Our Problems Are Similar

August 28, 2015:

With Rowans return to the Surface, he and Babs catch up.

Clocktower - Gotham


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Things are… strangely quiet for Babs. That doesn't mean she isn't busy, it just means it's routine busy. Monitoring the JL:A, Gotham and her other networks, Babs… aka Oracle … responds to crimes as she sees them.

Lately, she's been investigating something for The Fox and something for Ronin, but these are both long games and the work is slow and a little tedius.

About 9am and Babs is just waking after working through the night. Dragging herself out of bed, wearing a pair of shorts and a batman t-shirt, she heads to the shower - a sure fire way to wake up before starting her morning properly.

Rowan comes up from the elevator. He hasn't told Babs he's back in town yet. He wanted to surprise her. Of course the surprise will only last as long as it takes her to realize someone is coming up. Which may or may not be a pleasant surprise for her but that's how these things go. The dragon blue is used to taking chances, he just hopes this goes well.

Babs is in the shower when her tablet sounds, so it takes a little longer for her to check who is coming up. Given Rowan's using the elevator it can only be one of a handful of people. Getting dressed, she hurries to the lounge room, to greet him when he exits the lift… It's hard to truly surprise Babs.

Rowan steps out and sees Babs. A wide smile lights up his face and he leans forward to give her a hug and a kiss. "Hello Babs. Missed you." She seems well. Well not haggared and not injured is a good start.

Returning the hug and the kiss, Babs smiles as well "Missed you too, Rowan." Gesturing to the kitchen "I'm just about to make breakfast, do you want some?" Giving Rowan a quick once over, making sure he is whole and hale, she moves to the kitchen and starts pulling out dishes. "How did your trip go?"

"We found out what we wanted to. Though we didn't wnat to find it out. If that makes sense." Rowan sighs. The trip had been all bad news. Necessary bad news to be sure but finding out that a nightmare creature from legend is building an army of nightmares is not a thing anyone on any world wants to discover. "How have things been here?"

Breakfast will be a meagre affair, cereal and toast. There might be some jam or similar in the fridge. Putting water on to boil for tea, Babs looks over and considers his words. "Sounds like most research, to be honest. Finding what I want, and then working out I really would rather not know." He'd been gone long enough that she had started to grow a little concerned "Things here are the same. Two new projects to work on… one might have a connection to the Ninjas' you were traced for me… maybe."

"Progress on that is good." Though Rowan worries. It's fairly clear that those are dangerous, well connected people. "No one tried to hurt you while I was gone though?" Doesn't seem that way which relieves him. There isn't much else he can do but try to protect her. Their worlds at the moment mostly don't intersect. Which means they face their challenges basically separately.

Rowan sits down to breakfast next to Babs, watching her carefully.

Positioning her chair next to Rowan, Babs shakes her head. "I wouldn't call it progress exactly and I've not made the link, but two groups of Ninja's operating in the area seems to defy possibility, don't you think?" Maybe she's being hopeful.

"I'm not sure what's stranger though, the Ninja's or the other supernatural trouble that I'm investigating. I hate to say it, but I sometimes miss just normal crime." Eating slowly, Babs looks up to see Rowan looking at her. "What is it, Rowan? I promise I'm whole, really."

"I couldn't tell you." Rowan shakes his head. "All I know of Ninja comes from your internet. If there were such warriors on my world they were far far away and concerned with other things." While war was global on Earth 81, conflicts tended to be more regional. And Rowan certainly hadn't had time to deal with anything outside his own area. The war had been going fairly badly.

"You've started to deal with other things Babs. I don't know if Normal crime will happen for you these days, really.

"Well it's just another question to answer." Babs reaches out to touch Rowans hand, reminded again of his origins and the differences in their worlds … not just Surface and Water… but dimensions as well.

"Mmmm, I'm sure you're right, Rowan but I can make that observation. Sometimes something mundane might a change of pace." But she's not sure she could deal with how slow that might be! "So… you've found things you didn't want to know, but useful by the sounds of it. What are your next steps and how long can I have you?"

"I'll have to return to the ocean soon, but I won't be going far. We'll need to talk to the King in Atlantis and try to gain access to his libraries. Until we know what we're dealing with and how to deal with it we're stuck reacting to whatever it does." Which is not a state of affairs Rowan likes but that is how it is right now. "Anyway… I'll be about. I thought maybe I could keep you company today."

"I hope King Arthur lets you access the library." Babs considers his words. "Our problems aren't so different you know… we're both stuck reacting, when we'd rather take the fight to them." She doesn't like it any more than he does, but she's learning how to deal with it, just like he is.

The news that he'll be about for a little, gets a happy smile. "I'd like the company - and I could spare some time, shall we go and do something?" They could get out of Gotham and do something together. Maybe a movie… or even sit on the beach.

"Let's do something…" Rowan smiles. It doesn't matter what to him really. So long as he gets some time with her, in her company, he'll be content. And if he happens to be in the area for longer than a little while, so much the better.

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