Maybe A Benefit?

September 06, 2015:

Sandria Darque is ready to talk to people… at the Triskelian

The Triskelian - New York


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Though the Deadzone is gone, the madman responsible for it is still on the loose and very, very dangerous. And unfortunately, unlocateable. That however, might be about to change. Recently WAND and a group of Magi had managed to track down one Sandria Darque… Master Darque's sister. Not just his sister but his twin sister. It hadn't been easy. Powerful occultation spells had hidden her not just from Darque but from everyone. And she'd been constantly on the move. Now though, she's at the Triskelion and ready to provide some answers about the mysterious necromancer and how he can be stopped.

Because he's been on a number of people's radars, the call has gone out not just to the local shield agents, but also to certain mages and the JL:A. Whatever the outcome of this talk, the information will certainly be of interest to anyone who has a stake in putting this guy away.

Sandria is waiting in a conference room, having been shown there by Agent Gorman. Fenris arrives at the entrence to the building and waits to be shown in. He's learned that SHIELD gets touchy when you just teleport inside.

Visiting SHIELD is always a little bit awkward, especially given what happened the last time Kate visited the Triskelion. But she tries to be professional about these things. Which is why she's changed into her uniform, even though there's no reason to expect there to be any trouble here. She's even put her phone on silent.

Zee appears not long after Fenris and is waiting quietly beside him. It's been a long road that she's travelled to get to this point and she's not going to falter now. The teen mage really wants to see Darque handled - put away or put down - and this is an opportunity too good to miss.

May herself goes to retrieve Fenris and Kate — and anyone else arriving just now — from the entrance of the Triskelion. The conference room chosen for this meeting is in the geographic center of the building, in one of the most heavily fortified sections. And for good reason. This is a VERY important meeting.

Once she's brought everyone in that she expects to be here, she moves to take a seat across from Sandria. "Is anyone else slated to arrive?" she asks of Kate and Zee specifically.

Sandria is a a pale, eastern european looking woman with long blonde hair and she's sitting hands folded at the table with a glass of water. She's definitely not a prisoner though she does look a bit nervous about being here. Her brother, she knows, is insane and will stop at nothing to remove obstacles to his plans. Which sometimes include her though… she can sometimes reach him. Lately though he's been drunk on power and she'd had to go into hiding. Hence the extreme difficulty finding her.

Fenris walks with the group and finds a seat at the table. He's quiet for now. Zee and the Young Wolf he's sure will have questions to ask. The predatory aura about him though does nothing to ease Sandria's discomfort. Some things can't be helped.

"Good afternoon Agent May." The woman says, rising and offering a slight bow. "And Zatanna. And you would be Kate Bishop I believe. Pleased to meet you. I am Sandria Darque and I'm told you all stand in… opposistion to my brother?"

"Not that anyone told me about," Kate shakes her head to May. Much of the League is recovering from other actions - the ones Kate keeps drawing Watchtower duty during and missing. Which leaves the archer to deal with the rest. "Hi," she smiles faintly to Sandria when they reach the room, almost starting to offer a hand before she thinks better of it. Magic people can be weird about that sort of thing. "Opposition's pretty accurate, yes. Personally, I kind of like this whole world where I'm living. All my stuff's here."

"Hello Kate, long time no see." Zee gives Kate a quick hug if allowed before taking a seat next to Fenris. "Ms Darque." Zee offers a small, reassuring smile to the woman, she knows how Fenris can effect people… "And please, call me Zee." May gets a slight shake of the teen mages head "I'm not expecting anyone else, Agent May. But anyone I invited will come by the front door." They're all too well trained for anything else.

"Yes, we stand in opposition. But you know that, you tested my friends and I." Whether they had dark stains or marks, all those who had attended with Zee had passed the test of the light. "And as we said, we could really do with some assistance in locating him. I, for one, don't like always being on the back foot."

"He needs to be stopped. We need your help to find him and stop him before he does anything more to hurt innocent people." Honestly, in May's book all of the property damage — while devastating to those who suffer through it — can be corrected. Losing innocent lives is unacceptable. Unforgivable. And there have already been far, far too many deaths at Darque's hands. She WILL see him put down.

Sandria nods slowly. Fenris hasn't spoken yet but he's more or less said his piece before. Looking at him is kind of uncomfortable though so the woman focuses on Kate and May and Zee instead. "I agree. You should know that my brother is… very clever. As powerful as he is he knows there are great powers arrayed against him. He hides himself from those who would undo his plans and finding him won't be easy. It isn't even for me. Then again, I do a lot of running from him…"

Kate's quip gets a small smile from Sandria. "Indeed. Which is why he wants it. To rule over the world and the souls of the dead and damned. So, I shall offer you my help. I am familair with my brother's magic. The spell he uses to keep himself hidden will by anchored to his closest confederates, those he calls 'Bretheren'. These are always people of influence and power. There are not many that he can trust, or has enough of a hold on, to utilize in this manner. If they can be compromised and the web of concealment weakened, then you will be able to find him. I know two of their names: Ulrich Kerensky and Victoria Day."

The first name may be familair to Kate. He's a philanthropist and Kerensky Holdings Limited is one of the top property development and mangement companies in the Northeast. He's a bit of a recluse but never really put out any… bad vibes. The seocnd name will be more familair to May. Day is a politician and had been a congresswoman for New York for a number of years before retiring and going back into her law practice. She's the very definition of high powered and her advocacy groups have been among those always pushing for more regulation and oversight of groups like SHIELD. She's… a bit of a pain, really.

"Kerensky?" Kate grimaces, crossing her arms loosely over her chest and leaning a hip against the conference table. "Well that's awkward." She taps her fingers against her arm as she thinks, looking up toward the ceiling. "How's a spell get anchored to a person?" she asks, looking between Zee and Sandria for the answer. "Is it with a…talisman of some sort, or are we talking something that's tangled up in their life energy?" Kate's not a mage, but she sure does hang out with a lot of them.

Zee has no idea who Kerenksy is and she looks at Kate as she grimaces "Why awkward?" The name of the politician is vaguely familiar, but not her ties or annoyance to SHIELD.

"There's many ways to anchor a spell of a living being." It's Zee's turn to grimace, most methods are frowned on… "But given Darques a necromancer… it's not likely to be good." But Sandria likely knows what Darque did there. "Do you know how many he has anchored to do this?" An somewhat idle question, for curiousity and to determine the scope of the web.

"The Vedes." Fenris rumbles. Just two words but they seem to mean something to Sandria who nods both to him and to Zatanna.

"You may have noticed the markings on my brother's more… expendable associates. Those are outward manifestations of a branch of soul magic. He'll have anchored the concealment web to their very souls. The easiest way to undo it is to kill them but there are other ways. Purification rites. Powerful countermagic. The key will be getting them to sit still for long enough to do it." She glances over to Kate. "Maybe you can arrest them?" Coming up with a charge may be a bit difficult but… if they're in with Darque that's probably not their only crime.

May's expression (or lack thereof) doesn't change at the mention of the former politician's name, but she knows that SHIELD people monitoring this conference room are likely already starting to dig into every bit of current information there is to be had about Victoria Day. "If this anchoring spell is maintained from a distance, could there be a way to use these two individuals to triangulate Darque's position?" Okay, so she's thinking radio signals in place of human beings, but if it works…

"Killing people's best avoided," Kate sighs, though there are no doubt strategists in the building who are working on the more expedient options right now. "Kerensky's kind of a recluse," she adds to Zee. "But he's never been…I dunno. Suspect. Which probably should have been a clue. Not a lot of folks with that kind of money who aren't a little bit suspect in some way. We might not have to arrest him, though, if we could get him to show up to the right benefit."

"The Vedes, yeah." Zee glances at May… "We'd need a third for that, won't we?" She's not sure either … but sympathetic links are generally traceable. It's why she's so careful with certain things.

"A benefit could be arranged. I'm due to do something for charity - I try to keep my hand in on that side. Maybe we could use that… " she's not keen on killing anyone either, but when it comes to Darque and his minions…

"That's possible yes." Sandria seems a bit surprised at the notion. Mages don't always keep up on the latest in technology. "If you were to get them in different locations you might be able to trace the flow of power back to Darque. You'd need a third yes but I'm sure if you got to one of those two you might be able to get them to tell you. Or just dispell them and weaken the web enough to the point that it doesn't function. I may be of some help if you decide to do that. Darque is not the only one in our family with magic. Mine is… differently oriented." May and Zee may be on the right track there.

Fenris speaks up now. "If you can draw them out, by all means. That seems more prudent than simply assaulting them." Not to mention more legal. Fenris may not care quite as much about mortal laws but he knows his friends do and really in this case there are plenty of reasons to do so. "I'm sure we can spread word of a chairty event. The Bishops do that quite regularly anyway, do they not? Perhaps something to benefit the survivors of the Deadzone event." Odds are good Darque's minions won't be able to resist the irony and they'll want a hand in the reconstruction efforts.

May's people are pulling every bit of information on Day. They'll have a packet prepared on her in an hour, tops.

"Or the League could," Kate points out. "I'm sure he'd be glad to get a chance at us." She pauses, considering for a moment. "You know, we might be able to draw him out with something else," she muses. "A little bit of benefit, a little bit of science conference. Doom picked up a souvenir from another fight that he claims has something else to do with dimensional…stuff. Hold a benefit and put it out that we're looking for scientists to take a look at this relic we picked up - no one else needs to know we're not the ones who have it - and he's pretty much guaranteed to want someone to investigate, right?"

Zee settles back and listens to Kate talk and mull things over. Whatever they decide, the teen mage will be there to help, in whatever capacity works best. Smiling slightly at Sandria's offer, Zee acknowledges it - the help will be welcome and creating a tracking spell… whilst complex, it's not impossible.

If May is surprised that her suggestion of triangulating Darque's location turns out to be a good one, she doesn't let it show. She can say one thing, though. "That kind of public even will not draw Victoria Day out. Though I suspect in her case it would simply be easier to make an appointment with her." Well, for either Zee or Kate to do so. She's fairly certain that the woman would refuse to have anything to do with her and anyone openly affiliated with SHIELD.

"The JL:A… yes." Sandria nods. "You have power. Fame. Notariety, even. They'll want to come if only to see what you're made of. Perhaps try to manipulate you."

Fenris nods again at the thought of an artifact. "That would also be a good ruse. Darque would send someone, I feel sure. Then it'd be a simple matter of identifying the person and… doing whatever it is we'd decided to do with them. I'll offer support on this as needed but I think between you, Kate, May and Zee you all have this."

"Once you find Darque… I'll be going with you." Sandria supplies. "I may be able to talk him down. I can reach him… sometimes."

"That, and if we set it up in the Hall, then Doctor Strange and Zee can work with Magik at setting up wards before hand. Turn the whole place into a trap," Kate suggests. "Or even just a…I don't know. Can you set a place up to be a place of cleansing, removing any magical influences from anyone who comes inside?"

"It's difficult, Kate." Cleansing magic is likely to affect all magic users … or so Zee thinks. "In my experience it would be best to use magic circles, lure them into them and then seal them." That's not hard really… then build the wards specifically.

"An appointment with Day?" Zee looks to may and has to think about that, she's only vaguely conversant the womans politics. "If we could work out an angle… " There's a lot of planning to be done, Zee knows this. If they want to triangulate, they'll need all three points concurrently…

"Of course, Ms Darque." Zee wouldn't have it any other way and is relieved that the woman wants in.

Melinda May nods to Zee. "It would have to be someone not instantly recognizable as affiliated with SHIELD. She's not a fan." She glances toward Fenris. Maybe he could spearhead this angle. "We still need to identify a third person for the triangulation to work."

"Most things are possible Kate. It's just a matter of setting the magic so that it does what you want it." Though of course, some things are easier than others. Fenris rises, clearly having heard all he needs to. "I'll have some things to prepare. Kate, May, Zee, contact me if you need my help for any of this. Miss Darque. Nice to have met you." Again. They didn't really get properly introduced the fist time.

"I'll arrange for a benefit or suitable mystery if Kate's contacts aren't better." Fenris does have the money for that kind of thing but Kate is waaaaaay more connected than he is. Because, you know, she has a life. Or a human life. And Fenris… well, is Fenris.

"Anything else?"

Sandria shakes her head. "Not that I can think of. Except to say 'hurry'. There are lots of ways this could go wrong and I don't think we'll have much time before my brother tries something again."

Kate nods, pushing off the table. "I'll get something started. If we want to catch both of them, May, have someone send me a list of her campaign contributors. Organizations and people. We set it up right, we can find a place where they intersect, find a third party to host if we need to, and get them both to show up. And then the magic part is on the people who play with the fabric of reality," she adds with a flicker of a smile to the others.

"Then it might be better if it's not me." Zee nods to May. She's been actively working with SHIELD in the deadzone… "We'll work it out though." she agrees with Kates thoughts on that matter. "I think I'm done here. Thank you, Ms Darque." the teen mage is obviously grateful. "And yes, we'll hurry." she confirms as she rises. Time to go… when May organises an escort to see them out - Zee won't teleport out of the building.

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