attempting to swipe.

"Uh-oh, family business. So awkward being at the table when the drama hits its peak. Boys, you'll keep me company, right?"


"Sooth, Loki, thou speakest as if a common cur among this rabble," Thor says, scowling at his brother. "Show the Lady Amora some measure of courtesy. We were dining 'pon this eve and my sharp eye spotted thy skullduggery. What master plan, pray tell, are you about this time?" he demands in the tone of a weary, bored brother. "Mere larceny? And what ho!" he blinks, looking at Spider-man.

"Be ye knave or noble sir?" he demands of the Spidey, pointing the handle of Mjolnir at him. "If thou art part of my brother's ignoble devices, I shall have words with thee after I speak with my brother."

He turns back to Loki. "Now, brother, an explanation, an' it pleases thee," he demands.


There is a lifting of Amora's chin when Thor comes to her defense, a slightly smug smile added to that to convey the pride she feels at that. "What does it matter if I choose to spend time with Thor," she queries with a lilting bit of laughter, that faint giggle mingling with her words echoing the amusement she feels.

The thieves and then Spider-Man are all regarded warily, then, unknown elements to this situation. "Answer him truthfully," she advises the latter quickly, "lest you wish to invoke the wrath of Thor, the God of Thunder."


The one that got pushed into the car is trying desperately to squirm out now that he's got whatever it is from the glove box. Not in the best position, then, as the Amazing Spiderman lands on the roof of the car. Eyes widen, and he is only able to back up a step, two tops before he's webbed. Not even a chance to turn around to run! "What the hell— you're not real!" A disbeliever?

The other, the one with the black box, is trying to beat feet, though the presence of Thor makes it a little more difficult. Okay, a lot. Guy is a scary dude, and LOUD. He's not going to get too terribly far, however, what with the web in the back. He falls backwards, forward momentum gone, and the little box goes skittering away, to land under another car.

Loki looks.. annoyed, and his eyes darken a moment, though the anger is fleeting. There, and gone before he pulls his hands from his pockets. Looking up at Spiderman now, brows rise. "Don't you have anything better to do?" The city is filled with worse than this, dammit.. and the Spider is ruining his tests. With his hands free, however, Loki is able to do something about that box; and should anyone look for it? It's gone from sight.

"I wouldn't get involved… whatever you are."

Loki takes a couple of steps towards Thor and Amora now, walking fully from the shadows into the dim light cast by the fixtures embedded in the low ceiling. "As for an explanation?" As if he couldn't make one up on the fly? Still, there's a flicker of something behind those eyes, and he offers a smile, followed by a hint of a shrug. "Directing the actions of some into something a little more constructive than when I found them." The beginnings of his army. Such as it is.

A sigh escapes, and a light, 'what can you do' sort of chuckle. "Good help can be so very hard to find."

The chastizing, however, brings the Trickster's back straight, and his expression hardens, his tones sounding a tight dance as his gaze lands upon the sorceress. "Then you dine well, brother. A lady of no small … measure."


Spidey looks between Thor and Amora and points at the webbed bad guys, "Yo, Aryan nation, I'm with whatever team is gonna stop those goons from stealin' cars."

Smartly, Spidey does not get to the fray immediately. He's about to add something in, but when Loki refers to Amora's waist size, Spidey rises and puts both hands over his mouth in shock. "Oh no, he didn't. He di…BURN!"



Thor eyes Loki levelly for a moment, then takes two strides forward and grabs his brother by the front of his shirt collar. With an effortless motion he turns his brother to the side and slams him against a concrete wall, just hard enough to get his attention. Thor brings his face to within inches of Loki's, his eyes lidding into glimmering, furious blue spots.

"Do not. Insult. A lady in my company." He yanks Loki forward and thumps him into the wall once more, just enough to make his head bounce off the concrete a bit. "Do we have an understanding, /brother/?" he demands. "Or shall I give you an object lesson in what happened the time last you insulted a member of my company?" He tilts his head, then whispers in Loki's ear. "Aunumstide, six decades hence? When you invited Lady Sif to your chambers?" he murmurs. He eyes Loki, then releases his collar and pats his brother firmly on the collarbone. "Consider the consequences before you flap thy gums again, brother dear," Thor informs Loki.

"And apologize to Lady Amora."


She really wants to be friends with Loki but it is so hard to when he is so antagonistic on a good day and utterly unbearable on a bad one. And as it stands, it is beginning to lean towards the latter. His goading is met by a narrowing of her eyes but before she can say anything Thor makes to grab Loki, the way he does so startling. "Careful, m'lord," she implores the Thunder God, but he releases Loki just before she can chide him further, making her stop herself and what she does do instead is sight.

Spider-Man is regarded again before she asks him, "And what is your name," her irritation over the recent events involving her fellow Asgardians resulting in an icy tone she can not control.


Loki's attention is pulled from Thor when Spidey's exclamation comes, and it's that moment that he's not really watching his brother's movements. The big guy is quicker than most give him credit, including the younger Prince of Asgard himself at times.

Once grabbed, Loki's hands come up, but there's no way he'd be able to in any way, shape or form get Thor to release his hold. Concrete dust falls around him as he's slammed into the wall. He's got Loki's full attention, and is in no danger of losing it at this point.


The yank away from the wall reveals the slight indent in the support in the shape of a certain God of Chaos, only to be refilled by that self-same person. More concrete dust falls, causing the dark hair to appear to lighten a little. The anger in Thor's eyes is reflected back, and there's a touch of a sneer that graces that face. "It was well deserved, brother." His voice lowers, and there, his words are murmured, "She came willingly. Have you not yet found that pleasure?"

Once Thor lets him go, Loki drops his hands and makes to brush the dust from his coat, the Midgardian wear shimmering to that gold and green leather that he seems to prefer. "I am sorry," comes harshly, "that you have chosen this night to dine with my brother."


"Yeah, I'm sorry too," Spider-Man interjects. He looks back over to Amora with a tilt of the head. "You've never heard of Spider-Man before? I really need to talk to my agent." He sighs. "Things aren't like they used to be. Back before there was an easy path to stardom: You just worked your tail off as a hero and the press would follow you, love you, write about you, show you. Now? Any doofus with a camera and an internet connection is a star. It messes with everything. Everything is skewed." Pause. "/Spi/der/man. See? Spider." He points at his chest.


Thor and Sif and the Warriors Three have hunted many creatures and monsters and men across many planes, They have tracked giants and dwarves and far stranger beings.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that even in the strange kingdom of modern Midgard, that the lady Sif can track down her closest comrade.

She sprints up the parking ramp, sword upraised; she's heard battle and raised voices, but it does appear that the lion's share of the fighting has gone on without her. Her eyes narrow, though, when she sees the tableau, and she does not sheathe her sword.

"It seems you've started the festivities without me," she says, a half-smile contorting the corner of her mouth. "I might have known that you — " She points her sword toward the trickster — "would be up to some mischief. What passes here?"


Thor narrows his eyes at his brother and gives him one more pointed shove, before walking over to the door of the car and gently shutting it. "My apologies, lady Amora," Thor offers to the Enchantress. "I had not thought my brother to be up to acts nefarious. I shan't ruin our evening with the like," he says.

Upon Sif's arrival, he turns, a broad smile crossing his face. "Sif! My friend, your timing is most fortuitous," he congratulates her. "I was attending meal with the Lady Amora when I came 'cross my /brother/," he growls, gesturing with Mjolnir, "engaging in some base theft with a pair of petty miscreats. This one," he says, gesturing at Spiderman, "seems a noble enough sort, if free with his tongue. Still, 'tis a free land, and I am no man's lord here."

Nonchalantly, he regards his fingernails. "Oh, Lady Sif, remind me… when my boon brother invited you to his chambers that Aurumstide feast some… six decades hence? I cannot quite recall your reply to him, but I seem to recall it was somewhat more pointed than he asserts."


Amora can not help but to frown a little, upset by the fact that her evening with Thor has been ruined thanks to the antics of Loki although she is by no means surprised that it has been. He is known as the God of Mischief, after all. "Loki, you manners are ill-befitting the son of Odin. It saddens me to see that…"

And like that she finds herself silenced for a moment when Sif appears. "Shieldmaiden." The greeting, while brief and perhaps curt thanks to her darkening mood, is meant warmly even if it can not be registered in her voice. A look is given to the arachnid-inclined hero and then to Thor, the blond man given as much of a smile as can be summoned. "Worry not, Thor. There will be other times for us to enjoy time here upon Midgard."

Loki is just finishing brushing the concrete dust from his shoulder and stepping away from the Loki-shaped indent. "Yes, I've heard of you. Last time." Any way to gain an ally!

His hand falls from his own shoulder as Sif comes sprinting up, sword out. His expression falls, and there's an almost resigned look that states that he fully believes there will be a fight here before the night is finished. Thor's question to Sif regarding her reaction to his invitation gains a laugh, and there's another sidestep taken. "You really wish to know, don't you…"

Loki doesn't finish that particular thought, however, when Amora seeks to chastize him. Blue eyes blaze, and his own anger shows that he is brother to the Thunder God, at least in mood, even if his own emotions are quick to change. "And who are you to say such a thing, -Lady- Amora? Are you the final say on what is befitting a Prince?" He pauses before he begins to laugh, but the humour doesn't quite reach those eyes as he gestures towards Thor. "Or are you comparing me to him? Do you say that he is the image of his father in deed?"


"Now gotta admit, she's pretty hot," Spider-Man says, still sitting on the hood of the van. His extended finger points at Sif and sighs, not really knowing if this is going to turn ugly and not really knowing if he needs to be here when it does. The goons are taken care of after all.


Sif gives Spider-Man a look that clearly indicates she thinks he might be dense. "This is a chill breeze that blows. I am not even warm, though my /anger/ is beginning to burn." She blinks at the tights-clad young man: "I recall seeing pictures of you. The newsreaders suggested that you killed the man on that roof, but I suspect that to be a lie. Spiders are not a pretty sigil, however. Consider a nobler animal."

Her gaze then falls between Amora and Thor. Something passes over her expression, but she clears her throat and focuses that intense gaze on Loki. "And what does he assert?" she inquires, her voice edged with ice. "Or need I ask the question? Can you truly stoop so low, Loki, that you would weave lies and invent bedmates? Is it merely to irritate your brother that you say such things? Or is it wishful thinking?"


"The usual assertions of his seductive vigor," Thor says, with a tone of bored aggravation. He turns away from Loki and Sif and Amora and Spiderman, as if turning his face away in anger. A quick breath and a brief expression of relief crosses his features. If Loki'd been telling the truth, for once….


Thor sterns himself and turns back around, his features carved from stone. "The /Lady/ Amora is my guest and under my auspice this eve," Thor states, firmly. "Thy behaviour is loutish and rude, and even a Prince of Asgard should not place himself above the most base etiquette. Though," he says, turning to Amora and holding a gentle hand of apology out, "he is your Prince, my Lady. Please allow me the obligation of correcting his temerity."

With Amora and Sif flanking him, Thor takes a breath, then looks up at Spidey.

"Sooth, Arachnid, thou scuttles yet with us? I should have thought you would have retired by now to thy own domicile," Thor asks of Spider-man. "This debate concerns only the denizens of Asgard, not thyself."


"Your father might not have sired me, Loki, but I am by no means any less noble than you. Perhaps I can even say I am more so as I know how to behave as fitting one of my station." As she speaks she starts to raise her hand and by the time she's done responding to Loki she is changing instead, speaking in tongues of an arcane nature. Just what is she planning on doing? It is made evident when she thrusts her hand out towards the dark-haired Norse deity, sending a concussive blast towards him. It won't hurt much, if he's hit by it, it meant to be nothing more than a 'slap', for the lack of a better way of putting it, but Spidey miiiiight want to make sure he gets out of the way of it just to make sure. Once the spell is cast she darts a look to the other two, her expression chagrinned. "Forgive me, m'lord, Shieldmaiden. I just…"


Loki might not be in the best position at the moment, but he is clever enough to pick up that flicker behind those eyes of the Shieldmaiden as she takes in Thor and Amora. A hint of a smile returns to his face; this, this he can work with. Perhaps not now, but later. Seeds have been sewn.

"I apologize, brother," and doesn't Loki sound so very sincere? "For disturbing your dinner plans with the -Lady- Amora. Enjoy your meal—"

Sif's question to him gains her simply a -look-. Of course he likes to dig at Thor, truth or not. It's the way he learns weaknesses. And, frankly, brothers will be brothers.

Before, however, Loki can say as much, Amora's lecture begins, and his expression is one of amusement. It turns quickly to something a touch more guarded before he's thrown back by the concussive wave. He easily recognized it for what it is, and isn't harmed by it- nor did he believe that was its intent.

Picking himself up, Loki simply laughs again, but not without once again dusting the dirt off his clothing before he simply turns around to leave. There's a flick of his finger, and the concrete roof that is over that car that they'd broken into only a few moments ago begins to fall in chunks, crashing through the windshield, denting the hood of the car…


"My thoughts exactly, Goldilocks." Spider-Man says, pointing to Thor. "I had enough of this garbage in high school English." He looks at Loki and nods knowingly, "Shakespeare sucks. Let me know if this gets any more violent than all your hurts in the feels, eh?" Spider-Man does a backflip off the van and dips between the two floors and out into the night sky.


"Isn't that a little dismissive?" Sif looks to Thor with an increasing frown, gesturing Spider-Man's way. "He did apprehend those two men — criminals of some stripe, presumably. Surely he deserves…"

But then Amora's giving Loki a swat and the roof is coming down an instant later, and swiftly Sif sprints forward. "Flee!" she cries over her shoulder. "These miscreants should see justice, not be crushed!" And she's actually diving for the criminals, grabbing them by the backs of the collars and dragging them away.


Thor moves with the same alacrity, but throwing his shoulders and arms above him to hold the roof up. "Someone move the cars!" he grunts. He swings Mjolnir up, using the shield it can create to stabilize the ceiling.

In short order, the car is moved (what remains of it), the criminals are collared, and Sif, Amora, and Thor remain, the God of Thunder grimacing discontentedly.

"Aye," he tells Sif. "I owe him an apology ere I meet him again. He is a decent sort. I was of an ill temper. Ladies, please, forgive my harsh words. I… was rather rude," he concedes. "I beg your pardon for my harsh words, and my brother's actions."


Amora looks postively ashamed at her behavior, the way she allowed herself to be goaded into such bad behavior - the same kind of boorish behavior she chided Loki over just before her actions - causing her no small amount of embarrassment and self-directed disappointment. By the time Sif and Thor are done reacting to the ceiling collapsing she is about in searing tears that burn her eyes.

"It is not for you to apologize, Thor. It is your brother who should be saying such." Sif and Thor are both given a bow of her head. "I find myself suddenly weary of being in this realm. I believe I shall return to Asgard and my chambers for the evening." Before she leaves, she whispers towards Thor, "I do hope we can try this again sometime soon, m'lord, for I had a lovely time…" Before Loki's antics, "… and I'd like to try again, if you're of a similar mind."


Two Hours Later:

"Yes, Master Tim. I will be returning shortly… Yes… Yes… Yes, I purchased the ice cream… Yes, just as you like it… You're quite welcome… Very well… Good-bye."

Alfred Pennyworth hangs up his cell phone with a quick tap to his ear, arms laden with bags as he approaches the empty parking spot. Just where he lef- Wait…

The elderly butler frowns and looks around confusedly until he spots the car he had parked here way over there. Slowly, he turns his head left and right, then snaps it around to look behind him, still frowning.


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