The Scarlet and the Red

September 03, 2015:

Wanda encounters a very confident hero from the old country.

Lower East Side, Manhattan


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Fade In…

Wanda has recently been part of the group flying the world to destroy magical obelisks. The final one, in New York, will be dealt with tomorrow so the witch is taking a break. She's still not used to all the publicity that goes with being a 'superheroine' and every now and then she needs to find somewhere quiet and just stare at nothing. Wanda is still in her X-Red uniform - they are the best clothes she has - and sitting cross-legged on a secluded bench that overlooks the river. It is early evening and there are few people about…though that doesn't stop her having a conversation with someone or something unseen. "It will be over tomorrow" she promises the nothingness beside her; Wanda still has her Eastern European (Transian) accent. "But then I think something else will start. It always does."

Up above as if on cue a bright red and white trail tears its way through the mid-day skies. Streaking through it spins and twists about the meteorite like object slowing down as it comes into view, a loud CRACK of the sound-barrier as it comes from seemingly nowhere in the far off distance, yet it still looks to almost be on a crash course with the city, as it trails slow to a stop, and the object comes into focus, it turns out not to be a rock of space junk ready to decimate New York but a man shaped figure hovering over the city.

Standing just under eight foot tall the red and white clad thing looks over the city a bright yellow visor hiding away the identity of whoever rests within. Rocket red fly's over towards the nearby building to land, visibly quite badly damaged a number of pock marks and explosive residue across the surface of his suit. Out of either foot a stream of rocket propulsion keeping him afloat, as he slows to a stop stepping off onto the rooftop.

Wanda glances up at the booming noise and watches as the figure comes into focus. "So that's Iron Man" she muses to herself, "He looks different in person." Her gaze follows the figure as it lands on a nearby building before she pouts and looks around. Is he here because there is trouble? That's all she needs. Wanda stands and waves up at 'Iron Man' but he's probably used to that and it's doubtful he will notice her specifically…even if there is hardly anyone else around. "Do you need help?!" she yells at the figure.

Standing tall on the edge of the rooftop hands on his hips posed heroically the figure turns to look over in the direction of scarlet. Lifting up a single hand to give a thumbs up, he speaks in a very thick accent, still a quite jovial and happy one at that. "There is no reason to worry comrade, Rocket Red is here to stay, and more then fine." The hand going back down, he starts to move it over himself, dents and dings beginning to pop back out seemingly on their own. Of course this does nothing to fix the damaged paint on the suit, or the residue, but it does do a spiffy job of getting rid of the massive dent in the torso where it looks like he tried to catch a missile. "As long as there are those willing to stand up for the good of others Rocket Red will remain ready to help the people!"

"You're not Iron Man?" Wanda calls up before shrugging. It's not as if armoured superheroes are rare around here. "Nice to meet you, Rocket Red. You are Russian?" His accent is not alien to her ears with her background. "And you are staying in the United States?" A pause. "Oh…you are like me. You have run away? I am trying to help the people too! Would you like to come closer so I don't have to yell?"

After running the hands of his suit down the sides, and smoothing everything back into place, Dmitri jumps right off the side of the building going into freefall. About half way down the side of the building he kicks right back on his boots the rockets propelling him up the side of the other building and onto the ledge. A few people down below getting a moment’s pause where they think he might hit something. "I would not call it running away comrade." His voice chipper and friendly despite being somewhat more difficult to parse. "I am simply doing my best to help the people."

"So why do you not help the people in Russia?" Wanda asks as she follows him from building to building. She does not mean it in a 'get back there' way but it is a genuine question. "I do not think things are perfect over there" she adds with a soft smile. A tilt of her head as she narrows her eyes. "Rocket Red?" She has to translate it back into Russian before there the name rings a bell. "I thought you were dead."

"People think a lot of things" Dmitri comments switching back to his native Russian which certainly sounds a good deal more natural. "I am still very much the defender of Justice, freedom, and the soviet way of life." He pauses, smiling under his helmet, still standing tall and proud while looking down to scarlet. "It is just now I am helping peoples across the world and not simply in the motherland."

"That is very nice of you" Wanda replies. "I am sure the people of the world will be very happy to hear that" she adds, "But I am getting a sore neck talking to you." She settles back down on her bench, turning to look back over the ocean again while still speaking to him. "If I remember you properly, you were very popular over there. I do not think many people know you here though." A citizen of Transia, always under threat of invasion from the former Soviet Union, is hardly to unconditionally love that state's propaganda warrior.

The power suited man turns as well to face out over the side of the building leaning down onto one knee so that he can be on a slightly more level playing field. "It was never about the popularity, I only ever wanted to make the world a better place, for everyone." His voice soft and genuine as he speaks through that filter of his. "As long as you can brighten the life of just one person, just one family, it all becomes worth it. The jeers, the cheers, they have their ups and downs, but knowing that what you are doing is right is the true reward."

"Maybe you are right" Wanda shrugs, "But I have not heard many cheers in my time. People do not like witches…or mutants…and it seems I am both. And when I try to brighten lives then I make things terrible for them. So I just deal with the…" She holds her hands out wide. "…big things. No one wants to know me really well and I think that is for the best. I do what is needed to be done and stay out of the way the rest of the time."

"Ah, we all go there from time to time comrade, it is not easy being special." A quiet robotic laugh coming from the suit, one arm held over his knee. "There was a time where people like you and me would have been placed into camps, though so in a way I suppose it is good the world has moved past such things." A slight pause. "And maybe someday you will have your cheers, if that is what you are after."

"Ah, we all go there from time to time comrade, it is not easy being special." A quiet robotic laugh coming from the suit, one arm held over his knee. "There was a time where people like you and me would have been placed into camps, though so in a way I suppose it is good the world has moved past such things." A slight pause. "And maybe someday you will have your cheers, if that is what you are after."

"The world has not moved past such things" Wanda replies with a shake of her head. "In New York it is moving back towards them. I hope you will not be part of that but I am. Every day there is someone who wants to kill me. So this is why I do not think there will be cheers. Not for a long time. Maybe it is better to work in the shadows though I think we should not have chosen red for that." A little laugh goes with that comment.

Rocket places a single hand back on each of his hips, commenting in a serious tone. "And what is wrong with read?" Yellow visor pointed right at her. Remaining silent for a moment before bursting out into a chuckle. "Red is great for hiding, it lets you blend in with the fire-engines."

Wanda laughs in return. "I suppose so. And wherever I go there are also fire engines eventually" she smiles before looking back up at him. "You are alone here? Do you have a team? Maybe you should join…" She shrugs. "I dunno but there are plenty of teams if you want friends. I think you will find it easier to find one than I did."

"Ah, you see I'm not as dumb as I'm looking eh?" The red and white suited man looking back out over the city. A low sigh escaping his lips as he hears the question about a team. "I've been on teams before, many, many times, but it always comes down to the same question of if we are doing what is truly right." Pause "Besides the moment they find out what I am who is going to want to keep me around eh? I mean you said yourself it's still not exactly safe for mutants."

"You are a mutant?" Wanda asks, peering at the metal suit. "I thought you were a man inside a robot. Why would they get rid of you if you are a mutant? There are mutant teams here where everyone is a mutant. I am in one." A shake of her head. "People may want to kill you but you will find a team that will want you."

Rocket lets out another quiet laugh, looking down to the streets bellow as he leans a bit forward. From up here everything is so small, one of the wonderful things about being in such a big city. "You never know comrade, even with the best of people, they are sometimes not as accepting as one would like." Pause. "Besides, I am no stranger to people wanting to kill me, it is just usually they are wanting to kill me for my beliefs not so much what I am."

"You still believe in the Soviet Union? Communism?" Wanda asks him. "You know that it was not Communism, don't you? It was dictatorship with a different label." She frowns and purses her lips. "But I do not like politics. It killed my parents. Or it made me kill them. It is a long story and not very happy one. So you are here all alone too?"

"I believe in the dream" Rockets attention still down on the shimmering rivers of cars and pedestrians ebbing and flowing throughout the gridlock. "The ideals, history is written by those who are fortunate enough to win the wars, but to those of us who lived it there are sometimes different stories." Pause again. "I believe in the right of the worker, the dream of a world where brothers gather arm in arm to build a brighter tomorrow. You can corrupt a man, but never an idea." Turning his head from the streets bellow Dmitri focuses back on Wanda. "I am never truly alone, not so long as I have something to hold onto."

"There is idealism and there is inflexibility" Wanda muses, "Be careful one does not transform into another as you may not see the change yourself. My parents lived it…and they did not want to live it again. Their stories are not so much different to the history." She shrugs casually. "But I do not want to make an argument. I am jealous that you have something to hold onto but things are not so easy for me." She taps the side of her forehead. "Things are confused in here."

"Everyone has something to hold onto." Rocket coming back to a stand. "It's all a simple matter of finding whatever that thing is, and holding onto it tight as we can. Even if people don't always understand why we hold on." Taking a few steps closer to the edge of the building the almost eight foot tall suit gets ready to drop off the side of the building and move on to greener pastures. "I'm sure if you look deep inside yourself, you will find something or someone worth holding onto."

"Maybe" Wanda shrugs, "But I would not want to be in here looking." Another tap to her head before she looks up to see him about to leave. "I hope you find what you are after, Red Rocket. A man who roams the world doing good is probably seeking something else as well. Good luck."

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