Living Dangerously

August 14, 2015:

Zee's on the hunt for information and ends up in the Oblivion Bar

Oblivion Bar


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Zee's out information hunting and her search has bought her to the bar to find someone. Just who that someone is, in the ways of most things magical, she isn't quite sure. She was told you'll know when you see them.

So it is the Mistress of Magic, dressed in usual garb of black leather trousers, white leather corset laced at the front, black biker boots, fishnet sleeves and a black shrug top, all topped off with a diamond encrusted collar and an emerald pendulum hanging on her hip, enters the bar and pauses as she looks around.

Eyes lighting first of the red-clad witch and Asgardian dwarf, Zee scans the bar to see Dr Strange. That's probably who she's meant to see… and he's with Rain… and the comedic relief - Loki.

Making her way towards them, Zee offers a smile as she draws near.

Rain seems alright with Loki, even if her cowardice flares up now and then. She pauses. "Yeah, I just don't qualify," She admits quietly. A wry, sad smile. If only she'd inherited full power. And maybe a nice figure. But life and fate are funny that way. She bobs her head politely. "Hello there. And some tea, please. It's good to see you."

She blinks, as Zee walks in, though she waves back an offers a polite smile.

"Thank you, not now," is offered as Loki declines the offer of the drink. "Rain asked me to come along…saying you were searching magic-users." He glances over slightly as Zatanna enters the bar and slowly looks back to Dr. Strange. "My curiosity has been piqued, mostly in that my apprentice has asked me to meet you." When she says she doesn't qualify, he sighs, "If you continue to think like that, then no. No you won't. I can promise you that at some point in their lives, Ms. Zatanna here and Dr. Strange felt the same way."

Doctor Strange nods and offers a smile to Zatanna. Moral support against the God of Evil, please. "Ms. Zatara, good to see you again. I trust you know the eminent Prince Loki of Asgard," since she hangs out with Fenris, rumored to be Loki's son and all.

He spares a few seconds to signal the bartender to bring Rain the tea of her choice. Then turns back to Loki. "I am… I need to perform a task that is beyond the power of a single mortal sorcerer, and most immortal ones. Has your disciple told you about the alien obelisks?"

"Nothing for me, thank you" Zee smiles at the bartender as they look to her for her order and looks back to the group considering Loki's words before responding. "Hardly a master, Loki but I'm well on my way in my studies." She is, after all, only 19. Strong with magical power, but there's a lot of learning to be done in using that that power effectively and sensibly. "But they are correct, Rain. It's as much about how you think of yourself as anything."

Inclining her head towards Strange in acknowledgement "I'm acquainted with Loki, Dr Strange. I believe I labelled him comedic relief at our first meeting." A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips and then she sobers "Ah, I see. You're setting up for the ritual to remove the obelisks."

Poor Loki. Rain looks sympathetic. It's tough being somewhat misunderstood although, duality is something Rain seems perfectly fine with. Rain settles quiet, just smiling weakly. "I'll try." She's not the most confident of people. She settles in to listen.

"I only mentioned them sort of in passing because um, well." Rain figured Doctor Strange was more the authority.

"She only knows Loki, the comedian," is offered with a wry sort of grin towards Zatanna. No, Loki hasn't forgotten that conversation. Neither has she, it seems. When business is mentioned, he glances to Rain again before offering, "No…she has not. What obelisks are these and where are they? And why hasn't the Sorceror Supreme been able to take care of this task?" The title may have some irony in it. Maybe. Just a little.

"I see. An interesting story, I am sure," comments Strange. 'Loki the Comedian' sounds like a Disney movie title, really. "An extra-dimensional force is attacking Earth. A place called Apokolips," explains the Doctor. "Several constructs in obelisk form have been deployed in three locations on Earth. New York City among them. Impervious to human technology and extraordinarily resistant to magic, they must have been crafted by a race of beings very skilled in both. They have acted as end points for gateways of demon-like invaders, and they are changing the land around them. They must be removed as soon as possible."

Zee is well aware of Loki's reputation, it suits her to keep him on edge though. As Dr Strange explains about the Obelisks, Zee looks between the three present. "Dr Strange believes that a cabal of seven master magic users will be required to remove the threat." She's not done any research of her own or even seen the pillars… but… Zee tries to be helpful.

Rain is a good audience. She nods. "I haven't seen them in person. I wasn't sure I'd find much, but I can take a look." She seems happy to meld magic and technology, even if she lacks some of the raw power so far. Or is she just convincing herself? Who knows. Rain will accept the tea with a thank you, when it arrives. She has to wait a moment, as it's still quite hot. She does look a bit apologetic at not explaining more to Loki pre-meeting. "I suspect that it's not so much raw power as the proper synergy." Pause. "Man, I hate buzzwords."

"This is the same one creating the Deadzone then? With all of those undead creatures that we fought recently?" is asked of both Strange and Zatanna, "Or is this yet another blight brought to Midgard?" There's a brief chuckle then, "A Cabal. Of Seven. And you are asking -me- to be one of those seven?" His grin widens, "Really? Why, I think I'm flattered!"

There's only a brief pause before he then adds, "Unless you are asking me to be the jester to keep everyone's spirits up…" That is obviously aimed towards Zatanna.

Doctor Strange shakes his head, "as dangerous as Master Darque is, he is still a human necromancer, nothing else. Even if he succeeded in becoming a god, he would be but a newcomer among many far greater powers." He shakes his head again. "This is completely different, this is another realm reaching into our world though a distance so immense Asgard seems to be just around the corner. This is an unknown enemy with formidable resources, Prince Loki. Concerned enough I asked a number of mystics, including Ms. Moontree, to seek other powerful magic wielders to see if they could assist in this endeavor."

"Just something else" Zee murmurs, rolling her eyes at Lokis humour "You wouldn't be the one I asked to bolster spirits, though" verbally sparring with the Trickster God. Falling silent the teen mage waits for the conversation to move on, glancing around the bar to take in the other occupants - there aren't many.

Rain listens. She nods as Doctor Strange explains. "Midgard is kind of unique in how many realms, timelines and such it can be reached to or overlap," She explains. It gets kind of whacky. "So people- might see it as a good spot to conquer." She notes. Rain has to smile into her tea as Loki grins and seems a bit happier. She encourages positivity and good deeds when she can.

"You wound me…" a hand is placed near his heart, "And here, all this time, I thought you liked me for my comedic talent. Oh, how shall I ever go on…" is offered flatly before he looks back to the other mages. "What would be required of me…I assume it's not just to stand there and poke at the obelisk and mutter a couple of incantations. What is needed besides seven with formidable magics?"

And the inevitable question, "And what's in it for me?"

Doctor Strange nods to Rain, "yes, of course, we are in the mystical axis of the universe, what Asgardians call the Yggdrasil Tree. But this has been so for nearly half the existence of Earth. At least it keeps the lives of the Supreme Sorcerers interesting."

As for Loki question, Strange grimaces. "I am researching a transmutation spell we all should cast at unison, and we would have to put a good deal of power on it, so most of us would need to prepare for a few hours before the casting. Once the ritual finishes, the obelisk would crumble into dust and we would know that glorious feeling only performing good deeds can make one feel, no greater reward for the spirit, Prince Loki." Dry humor is the only humor Strange fashions, now you know. "If you prefer gold, of course, we can provide."

"Oh, I like your comedic talents." Zee smirks a little at Loki "It's just your ability to motivate and bouy spirits I question." Not all comedy is uplifting after all. Amusing, but not uplifting.

Nodding as Rain explains about Midguard, Zee offers the violet eyed witch a smile. Strange offering gold to Loki gets a soft snort. She wonders how he will respond to that… "Or you know, the same feeling you get when you rescue a kitten…" Why would she bring that up?

Rain knows things. She's Seen Things(TM). For now, Rain smiles back to Zee. She's trying not to smile too much. She does genuinely care about Loki and the people around here. It's a tricky balancing act. She pauses. Best not to mention that sorcerer supreme makes her think about burrito supremes and that mm, burritos. Sipping her tea it is! And aw, kitten.

Loki gives a dismissive wave of his hand, "I have no need of your gold." There's a resigned sigh, "Very well. Since you are one of the very few who actually addresses me by my proper title," He pointedly glances at Zatanna, "And shows due respect, I'll help out." Most likely.

At Zatanna's quip about kittens, he turns to her, "You must have me mistaken for Thor. I know…it happens all the time. We look -SO- much alike."

Granted, that kitten is now learning the Rules from Captain back at Moontree Manor, but that has nothing to do with anything.

Doctor Strange blinks. That is him being very surprised Loki just accepted to help without asking for… well, his lungs, or maybe 10 years of service, or something that seems harmless but would cause him untold difficulties for years. The usual.

"A wise decision, Prince Loki," he states, finishing his coffee. "If you wish to examine the obelisks yourself, I will give word to SHIELD and open the wards I have set around them. I will send a message through your disciple when the spell is ready. It will be soon. Hopefully before the next full moon."

Zee was taught better, she really was… but at Loki's pointed and comment she laughs softly, obviously she's found a sore spot. Who'd have thought! "My apologies, Prince Loki" yes, she slightly emphasises the word /prince/, she can't help it "Thor is slightly better looking."

Stranges words have her glancing over "You know where to find me. If I'm not home, Mr FitzGerald will be able to pass on the details. But I'll be ready to help." She's no wish to examine the Obelisks, her attention is taken elsewhere.

Rain's eyes go nearly as wide at saucer plates at Zee's quip. Ooooh. QUICKLY DRINK TEA. For her part, she seems quietly amused. Besides, knowledge of all of this is pretty potent. Nevertheless, Cat Teachers are happening at the manor and Rain nods as Doctor Strange designates her as a messenger.

There are favors to be owed now, if Loki is going to help with this. Not only from Doctor Strange, but perhaps from others as well. He's not blind to that. "Oh, I don't expect respect from you, Ms. Zatara. You've already made your feelings about me known. Why should I waste my time trying to change them? I have far better things to do, I promise you." At the mention of Thor being better looking, he merely shrugs. Again, it's not a new concept. "That is all you Midgardians care about, isn't it? Who is prettier." There's another sigh before he turns back to Strange, "As you will. I'm not really one for spells and the like, but I'm sure I'll make do with it." He then slides out of his seat, "If we're done here…?"

Strange nods slightly at Zatanna. Definitely a woman that likes to live dangerously. "Oh, indeed, the business is concluded I suppose," confirms the Doctor, standing up. "Thank you for your time, Prince Loki. My regards to family, or kittens if more appropriate."

He waits for Loki to be out of the Oblivion Bar to relax a little. He needs tea. "Well, that was… interesting. More power in him than any three human Masters. But he is Loki, we better prepare for treachery at the most inconvenient moment. Such is the nature of the cat."

Zee does like to live dangerously - or moreso, that seems to be what the universe has delivered her lately. At least with Loki, it's a little fun - the rest, not so much.

Laughing again at Loki's response - that's two snipes at her in as many minutes, she's getting better! "Prince Loki. A pleasure as always." Nodding to Strange and Rain "I'll be on my way too. I've work to complete. Looking forward to hearing from Dr Strange." and with a wave, she heads on out.

Rain looks quietly amused. She tilts her head. "Duality in nature is a curious thing," Is mostly what she offers. It's a complex thing, dealing with a bag of cats. She doesn't comment on Strange's words. "Be well. It was good to see you." She nods. "I have to do a few things. But it was nice to have tea and see you."

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