Scrying The Wolfs Den

August 30, 2015:

The next step in locating Darques sister requires observation and planning

Black Forest - Germany


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Ryden, Zee and Fenris have taken some time to rest, in Castle Lichtenstein in the Black Forest. This is where they had traced Darques sister and the Sisterhood too, but the group had already fled.

At least now, thanks to a sharpening stone, a diabolic duck and a map tied into the Leylines, they have a bead on the sister and maybe take the intiative.

However, before they go any further, Zee will scry the location (which according to the duck is somewhere in Poland) but she's also trying to get one more persons attention to aid them on their journey.

Agent May, It's Zee. We're following Darques sister. Are you able to join us? Castle Lichtenstein in Germany.

Zee thinks through the leylines, directing the message to Mays pendulum. It might take May several hops to there, but at least the castle is on a leyline nexus.

I'll need a few minutes, but I'll be there. Contrary to popular belief, May can and DOES sleep. It just gets interrupted as often as not. Like now. She is true to her word, though, and within five minutes is on her way very ley line to meet with the others. Castle Lichtenstein. Other than references from an old movie, her only memories of this place are unpleasant ones. SHIELD related ones.

Ryden, covered in half-dried mud and bits of grass and duck feathers is leaning against the stone wall with his eyes shut. Under all the dirt and mess it looks like he's dressed relatively normal, for him anyway. Black jeans with holes at the knees, grey hiking boots and what had been a very nice soft pink silk blouse. It doesn't even look like magic can save that thing now. Said diabolic duck is watching Ryden through small beady eyes glittering with hatred. It's probably a really good thing that Zee is there. Without any witnesses, Damnyou the duck would being doing his damndest to kill his…whatever the lorekeeper is to the small animal. After having been hurtled down a mountain, squashed, and then magicked all in a span of half an hour, the feathered creature is definitely plotting revenge. Revenge most fowl.

Fenris had suggested that Zee scry the location before they head out, so whilst waiting for May to join them, the teen mage crouches over the map (which now displays the leylines as well) and focusses her power… eyes glowing brightly as she draws her power to her.

~~ wohS sU ehT noitacoL eW erA gnioG oT, nI liateD ~~

Scrying is tricky. What they want to see is the layout, the disposition, anything that might trip them up when they get there… Zee keeps that intent in her mind as she casts her spell… and an image starts to appear.

May arrives as the scrying image starts to form, and knowing the concentration level that that requires she remains quiet. Ryden is offered a simple nodded greeting, again out of deference to the scrying. The duck, however, gets a stare and then a good close look at one of May's most vicious looking knives.

Ryden's eyes open as May arrives and he nods quietely in respone, a smirk gracing his lips as the SHIELD agent flashes her knives at Damnyou. The small grin quickly fades as he watches the duck tilt its head consideringly. Nah, he's just imagining it. Ducks are Not smart enough to consider using weaponry. Still, Ryden looks a bit uneasy as he turns to look at the result of Zee's casting. The duck waddles over and settles at her feet.

The image that unfolds is some form of bunker in Poland. The same pretty woman of eastern european extraction, the same woman who dropped the sharpening stone… among others that Ryden and Zee would recognise from Zee's earlier spell can be seen. The image is a little sharper than before and it seems they have settled in for a while. Perhaps the group will be able to catch up with them soon!

Zee zooms the image in on the map… it shows the location as Gierloz, it's the Wolfs Bunker. Looking up at Ryden, May and Fenris "What is it you would like to see before head there." It looks like they can change the aspect of the viewing to get different angles.

Melinda May studies the image for a long moment then steps away to tap at her SHIELD issue earpiece. She's going to spend a few minutes talking to the SHIELD personnel local to this area and to Poland, hopefully she'll get some real time intel about the location Zee's scrying has pointed out. You know, thermal images, headcounts, etc.

Crystal clear skyblue eyes study the image and then focus on the woman for a long moment. A slight frown crosses Ryden's face and his fingers restlessly tap at one leg. Tilting his head to one side and then the other Ryden walks a full circle around the image before stopping where he started. A blank expression comes over the man's face and his eyes roll back and begin flicking rapidly side to side as he scrolls back through his memories. It's a little…disconcerting to watch. Almost like a small seizure has overtaken him. It stops as suddenly as it began and the lorekeeper's blank expression turns worried. He steps back a few paces and shakes his head trying to clear it but only looking more disconcerted, abrubtly dropping to a sitting position and rubbing at his forehead.

Mays checks do take a few minutes and return that there appears to be seven people there. Still there as of several minutes again. Images are sent through to her, showing a derelict building with a road that loops around… Being a ruin, there entrances aren't all that secure particularly if you count the holes in the roof and the walls as such. Thermal imaging show the group in the centre of the building, which makes sense given that looks like the only place the ceiling isn't crumbling.

Zee murmurs another spell and an overlay on the image in front of them appears "These are the wards they have in place." she says to May and Ryden.

And it's excellent work. The wards start several feet out from the building and circle it. The next set of wards seem to touch the building walls and the next set circle the group in the middle. Whoever the sister is with, they certainly know what they're doing.

Zee peers at the image looking for weaknesses, breaching wards like that isn't easy. Turning the image around she points to it "Ryden, does this look like a weak point to you?"

Melinda May returns after consulting with the SHIELD intel groups, and offers her phone to Zee with a satellite image of the exact same area that Zee's scrying has revealed. "That lines up with the hole in the building's roof." She indicates the highlighted spot on her phone's image. "I think that's our point of entry."

Ryden is looking a little dazed but his gaze has returned to the image again. "Yeah..that's some good warding." Wait..didn't she ask him something? "Uh…oh. Yes, it does. It looks like its covered with water. Which seems..weird, right? The rest of it is well done, why mess up that bit? Exhaustion, maybe. Or…" Or maybe one of them is trying to make it easier for whoever is chasing them to catch up. Ryden pats the stone in his pocket absently. He can be very paranoid sometimes but this..really seems off. The lorekeeper still looks vaguely disconcerted. "Weird." He comments again.

Zee looks at the images on Mays phone and shows them to Ryden, along with the report that shows that it's raining and has only just started recently "Or… it wasn't raining and that hole is quite new." That's a possibility.

"So seven people, all in the middle of the building." Looking to Fenris to confirm her suspicions "And we should be able to weaken the ward near that hole in the roof…."

If they all agree… then maybe they can be off.

Melinda May nods, stowing her phone away. "Let's move." She gives the duck another stare and steps back to give Zee room, clearly ready to get there right now.

Ryden gets to his feet with an absent minded look on his face. The duck eyes May, Zee, Fenris and finally Ryden the longest. Either it realizes things are serious now or that something is throwing Ryden off, or both. It sighs and waddles over to Ryden's back pack, nudges the top open with its beak and push-hops its way inside. Ryden seems to focus as he watches this. "…Oookay then. I guess we're ready."

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