After De-Construction

September 06, 2015:

After the pillars fall a brief meeting brings in a prospective new JL:A member and everyone up to the same page… even if it is a 'Doomed' one.

Cain Street Mall - Metropolis

With space upon New Troy being limited, innovation becomes a necessity.
The Cain Street Mall is a good example of modern building design, making
careful use of limited ground space in order to create a shopping center of
surprising proportion.

The mall makes use of existing highway structures, right down to
interchange ramps, and is one of the few buildings in Metropolis to have its
own direct connection to the maglev train which rapidly shuttles commuters
around the city.

Having both countless numbers of shops and some of the most unique views
ever seen within a metropolitan area, this ambitiously expensive project has
become one of Metropolis' key locations for tourism and commercial trades


NPCs: None.


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Fade In…

Diana is many things and seen as many different appearances in the eyes of many different people, but beneath it all she is still human-embodied. She has attended shopping sprees with others, and had to get 'support' redefined for her with Oracle and May when it came to brassieres, bustiers… The added itchy fabric beneath tops. Wonder Woman was simply used to the reinforced cuirass and pauldron fitted for an Amazon, but with curiosity piqued this was a monumental moment best left to herself and the frustrations of many-a-shopkeep, but when the glimpse of vambraces appeared from beneath the fitted blazer some calmed their terse demeanors to her ignorance. Some.

The final boutique owner along the strip rose from the steps when he saw her coming, the blazer being shed in the heat in favor of the red camisole beneath and slid into her store, flipping the sign from open to closed with a harsh slam of the locking mechanism into place.

"And women say this is /therapy/? For who?" Diana murmurs as she looks to the sky for the time and makes her way to a quiet outdoor barista. Strange wanted to meet up and s her coordinates were sent through the comm system just as she places her order and claims a seat set away from clusters that are also out enjoying this thing called 'sales'. Diana's normally untouched bank account doesn't feel that as the armload of bags are settled down beside the latticed wrought iron table with three other chairs encircling its circumference.

"Terran's are very… odd indeed." Shayera's tone was cool, even. Almost relaxed, but it still carried a hint of an edge to her as she walked along with Diana. Surely there were looks thrown in her direction, her obvious mutation unhidden and worn with pride, the chair reached out and gripped, turned and planted upon with a wide leg straddle that made an older woman blush.

And Shayera wasn't even wearing a dress.

Black slacks with a forest green shirt, brown hair trussed up by one of the Amazons befitting of the outing. Her makeup was light at least. And her order? Some new finagled coffee thing that had some sort of foam. In place of a beer. How posh. But this woman only had one bag, a nice little trinket that is hidden within a case that goes around the neck of the receiver. Which would be her. A bird, lightly encrusted with jewels that would make for a lovely set of diamond earrings she's managed to acquire a time before. That's if she ever decided to date. That would be a travesty within itself.

"I was rather bored. But par for the course I suppose."

Strange certainly has been waiting to talk with Wonder Woman since before the final gathering for removing the obelisks. He expected some more help from the rest of the Justice League for the procedure. The human troops defending the obelisk in New York took heavy loses, and it concerns him.

It is not over, either. Libra retreated from him human host, or maybe it was his earthly incarnation, it is difficult to know when relating unknown pantheons of alien gods. And Intergang has been around for years, hinting this invasion has been planned for a long time.

And he is bringing Rain to the meeting, because the young witch is better off with him than with Loki. Really. Not that he leads a less dangerous life than Loki, but at least he is a little more reliable, and probably more polite too. The step out of nearby street doorway, because opening magical gateways in the middle of Manhattan streets often causes unwanted concern, as well as traffic jams. And really, the doorway trick is not much harder than just appearing from nothing. "There she is," comments Strange, experiencing a second of cognitive dissonance at imagining Wonder Woman shopping.

Rain doesn't have a support problem, alas. Her figure more resembles a twig or a vine. Rain is oddly okay with Loki, who does seem to treat her pretty well most of the time. Life is strange.

Nevertheless, Rain tags along quietly behind Strange. "I see. Cool!" Meeting Wonder Woman? Awesome. And there's someone with her maybe? Yes, indeedy. Captain, sadly, didn't get to come along because malls tend to be no cats allowed type policies.

The pencil skirt Diana wears is smoothed, plucked at while she tries to shift in her seating to adjust moreso to face Hawkgirl as well as swivel when their coffee's are delivered to their table. An attempt to cross her legs is hindered by the resistant tension of thick fabric, the attempt futile and making Diana lean slightly and give up, shifting to rest upon hip with the defined ridge of cheek resting within palm while the little plastic stirrer was swirled through the frothy top of her espresso roast.

"It was not boring.. Really, but some rituals are best left to other humans I am thinking." Looking to and fro Diana leans a bit close to Shayera and murmurs. "The old woman who barged in and insisted on sizing me for my flimsy brassier.. She reminded me of Clotho's cousin. It was that look in her eye… Keep her kin away from threads."

Let's not discuss how Diana shut her down and insisted she did not need a "handmaiden" after swords drew from vambraces in surprise. It was… Interesting.

Though as she sat back to upright and the waistline if the dress ensured to do so with a firm /pinch/ to her sides her eyes narrowed and fingers curled just in time to look upon Strange and Rain. Fist uncurled she offers them a light wave and then lowers her arm to sweep the gesture towards the two empty seats. "Nice to see you once again, Doctor." Cerulean gaze now sliding to Rain. "And who is your friend?"

Diana had seen her in recordings, heard of her assistance, but not met her formally until now, leaving this moment for Rain to speak on her own behalf.

"And how could you say that? We were wall to wall with women; big, tall, routund, mean, angry, frothing desperate.." Shayera cringes, but breaks out into a slight laughter that nearly smacks a passerby with a wing. "Sorry." She cools it.

And then another laughter, her wings fanning and flitting like a dove would after a harsh landing that messes up another woman's hair, who fixes it with a glorious swipe of her hand along with a slight glare. "Clotho's cousin. As they say that is rich."

Though as the two were motioned towards, a brow slowly lifts as Rain and Strange were taken in. And then she says nothing. Yet. But she does nod in greeting and try to offer a warm smile; though.. it looks as if a frozen river just cracked.

Strange is wearing a charcoal grey outfit that seems to warm for the current weather without magical help. He still moves with some stiffness from the injuries Libra caused, his magic is relatively weak when it concerns healing and manipulating the human body. He nods to the warrior women and introduces them, "this is Miss Moontree, although she prefers to be called Rain. She is a sorceress from Gotham and was one of the cabal that shattered the obelisks. Rain, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl."

Rain has a physics pun t-shirt and jeans. The pinnacle of mortal fashion, clearly. But she was an engineer before she sprouted magic powers, so there's that. She's feeling a little small at the moment despite her height. There's a polite smile for Diana from the violet-eyed witch. And Shayera. They seem happy and cheerful.

She smiles back to Shayera. She's used to Lokismiles. Rain lowers her head politely. "More a witch, but yes. Thank you. I do go by Rain. It's an honor to meet you." She seems to be a Dire Introvert Level 10. This is awesome, though. "I um." She looks thoughtful.

The smile to Shayera only fades slightly, one corner of Di's lips slightly lowering with the flick of concern in a sweep of Strange's limp and overall carriage. "I saw the footage, I watched and listened as I did not return from council in Themyscira until afterward, I know you had been progressing, but the rapidity is commendable Steven." Diana gives him a nod, a gesture that is from one tired and tried warrior of different arts to another, the finality of it resting with the up-tilt of chin in pride.

Though Rain's demeanor does give Di a reason to tilt her head slightly, a low exhale of air comes from her nostrils in a huff as the gaze assesses her in a snap from head to toe just before she seeks to land heeled foot to a chair leg and offer her a seat… If the pencil skirt did not hinder…

*Screech* /Scooch-grind/*

Diana is rocking her own metal chair around now to face them as normal tact is hindered by new threads, a muttering under breath "..By Hera I swear Eris plays afoot… Damning restrictive…. Shackles for my legs now.." And then finally she stands, leans down, grabs the skirt by the hem where a seam runs up along the left side and rips just enough to bring a slit above knee.

Folding back down she smooths the dress, crosses her legs and returns eyes to the trio she now more /comfortably/ faces. "Well Rain Moontree, you, um..?" Both ebon brows furrow as she eyes the woman and smiles. Not in mockery but at her humble stance.

"More like: You're welcome, and yes I would love some coffee." Pause. "Strange you have seen the Watchtower medics, right?"

Lord knows where Shayera was when the encounter with Libra went down. Let's just say that it probably was less than savory and it possibly could have involved lots of liquor. Lots of it. Chest burning liquor. Too much of it.

Carrying on, Shayera does not rise from her seat, but she does note the limp and say not much about it. She also notes Rain's humble demeanor with is met with a slight lower of her brows. But the screeching of the chair brings away with a slight finger pressed to her ear, her head shaking briefly as she double downs upon her frothy drink. Shayera was not good in social situations, perhaps this is what she and Rain may share in common.

Strange helps Rain with her chair and then takes the remaining one. He offers a guarded smile to Diana when she mentions medics. Other medics. "I can heal myself quickly, princess. Doctors, they say, make the worst patients, so I won't impose my presence on the medical team." No comments about the skirt, he keeps a neutral face about the whole thing. Wizards are good at that. "Regardless, the obelisks are no longer a problem. But I saw one of our enemies. They are powerful immortals partaking godhead energy. Gods, in the common languages. Alien gods."

Rain listens, tilting her head. She smiles faintly at Diana. Be brave. Be brave. "I was thinking," She admits. "It's an honor to meet you guys," She nods. "Is there tea?" She seems curious. She's coming out of her shell a bit. "Thank you," She beams at Doctor Strange. She seems quietly friendly enough and accepts the seat. She really does seem to have a servant mentality. But she's in awe. It's Wonder Woman! And Hawkgirl!

Nevertheless, she looks sympathetic. "I can't really wear skirts, flying on a broomstick would get awkward," Rain confesses quietly. She is sympathetic at least. "And I can help mend if needed but…" Well, it's Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme! Rain pauses. "What would you guys like me to call you?" She asks. "And um. I think he's right, far as I can tell."

Diana nods, a drop of chin that comes to rest lowered as she speculates into the cup of coffee, the waiter for the barista coming for orders, and until the ones for refills and tea are taken, and when she disappears back to the cafe proper only then does Diana commence speaking on the matter.

"The satellite recordings gave me good enough sight into the battle and what you all have managed to finally successfully do. Somehow though, I do not find it the end." With those words her gaze lifts towards Shayera with the knowing that battles lead to wars, and when 'gods' among 'men' come into play it is a sign of war. "Can you do it again?" Diana does not need to state the thoughts or the process,when her eyes leave Shayera they come to rest upon Strange and Rain. The weariness and lightheartedness that had rested there from the shopping trip to envigor is easily erased for the weight of the Truth.

"I have a feeling the backlash only has just begun for our meddling and we may need you again." Now she finally lets her eyes rest solely upon Rain, though the finality of it is going to be a call to all. warriors of land and mythical arts alike.

"You can call me whatever is more comfortable for you, though on occasions as such, Diana is fine Rain." The smile finally returning only on a lighter note.

Shayera steels her jaw at the word, 'alien gods'. In fact a bit of her coffee was soon spat out in disgust, and pushed away, obviously unsettled at this realization. The question put forth to her wasn't answered, though a slow rise from her chair has her wings collapsing and a tight smile offered towards Rain. "Call me Shayera." And.. that was that.

No longer has she wanted to hear the conversation put forth, for her chair was soon gripped and turned, pushed in neatly as her bag was carefully dropped into Diana's. A nod given to the three and soon? Shayera strolls off, following a barista who gets a tip-tap upon the shoulder as quiet words are soon murmured and exchanged.

Doctor Strange shakes his head. "No, not the end. There will be another avenue of attack, but I do hope it is a more limiting one than the one the enemy planned originally." He sighs, and looks curious at Shayera standing up. "Doctor Doom took Libra's staff. It went inert when he retreated, but there are engravings on the device. Some formulaic of an essential principle of a very sinister nature I don't believe he is going to leave alone."

Rain seems to be the very quiet, very still type as if moving would cause a pterodactyl to drop out of the sky and grab her. She listens. She looks between the two. She smiles faintly. "I would be honored. And Diana and Shayera. Pleased to meet you." She listens, alternately, and before speaking. She seems sympathetic enough towards Shayera. Rain knows a few space aliens. Even if she's not aware that Shayera is.

She looks to Strange and frowns. "I doubt so, too. It seemed incredibly powerful," She remarks. "And mathematical formulae are rarely so powerful." She considers it. "Then again, he does seem big on self preservation." And there's a thoughtful look.

Hawkgirl's reaction does not have Diana looking away from Strange as he speaks, rocking back in her seat to rest elbow upon the table and curl fingers over chin and lips in the moment of contemplation. Even the light dip in brows shadows the oceanic gaze from reflection and direction as to where her focus is. When drinks are delivered from Rain and Strange's orders this seems to snap her back to, fingers descending to clear a way for words.

This is the man that has come to the Hall before, am I correct?" Though Rain's observation has a light tilt of Diana's head in acknowledgment.

"A man in history named Aleister Crowley would also argue that statement. Mathematical formulae is the mixture of science and mystic if tapped correctly that gets us where we are right now. Is this man an /issue/, Strange?" Though the way she states that one word is terse, and alot can hang on that thread as well as the response its about to be tied to.

"Of need be we have a few very acute warriors right up that … alley and I doubt anyone wants us knocking should we be pressed."

The small chatter was met with a slight laughter from the barista, who disappears from Shayera's company moments later. She returns with a tray, laden high with delicious treats, monies soon exchanged hands as the tray was taken from the woman and brought to the table and presented into the middle with a light clang of metal upon dish. "The humans have this treat; crow nuts." Shayera says blandly, possibly interrupting the conversation at hand.

Why, business is business and often times grave, but to sweeten the talks, have a crow nut!

She drags her chair out and rounds it again, her lackadaisical attitude obviously shown on the outside but in the inside those gears were turning. She cared about the conversation, but she was of the mind of less talking, more smashing. Talking sets things in motion, it was all about the doing. "Feast, while conversing. It eases troubled thoughts and sets a clearer path to motion." Plus, it smells delish.

"Victor Von Doom is a very remarkable and very dangerous man," comments Strange. "You should study whatever SHIELD has on him, Diana. I will tell you something that is unlikely to be in SHIELD records, though. Cynthia Von Doom, his mother, was a sorceress of my order. Victor taught himself magic from her books. Alone, he worked his way to become a master of the Mystic Arts while also mastering all human sciences, and he is one of the few men in the world that can make the most cutting edge technology and magic work together. His armor is a techno-magical marvel easily rivaling Iron Man's in power and capabilities. His accomplishments are very impressive. Unfortunately, he is also a megalomaniac."

He leans back and sighs. Shayera's return is very welcomed. "Truly, you are an angel bringing gifts from Heaven, may the Faltine brighten you path," he half-jokes. The conversation needed some sweetening. And coffee.

"As you know," he continues, "Doom was also one of the sorcerers in the rituals. I invited him as soon as I realized he was already studying the obelisks. I did that more to keep an eye on him that for needing his power. Having him meddling on his own with in his uncanny dangerously brilliant usual procedures was just too risky." He is not the kind to blow up his own lab when he screws up. He usually blows up the whole city.

Rain smiles as Shayera returns. "Thank you." She offers. Crow nut? Interesting. "I appreciate it," She nods. She is duly grateful, it seems. She smiles, and nods to Diana. This is true!

She will quietly appreciate the treats. "Yeah, I think he has the right of it," She offers. "He channeled magic through me at some point," Rain considers. "So I guess he has no problem using minions."

"Doom, Darkseid, Apokolips. This all sounds like it is just getting better." Diana murmurs after pinching the bridge of her nose and then waving it off with a flip of her hand that descends upon the treats, though the name gives hesitation, so much as a tapping brush of fingertip.

"I am done with /fun and invigorating/ things done here to make one feel better, please tell me there is Truth in this one and I will not bite into it and run afoul or become prophetic." The treat is lifted and turned before narrowed and speculative gaze.

Cerulean eyes snap up though when Rain speaks about what he had done, a brow rising as she finally dips the treat in her coffee and bites, chewing slowly as if in anticipation… And then piling a few more to her side of the table to grab up on her hand as she rises.

"Do I truly need SHIELD files, Doctor Steven Strange?" The way she said his name…

"I will call for a meeting with him as soon as I can find him." Meaning very informal. "But for now, I must go." A few steps taken back…


Two steps forward and that ripped seam is ripping further… Oh sweet relief!

Grabbing a few more of those crow thingies, stuffing them in pockets, plucking up her cup…

Flying off, though in exchange of one of Rain's own treats and upon her plate there is a comm piece with the JL:A embellishment upon it. Apparently she has earned a place.

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