Witches, Wizard and More

December 27, 2014:

A meeting in an Irish Pub with potentially 3 of the most power wizards in the world, a strong lass and an immortal

New York


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It's a bit chilly in New York, but there's a festive atmosphere out there. On the Christmas weekend, there's a holiday parade that goes through the Old World quarter of New York, and in an Old World style, everyone throws open their homes and their restaurants to strangers and family alike. Kids hang out windows with cups of steaming cocoa in their hands, festooned and colorful dancers skip on floats, and a late Santa Claus rolls through the street, throwing presents to all the good little girls and boys braving the chill in the air.

Even for adults it's a festive time, though the parties tend to be more inside where it's warmer, closer to fire and furnaces (and the taps). It's a time when even the most dour of personalities can get in on the holiday spirit, and while little each ethnic neighborhood is her own cultural mecca, John's found a pub- a proper Irish pub- and is inside of it, and currently smack dab in the middle of an old-fasioned dance circle. Though he's a limey Brit by birth, John clearly has a touch of the kreacher in him, as his accent has a distinctly Dublin brogue for some reason, and he's swinging arm in arm with a handful of other dancers, a cigar smoking from his lips and a pint of Guinness in his other hand. His tan trenchcoat hanging from a peg nearby, John swirls and laughs and stamps his feet as lustily and rowdily as the Irishmen in the circle, beating out a rhythm on the hardwood floor in countertime to the sound of a folk band playing in the corner. Most of the men are singing as well, a bawdy tune that has little to do with Christmas and a lot to do with abducting fair maidens from small villages.


Wanda is sitting in the darkest corner of the pub she can find. Her gloved hands clenched tight around the one drink she could afford…it's warm! Eyes watch the proceedings warily though she does find herself swaying to the music and even soundlessly singing along - gypsy blood and all. "Shhh" she whispers harshly to an unseen…and unheard…speaker. "I'm enjoying the music. It is Christmas soon." Her voice has an Eastern European accent to anyone listening.


Cameron Tenoaks was in the Big Apple earlier in the week, though the fiasco that erupted after the official annual Christmas party for Gold shift left a bit to be desired. She doesn't do a lot out of hanging out in bars, in part because she is very much not the out-going sort. This time, though, it's a favor to one of the guys on her shift — Tom Riordan had been left without a 'proper' date for some family gathering or whatnot, and heedless of her warnings had asked her to be his 'wingman' for the party.

It became obvious about an hour ago that the reason Tom didn't have a 'proper' date was due to the fact he wasn't interested in the… other side of the fence. Cameron doesn't mind, though. It was a good enough excuse to avoid the party - cycle that Mom was throwing at home and in a good cause, even.

Unfortunately because the darkest corner of the pub was taken, the statuesque fire-haired woman is stuck in the second darkest corner of the pub, trying to remain as pulled back and away from the action as possible, looking at a menu longingly even as in her mind her wallet cries out in pain at the prices…


Zee is in New York doing some shopping and has been, for hours. People might comment on the lack of bags she's carrying from the expedition, but when you can magick such things back to your home, why wouldn't you? Feeling the need for something to eat, her steps take her past the Irish Pub and she pauses to consider.

With a shrug, Zee pulls her purse out of her bag and checks its contents as a small smile lights her face. Stepping inside, she makes her way through the crowd, looking for spare table and noting there are none to be found.

The raven haired woman peruses the tables obviously looking to see if there is one to share. She can't make out the darkest corner but the shock of red hair in the second darkest corner catches her attention until her eyes light on John, dancing of all things. Chewing her bottom lip, she casts glances between the door and that corner.


Morien has been sitting at the bar for about an hour. He is enjoying a few laughs with the bartender as he works on his second shot of Jameson. The benefits of living a long life is that a person develops the ability to be able to fit in almost any surroundings. Morien turns around in the barstool and begins to clap his hands to the beat of the dancing and starts to sing a long with the song.


The dancing circle closes until it's six men, going through a complicated traditional dance- and all of them holding a beer aloft, hopping to the beat of the music, tambourines and fiddles rattling and singing. The rest of the tavern sets the beat with their hands, clapping rhythmically, and the men dance with merry grins- even the normally dour Englishman is doing his best, cigarette dangling between his lips and a pint of Guinness held over his head, in the same form as the rest of the men.

The music hits a crescendo, feet rattling the floorboards, and the men suddenly split off from the circle and dart into the crowd to pull dancers into the floor. Spectators standing grab one another and jump into a swirling melee of flashing shoes and festive clothing. Spotting a familiar looking redhead in a cozy corner, tapping her foot unconsciously, John darts towards Wanda, feet still keeping a beat, and offers her a hand. "C'mon love," he cajoles the woman with a swarthy grin. "I know a Romanii girl when I see her and I know there's one thing you lot do better than anyone else, is dance. Let's show 'em how it's done, eh?" he says with irrepressible enthusiasm.

Wanda looks like she has seen a ghost when John thrusts a hand in her direction. And with Constantine there could indeed be one standing behind him. "I…" Her head whips around towards the wall. "If I want to I will" she hisses before she takes his hand and rises from the table. Damn gypsy blood and its inability to turn down a dance. Wanda is even smiling too…though its an odd smile that is more crazed than warm. "I like dancing" she announces and then she is doing just that.


Cameron glances up, and notices even with the madness of full - on tavern dancing the raven-haired woman glancing over in her direction. One of her eyebrows quirks slightly, and her head tilts a bit before her eyes point out the open space on the other side of her table. She doesn't wave, she doesn't point, and she doesn't say a word, for fear that one of the people taken up in the riotous motion might try to take her up as well.

While she isn't a klutz at dancing, she's probably quite a bit stronger than any dancing partner in here could manage, and she really doesn't want to get a reputation for accidentally flinging someone into a wall when they were just wanting to be spun…

That menu? Wonderful cover, especially given the dancing. It'd take a server a while to get to her table, at least.


Zatanna notes the covert invitation and starts to make her way in that direction just as the men dart into the crowd.

Trying to avoid the ensuing melee, Zee sidesteps and sidles her way way around tables "No, no thank you" she's polite as a middle aged man tries to grab her hand and she neatly side steps, nearly tripping over the couple at the table near her. "Sorry" she rights herself and keeps moving.

The next interruption comes from a younger man who actually grabs her hand and starts pulling her in "No, no I don't want to dance." She pulls her hand back and keeps moving towards that lovely looking nook in the back.


The bartender bring Morien some Irish Sausage and black pudding. Morien sniffs the air and turns around with a huge grin on his face, "You saved me some. I have always enjoyed your family's recipe through the years." Morien picks up his utensils, and takes a big bite of the dish. Morien grins becomes even wider as he swallows the bite. "Delicious! Could I have.."

The bartender already guessing what he is going to ask for next and puts a mug of Black and Tan in front of him. Morien chuckles softly and dips his head, "Your grandparents have taught you well. Nollaig Beannaithe agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh"


John Constantine, the Hellblazer, returns Wanda's near-manic grin and brings her whirling into the center of the dance floor, hooking arms with her and anyone else who comes nearby. Though Zatanna and Cameron both avoid the dancers, John seems to be throwing himself into the music with an abandon that has nothing to do with drink, though he is making good progress with his Guinness as he goes. As Wanda finds her beat and makes a particularly flashy step, Constantine steps back a pace and, keeping time with one foot beating on the ground, starts clapping out a staccato rhythm for the Romani witch, soon joined in by a handful of other lookers-on as the lively music starts to build towards a head.

Wanda wasn't expecting to be the center of attention. She would hate that…but thankfully she doesn't even notice. Lost to the music…and being spun around at a dizzying pace…Wanda returns to her childhood for at least a little while. She spins to the music, even though her skirt is not of sufficient length to be really impressive in full flight. But with the staccato rhythm taking hold her dance becomes more of a solo tango - all stamping feet, flourishing arms and clicking fingers. Her manic blues eyes lock on Constantine before she gestures for him to come closer with a slowly curling finger.


A brave young lad attempts to side into the seat across from the orange-haired woman, but can't seem to get his legs under the table and gives up after a moment or two, giving Cameron a dirty look as she actually has the most innocent of expressions. The glance over to Zatanna is repeated, head tilting toward the spot with a bit more urgency. She doesn't want to start a riot because she's saving a spot for someone, even if it's someone she doesn't even know.

The fact that the woman heading over eyeballed her means one of three things, typically. Either she's a reporter, some avid fan, or some cultist thinking that she's the reincarnation of their deity — don't laugh, it's happened! She hopes that the raven-haried woman gets over soon!


Zees seen the young man fail to take the seat and hastens her pace. Finally making her way to the not so dark corner in the back, Zee slides into the spare seat. "Oh thank you, it's so crowded in here." the young magician offers a warm smile and her hand "I'm Zatanna, or Zee to my friends." Glancing over her shoulder at the redhead and John, she shakes her head "What a madhouse it is here today."


"Hoooooooooool'!" one of the musicians shouts, as John closes up with Wanda. There's a moment of quiet conference among the musicians. The man with the fiddle nods at the fellow with the tambourine, exchanging words, the other dancers receding from the duo in anticipation- an odd silence from the dance floor, though the rest of the bar's still rowdy, happy, and singing in various keys of music. John closes up with Wanda until they're scant inches from one another, passing his Guinness off to a nearby patron, and reaches for the woman with a commanding, wiry grip, his posture both poised and relaxed, melting against her easily. Who knew John Constantine could dance the tango? The tambourine starts and the fiddler goes into a minor key, and John begins leading Wanda through a slow tango, giving the woman in the skirt the floor and the support to show off the flash of her legs and the motion of her hips.

Over at the bar, a wizened old man grins broadly at Morien. "Haven't heard that tongue in hear since me grandda' drank in this place," the weathered old man says. He gestures at the bartender for a pint as well, and just as the bartender slides a few bills and coins to Morien for change, the old fellow slaps a hand atop the pile, pulling it towards him and in exchange, leaving a dull, golden coin beaten with old Gaelic carvings in place of the perhaps eight dollars in coinage left behind. "A Yuletide gift from an old man, fer lightenin' up me day with a touch of th' Auld tongue," the man says with a wheezy whistle, eyes glittering mischeviously. "Sure'n it'll bring ye more luck than a few more dollars will."


Wanda offers a sly smile and a nod of acquiesence to her dance partner as the music starts. A tango it is! The pair stalk across the room, eyes locked on each other even when the redhead is being dipped by the suave Englishman…with a cigarette hanging onto his lip. Wanda's hips swivel with the music, skirt flying up to show off more of the frayed and holed tights that probably keep her freezing at night. At least she's a decent dancer and she seems to be taking it seriously. Even with the maniacal look in her eyes.


"Welcome. Yep."

Setting new standards for conversation, our Cam would appear to be.


She gives the crowd a brief glance.

"Still beats the last bar."

She smiles weakly.

"Social's not my thing. Sorry."

And then her stomach makes its displeasure known, audible enough near the table. There's a bit of a wince as she offers the menu over to Zee. "Need it?"


Zees' smile is enough for both women as she listens to Camerons introduction and takes the menu "Good thing I'm social and I sure do! What are you having?" just as Camerons stomach rumbles "Sounds like you do to."

The display with John on the dancefloor elicits a wry grin from the young magician and she shakes her head before turning her attention back to Cameron.


Morien peers down at the golden coin for a moment, then back at the man. He thinks to himself that it has been awhile since he has receive a gold Gaelic coin. There was a dying soldier during WW2 that gave him one. Morien remembered carrying him on his shoulders for several kilometers, but he died in his arms. The soldier handed him the coin and still told him thanks for his efforts before dying."

Morien repeated the words to the elderly man, and says, "Thank you, May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door."


Showcasing a surprising amount of talent, and an even more surprising capacity for charm, John leads Wanda round the dance floor in a quick and stylish tango, more thanks to the witch than to any real skill of his own. The song goes faster and faster, the two of them moving more and more intricately, until it hits a crescendo and John snaps Wanda in tight, then dips her low, to thunderous applause. The musicians all rise and take a bow, and a few seconds later a cheery accordian starts up, leading the folk band to more traditional musical numbers. With people slapping him on the back, Constantine keeps a grip on Wanda's hand, forging a path through the dancers and the audience to a slightly less occupied part of the bar.

"Blimey, Wanda, you certainly got me sweating," Constantine admits, patting his brow with the cuffed up sleeve around his forearm. "Cor, you're bloody light on your feet. Fancy a pint? I'll buy," he hastens to assure her. His head swivels, looking for a table, and he spots Zatanna talking with Cameron. A grin crosses his face and he raises a hand at the dark-haired magician, turning to nod at Wanda. "I see a friend of mine with a table. Let's get a seat and I'll see about some drinks- maybe some fish and chips, eh?" he suggests, weaving a line towards Zatanna's spot.

The old man smiles toothlessly at Morien, his bright red nose and bald pate shining. "An' may the sun shine warm upon yer face an' th' rain fall soft upon yer fields," he says. He belches sonorously, gets to his feet, and staggers off, leaving Morien sitting with the odd coin and three of the most powerful mages in the world all at the same bar.

Still in the afterglow of the dance…it was quite an experience for her…Wanda is dragged wherever Constantine drags her. And it seems to be towards more people. "Pint?" she manages to get out before pointing back to her dark table. It may have new occupants but its hard to see anyone there. "I had a drink…" It doesn't look like it will do her any good so she goes back to being dragged along. "You are a good dancer too, Mr Constantine. Fish and chips?" She has to think of that combination before nodding. "This will be good." Her wary blue eyes look over the pair already at the second darkest table when they reach it and she gives them each a polite nod in greeting.


"Not sure?"

"They dance well."

The reddish-oranged haired woman shifts a bit in her seat.

"Prob'ly three orders of bangers an' mash." Though the quantity seems a bit excessive, the tone of her voice seems to indicate there's no joke hidden behind her words. "Gonna be a rough week."

It should be noted that the other oddity at her spot is a mug that appears to be not filled with some sort of adult beverage, but instead there is coffee.

"Friends?" Cameron inquires as she glances over at the two approaching the table, hinting that she'd be willing to block the table again if the company is unwanted…

The new arrivals will get a nod from her in acknowledgement of their presence, but the access to the table remains to be seen…


Seeing John making a beeline their way, Zee casts Cameron an apologetic look "I'm really sorry about this" she murmurs "An acquaintance" the correction is automatic "If you don't mind, I don't mind if they join us." Camerons request for three orders of the same, has Zee grinning "Working up an appetite?"

As John and Wanda arrive, Zee looks and offers that show biz smile of hers "Well hello, John. That was some show out there. Who's your friend?"


Morien finishes eating his sausage and black pudding, and turns around with his Black and Tan to observe the rest of the bar again. He flips the coin in his other hand for a few moments before putting the coin in his coat. He decides to research the coin's date latter tonight.


"Not me- was all this lovely lady doing the work. And I could ask you the same, luv," Constantine grins in reply, releasing Wanda's hand long enough to stoop and give Zatanna a hug and a 'Merry Christmas' in her ear. "Wanda, this is my friend Zatanna. No idea who this pretty gal is," he says, smiling at Camerona in a friendly fashion, "but if she's with Zee, then she's probably allright." He moves a few paces away, slapping a palm on the bar, not far from Morien. "Oye! Mate!" he shouts at the bartender. "Give me…. four pints of lager, some crisps, fish and chips, and a pile of those chicken wings!" he says, slapping a wad of bills on the bar. "The lady's looking a bit parched!"

Wanda offers an expression that will one day grow up into a warm smile of greeting but now just looks like an uncomfortable grin. "Hello" she greets with her accented voice. And then Constantine abandons her to strangers! Her body tenses and she makes no move to sit down. The fingers of her right hand start twitching and nonchalantly drawing shapes in the air…not that Wanda even realises they are doing that. Her lips soundlessly form words of some long lost language as she prepares to take a step away before almost whispering a polite "Nice to meet you" to both of them.


The statuesque woman does not hinder the two from joining the table, though she does pull in a bit to allow Wanda to sit next to her. "Have appetite, don't fill it? It gets bad."

How it gets bad is left to the imagination, though, as she doesn't elaborate further. She glances over at John. "Add three bangers 'n' mash t' that, thanks."

So…. which is it tonight… cultists… paparazzi, or fans? Or could it be that they are that rarer category of people — random strangers?


She would completely empathize with Wanda's perspective if she knew of it, through!


Johns hug has Zee stiffening slightly and then she smirks "How much have you had already, John?" Then nodding to Wanda as John wanders off, she gestures "Sit please, this is Cameron and we've just met. My friends call me, Zee."

Camerons interesting accent and diction has Zee canting her head and questioning look crosses her face. "Where are from Cameron? I'm not sure I recognise the accent."

As John approaches the bar and orders, Zee's attention is momentarily caught by the man flipping the coin.


The slapping of the bar causes Morien head turn slightly, "I recommend the irish sausage and black pudding over the fish and chips. At this time of night, the fish and chips are good, but does accurately represent the great taste their fish and chips normally offers. Morien smirks at the bartender and says, "If the owner was not filled with so much pride, she would accept a gift to receive some new kitchen equipment.

The owner standing at the end of the bar rolls her eyes at Morien and says, "Don't listen to him. We will just cook your fish and chips on the stove instead of the fryer. It will just take a wee bit longer.


And Constantine's back just like that, gently catching Wanda's upper arms in his hands and steering her back towards a seat, before pulling a free chair over and dropping into it as well. "Figured you gels for a nice lager. Food will be a few more minutes. They're a bit busy," he observes dryly, taking one loooong step to the bar to get the beers and setting them out in front of everyone, without abandoning Wanda to the perils of socialibility again.

"Oye! Bangers an' mash, mate!" he yells over at the bartender, holding three fingers aloft. He bows gallantly to the owner. "My fair lady, we're a few hungry souls out for a Yuletide meal- we'll happily take whatever you serve," he grins cheekily.

The big man at the bar nods and writes down John's order on a scrap of paper, and John passes out the beers, reassuming his seat. The lanky Brit is flushed but oddly happy looking. Legitimately happy, too, not just drunk. Must be the Christmas spirit. Or the dancing. Or maybe he /is/ drunk.

"I got started early, Zatanna," John quips at the raven-haired magician. "It's a Yuletide tradition," he adds with a negligent shrug and another fleeting grin. Zatanna's odd stiffness notwithstanding, he seems quite at ease dropping in, hoisting his mug in greeting to Cameron. "Nice t' meet you, luv," he tells the quietly hulking woman.


Her escape attempt ruined by nice women and Constantine's more physical redirection to a chair, Wanda flops down next to Camerons. Though she is as far away as she can be from anyone around her; perfect equidistance without measuring. "Zee. Cameron" she repeats to memorise before hissing out the side of her mouth to nothingness. "No danger" she insists quietly before her attention returns to those at the table with Constantine's final return.

Wanda leans towards him, her hand rummaging around in her pocket before she moves to hand him something. "This is for you" she whispers. "They wanted me to give it to you. They said you needed it" The redhead handing him a tater tot that is half rotted, covered in hair and has probably spent a long time on the sidewalk. "I need to show you where I found it. Tomorrow…or the next day…or the day after." She peers at the beer in front of her. "Strange vodka you have."


The statuesque woman's eyes crinkle a bit as she listens to Zee, then shakes her head, laughing a little bit. "Metropolis. Not a big talker."

Always a first for everything, and tonight someone thought she was speaking with an accent. That's a… good thing… right? "Sorry. Busy place."

She glances through the crowds again.

She raises her coffee cup to the fellow.


Wait, she's in an irish pub and aside from the beer that John just got her that she's not touching, she doesn't smell of booze in the faintest? What is wrong with her? It's almost a violation of tradition right there!

The whatever that nasty thing is gets a grimace from Cameron, who shrugs. "Not vodka, beer."


Smirking a little, Zee shoots back to John "I thought it was a John Constantine tradition, getting started early."

Wanda gets some interesting looks from Zee as she speaks and hands over the 'thing' and another apologetic look at Cameron "Uh, sorry, must be the noise in here."

The lager, now placed in front of her gets a big grin and Zee takes a long drink before looking at the man at the end of the bar as Cameron salutes him.


Morien watched the tousled blonde hair makes his way back to the second darkest table with his drinks. Morien bobs his head back and forth to see who is sitting at the table. When his gaze falls on one of the table's occupants his eyes widen slightly, he quickly turns to the bartender and pays his tab. "Thank you for another wonderful Christmas. Tell Beatha, I will see her sometime next year, and call me if she ever needs any help."

Morien grabs a napkin and walks over to the second darkest table in the place. He holds out a pen to Zee, "I am truly sorry to interrupt your gathering, but can I have an autograph. One of my assistants is such a big fan. It will make a late Christmas gift."


Constantine's probably as surprised as anyone, but he doesn't let it show. The little rotted piece of refuse gets accepted into his hands so smoothly it's like a magic trick, disappearing into a carefully folded napkin under the table. "Thanks luv, we'll talk about it primo," Cosntantine assures Wanda. "Meanwhile, drink up a mite, eh? Nothing makes a bar more relaxing than a good lager and a nice table. This /is/ a nice table," he tells Cameron. "Next to the bar, good view of the floor, fairly quiet. Good choice," he tells the woman, taking a long gulp from his stein and indicating Wanda should do the same.

When Morien comes over, he laughs and grins at Zatanna, bumping her shin under the table with his toe. "Blimey, I keep forgetting what a celebrity you are," he tells her with a chuckle. "Maybe I should get some things autographed, put them on eBay, or whatever the kids are doing today."


Beer it is then. Wanda lifts it, sniffs it, tastes it…then winces in horror. "That is disgusting" she tells anyone and everyone before taking another sip. And another. And then another stranger! This place is like Grand Central Station. She studies Morien warily and carefully. What if he was actually here for her? Wanda shakes her head to the voice in her head. "No" she whispers. "Zee is famous." Then she hides herself in her beer glass and manages to get froth on the end of her nose.


"Sorry, designated flyer tonight." Cameron doesn't seem to be too broken up about that prospect, though. And arguably, she could get away with it, her endurance is more than capable of handling a few beers… but it's still not the kind of thing that she wants to encourage anyone who isn't her to try and take up.

She nods to Constantine, then lets out a bit of a relief as the autograph stuff comes over to Zee and not her. Because that'd be the last thing she'd need, especially when she'd been using New York as her incognito hangout.

She sips at her coffee, offering a napkin to Wanda when she has the unfortunate foam encounter…


Zee had forgotten she was a celebrity. How one does that, she's not sure, but forgotten she had. However her show biz training kicks in immediately, not because of Constantines bump under the table and Zee offers the man a big smile. "Of course… but how about something a little more… " and with a small wave of her hands she produces a publicity photo and sharpie out of thin air. "What is your assistants name?"

Looking apologetically at the table, Zee flushes slightly "I'm so sorry… this doesn't happen often." and takes another sip of her lager


Morien smiles softly, "My assistant's name?" Morien coughs, "Morien Washington, that is his name. Can you say thank you for being my greatest fan." Morien nods to himself. "That would be great.


Constantine just grins, looking more amused by Zatanna's discomfort than the interruption from the 'friend of a fan'. He looks over at Wanda in time to see Cameron offer the woman a napkin, then unobtrusively wipes at his nose, looking at the Scarlet Witch. "You've something… here," he says, pointing at his own face. "Might want to touch that up," he suggests, as Cameron quietly excuses herself and heads towards the restrooms.


Wanda takes the napkin, stares at it and is then helped out by Constantine's gestures. She wets napkin with her tongue and then wipes John's nose where he indicated. "I did not see anything there" she offers before stuffing the napkin in her pocket; it could come in handy when living on the street. She watches the ritual of being famous for a moment before returning to her beer.


"Sure, Morien Washington, thank you for being my greatest fan" Zee doesn't really think anything of it, routine has kicked in. Signing the photo with a flourish, she hands it to, ahem, Morien and then smiles guilelessly "If you leave me some contact details, I'll be sure to send them some tickets to my next New York show."

Glancing around in time to see Wanda clean the tip of Johns nose, Zee stifles her giggles. "They meant on the end of your nose, Wanda."


"Wow, I would love those!" Morien smacks the photo against his face as he realizes what he just said, and shakes his head a few times. Morien peers at the door and realizes that it would be even more embarrassing to run out of here now. He lowers the photo from his face and grins sheepishly, "The photo is for me, but I do have assistants, so is one only a partial lie. He lets out a nervous laugh and reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card. "I would still like some tickets to your next New York show, or any show. I am sure I can free up my schedule to be there." Morien dips his head to Zee and to the rest of the table. "Again, I am sorry for disturbing everyone. I going to leave while I still have some of my dignity."


Constantine just laughs at Wanda, though not unkindly, when she does literally as she's instructed to do. He lets Zatanna attend to correcting the woman, rising up and walking instead to the bar to collect two full trays of pub food. He lays them out on the table and digs in with a will, happily gnoshing on stuff that looks as if it's mostly been deep fried in butter or lard, or both, with the rich scent of proper pub flavour and home spices. "You're not the first bloke to make a mis-step around Zatanna, mate," John grins at Morien, popping a chicken wing into his mouth. "She's got that effect on men."


Wanda offers a pout at the correction before retrieving the napkin and trying it on her own nose. Lo and behold it is now wet. "Say thank you" she mutters to herself before saying "Thank you" a little louder to the others at the table. She internally, and externally, debates whether the napkin is ruined and decides it isn't so she stuffs it back in her pocket. And then there is food and she is like a starving animal. Attacking everything and anything with her bare hands and shoving it into her mouth before anyone can steal it from her. The glare in her eyes suggesting that no one else should even touch her plate. Though to back up Constantine's comment about Zee, she does add with a solemn nod, "She's very pretty."


"Please, join us… " Zee laughs a little as she takes Moriens card. "You aren't the first to have done it… " she ponders "Perhaps the first to admitted to me in person, though." the young magician offers a warm smile.

Flushing slightly at Johns comment, Zee waves it off but Wanda's comment gets a gracious nod "Thank you and so are you." Zee simply doesn't see herself that way.

Helping herself to a plate of the food, Zee eats it slowly and with obvious pleasure "Thank you, John." she says before taking another drink of her lager.


"I am glad to be your first. Morien grins his teeth a bit after hearing her offer to join the trio, "You have no idea how much I would desire to sit down with you, but I really have another engagement. Morien taps his foot a few times as he looks at the door, then back at Zee and the others. He clenches his fists and sighs, "I got to get going, but I would still love those tickets, or even a rain check on sitting down at a table somewhere or anywhere, really."

Morien turns around to leave, but calls over his shoulder, "Thank you for the photo, and your friends are right. You are indeed very beautiful."


"Another satisfied customer," John beams at Zatanna, giving Wanda a free pass as she attempts to hide her plate from the world (Though he draws the line at commandeering at any attempts to commander any of the shared plates, entirely- it's not a Christmas party without bangers'n'mash, after all). He lifts his hand in a farewell wave to Morien and digs into his own food, starting to look full and relaxed. "No one's going to take that from you," John assures Wanda. "No need to ward us off with the silverware."


Wanda watches Morien leave - one less person to steal her food - and gets back to eating. The comment from Constantine that no one will take it produces a nod from her. "I know. I will not let them." A pause. "Silverware?" Her fingers drip with the food she has been eating. She relaxes…slightly…and picks at the meal with slightly less urgency. "I do not eat much" she explains quietly before peering over at Zatanna. "Why are you famous? That man was a customer?" Was Constantine saying that Z was a working girl?


Zee blinks a little at Moriens invitation to 'sit down at table' and sighs before her show biz smile is back on her face. And then he's calling her beautiful and the persona slips, just a bit just before she waves as he exits through the door.

Wanda's comment gets a warm smile "Oh, I'm a stage magician and I have show that goes on the road. Magic tricks and the like, you know…. If he was a customer, he's probably been to one of my stage shows" could that get much worse? Zee delicately eats her meal as the discussion goes on.


"I think he likes you, Zatanna," Constantine observes with a wry smirk. "Might want to watch out for that one. Could be one of those serial stalker types. Not the fun type that plays music outside your window like that one movie. You know, with that bloke and the boombox?" Constantine asks, miming the motion of holding a stereo over his head.


"I do not know that movie" Wanda notes as she watches Constantine Marceau at work. "What is a boombox? A bomb?" Her head turns quickly to stare at the empty seat where Cameron once sat and Wanda nods slowy. "I have to go" she tells the others as she stuffs as much food as she can into her pockets; even the mash. "Thank you for the food and Merry Christmas." She stands, takes a few steps then strides back to Constantine, her gaze deadly serious. "Remember. You must find me to show you where I found the…" A nod to his pocket where the tater tot is. A spasming smile for Zatanna before Wanda is slipping through the crowd for the front door.


Constantine nods at Wanda. "Of course," he says, a serious note in his voice. He watches the very, very odd witch take her leave, then bobs his eyebrows at Zatanna and whistles soundlessly. "Not quite sure what's wrong with her, but I was getting a bloody headache with that background noise that follows her around," he admits, rubbing his brow. "Did you pick up on that at all, or am I just going barmy in my old age?"


Zee frowns at Johns words looks after Wanda as she leaves and tucks into her meal. "A little, not a lot. She certainly had something going on though. What did she give you?" the young magician looks up and cants her head before sipping some more on her lager.


"Don't know. I mean, bugger me for one- she was talking to someone I couldn't hear or see, even after I put some effort into it. So I don't know if it's some blighter that's too smart for me or if she's just barmy. My votes usually for barmy, but…" Constantine spreads his hands. "There's that noise. Couldn't put my finger on it but there was something talking back- but it was a vague sort of murmur. Nothing I could make out. Like someone talking to you from behind a thick curtain."


"I had noted" Zee agrees with John "that she seemed to be having a discussion. But I couldn't work out if it there was something magicky" and she waggles her fingers about "or just eccentric." Zees meal is slowly getting consumed and she glances up at Constantine "Thanks for the meal though…"


John looks around, as if finally realizing that the midnight hour has passed and the bar is nearly empty. "My pleasure," he tells Zatanna with a shrug and a smile. He finishes off his lager and sets the large glass aside, picking at the remnants of the chicken wings. "We'll have to keep an eye on her. Anyway, I should be off. Things to do," he says, rising to his feet and wiping his hands on the napkin. "Merry Christmas, Zatanna. If you talk to Gio, tell him I said hello, would you?" he requests politely, flashing another smile at the dark-haired magician.


Zee nods at John, there's still some of her meal left "I'll do that when I see Dad." The young magician smiles slowly as John rises, maintaining her place and sipping her lager "Merry Christmas to you John." letting him head on his way.

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