August 29, 2015:

Ulani and Mera catch up on The Lord Of The Deep

Atlantic Ocean


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Ulani had been visiting Blue settlements with Rowan, checking on the impact of the Lord Of The Deep. It's taken a week or more and after catching up with someone on the Surface, the Blue Envoy has sent a message to Queen Mera asking if she could join her. Obstensibly to catch up.

Mera sends a reply message to the affirmative, though it takes a couple of hours. She arranges for them to meet in a secure neutral area, the increased military presence in Atlantis like to be less than comforting to the Blue envoy.

Along with the triad of The Tide, Ulani approaches the meeting location, knowing that Mera will sense her arrival. When she finally joins Mera, the Blue Envoy bows slightly as she stops in front of the Seaqueen. "Thank you for seeing me, Your Majesty. I have some news to impart."

The Tide pause some distance away, near Mera's own escort. For the most part, they'll be ignored.

Mera returns the bow, only too accustomed to having the Tide hovering nearby. "What news do you bring?" She leads Ulani over to a simple table with foodstuffs already waiting. "Am I correct in suspecting that it is about that tentacled beast that has been attaking recently?"

Smiling gratefully for the food, Ulani nods slowly "It is. The Lord Of The Deep. Rowan and I visited several settlements. Most were deserted … and we encountered mutations. Hybrids of the occupants of the villages and creatures." Which matches what they had seen on the attack of the Black vessel. "We believe that he is gathering an army, already has a sizeable one, in fact." Taking an anenome from the food offered, the Blue Envoy pauses before continuing "I have a request to make."

"State your request, and I will give all due consideration." Mera picks up a black urchin and deftly plucks several spines free. "I wish I could promise that it would be done, but depending on the request I could well have to consult with Arthur."

That's not an unexpected response and Ulani gives Mera a faint smile. "We would like to request access to the Atlantean libraries, so research on this Lord Of The Deep can be conducted." It's possible that Atlantis has already started this line of enquiry and would be willing to share their knowledge as well.

"My people are concerned on multiple levels. Primarily, for the safety of our people and what this may mean for relations with the Surface. As you're aware, I live there now, in order to gain a better understanding." What Ulani doesn't say, but Mera may pick up because the Blue is not trying to hide it is that the Blue are considering re-opening relations with Atlantis - depending on how they handle this crisis.

Mera hesitates, but only for a moment. "That will need to be taken to Arthur." Though it's likely more a courtesy for the rest of Atlantean governing body than anything. "I do not anticipate a refusal." And if for some reason they do refuse, she is TOTALLY willing to gather the data herself to send to Ulani.

"I fully understand, Your Majesty." Ulani is genuine in that statement "Even if you can pass information on, we would really appreciate it." Picking at the anenome, Ulani grows silent for a moment. Mera may pick up the image of a young man from the woman, a surfacer. After finishing the anenome, she continues with with her report "There are reports that Surfacer ships are going missing. We suspect The Lord of The Deep is to blame."

Mera sends a tiny prod of curiosity at the mental image, but then shakes her head at the news that Surfacer ships have also been targeted. "I will mention this as well. Thoughtless or not, the Surfacers do not deserve this anymore than the Blue or Atlanteans. I will very strongly suggest that we share data with your scholars. After all, it is entirely likely that your repositories of information have clues that we lack and vice versa."

"My concern," Ulani blows out a breath and selects a black urchin, breaking it in half and scooping the insides out. "is that the Surfacers will try to fix the problem themselves when they work it out." Which will be bad all round, for everyone.

The mental prod at the image causes the Blue envoy to colour a little, but she projects a few more images for Mera. The man, younger than her, making ice sculptures on the beach. Dinner and talking… generally spending time together.

Nodding and setting aside the remains of her urchin, Mera takes a deep breath and nods. "I know. And that we most certainly can't afford." She responds to the mental images with a mixture of amusement and more curiosity. A water-wielder, though only in its solid aspect. Fascinating.

The amusement gets Ulani colouring more. "We can't, Your Majesty." finishing the black urchin, placing the remains aside, she sends an image of her shaping water to resemble coral, and the young man freezing it… his ability is fascinating… but Mera will pick up there's more to it than that. "How is King Arthur, Your Majesty? The last time we spoke with him, he was… resolute."

"Resolute." She smiles faintly. "That is… a very accurate description. If anything he is even more so with each new incident." She breathes a sigh. "And even more reason why I think that our scholars need to collaborate, or we are all doomed."

"Then I hope we can do so, Your Majesty." Ulani smiles at Mera's response. The Atlantean Royal Couple can be rather imposing. "And I hope we can ease His Majesty's mind. It can't be easy for you, providing counsel as you do." Ulani had had a short audience with Arthur, and that had been long enough to determine how intense the man could be.

Reaching for a few fronds of salty seaweed, Mera offers a mental image: Arthur and her in the throne room, clearly yelling at each other very intensely, though what they are actually saying is not included. Then after juset a second or two of the yelling, they both stop, laugh, and step toward each other to… that's where the mental image ends. No voyeuring. "I am sure that we can come to an understanding that we can then present to the rest of the governance together."

Ahhh, well that makes sense and it's not unexpected. They are a fiery couple. "So am I, Your Majesty." Ulani looks to Mera and smiles in understanding. "It is good when our men are … intense … is it not?" Obviously the Blue has nothing more to add as she picks up a shell fish and cracks it open.

"Well… within reason. It's when they cease to listen to reason that I am inclined to resort to violence." Mera offers one of the seaweed fronds to Ulani to go with the shellfish. She also made sure that the Tide were offered whatever refreshments they could want. Bodyguarding has got to be a tedious job, especially the ones that accompany Ulani to the surface.

That gets a laugh from the Blue who accepts the seaweed frond "I can't say I've had that experience in a while." Seeing Mera ensure the bodyguards are seen to, Ulani smiles a little - she's not given them reason to act on behalf on the Surface.

Mera just offers a small but amused smile. "Always be prepared to resort to violence. One never knows when their male will abruptly stop thinking rationally." She rolls her seaweed around a small sea cucumber then pops the whole thing in her mouth. After a moment she adds, "Of course, the level of violence must be in keeping with the importance of the topic the male has completely missed."

Ulani chuckles and tears her piece of seaweed into small bits, nibbling on it as they chat. "Do you have a rating system, Your Majesty? As to which level of violence for the type of transgression." This is proving most informative for the Blue… "From what I've seen, your methods have been most effective with King Arthur." The king, whilst not terrified of Mera, certainly holds her in high esteem.

Mera gives Ulani a look that practically says aloud, 'Really?' while expressing extreme amusement at the same time. "Every male has different transgression levels from what I've seen. There is a senator that, I swear, has the attention span of a minnow and absolutely zero concept of how to conceal that fact."

A severe transgression indeed when addressing the Sea Queen! Ulani laughs out loud at that obversation and finishes off the seaweed and shell fish. "I shall bear that in mind, Your Majesty." Looking over to Mera "It has been most enlightening. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to speak to my people and let them know that we have spoken."

Mera nods. "Of course. Thank you for sharing your news, and do keep in touch. Hopefully we'll be able to progress more quickly soon." She moves to stand if Ulani is doing the same.

"I will. Thank you, Your Majesty." Ulani bows again "I'm sure we will be able to." And with that, the Blue Envoy turns and collects her triad of The Tide and heads on out.

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