Return of the Valkyrie

September 04, 2015:

Dani Moonstar returns to Xavier's School and runs into some new and old faces alike.

Xavier's Mansion - Kitchen


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Early Morning:

It's been a few months since Danielle Moonstar has been here at the School, but return finally she did. She, Brightwind and a VERY large duffle bag arrived upon the grounds, before the sun had time to completely rise. It was good to see the School look much the same, from when she left, with only the newer students being the biggest change that Dani could see. With her being from one of the graduating classes, it wasn't hard for her to be set up within a guest room and once she was, she tossed her bag inside and then went back outside to take care of Brightwind.

Finding the stables in disuse, Dani immediately began setting one of the stalls to right, so Brightwind could feed and rest within.


It took some time, but now the hay is bailed, oats and water are put in two small troughs within and Brightwind is de-tacked and thoroughly brushed down, before he's given a chin scratch. "Get some rest, Boy. Call me if you need anything." There's a faint whicker of acknowledgement from the winged horse and then Dani is stepping out of the stables. It's a trek back to the main campus, but eventually Dani gets there and as soon as she's within the Mansion's hallowed halls, she'll make a beeline towards the kitchens. She's intending to grab something cold to drink and something easy to eat, as it's now her turn to get cleaned up, as it were.

Nate would usually be found at the school cafeteria, but he dropped by the mansion to talk with family and of course he is raiding the kitchen for coffee. And whatever else he can grab along the way. The microwave oven has his coffee mug for thirty more seconds, so he is rummaging the cabinets for edible stuff when Dani steps in.

He is not surprised, he 'hear' her coming by telepathy, but since Nate has never seen Dani, he turns to give her a good look. "Afternoon," he greets. "I am Nate, I had not seen you here before. Are you a new or returning mutant?"

Kitty has been off and on the school premises of the past few weeks to month. With the summer coming to a close and school returning, she's more and more frequently in her staff quarters coming up with lesson plans. The young mutant teacher, however, also needs to feed herself - as well as a visiting friend - so she moves toward the kitchens to grab some snacks and drinks.

Stumbling upon Danielle and Nate, she pauses before nodding at the pair. "Hey," she greets. Lockheed, perched on her shoulder, studies the pair, too, before flitting toward the counter to better try and weasel his way into the cookie jars. "Didn't mean to interrupt, sorry!"

There was a certain appeal to visiting Kitty and setting up a gaming session that just playing online didn't have; Doug could feed Lockheed without dealing with any of the consequences of an overfed dragon; being able to kick Kitty's chair whenever she did -something- as gauche as beating him; ability to MST3K movies while fiddling around; seeing the institute members come home.

So when Doug cuts through the kitchen on his way to the rec room, there's a brief "Hey, Nate! What's up…?" as he moves on, only to come up short, pausing, a bag full of nececssary items in hand. "Dani!" he greets. "When did you get back?" he asks, as he shoves the bag into an arriving Kitty's hands without a howdydoo, and makes a beesline to go and hug Dani.

It's really not surprising to find people in the kitchen, so when she does, Dani will offer a wave of greeting. She'll likewise give Nate (a stranger to her) the once over, even as he does the same to her, as she says, "Nice to meet you, Nate. I'm Danielle Moonstar, most just call me Dani."

His last question earns a flash of a grin, as the dark-haired woman says, "And I'd categorize myself as a returning mutant."

More would have been said by Dani, but others arrived, and with their arrivals the Native American turns to greet them, as well. Her hand raises once again and she says to Kitty, "You're not interrupting anything. Come on in." Then Doug arrives and immediately makes a beeline for her - She sees that hug coming for her and all she can do is offer a short laugh, as she calls out a too-late warning, "Wait, Doug, don't. I'm a little ripe from getting Brightwind settled in."

Meaning, when he hugs her he'll get a nose full of horse and stables smell. Really. She was intending to sneak into the kitchen and sneak out, before anyone had a change to get a whiff of her.

Nate nods to Dani, offering her a half grin when Doug and Kitty come to 'interrupt'. Also, the oven announces his coffee is ready. "Doug, Kitty, flying lizard. Hello." The flying lizard will also reveal the location of the cookie stash, so it works for him.

"Welcome back, I guess. I have been around a few months, not sure what that categorizes me for. Not returning, technically," comments Nate. Doug and Dani know each other, he notices. But what is a Brightwind?

Kitty certainly understands the excitement of Doug seeing Dani again after awhile, but she gives him quite the raised eyebrow when he shoves a bag at her. Instead of keeping it, she carefully deposits it on the floor by door. Lockheed grabs at different cabinet door handles, finding pastas and dried goods, then chips, then finally Oreos. It's about then that Kitty moves to the counter and scoops him up from the counter, keeping him in her arms. "You know better. You'll have Oreo mouth for days." The winged dragon gives her an annoyed huff, smoke rising from his nostrils. "Lockheed," she tells Nate with a grin.

"Where've you been?" she asks Dani curiously.

So yes, the excitement meant Dani got a hug, but as he stands long enough to get a whiff, Doug wrinkles his nose, and then quickly disengages, schooling his body language enough to go for a 'glad to see you' air, knowing full well the others could tell it was horsepuckey. "Where'd you come in from this time…?" Doug inquires, taking a few more steps and doing his best to surrpetiously dust himself off.

"Oh, I got your movies in there," Doug calls out to Kitty, motioning to the bag, before nodding at Nate. "I think that just makes you someone getting settled in."

Doug's hug was definitely returned and once free, Dani will say to Nate with wry amusement, "I've been gone a few months, so we're even, I think." To both Doug's and Kitty's questions of when she came back and where she's been, she answers - first to Kitty, "After my little adventure in Asgard - " Which Doug would likely know about, while the others might have possibly heard via the gossip grapevine where she went, and the fact that when she came home it was with a 'pegasus', "I decided to head back home for awhile. Allow myself some time to get used to all the changes." And then to Doug, "Brightwind and I just arrived this morning." And while he tries to surreptitiously dust himself off, Dani catches that movement and she'll reach out to give Doug's arm a playful sock, which he could easily sidestep if he so wished, thanks to his powers being able to read her intent. "And you caught me just after I finished getting the stables set to right for Brightwind. So yeah, I'm a little smelly."

Deciding to change the subject from her scent, Dani then asks, "What's been going on with all of you? It's good to see friendly familiar - " And a glance to Nate to include him, as well, "- and not so familiar faces about." And while she asks that question, she'll walk over to the fridge and pull from it a cold drink. The tab upon the soda can will be popped with a hiss and then she's taking a quick drink from it.

"Lockheed, uh? Good nose," because Nate can't ever find the Oreos. Coffee with Oreos will keep him going a few more hours. Maybe until next morning. He listens to Dani's story with mild interest. Asgard and… some kind of horse, he figures. Sounds interesting even beyond the typical X-Men weirdness. "Well, nice to meet you Dani. I'll see you around if you are staying for a while." He heads out, with the mug and some Oreos. If he can get past Kitty's watchful gaze, he tosses one to Lockheed. Otherwise the lizard is going hungry. Sorry, lizard.

As Kitty is paying attention to Dani's story, she doesn't notice Nate's toss to Lockheed until it's far too late. With a gasp and a look of amused annoyance at Lockheed and then at Nate, it fades to a smile. She's not actually angry. Doug's distracted wave toward herself and the bag is met with a bit of a smirk. "Thanks for getting them back to me," she replies.

The playful sock is met with a sheepish half-grin as Doug acknowledges that he has indeed been busted. But it -was- a perfectly natural reaction, darn it, once you've been contaminated by cooti—- er… close enough.

Nate gets a wave as he departs, followed by Doug giving a look at Kitty and a threatening fistshake. "Also, I still owe you one." For handing him his butt in gaming, basically. Just a LUCKY shot.

That said, Doug turns back to Dani. "Oh a little of this, a little of that. Forming a new company and contract out work. Helping out at X-Factor Investigations."

The sight of Lockheed eating the cookie earns a faint smile from Dani, even as she offers another wave to the departing Nate. Turning her dark eyes back upon Kitty and Doug, the woman will ask, "What's his story?", but her question is more rhetorical than actual. Her can of caffeine will be set upon a countertop, as she goes through the cupboards and pulls a few items from them. Bread, a knife, a plate, peanut butter and last but not least, jelly. Obviously, Dani is making herself a quick PB&J to take the edge off her hunger.

Doug's comment to Kitty earns a half grin from Dani, as she looks between the two. "Somehow, Doug, I'm getting the impression you're going to owe Kitty a lot more than just one."

Peanut butter will be spread on one piece of bread and jelly on the other, before she's slapping the two pieces together. The knife will be rinsed off and the various jars put back, as Dani turns to face the other two again. "What's the new company?" She asks curiously, as she crosses her arms, pose turning thoughtful now. "I've a feeling I'm going to have quite a few e-mails and memos to catch upon when I'm settled."

Kitty meets Doug's threatening fistshake with a grin. Lockheed, still in her arms, raises his little purple fist and shakes a fist back at Doug, mimicking the other mutants gesture. At that, she laughs, squeezing her dragon friend. "Good impression, Lockheed. You looked just like him," she tells Lockheed sotto voce. Then, to Doug, she tilts her head slightly. "X-Factor Investigations?" It's something she has sort of heard of, but not actually dealt with.

Moving toward the table, she sits at a chair, depositing Lockheed into her lap. As for what Nate's story is, she says, "He's been at the school off and on for a little while. Honestly, I don't know much about him other than his name." Then again, she hasn't been at the school often enough for quite awhile. "Thinking about staying long? Or off on another adventure with your noble steed?"

"X-Factor. It was one of the companies that X-Men Red was starting to work with before we changed plans up," Doug explains, pausing for one minute to make a growl-dragon face at Lockheed. "Run by Jamie Madrox… maybe you remember him?"

Scratching his neck, Doug nods at Dani. "Yeah. Amara's back in town from Nova Roma too, so you should catch her and say hello at some point. The new company, uh… we haven't actually given it a name yet, I don't think. Just a few of the mutants who're out publicly getting together and working as contractors for businesses. Though I was thinking we could just go incorporated at some point."

There's a nod from Dani at Kitty's explanation of Nate's background. Her words are filed away for later use, as the dark haired woman answers her second question. "We're going to stay awhile. We did a lot of traveling back home and I'll be honest, it'll be nice to have a stable base of operations again." The corner of her mouth lifts upward in that half smile of hers again, as she adds about the 'stable' part, "No pun intended there."

When Kitty moves over to the table and sits, Dani will grab her plate with sandwich and likewise move over, though she doesn't sit. She does realize she smells and she's not going to be so rude as to subject those at the table to it.

Doug's words cause her to look back at the blond young man, "Amara's here? That's good news." As to his explanation of mutants working as contractors with businesses, Dani asks, "What sort of work are you doing? I would imagine you're only looking for a specific power base? Or is it more along the lines of finding a power to match the contact offered?"

Lockheed gives Doug a look that somehow conveys distaste even without eyebrows or lips. From his spot on Kitty's lap, he puts his claws up onto the table and then his chin down on his claws to watch the conversation with a wistful expression. All he wants is more cookies. "Oh, Jamie! I haven't talked to him in forever. Perhaps I should." It might be good to have something else to do lately.

The pun is met with a good-natured groan. "Oh, Dani, why?" she replies with a soft laugh. It seems Kitty doesn't go in much for puns. "It'll be good to have you around. Things have been getting pretty heated lately. There was an attack on M-Town a little while ago. People are pretty restless about the whole mutant thing."

Skritching Lockheed behind the ear, Doug kneels, picks up the bag, and opens it up, pulling out a package of slim jims. Popping one out of the package, Doug peels it partly opens to offer to Lockheed. Of -course- it was extra spicy, but at least it'd help with oreo breath!

"Based on our skills, of course - I usually end up helping with translation or with programs, as well as troubleshooting things. Though with X-Factor, it's more like software forsenics and information gathering." He didn't say anything about hardware forsenics, something to keep in mind for Kitty if she were to talk to Jamie.

The pun is met with a grin. Words were more Doug's things, it seemed, at least, though the smile fades as Kitty brings up M-Town. "Could use a lot of help there," Doug notes. Not really the kind of thing that was suited for him, other than spreading out the information that Scott -needed-.

Kitty's why-for-the-pun groan is met with another quick grin from Dani, as she offers a good-natured shrug, "Because I could."

The mention of the attacks on Mutant Town and the fact that everything is becoming much more tense causes Dani's expression to lose what humor it held. Her features now drop into a much more serious expression, as she says, "I've heard. Not too many stories made their to primetime news in Colorado, but what few did were definitely concerning." And not to mention that she likely kept tabs upon her home away from home, as well, thanks to google and the internet. Truly, you can find nearly anything with the right keywords. And perhaps when she saw all the strife kicking up so recently helped her to get her head back in the game which ultimately brought her back to the Mansion and the people here.

When Doug chimes about needing help, Dani nods, turning those brown eyes of hers back upon him. "You know you can count on me. For whatever is needed." And speaking of unpacking, "In fact, let me get started on that." Her plate with its uneaten sandwich is picked up, even as she looks between the two of them, "It was great catching up with you both. As soon as I'm finished with unpacking and get a change of clothes, I'll head back down for a debrief and then I'll start helping out wherever I can."

The omission of hardware is easily picked up by Kitty. It brings a moment of contemplation to her face before she nods. "Makes sense." However, as things have moved to Mutant Town, her expression moves from thoughtful to serious. "Yeah. It'll be good to have some familiar faces around. When you're all unpacked, you can join Doug and I playing some games. I need a new challenge. Beating Doug has gotten boring now." For the time being, she and Lockheed will be hanging out in the kitchen. Lockheed may or may not get some cookies out of it.

Rather than delve too deeply into what Dani might have heard, instead leaving it to the other two to determine -when- to discuss such a heavy topic, Doug chooses to jump on the opening that Kitty leaves: "Hey… it was the -one- game. I've beaten you plenty enough on others! It's just… you want a new challenge…?" Doug starts fishing in the backpack. "I got an expansion pack. Then we'll see who beats who…!"

Pause. "Uh… or we can play nicely with Dani."

When Kitty offers her a spot to be in the game group, Dani says, "Thanks. I'll definitely come down later." And then, "I can't say I'll be much of a challenge for you, video games was always Doug or the boys thing." Meaning the boys of the team, when they were younger, though Dani could hold her own with certain types of games. Just not all of them.

As to Doug's quip about playing nice because she's /there/, when Dani moves past him, she'll once again reach out to give his arm a 'playful' punch, though this time there's more 'oomph' behind it. "I don't need anyone giving me a break." She says and while her expression is still serious, there's definitely humor behind her words. "It's hard mode or no mode." And then she's giving a wave to both of them, before she's stepping out into the hallway. "I'll see you both in a bit. Don't burn Doug too badly, before I get back down here, Kitty."

And then she's gone, padding out into the hallway and then up the stairs to the guest room that has been earmarked as her own.

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