Someone Is Watching

September 06, 2015:

Jemma reaches out to Janet van Dyne and finds out someone has taken an interest (emits by Aspect)

van Dyne Industries - New York


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Jemma's recent work on the Bioetheric Energy phenomena that originally came to her attention in a series of scientific papers for the military code named 'Aetherblade' has had a break through and hit a wall at the same time. On the one hand, she can be fairly certain she understands the base nature of what she's dealing with, or at least, the base nature of what her findings are indicating so far. On the other, she's discovered that the substance used to harness and catelyize this stuff isn't of terrestrial origin and any theories she may have on the interaction between Bio-E and the individual now require a wider testing base which is something that SHIELD is, at present, unable to accomplish. There might be others though, who have other resources in that direction. Which may suggest a reason to meet. Possibly away from SHIELD facilities.

Of course Janet would be open a meeting with Jemma about this Aetherblade project. In fact she invites her over for coffee at her offices in van Dyne Industries to discuss it. Hopefully this time no assassins try to break in, but who knows it is a Saturday.

Unfortunately, Jemma probably has more questions than answers. Each time she looks at this project, it just uncovers more variables and unknowns. Arrving at van Dyne Industries, tablet in hand and a bag over her shoulder the young bio-chem takes a seat and looks at Janet. "Thank you for agreeing to see me, Ms van-Dyne." ever polite, our Jemma. "I've been looking into that project and … I've made a little headway."

Explaining her findings, her belief that Bio-E is created by the body much like the natural electricity created and that the level of Bio-E has something to do with the hosts desire to survive, she points out the unknown metal. "This metal… or compound… I have a sample of it. I had initially thought Extraterrestial, but … for various reason, I'm now wondering if it's not interdimensional."

Her office is very nice. Express elevator to the top floor like last time. HAL welcomig Jemma and directing her to the doors to the right not to the left there.

Janet is walking to a bar with full amenities over yonder, it is an office taking up half a city block in Manhattan really. "Well I am happy to help." she gets Jemma whatever drink she might like from coffee to stronger and then settles in to listen. "Interdimensional.. well my scientists have touched on that for certain. Extraterrestial is easier but there are multiple subdimensions and other ones I imagine." she pauses "I'll remind I may be a hero, and own this company, but I am not the genius behind all the inventions and work here. A lot of smart people work for me."

Tea. Jemma takes tea, of course! And she hasn't bought her own supply, not like Agent May would, and she gratefully accepts what Janet offers.

"Mmmm, have your scientists touched on the dimension called 'Limbo'?" The biochem smiles gently "And yes, I recall you saying that before, Ms van Dyne but … you strike me as having a mind for these types of things. Apart from that, I did promise to keep you up to date."

Janet van Dyne shakes her head lightly as she sips her own tea having gotten some. "I don't believe so. The dimension I was thinking of we call Kosmos. Still Limbo sounds like a decent name for a dimension as any. When you get right down to it I imagine there is a multitude of dimensions around this one. Subatomic and larger.." she considers "I am generally good at putting it all together, not necessarily the theories behind it all."

Jemma hasn't bought the silvery shared with her. "Well, Limbo is a… demonic dimension, I suppose. I'm not sure the occupants even know its composition. But I've a sample of the metal and someone who should know recognised it." she doesn't add that it reminded them of /home/.

Taking a sip of her own tea, Jemma gathers her thoughts "My issue is that I have one live subject to work from. The rest of my research data is posthumous and as I have more questions, it gets more difficult." Taking her tablet out, Jemma pulls up the data from the France subject "For example, this subject - you'll see they have one set of results when we're talking to them and then, once their traces activate, it's like it's a different personality."

There's a level of frustration from the biochem "Is it because it is a different personality, or just because they've been exposed to the tech too much? Neither of the other two subjects displayed the same behaviour." For someone like Jemma, this… is more than frustrating.

"Or is it deeper than that. Is it because there essential spark of a person is involved. That makes a man a man anyway? Is he just a bag of chemicals and water? Or is there something more?" The voice is deep and vaguely cultured though the accent is hard to place. The speaker… is a rather horrific looking individual. Horse fased, is the best way to put it with claws and batwings. He's ghostly, like he's not entirely there. "I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?"

Janet nearly drops her teacup as she pivots to look at the ghostly individual. She notably doesn't, even if she slowly moves to set it down with one hand not removing her gaze from the figure. "HAL scan our guest please." she tilts her head studying him. "Of course you are interrupting, but then you knew that and were being cheeky about it. That said, you seem to think you have something to add here with the intrusion. Who are you?"

Jemma… fumbles… and the tea ends up on the floor. Sorry Janet!

Looking at Janet, who asks excellent questions, the biochem really can't help herself "Well, of course they're more that that… but it doesn't explain a complete and total change of patterns. I would expect some corallaries to be present." Their appearance… male or female… has drawn her interest.

Probably male but it's a little hard to tell with the decidedly inhuman individual. "Our guest seems to be a hologram of some sort. I am not detecting any kind of emissions other than optical."

"Smart, isn't he?" The creature grins. "I'm sorry for the intrusion but I couldn't help myself. I believe I heard you mention my home. Limbo. And people changing identities on a deep, deep level? It sounds as though you're dabbling in things best left alone by science, ladies." He grins. "Did you want help?"

Janet van Dyne notes softly "HAL please pull everything on Limbo and this creatures appearance. Start constructing appropriate assessments and monitor the building for any incursions. Nail down the frequency used." she leans back in her chair giving the air of someone not entirely impressed. She is good at it too. "Right then. Are you doing some sort of sending from Limbo and were you spying on Jemma specifically or somehow monitoring for the phrase Limbo. The latter seems unlikely as many people use it as a common phrase, even if they do not as a dimensional reference."

"Who are you?" Simmons can't help herself, she doesn't recognise the individual. In her understanding for a hologram or projection to occur, there has to be something to /anchor/ it… what… what is it targetting?

Then it occurs to her! She had touched the shard, perhaps, something imprinted. Wild conjecture on her part, but her mind is desperately trying to rationalise things. Maybe it is the phrase 'Limbo' but… mmmm that doesn't sit right.

"There is nothing in the database under that name." HAL Returns. It's entirely possible that in the various scientific peregrinations of the company that someone has discovered something related to Limbo but in the last couple hundred years Limbo's been pretty low profile even among arcanists, so it's definitely something that you'd have to have arcane connections to know the name of. Perhaps an analysis of Jemma's shard will yield some hits in the database. Even if it doesn't the equipment that Janet has at her disposal could probably yield some pretty interesting analysis.

"I was listening in. My ears were burning, as it were. That's an interesting bit of metal you've got there. Piece of home as it were. You're not the first people to ask about it. Or for it." He grins. "I might be able to tell you some things about it."

Janet van Dyne considers what HAL has to relay, she assumes he is doing the other tasks. She looks to the projection. "Let me guess. For a price?" she seems to deduce this .. persons .. number or so she thinks.

"If there is no cost, of course." Jemma is already trying to capture images of the projection … and remember his features… That he's materialised now, is telling. That she's the first… even more so. "If you wish payment, then name it and we will negotiate."

"It depends on what you want to know. Some things I might be willing to share for free. I will tell you that a man named Calvin Bainbridge delved into mysteries and secrets and discovered that metal quite suited to his uses. I can also tell you that it responds to the unseen and unfelt. I was most amused at the intent of his experiments when I discovered them though I was not the one who provided his little project with the stuff to begin with."

The creature smirks a bit. "But if you wish to negotiate… I'm listening. I always was a man with an eye for a bargain."

Janet van Dyne sighs and studies the image .. . projection.. sending.. whatever it may be there. "I'm not inclined to bargain with what I assume is a demon, or at least what more superstitious sorts would think was a demon. I assume also that the legends and dire warnings are also there for a reason."

"Not just demons, Ms van Dyne" Jemma murmurs "There are many supernatural beings that will deals and this one would appear to be one of them…" Just this amount of discussion has given her more insight than she ever thought possible. "Unseen and unfelt…. interesting."

"Well you know, superstitious people will say anything. However…" The 'projection leans over to Janet's desk and picks up a piece of paper, inscribing a pentagram onto it with some odd, unknown writing. How it does this is most unclear. "Here's my card. If you ladies get curious, give me a call." And then the aparition vanishes entirely.

Janet van Dyne frowns lightly at the picking up of paper and interacting with the world like that. "Okay that was not good. HAL did anything spike on any spectrum or frequency. It clear picked up the paper."

Jemmas eyebrows RISE as the projection interacts with the physical world, but the biochem maintains her silence till it disappears. "Well… that was interesting."

"A slight increase in low level theta radition but nothing otherwise." So there is some indication of him doing his thing. Otherwise? This is probably magic. Which Jemma will at least be familiar with. Janet possibly too depending on the company she keeps.

"Could HAL send me those readings please, Ms van Dyne? My lab partner may be able to help us detect the presence better." Regardless of everything else, Jemma feels that she is on the right path. Someone, something, has taken an interest.

Janet van Dyne murmurs as she stands up "HAL forward the readings to Jemma please." she frowns looking aroud. "I think it is monitoring you somehow though. I would appreciate your further data analysis as you manage it though."

"As you wish, Miss Van Dyne." HAL responds, sending the data quick and efficiently. Yes, the testing on this will probably be interesting. Perhaps SHIELD and Van Dyne industries can cooperate on it. At the very least, both women know now… someone else is watching.

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