Entering The Den Of The Wolf

August 30, 2015:

With a way in sorted out, it's time to go find Darques Sister

The Wolfs Den - Poland


NPCs: Sandria Darque, The Sisterhood


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Fenris raises his hand and opens a Way to the Wolf's Bunker. "Ordinarily I'd have to unravel the wards for this but they left a hole with running water which you generally don't want to do." It's a rather small hole but he can get them there. "The people we're dealing with are expecting visitors of a hostile sort, so, we'll want to be very cautious. Mostly, no one let Ryden's duck out of sight. I think it might be possessed. When you're ready, then."

On the other side of the Way there's a collection of startled, alarmed gasps.

Zee scoops up the duck, knowing that it settles better with her and to have a cussing Ryden appear in the middle of that group… just doesn't bear thinking about… and steps through the Way, stepping to the side quickly to let the others through. Tellingly, she doesn't tap her magic… "Hi, I'm Zatanna Zatara" for once offering her whole name - names have power and the Zatara's are well known in mystical circles - maybe it will be so here too.

Melinda May steps in after Zee, taking her cue from the young magician and leaving her weapons concealed. For now. And probably until (if) there's a fight. This is very much Zee's show at the moment. She's just here to kick butt if necessary.

"Yah. Possesed by the spirit of assholery." Ryden mutters softly before he steps through as well. Please oh please let the curse not be in effect. He had quickly changed out of his muddy clothes at least..but if there is some way of tripping, falling, setting something on fire or knocking down the damn building on his, and their heads, he's sure he has about an eightynine percent chance of accidently stumbling upon it. He'd spent alot of time over the years calculating those odds. He doesn't look dangerous, or magical. Just his usual if a bit muddy roguishly handsome self. The clothes he pulled out of his bag even match. Jeans and a sweat shirt. He tosses out his biggest and best charming grin. Though it falters slightly for a moment when he sees the woman.

Fenris steps through last of all. On the other side are a group of women, seven to be precise, all armed with blades and pistols. All looking very grim and determined. And then very confused when Fenris is the one who steps through behind them. "Well, I haven't gotten a greeting like this in a long time."

"Who are you, what do you want?"

Given who came through behind her, Zee can't really blame the group for missing her introduction "I'm Zatanna Zatara" the teen mage still doesn't draw on her power, even when confronted by the weaponry "these are my friends." who will introduce themselves. Zee's totally banking on the Zatara name to carry some weight

"We've been… " Zee struggles as she searches for the word "working against a necromancer for many months… and I think that one of you can help us locate him." The duck wriggles a little under Zee's arm and she absently raises a hand to pet its head to calm it.

Ryden blinks. All women? Huh. He doesn't look at Damnyou. No sense setting the damn duck off again. These people pointing weapons at Zee are a little worrisome, although completely understandable. He studies them, trying to decide if any of them are feigning surprise. Was that bad spot in the wards by design, or accident? If one of them is a traitor..trouble is likely incoming and its not going to be from the four of them. "We're hear to help you. Or ask for your help. Both, really." He says calmly. "See, no weapons out." "Nobody's pointing anything at you but a duck. And I'm the only one here he's likely to try to murder, trust me." The lorekeeper sighs the sigh of one long suffering. The duck simply juts his head out and looks proud of himself.

Stay still, remain alert, m…. make sure the DUCK doesn't flip out. Seriously? For crying out loud. Since the women didn't try to attack them immediately, she turns her attention aside, to study the room they're in and make suure it's secure against anyone ELSE trying to get inside.

Fenris steps aside. "I'm not your enemy." They'd know if he was. Which is not comforting but true. The women look suspicious eyeing Ryden first and his duck, then May and Zatanna.

"Necromancers you say… you're not agents of Master Darque then… Are you willing to stand in the light and prove it?" One of the women is standing forward, palm glowing softly. She is half expecting them to refuse and there to be a fight. Clearly the women around her do. Should they accept light will play over them, seeking any darkness it can find.

Still holding the duck, Zee doesn't hesitate and steps forward "We're not agents of he, no. We want to stop him." Looking at the woman with the glowing palm she offers a crooked smile. "I'll stand in the light, certainly." So confident.

She expects they'll find darkness on her soul - given what she does and has been through, she couldn't have come out unscathed - to Zee though, it's about what's in your heart and actions speak louder than words.

Rather unexpectedly, or perhaps not so, knowing him, Ryden bursts into laughter. "The light? Seriously. You're pointing guns at us and asking us if we're agents of darkness? Shit, lady. I'm sorry but thats just funny. And what does that even mean anyway? There are very few, if any, out there in the world without some kinda darkness on their soul. Or person." He adds after a glance at Fenris. "I'm over a thousand years old. If its possible I've done it. Hell, I've done alot of impossible shit in my time too. Do your looking woman, just don't expect to be finding some bloody angel. Dark or light be damned, I am not here to hurt you and neither are they. The one after you though…" He gives them a pointed look. He seriously doubts they need any reminding of what Darque can and will and is trying to do. His gaze goes to the one woman again, and there is that slight crinkle of bemusement on his face.

"Would it help to mention that I'm from SHIELD?" May offers. Of course, it doesn't help that she can't shake the feeling that they've all stepped into a giant kill box.

After everyone is scanned… they seem kind of astonished. "You're… you're not with him…. Sandria!"

The woman that Zee had seen before steps forward. "Hello. Welcome. Sisters if you please." Weapons are lowered and people generally take a step back. Fenris smirks.

"I am Sandria Darque. I am leading these sisters. What are you doing here? Why have you followed us?"

Rydens monologue gets a look from Zee, but the teen mage holds her tongue. She can't really fault him, light and dark are subjective and doing what they do? Well, noones perfect.

When Sandria steps forward, Zee lets out a long sigh of relief "You've led us a merry chase, that's for sure." Holding the diabolical duck still and petting it to keep it calm "I'm Zee and we've been … fighting, I guess you could say, your brother for many months. That fight has led us to you to seek help."

Falling silent, the raven haired mage will let the others fill in the rest. The whole thing has been joint effort.

"We are fully prepared to offer protection in exchange for your assistance. And once all is done, we can and willl also help you return to where ever you choose." Okay, May might be offering a bit much there, but maybe she can, considering the whole WAND aspect.

"Can you? Can you truly protect us? You know who you speak of protecting us from, do you not? My brother is one of the most ruthless people in existence and he will stop at nothing in his pursuit of power." Sandria looks concerned, and for good reason.

"We do, they do. You're looking at the people who have been battling him for months."

"They've kept me safe all these months." Zee looks to those gathered beside "These and others like them. Of course" she looks back to Sandria "We will protect you, I'd say to the death but that would just be playing into your brothers hand wouldn't it?" a small smile "That we found you should tell you just how resourceful we can be. And yet, we need your help - to stop him and this power spree he's on."

"Do you need examples of what we've experienced so far in this fight?" Zee could provide them and if anyone there was telepathic they could lift Zee's only experiences from her mind.

After listening to Zee, Ryden glances at May and seems to think for a moment. "I can help with that too. Money isn't an issue and whatever …things. You might need, I can get them." Papers, IDs, Birth certificates and the like. With natural skill and his magic Ryden is quite possibly the best forger on the planet. His fakes are so good they match the real in every way. It isn't something he advertises, much. "With all of your running and hiding, and I do not fault you for that at all, " Ryden says clearly and honestly. "And the fact that what really happened was kept hidden as much as possible, you probably don't know. He took out everything in a hundred square mile radius near Metropolis. Thousands of people died. We just now managed to undo the..whatever the fuck you want to call it, that created the damn deadzone a few days ago. But we can't bring back the dead and lost. This guy, isn't gonna stop there either. Which I'm sure you know just as well, if not better than us.

So we either work together and figure out how to stop him or you might as well stop running and just kill yourselves now. Cause he's gonna take out every thing and every one if we don't. And then he'll move onto the next place. It's never gonna be enough, that hunger, that thirst for power." His eyes meet and hold Sandria's. If she's really his twin then she knows. She's felt it. I can't promise you'll make it through this but I can swear on my life I'll do my damn best to protect you." Ryden strides forward and kneels before Sandria, gently taking her hand between his own. "I swear it, by blood, by magic, by all that I am. I will protect you until my last breath or you release me from this oathe of your own free will."

Wow. Play the heavy card there why don't you, Ryden? Of course, it's very likely that that's what it'll take to convince the woman. If she's still skeptical, however, May looks at Sandria squarely. "If it comes down to there being nowhere left on this entire planet that is safe for you, I have the resources to relocate you all to a place your brother could never even hope to reach." Of course, that kind of relocation would very heavily depend on the good will and generosity of some VERY foreign individuals. But she'd happily approach aforementioned individuals because she almost WANTS to see Darque try to get past Asgard's Heimdall to reach his sister.

Sandria looks uncertain but as Zee, Ryden and May lay their cases out her reslove grows. Fernis finally chimes in. "They'll keep you safe. As safe as you can be. And safer than running anyway. I know you've been running for days."

The woman nods finally. "I'll go. And I alone."

"But sister-!" Sandria raises a hand to cut her off. "There's no need to risk anyone but me." She nods to May and the others. "I'm ready to go whenever you are."

Blinking at Ryden, Zee's mouth drops open and she quickly snaps it shut. This is not a side of him she's seen before.

Looking up fondly at Fenris, her friend and mentor, "And having the god-wolf by your side is always a bonus." Sandria's final answer gets an even more relieved smile from the teen, "We can offer transport to your sisters. Where would they like to go?" When all is organised, Zee knows that Fenris will open a way back to…. "Shall we head back to Shadowcrest? Or do you have other preferences?" she addresses her friends.

Getting to his feet without any of his usual awkwardness, Ryden smiles. He likes this woman. People with such a strong will are a rarity. "It is an honor to meet you, Sandria. Truly. To remain yourself all this time and stand strong against your brother.. I understand more than you might think how hard that must have been." He looks at the other women and nods. "We will keep her safe, as well as you all have done."

Melinda May nods her agreement with Zee's offer to transport the other women anywhere they'd like. She can even arrange for a SHIELD escort if they would like. Whatever the case… "We should move quickly. This location is likely already compromised."

Fenris smiles and opens a Way. It won't be into SHIELD, but rather outside of SHIELD. They don't like it when you just teleport into the building. Something about mass demon attack. "Well, let's not waste any time. You can brief these there when you get there. I have other leads to follow up."

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