Runners On The Trail

August 27, 2015:

Closing in on Darques sister, a Darque Runner shows up. Time is running out.



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The lead that Abnegazar had given Zee, led members of Primal Force to an abbey in France - but they were too late. The abbey had been torched and Darques sister had fled. Zee had managed to use a kerosene container and the remnants of magic in the area to divine where they went… following that to the next location, but they're still behind her.

Calling a halt at that point, Zee's arranged to head out again, after picking up another lead. She's not divining the location of the woman herself, she's using indicators of where she's been - a little clumsy but Darques sister is well protected by magic and direct attempts are totally rebuffed.

Arranging to meet May at The Triskelian, Zee teleports in, dressed in her usual garb except her hair is much shorter and there's a mark of a fox visible just above the waistband of her trousers on right hip.

Naturally, Zee's sudden appearance just outside the building, the wards /on/ the building stop her porting straight in, the SHIELD personnell are concerned and she's met at the door by a couple of armed security guards. Flashing them a smile "Zatanna Zatara, to see Agent May." Hopefully it won't take long to meet up with the woman.

Rain, on the other hand, has had some - more nearly lethal- encounters. She can only thank her stars that Doctor Strange was there. But she's turned up in the lab and likely dropped her report on the succubus lady who resisted Doctor Strange's magic, soul sucked a dude and tried to straight up murder Rain (while the succubus lady had a veve of Darque). Nevertheless, Rain is a regular worker and turns up.

Captain is performing his all important duty of Morale Officer and is currently being pet in a hall near Rain. She's easy to get to. And Captain is being spoiled.

Melinda May is very likely in the lab set aside for the WAND stuff, in the midst of arguing with a small wool-wrapped stick figurine that is currently sporting an African accent. She's holding the figurine in one hand and a labelled tupperware container in the other and looking increasingly annoyed, so when the call comes in from the lobby it's almost a relief.

Leaving the little doll behind (good way to end an argument, really) and nodding to Rain to accompany her, she heads for the lobby briskly, then tells the SHIELD guards to stand down when she recognizes Zee. Sorry, kid, a haircut isn't enough of a change for her to not recognize you.

Of course, Zee's haircut is because of her run in with Poison Ivy a week or so ago. Being doused in gasoline and set alight plays havoc with the locks, no matter how quickly you can teleport out with the people you're trying to save.

Smiling at May, Zee looks rather amused at the security guards as they stand down. "I've tracked Darques sister to a farmhouse in France. She was there two days ago, are you ready to go?" Obviously she doesn't want to waste anytime. She can teleport the three of them … er four of them. "Hello Rain, Captain, how are you doing?"

Soul tupperware may not be as glamorous as some containers, but they are stackable, ducttapeable and useable but even the most mundane of folks. It works for Rain, who seems to be an eminently sensible witch. For her part, she looks amused as Shiftdoll gets left behind. She follows along and the two petting Captain start, then go to look busy. Captain soon jogs along behind Rain.

"We're fine, didn't get our souls husked or covered in hellfire," Captain quips. "Yeah, we had a … run in. Doctor Strange saved us," She admits. "And sure." The two nod.

See, THIS is why one never sees May go anywhere without at least one weapon on her person. She nods to Zee, but says, "Give me thirty seconds." She goes back into the building, talks to the front desk receptionist, then returns. "Let's go." Yup. Just that easy.

And this is one reason why Zee likes working with Agent May. Eyes glowing, a sure sign the teen mage is drawing power to her, she murmurs the words to her teleport spell. The four of them disappear without trace and appear with a soft 'pop' sound in the yard of the farmhouse.

Like the Abbey, it's been burned to the ground… seems like there's a MO here. The question is, why would they burn it after arriving so soon? Better have a look around.

Rain is often armed because well, relic guns. No one would ever take her seriously with a 12 inch wand, like ever. Captain is quiet, and he comes with CLAWS. Also he can be enchnted if needbe. But they will go with Zee. They blink.

Rain looks quietly concerned, as it looks burned down. She looks around. Captain's triangular nose wriggles. He has far better senses than Rain,e even if he literally can't see in color.

Melinda May can't help but wrinkle her nose at the smell of burned… well, burned everything. What is WITH these people? She steps over to one of the mostly burned but still standing… ish objects and holds her hand over it to see how much heat remains from the fire. Maybe she can tell how recently this happened.

The fire was quenched in the last 12 hours, so there may be some residual heat, but it's cool enough to look around and see what they can find. The building still stands, although it might be gutted and unsafe to enter.

Zee sighs, "As Fenris said, they burn things to remove any trace of magic. There might be something here that I can tace, but if we find something tangible it will be easier." Gesturing to the building, Zee starts to walk slowly around it - she knows better than to go inside.

Captain may detect the scent of another body… towards the rear of the building.

There's a frown at that. "Yeah… but you can't burn away sympathetic traces so easily, I don't think," Rain considers. "But good luck with no physical ties." Rain is looking around, too. She seems unwilling to step inside - even if just for now.

Captain's tail flicks as he hops along through the rubble. His legs are smaller but he'd be the more acrobatic of the duo. His nose wigglewigglewiggles. "I'm no scent hound, but I smell… another body?" His left ear kind of lowers. SNIIIIIIIIFFF. "Sort of towards this way? Hang on." He circles a little. "I am not a dog and if you tease me about this, I'm peeing in your laundry." Captain warns, before finding the trail towards the rear of the building.

Melinda May pulls a blade (a small one for a change), and moves to follow Captain. He's following something, she's going to follow him. Partly to see what has his attention, partly to fend off anyone or anything that might attack him. And, there really are only two ways to circumnavigate the burned-out house.

No way is Zee going to tease Captain - this saves the use of her magic and she's very grateful. Following behind May and the rest, the raven haired mage glances around. Just as Captain rounds the corner and comes in sight of the backdoor, a man with tattooes on his face and neck can be seen…

A wave of necromantic energy is directed at Rain and Captain, the first two visible… Zee feels that energy "May, Darque runner…" she hesitates for just a moment as she works out what's going on.

Captain also moves easily amongst any rubble. Cats(TM). Rain follows along, concerned about her familiar. She'll give him a little ward to protect him. He hisses at the man, his fur fluffing up. It's a reflex. Animals can sometime sense evil. "Necromancer at 12 o'clock!" He scampers behind Rain, who quietly tries to shield them while the energy comes their way. The witch is quiet, concentrating. Dispel and counter.

Melinda May stops the moment Captain hisses and Zee speaks up, the small blade in her hand getting flicked toward the necromancer deceptively lightly — there's enough force in the throw that if it were to hit a block of wood the point would embed itself a good inch or so.

The necromancers power is enhanced by the Darkforce and unless Rains blocks are exceptionaly, she'll feel the affect of the necromantic energy wash over her, trying to sap her lifeforce …

Zee see's May flick the blade and her eyes glow brightly and she murmurs the words to a spell - she's not going to hit the necromancer directly, she's going to try and distract him so his darkforce shield dissipates to allow the small blade to do it's job.

~~ htraE ekahS rednU ehT snaM teeF ~~

The earth shakes under the Runners feet and his attention is indeed distracted, giving a small window for that knife to strike him and drop him to the ground.

"Quick disable him, we can question him." Zee speaks urgently to her companions.

Rain is not exceptional. She feels some of her lifeforce sapped, and winces, holding onto Captain. She's got to counter this back. But what there are, there are plants. Vines erupt from the earth, trying to grab him. She has to pin this guy down before she gets sucked dryer than the pre-election coverage. Her teeth grit. And she hopes that knife did its thing. She doesn't even want to look.

Melinda May rushes forward as the necromancer falls, and is only very briefly stymied by the vines. After the half second of surprise, she reaches into the vines to make their crawling and clinging more effective. Mostly by landing a knee on his sternum and wrapping one of the more aggressive vines around the man's neck.

Now they have someone to question… a runner, so not overly useful, but they were there, where Darques sister was in the last 12 to 24 hours!

Zee stops to check Rain, putting a hand on the young witches shoulder "Good job, are you ok?" Zee knows what that power feels like and she was lucky not to have been hit this time. "Agent May, would you like to question him?" Maybe Captain would like to as well.

Once she's sure that Rain will be ok, Zee will take up position behind May, folding her arms in her best Melinda May impersonation.

And Captain moves to help May, giving the guy a chomp on the face. Hissssss. Maybe a claw-kick to the throat for good measure before rebounding off the man and bothering poor Rai. Rain moves to pet Captain. She looks up to Zee and nods. "It feels like I just watched the entire Republican debate," Wince. "Or something." Never let it be said Rain couldn't be wry. "We're alright." She takes a deep breath. "It just felt wrong."

At the questioning, Captain is still completely fluffed up. "Next time, I'm going for the eyes." Pause. "Is that how that goes?" Cats: Not the best at dialogue.

Melinda May watches Captain briefly maul their prisoner, then as he moves to bound away she snags him by the scruff and holds him over the necromancer's gentleman's area. "Answer our questions completely and truthfully and I won't let the cat go." She knows that the feline is likely going to REALLY not like this decidedly ungentle form of handling, and that's what she's banking on to make him seem even more damage-prone.

Zee's been practicing and when May, ahem, places Captain above the poor Runner her eyebrows only rise slightly. This might be worse than watching Fenris interrogate one of them.

The runner winces as Captain chomps his face and kicks him in the throat and then his eyes widen as Captain is dangled strategically. "Whh.. What are your questions…."

Hey, in fairness, he did try to suck Captain's life force, too. And that's just not cool. Captain rowwls softly as he's snagged by the scruff, front legs swatting a little. Granted, grabbing by the scruff is the best way to deactivate a cat. It's just going to be ugly if May lets go.

Rain kind of blinks, looking amused and horrified. "I have a few, but you guys are the experts at finding good questions."

Melinda May lifts Captain just a little higher, maybe to make him growl or squirm some. "Where are the people that stopped here headed next?" Maybe they can finally get a step ahead of Darque and his cronies.

Zee gestures to Rain… ask away. Zee's not an expert by any means - she's just be fortunate to work with those who are … harder.

The Runner blinks and then frowns "No idea. I got here and it had been burned down and you appeared not long after I did."

"How did you find her?" Zee's words sound over Mays shoulder. She's not surprised he doesn't know where they are. She's been hidden for an awful long time.

A bit of wriggling and fluffing up. His teeth are bared as he growls. It's gonna be real hairy when May lets go (if). For her part, Rain looks thoughtful. "And what were you doing here?" Waiting for them perhaps?

Melinda May digs her knee into the man's chest just a little, to encourage him to speak up quickly.

The Runner grunts and groans as Mays knee gets heavier and looks into Rains lavendar eyes "Looking for the sister…" he grimaces before looking at Zee "No idea, I just go where I'm told to go."

Zee moves around May and wriggling, fluffed up Captain, and searches the Runners body. Divesting him of any personal items before glancing to Rain and May "He knows nothing, but they're on the trail of the sister as well, our time is limited." Back to the runner, blues glinting like ice "If you've no further questions, Rain and May, I'll send him to Fenris' sister."

The runners eyes bulge!

Captain is fluffed and menacing. READY TO BITE! Rain is watching this and quietly tallying how many fish or birds are going to have to suffice later. For now, she nods at Zee. Wait. "Er. Nope, none here. Be careful," She offers.

Melinda May gives the vines in her hand and around the necromancer's neck a brief tug, then stands and steps back away from him, still holding Captain over the plums to make sure that their captive remains still.

Zee murmurs the words of a spell and a portal opens… and she shoves the body of the Runner through. A glimpse of something may be seen through the opening before Zee closes it again. "We're on the clock to find the sister." Zee suddenly looks tired. "Shall we head back to The Triskelian? We need to update Fenris and the rest of the team." Without waiting for an answer, the raven haired woman murmurs her teleport spell and the four of them find themselves back at the Triskelian… and then Zee teleports away.

"Sure thing," Rain will accept Captain back, or he can stand on his own. Whichever. She owes him treats so hard though.

Melinda May turns and sets Captain gently and directly into Rain's arms. Maybe that'll keep him from trying to maul her. "Captain, I owe you a kilogram of fresh sturgeon roe." And with that she leads the way back into the building.

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