Need To Know

August 30, 2015:

Clint catches up with a May and Simmons and meets Wanda

New York


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Clint Barton is no longer an agent of SHIELD. So he can't exactly raz Agent May getting morning coffee. No he has to schedule for it. And he suspects that she'll want to know what he's been up to. The short answer to that is too damn much. The longer answer is… also too damn much. He's seated at a sidewalk cafe, looking a bit ragged as he does. Tee shirt. Open flannel. Jeans. No sword or bow. Can't carry them around all the time after all.

One distinct advantage to still being SHIELD — the built-in concealed carry license. Anyone who knows May knows she never goes anywhere without at least three readily identifyable weapons on her person. How many weapons she's actually carrying when she appears on the sidewalk with her hand on Jemma's arm is debatable.

Yes, that was 'appears' as in not there a second ago. No car dropped them off, no Star Trek-ish transporter beam, just … there.

May lets go of Jemma's arm so the scientist and regain her bearings, and sends a mental message over the ley lines to Fenris indicating that this particular line is feeling a little… grimy.

Wanda is wandering. She really should spend more time at the X-Red HQ…it may stop her friends being abducted…but she's never really been one for four walls and a ceiling. Not to mention that a few hours ago she was in Delaware helping to dispel the Deadzone. They were successful but no one noticed the change. Glancing up she spots Jemma…and starts to wave 'hello'…and then May…and tries to hide from her gaze. Too late. "Hey, Jemma. Are you feeling okay now?"

Jemma doesn't quite stumble as they appear through the Leyline, but she does place her hand on Mays shoulder as she shakes her head and cracks her jaw. "ngggghhhh…." It takes her a moment to realise that Wanda is speaking with her and she blinks dazedly at the woman "Uh, yes, yes I am thanks Wanda. Do you know Agent May?"

Clint's eyebrows threaten to climb into his hairline when May just appears with Jemma… and then is approached by Wanda (whom he does not know). "I see they really were hiding the good toys from me. What the hell was that, May?" He's thinking maybe they really finally did come through on that fancy teleportation technology Hill wanted a while back. Figures that they'd get it after he was out. "I guess no more flying Quinnjets for you then, mmm?" He's trying to hide the fact that he's kind of flabbergasted and not doing it very well.

"Doesn't seem to agree with Simmons though. Who's your friend?"

Melinda May gives Wanda that look that the redhead had been wanting to avoid in the first place. But, possibly against the norm, she nods to woman then looks at Jemma to make sure she's okay before leading her over to Clint's table just in time for the archer and former SHIELD asset to ask about their mode of transportation and about Wanda. "Maximoff. Barton." And then, as if this would be any kind of coherent explanation, she pulls the gold chain with a dragon charm and carnelian stone out from under the neckline of her shirt for Clint to see.

"I am glad that you are okay, Jemma" Wanda smiles…even if the scientist doesn't look quite steady on her feet. The nod from May gets a nervous nod in return. The agent was not far from pulling a gun on Wanda and marching her off to fix Jemma once upon a time and the Transian is always wary of government officials with guns. "Hello, Barton" At least she remembers her manners when introduced, even offering her hand. "You can call me Wanda." She still has her Eastern European accent…unlike her brother she will never get rid of that.

Jemmas ok, even if she looks a little vacant at the moment. That is one truly weird way to travel - and she's travelled by stepping disk a few times.

Smiling at Wanda as May leads her to the table, Jemma then turns her attention to Clint "I'll be fine, it was just different. How are you, Agent Barton?" Of course, the biochem is asking in more than one way.

"I'm uh, okay. Been having an interesting time of it which I'll tell you all about. Nice to meet you Wanda. You can call me Clint." The archer stares at May's jewelery as if she's grown a second head. May wears jewelery? Clearly the explanation isn't explaing for him.

"Why don't you, uh, all sit down. I'd ask if it was okay to talk around Wanda but hell I don't work for the Division anymore. I've been looking into some kind of weird things."

Melinda May lets Jemma and Wanda take seats first, then claims a last chair for herself. "I'm still piloting for other teams. For my own off-site duties, this is a LOT faster than public transportation. You know I'm in charge of a new divisin, right?" Maybe not. Barton DID hightail it out of SHIELD pretty damned quick. She also gives the archer an assessing look, as if trying to determine for herself whether or not he's lying about being okay. And if anyone will be able to tell, she's one of the likely ones.

Taking a seat, Jemma doesn't even glance at Mays jewellery - having seen it before. Instead, she fixes her eyes on Clint, watching him carefully, assessing his responses. "An interesting time, Age… Clint?" But he said he'd explain so she'll wait and give Wanda a quick glance to make sure she's taking a seat as well.

Wanda jerks as if waking from a dream before she slips into a seat at the table. "Sorry…sometimes…" She taps the side of her forehead. "All the voices make me forget where I am" she smiles, no doubt instilling confidence in X-Red recruiting policies. "Oh, Jemma, I have visa! I am allowed in country." She looks to May and repeats, in a much softer and more pleading tone, "I am allowed in country." Then she sits back and lets the old friends/workmates talk while she buries her head in a menu.

Clint has, believe it or not, dealt with his share of crazy people in his time. None like Wanda sure, but he smiles and nods in an uncharacteristicly genuine tone. "Oh sure you are. I saw you on the news too I think. Some town in, er, Maryland, was it? You saved 'em. Called you a hero on the news too." More gently. "I'm sure you're allowed here. Go ahead and order something."

He doesn't know it but what he's about to say may be of some interest to her.

Clint is likely lying a bit about being okay. Okay as he's been sure but he's not okay and hasn't been since he got back. Leaving SHIELD, being replaced by a robot. Doesn't really do wonders for a guy. "I've been looking into the people who may have gathered the information from my… other self when I was away. I think they sold and some of it went through Gotham. The people I've run into so far are like… Ninja. They're fast, well armed and using some kind of magic or something. I've never seen anything like it." Beat. "Wait, you're running a division now?"

"Intel. Sold through Gotham. By ninjas using some form of magic." May's expression has become that 'this many coincidences mean they're NOT coincidences' micro-expression even as she turns to share a look with Jemma. "Yes. Wizardry, Alchemy, and Necromancy Division. WAND." Though she's already heard some new recruits bandying about the alternate name 'Weird And Nasty Division'.

"You have a VISA?" Jemma smiles at Wanda "That's excellent." She's used to Wanda talking to herself, so thinks nothing of that.

Clints news has her looking at May and raising an eyebrow "That's very interesting, Agen… uh Clint" another glance to May for permission to add extra information to that.

"If you were an International Division then you could be the American branch - Wizardry, Alchemy, and Necromancy Division America. WANDA" notes Wanda before she giggles. She thinks its funny anyway. The Transian is listening to the conversation even though she looks to be poring over the menu. Especially when the talk is of her. "I am not a hero…and I was not the only one their." She blushes and buries her face back in the menu. Magical ninja gets her glancing over at Clint but that is all. She's more interested in Jemma's enthusiasm for her Visa. "I do! Look!" Wanda plucks it out of her pocket and shows it to the table…and then the cafe.

Clint sees it and yes it looks very official. And real. Which would be because it is. "That's good Wanda. And I'm glad you got it. After all if you didn't have it you might not have been able to help all those people." Here's hoping she can keep helping them too. Lord knows it's gonna be needed.

"WAND eh? Well… congrats?" Hopefully May wanted the promotion and didn't have it pushed on her. "Maybe you can put folks on this, then? I'm just one guy but if these people have been buying up information on us…" He sighs. "Ahem, on SHIELD, it can't be good. SHIELD take any hits recently? Any clues as to what their agenda might be?"

Oh, May's been getting all kinds of clues. But that is something she's not going to share out loud in a public place. Instead, she seemingly makes an abrupt change of subject. "Did you ever call that phone number I gave you?" When the waiter finally arrives, she asks for hot tea and nothing else.

That's the only cue Jemma needs and she falls silent. She was the one that discovered something amiss and has been digging into it ever since. But Jemma can't lie … well she can, she just does it very badly… so Clint probably gets the message that they most certainly have some idea.

Looking at Wanda's VISA, the british biochem smiles politely and then laughs at the WANDA jest "Very clever."

At least someone thought it was funny. Wanda smiles at Jemma before ordering. "Iced chocolate and a doughnut, please" she informs the waitress, "I have to eat more American now." Looking around the table and not knowing what they are talking about she smiles sweetly and stays silent.

Clint knows when things have gone. 'Need to know.' "Well, I'm sure in that case you have a lot of work to do. I did call that number in fact. And it called me back. A few times. If you talk to the Oracle I'm sure he, she or it can give you what we've learned so far. Been helpful. If you guys are going to beam up now or whatever it is you're doing, I'll just stay here and talk to Wanda a bit more." Having friends is always a good thing. Friends who have visas is even better.

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