Tengu For Taking The Trash Out

September 04, 2015:

Fenris and Astryd chase Tengu's … and meet Pepper and Jason

Stark Industries - New York


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Just because Fenris is dealing with tracking down a Necromancer to make sure that he doesn't do anything else unfortunate doesn't mean that he isn't keeping an eye on things. Today 'things' are a trio of grave robbing tengu who are flying away from him as fast as they can as he paces them on the rooftops. The rooftops just happen to be not too far from Stark Tower…

Okay. They're on Stark tower and Pepper might get an eyeful of beaked, winged, mountain goblins as they steak away from the God-Wolf

Pepper Potts is seated in her office, unfortunately with her back to the windows so she misses the roof-hopping adventures going on outside. She does, however, have a finally returned home Lucky sitting across from her and an AI that never sleeps and is always vigilant. "… so you see why I don't feel that keeping you on staff as my personal bodyguard is the best idea."

Maybe it's the god-wolf's presence … or maybe these Tengu have upset her … whatever the reason, a winged woman appears in the sky just in front of where the Tengu are flying - a large spear brandished in her hand.

The black and grey wings, so large they tower over her head and trail to mid calf, beat almost lazily as she hovers in the air. "Halt!" her voice rings out with authority.

Lucky is dressed in a fairly plain looking brown uniform, having only just been returned back. "Well, it was fun while it lasted." His voice calm and collected, as he looks across the table, Eyes deepset from a lack of sleep, a general expression of someone who's not had an exactly stellar past few months. "Sorry again for the whole falling off the map th-" The mans attention falling back on the window as he leans out from his chair to get a better look at the proceedings, only now noticing them.

The Tengu don't stop. They're possibly slightly scared of what's behind them. Two of them dive to zip past Astryd below and another one swerves, slightly too far. There's a smack and a thud as it hits the window. Even stranger than that is the fact that as the two that try to get past Astryd comes a very large rolling trash bin. Hurled, apparently and guided. Somehow. Or maybe it gained sentience and can fly. That's utterly unclear.

The large winged woman can see Fenris at the edge of a rooftop using his rod to direct his chosen arial weapon.

Pepper Potts starts to offer Lucky a conspiratorial smile and the good side of her news, but then he's standing and looking at something outside the window just as …

"Miss Potts," JARVIS says with possibly a find note of concern in his synthesized British voice. "There are individuals just outside the —" And the smack of one of the Tengu against her office window has Pepper gasping in surprise and standing to see what's going on.

Batter Up! If those Tengu aren't going to stop, Astryd will stop them herself. Hovering in the air, wings beating slowly, the Valkyrie sweeps her spear to collect the two Tengu and flip them up and over and back towards Fenris.

Wings dip and rise, moving the woman just out of the way of the trash bin… and amused grey eyes light on the god-wolf…

And in no time flat Jason's gone from sitting in his chair, watching the proceedings to suddenly standing a briefcase held in hand. With the push of a single button the whole thing breaks open folding in on itself the outer case falling away. Left behind is a highly advanced looking rifle in the hands of someone who knows exactly how to use it. "Jarvis, status report."

"There is a flying trash bin chasing a pair of winged individuals." JARVIS reports in his characteristic mode of understatement. The one that smacked into the window is yanked by an unseen force and pulled out of view. "And somone has arrived on the roof." Beat. "With a trash bin."

Fenris leap is impressive but Astryd's seen him do it before. He dumps one of the annoying mountain goblins into the trash can and waits for the Valykrie to come with the other two. "Did you get what they stole?"

Pepper Potts watches with wide eyes, then glances at Lucky suddenly brandishing a serious looking rifle. "The office next door has a balcony. Not Tony's, the one on the other side." It might not be any kind of ideal sniper nest, but it's closer than going all the way up to the roof or risking invading Tony's private space to get to his penthouse balcony.

"You mean this?" Astryd hovers with two Tengu's held by their collars and something in her other hand… The spear has disappeared, replaced by a stranded silver torc around her neck… "A trash bin, Destroyer-Wolf? That's…" a slow smile "inventive."

"Well work with what you're given right?" Jason offers with a bit of a smile, an eyebrow raised to add to the effect, as he starts heading for the balcony. His own attention dropping down to his wrist as he double checks a few bits of information. "Jarvis, protocol 53." Being called out as he heads out of the room, quickly running to the other balcony and setting up a position right on the edge.

Lining up his shot Lucky looks through the scope, Tripod flipped down to add a bit of stabilization. If there's a single one of them left out on their own, he's going to take the shot, aiming right for the heart.

Fenris hasn't noted Lucky. But Lucky might recognize the man. Not the woman perhaps and certainly not the gomblins that he helps the woman dump into the bin. "It seemed appropriate given that we were taking out the trash. Now… where are we?" During the chase he hadn't been paying that much attention so it's only after a minute or so that he realizes they're on Stark Tower. "Oh… well crap."

Pepper Potts isn't really able to see much from the angle that her office windows are at, and JARVIS' sensors are only placed so often on the outside of the building. She hastily accesses the security cameras on the roof area, then breathes a sigh. "JARVIS, please invite Fenris and his companion to my office. And tell them they can leave that dumpster right where it is." She has some QUESTIONS for the god-wolf.

Still hovering above Fenris, Astryd deposits her two catches in the bin… smirking as the god-wolf secures the lid. "I suppose so…" Looking around, the Valkyrie raises a shoulder "In New York, if I'm not mistaken… "

Looking through that scope for what feels like an age, Jason moves back to a stand, flipping the rifle around once before it folds itself right back up. What's left when he turns to walk back into the building is a plain and simple black briefcase, with a combination lock. The horrifically scarred man making his way back into the room with pepper sitting his briefcase back down beside his chair. "Glad that didn't get messy." His attention shifting back to his watch one more time before he just pulls out a small bottle from his shirt pocket and takes a drink from the contents.

Pepper Potts takes a breath. "Now, before those unexpected guests arrive, let me finish what I was saying. You're too valuable to be just a bodyguard. I want to make you a senior security advisor for Stark Industries. Specifically, this building and eventually all Stark properties worldwide. What do you think?"

"Mister Wolfson, if you and your companion would like to come inside…" JARVIS speaks from the nearby alarm speakers and unlocks the roof access door.

"Seems we've drawn the attention of the Lord or Lady of the tower." Fenris murmurs to Astryd as he seals the dumpster shut with a ward. "Come on. I'll introduce you." Once inside he makes for the elevator. They'll be at Pepper's office momentarily.

"Think I might have to take you up on that offer." Jason capping right back off his bottle, and tossing it into the pocket of his shirt. There's a moment where he just looks on silent before picking up the briefcase again, and popping it open. Reaching inside of the normal looking case he pulls out a small smartphone and starts texting someone. Just for a quick moment before tossing it back in and shutting the case that just a few moments prior had been a full rifle.

"The Lord or Lady?" Astryd looks at Fenris askance… furling her wings till they disappear as they enter the tower. Apart from being dressed in jeans and long top, the woman exudes a certain aura which combined with that of the god-wolfs, has people stepping out of the pairs way.

Pepper Potts takes a breath. "Now, before those unexpected guests arrive, let me finish what I was saying. You're too valuable to be just a bodyguard. I want to make you a senior security advisor for Stark Industries. Specifically, this building and eventually all Stark properties worldwide. What do you think?" And, as timing always is, Fenris and the woman accompanying him arrive just as she finishes speaking. "Give it some time, okay?" She moves to greet them at the door to her office. "Mr. Wolfson. Doing a little light exerminating today?" She smiles and offers the woman a polite nod in greeting, hoping there will be introductions very shortly.

Fenris shrugs. "Don't know which it is yet." He gets his first clue when they stop on the floor that has Pepper's office and JARVIS asks them to head in that direction. Pepper can likely feel and hear them coming long before the God-Wolf knocks on the doorway and steps inside. "Good afternoon Pepper. Lucky. Hope we're not interrupting anything."

"Exterminating…" Astryd looks to Pepper, then to Lucky and then back again. "Or garbage removal, if you prefer." A sidelong look to the god-wolf and the Valkyrie nods to the red head. "Miss Potts. I've seen you in the media. I am Astryd." Surely Fenris has bought her in her for some reason.

Lucky snaps back shut the briefcase locking it closed without a problem, before coming back to a stand. "Fenris, how's my favorite wolf-god?" His face looking to have been at some point horrifically burned, and scarred, someone even taking the time to go at him with an exactoknife, he's not exactly the easiest to look at. His voice is a deep and gravely one something along the lines of Thom Waits with another two or three lifetimes of hard smoking drugs and drinking. "Only interrupting a promotion from the sounds."

Pepper Potts smiles and offers her hand to Astryd to shake. "A pleasure, Astryd. Please, come in. Would either of you care for something to drink? Or maybe to wash your hands after dealing with that dumpster?" There's the washroom through that door there, and the little sink in the credenza. She glances over at Jason. "An offer of a promotion, Jason."

Fenris has brought Astryd because Pepper is a good person to know and she does often seem to be the epicenter of 'odd' events. So odds are good that she'd be running into the redhead anyway. At least this way, they know who one another are. Lucky is another person likely to be seen repeatedly and Astryd, attuned to death and the dead, might sense the same odd things about him that Fenris did shortly after they first met. "Doing well Lucky thanks for asking. And you?"

Pepper's question gets a smile. "The dumpster I didn't touch. The Tengu now…" Well in answer to his opinion about that he goes to wash his hands.

Astryd does wash her hands, without a second invitation required and returns to the room to shake Peppers hand. Looking at Lucky, the hard looking lean woman considers him carefully, noting him for later just in case.

"Just water please, Miss Potts?" she might rather ale, Asgardian ale, but this doesn't seem like the place to request it.

"Not the place to get it either." Jason jokes, moving back over towards the table, in a bit of a better mood then normal. From the looks he's been through a rough month but he's not letting it get to him. "Stuff's been hard to come by for a while 'midguard' side." He pauses for a few moments at the question of his well being. "Been worse, Shield actually upped the quality of their holding cells since last time, got a pillow and everything."

Pepper Potts has a glass of chilled water and one of Tony's bottle of bourbon along with a tumbler ready and waiting when the two finish washing their hands. And of course, whatever beverage Jason prefers. Probably coffee so strong it'd eat a silver spoon. "I'm sorry it took so long for you to come home, Jason. I did try to get them to let you come home sooner."

"Had you been off somewhere?" Fenris returns from the attached restroom and accepts the bourbon. "Pepper here helps run Stark Industries, which is one of the larger- oh wait, you've been here a few hundred years, you're probably already aware, yes?" If she's ever gotten a chance to actually use their weapons, she's probably a fan.

Astryd hasn't used Stark weapons … but she knows about Stark Industries and something, at least, about SHIELD. "It's an honour to meet you, Miss Potts." At least the proud woman can be gracious. A small smile to Fenris as she accepts the glass of water "Yes, god-wolf, I am aware."

Lucky's comment has the womans eyebrow rising, but she sips the water to see how he answers Fenris' question.

Of course Jason's coffee is probably strong enough to eat through the mug, and the floor, and the next five floors bellow that, and it smells it. The man in his twenties kicking back a bit of the piping hot and fresh black liquid. "Yeah, short story shorter wound up in a shield prison for a few weeks." He takes a bigger gulp of the still almost boiling liquid. "Wouldn't recommend it."

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