The Doctors are Talking

August 30, 2015:

Although Dr. Doom wasn't allowed access into the Hall of Justice, Dr. Strange decided to go talk with him. This is what happened. Scene backdated to early in August.

A quinjet over Metropolis


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"Succeed? You are nowhere near such. Even now, your resistance shows Doom all he needs to see…"
That's when the hood moves back enough to show the mask beneath it, glinting in just the bit of light that hits the man. He has not exited the Quinjet yet, and two SHIELD agents are walking up the door to where the man stands. Doom was allowing them on, because he knows he chose to take his own jet here. He didn't plan on flying himself back. As he stands there just in the range of Ozymandias's own eyes, he would boom a slow warning out.
"This boon that was offered was only a formality, after all, your government requested my opinion on this situation."
That's when Doom turns, his robe waving out a bit from underneath the Quinjet's edge to just show a flurry of green.
"The time of Doom is only given if the problem at hand can only be solved by his hand…"
The Doctor then steps back into the dark of the jet, slamming the lowered ramp of it with his sheer will alone in a sudden display of annoyance.
Within, he only lets a low hissed breath out through his mask… startling the two agents who now were his personal pilots.
"The fools… They almost warrant my pity."

The fools might warrant Doom’s pity, but Doctor Strange is a different kind of fool. When the identity of the Quinjet passenger was revealed, he made a quick and probably questionable decision. He left his physical body behind, observing Mind Wolf’s interrogation, and projected his Astral form outside the Hall, and then into the aircraft. Invisible to normal humans, but probably not to Doom. « Doctor Doom, I presume. Ah, one of your robots wouldn’t be able to hear me » Strange is projecting his thoughts very much like superhuman telepaths do, but his projection is a trained ability developed through phenomenal discipline and the use of the human mind natural mystic energies. « What brings you to this place from distant Latveria, Doctor? »

"Not too up in the news, are you, Strange."
Doom speaks to what seems to be empty air to the others in the Quinjet. He's staring straight ahead, looking quite calm. The sorcerer's questioning is at least honored, Doom grants him that.
"Improving my cherished homeland, by developing my Doombots into agricultural units. Doom humbly offered to let this nation assist him in exchange for a request."
Doom would close his eyes for a moment, as if taking a thought to himself before a low chuckle escaped from that metal mouth of his.
"Certainly what is happening now though warrants more curiosity than my choice of current business."

« I was aware of your presence in America. And in truth the human newsmedia rarely can reveal me anything I don’t already know beforehand through less mundane means. » But apparently small details, like Doom showing up at the Hall of Justice, still surprise Strange. « Several world-threatening events are taking place in the region at this moment. But far reaching enough to menace Latveria… ah, the constructs from Apokolips. »

"Doom has long been aware of this fact. I had my own business to handle, and apparently I gave the minds here too much credit to solve this on their own time!"
Doom stands up in the Quinjet, causing his pilots to look back at him in shock and surprise. Doom just brings up one hand, clenching it into a slow fist as he begins to drive his point home.
"You and your worthless help are barely scratching the surface! Each second is wasting time, even as you appear before me now…It's all feeble attempts to understand something you fear…"

«Not true. I have dealt with a few extra-dimensional invasions in the last forty years» replies Strange calmly. «This one presents some unique challenges, but they all did. The obelisks will be dealt with before the next new moon. And should the invaders force the issue with their world-altering machines, the Justice League will repel their forces. I am talking to you as a matter of courtesy to another master of the Arts, and I would prefer you not to act on your own to deal with this problem.»

"My patience is running out, only because it can be handled much faster. Surely, Strange, you do not expect Doom to wait for your 'help' when Doom's own hand is capable of ending this crisis. This pace you are taking is irritating."
Doom would lower his hand, at least he will be respectful. His arms cross slowly over his chest, and he seems to take a moment to raise his chin proudly. A second goes by before he actually begins to chuckle low again.
"You are fortunate that my work here in the United States has finished, and I am simply waiting for your government to go through the findings themselves to put their mind at peace. Doom requires something to pass the time."

Strange frowns, giving Doom a stern look. «If you have a way to quickly remove the obelisks, by all means, let me know how and when, and I will make sure no one bothers you while you do it. But it is in the best interest of all we don’t interfere with each other attempts.»

"Consider the need for the obelisks." Doom states, calm now.
The Latverian Monarch would slowly pace a few steps before looking back towards Strange's astral projection. This is when he would just clasp his hands behind his back in thought before lifting his chin again as he does.
"Consider what needed to be done to force them into this dimension. It's as simple as reversing their own energies to revert them back to where they once were."
Doom would move one hand in a small gesture, and then place it on his metal chin a thoughtful manner.
"It's actually very simple, once true thought is given to it, but I would need to get close to one for my own examination. You speak as if you already have a solution."
Doom has not been able to examine an obelisk yet due to SHIELD's own fears of him learning their workings. Frankly, he has his own agenda with them in the first place. A lot of power in one place always fascinates Doom.
"You seem afraid of Doom's own action in this. Surely, you don't believe that I would do anything to disrupt the act. This threatens my world, and I would see it done properly to be remedied."

«I do have a solution» confirms Strange. «I thought you would have examined the Russian obelisks already, too. The ones in New York and Gotham have been guarded physical and mystically.» Although Strange would admit Doom might have been able to avoid all those measures. He is relieved to know he didn’t even try. «They are impervious too human technology. At least in as much as SHIELD and the Justice League experts regards. They are also impervious to magic… almost impervious. I was able to discern some small flaws in the design by using the Eye of Agamotto. An inversion spell wouldn’t work unless backed by the full might of a Skyfather-level deity. Same would happen with transmutation, teleportation or any technique or trick I could remember or research. I am convinced, however, that the correct application of a powerful disruptive force on the flaws would make the obelisks briefly vulnerable. Long enough to destroy them.»

The Doctor would turn to face Strange's astral self now, taking in this information. The sound of metal on metal is heard as he strokes his chin in thought. It was entertaining to him to actually have a puzzle to fiddle with in his downtime. Doom would pause for a moment, looking away at the wall of the Quinjet in thought before looking back to Strange.
"Aren't you concerned that they may absorb the energy themselves? Destroying them seems such a waste, however, of something that could be used to strengthen the defense of this world."
Doom's tone shows he has shifted from his usual arrogance. He's speaking to Strange as not only the scientific genius that he is, but also a fellow sorcerer. Strange has done nothing to offend him, after all. This is a threat to his world after all.

«Learn from them… No. Not in a way it can be useful for Humankind. They are alien to this reality, Doctor» explains Strange. «The elements they are formed should be impossible according to the laws of physics. And yet the devices seem technological in function. I have to conclude the invaders have developed their science and technology while keeping a very solid grasp on the mystic arts.»
And if Strange is correct, that fact alone puts Apokolips well ahead of any known galactic civilization (where magic is forgotten or relegated to small fringe groups of mystics) and magic-rich extra-dimensional civilization, which seem to struggle to develop science beyond Renaissance tech. Even the Asgardians have not progressed much beyond the middle-ages.
«Even the simple-looking gear of the demon-like soldiers that appeared at the same time of the obelisks is formed by alien metals that do not exist on Earth,» continues the magician. «Those obelisks serve as end points for wormholes from a… a very distant place. Unrecorded. Unknown by all entities I have consulted. But they are also terraforming mechanisms that are altering the environment of our world. Fortunately absorbing energy doesn’t seem one of their functions. I am concerned the invaders will react violently if one of the devices is destroyed, but I trust the Justice League can deal with another attack.»

The largest mistake Strange has made was admire their combination of science and magic directly infront of Doom. That being because Doom's own techniques derived directly from this. The Doctor is now curious, and it shows as he steps forward towards Strange. He's thinking, the man is thinking and formulating a plan. He sees potential, and possible advantage now. Doom is thinking like Doom. He would pause one more second in thought, and then finally says those cold words.
"I believe I will assist in preventing any further damage if that comes to pass. Just as long as none of you get in my direct way. Doom will protect what is rightfully his…An invading force will not take my world from me."
Doom would actually look towards his pilots a moment, fully aware they are listening. He looks back to Strange after a moment.
"For my assistance, I request samples of any leftover debris for my own study. Three samples to be exact."
Doom just shouldered his way into this…The request for samples was clearly a formality. He was going to do it anyway.

Fortunately Strange has every intention to disintegrate the obelisks into fine powder. Unfortunately, he is pretty sure Doom will get hold on bits and pieces of the Parademon gear anyway. Even if the JL requests the US and Russia government they destroy it all, they will never comply. Like Doom, they would think they can benefit from studying it. Only they are wrong, genius scientist sorcerers are very rare in Earth.
«If I agree…» which he will, because it is his best chance to keep an eye in Doom. «We would be part of a cabal of seven sorcerers. You would have to work with them in a join casting, and then we would very likely have to deal with a retaliatory strike from Apokolips.»

"Your quarrels here keep escalating. It is only time before Latveria falls too. This week alone, Doom has had to lift his hand once before."
Doom would slowly uncross his arms. With a couple of seconds of time, he just lifts his chin one more time before eyeing the astral body itself. He made his mind up quickly. Only due to the fact that he does wish for his country to be safe, which is already fact as Doom reigns over it, will he ever agree to this.
"Make this worth my while, Doctor. We may be even, but Doom never forgets…Who are the others that Doom must tolerate?"

“A rather eclectic group, some of which you know,” replies Strange, hiding a smile. “Prince Loki of Asgard, I am sure you have heard of him. The Merlyn, who is currently a British gentleman called Hunter. Young Zatanna Zatara, you might have known his father, she is of the Old Blood. The witch Rain, from Gotham, you also met her briefly in the Dead Zone. And a mutant woman called the Scarlet Witch, whose natural control of magical forces, if mastered will one day make her one of the greatest sorceress Earth has ever seen.”

Doom seems uninterested for almost all of the mentions. He doesn't show any indication that he's even consistently considering any of them worthy. He does know most of the names, and even knows of Zatanna and Rain as he used them as his own personal little amplifiers of mystical energy before. They were useful, they could be useful again.
"Wanda Maximoff."
Doom lifts his chin a bit when she is mentioned, and begins to chuckle lowly at that.
"I will admit, Doctor, you have summoned quite the rag-tag bunch of 'hooligans.' But as another sorcerer, Doom does acknowledge that you have drawn together some significant forces…Made perfect now, only by Doom's gracious compliance. This entity will be no concern to my power."

“Indeed? Of course, you don’t believe you have worthy rivals,” Strange gives Doom a vaguely exasperated head-shake. “Our enemy comes from a metaphysical distance beyond reckoning, wielding a blend of magic and high technology we have never seen before. They are not to be underestimated, Doctor. We shall take every precaution, and fortify the battlefield to our advantage. And we shall prevail. You are staying at Latveria embassy, correct? I will send you the spell layout, it is almost finished. As well as some technological insights from Oracle and the Batman. I will request SHIELD to allow you access to the Obelisks in New York, too, should you want to examine them in person. We will move soon.”
Strange bows politely, and vanishes. Back to his body and to listen Mind Wolf’s mad ramblings. Looks like the psionicist was completely brainwashed by the invaders despite his formidable mental talents. There was little to learn from him.

"Do stop by, Doctor. I am quite sure you miss the luxuries that my land once provided you. Allow Doom to send you a bottle of our finest wine, as a gift of good graces."
Doom says this part with less sarcasm and with more of a certain tone. He's being civil, he has to be after all. He knows when to exert force and when to be proper in dealings. He would turn, sitting down in his seat after the image vanishes, the engines soon gearing up afterwards under Doom's command. In his mind turns plans that involves the simple fact that there is someone, or something, that is blending science and magic together. That is only something that Doom felt he was capable of. The pure fascination with learning how another powerful mind has accomplished this same act has drawn him into this quarrel.
"I've been getting too involved. Damn this country, it leaves Doom far too idle due to it's 'grinding gears' of politics."

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