Botanical Bloodshed

August 25, 2015:

Satana has marked yet another magic user for Darque. And one side of Supreme.

//Botanical Gardens //


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Fade In…

It is a beautiful day. You cannot deny that as the sunlight filters through the branches and leaves of the cherry blossom trees that mottle an area of the botanical gardens, lining along paths, a small bridge over a pond that bears large spoiled and over-fed koi fish. Outside the small pagodas bear vendors of different small collectibles and tokens. Some antiquities, some just stones tumbled or left in the raw and cracked to see the sparkling insides that radiate fractals across their paths, hanging crystals from cords mottling rainbows across the brickwork pathway…

Like a shadow the gauzy breaks over some of those slivers of light in the woman's path. Pants with silk beneath blossom outward into grand flares that billow around long legs in the breeze, showing the flash of white and stilettos beneath that lift her a touch over six foot in height, though this gauzy attire that clings and hangs from hips to ankles casts its own devouring shadow around her, unnoticeable unless you know what you are looking for. Otherwise the gypsy flare pants are just that, melding tightly at her waist to a near scarf/like wrap of the material to X across her torso, leaving pale skin barren and kissed by the light allowed to touch, as well as the caress of the wind and lick of vitae huen cascades of hair spilling along the spanse of bare spine and down exposed shoulders.

Aquamarine colored eyes focus now upon one vendor, boasting his antiquities, slender digitalia sweeping outward to pluck a single old key up and hold it nearly dismissively before her facade, while all at once seeming like she was ignoring the boastful man, but behind the veil of thick oir lashes he has every ounce of that torrid attention.

Rain isn't much for outdoors, usually. But she has a yard and might be looking for inspiration. She is admiring the koi for a moment, looking down into the water. Rain seems more like she'd be at home at a convention or taptaptapping away at a computer. "Hi Fish!" She greets the fishes. Good thing she didn't bring Captain, or else it might get kind of awkward. For her part, she looks pretty ordinary, aside from wide, violet eyes.

Granted, she has a neon, blinking sign over her head that says: NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD! And then she sees the woman approaching. There's a blink, and a polite smile. Perhaps curious. There's a lot to watch here.

It is a nice day and as often happens lately, Stephen Strange wishes he could just enjoy the sun, drop by college to have a coffee with old friends and maybe go to Delacorte theater in the evening. Unfortunately this has been one of those busy summers of mad necromancers and extra-dimensional invaders. Even this stroll through the botanic gardens is not really for pleasure, he came to verify certain spots that are dimensionally weak have not leaked anything unpleasant during the latest astrological convergences. But maybe he took an extra fifteen minutes to have coffee in a paper cup and make an unnecessary second round.

Because it is just a pleasant day, and he needed a break. Or maybe his sharp metaphysical senses are giving him a warning. He has learned to listen to his instincts.

Satana was going nowhere all too fast, in fact she is rather enthralled with the skeleton key..

"And whose house did you say this thing belonged to?" The accent is Romanian, a cliche she liked to maintain, falling from darkly stained lips that are tilted barely up in the corners, but the gesture is enough to narrow her eyes into slits. Sharkesque or felinistic pleasure, either way it is bordering on an assault of claws and teeth as she perches her ass on the edge of the table and rocks back to /lean/ just over his table of goods, but leave the spanse of exposed abdomen and draped bosom for the man to stare down along…

He leans in to speak lowly to her, or inhale her from the way he tilts his head into that mane of deep auburn that spills across the table; now though, her hand comes up to cup his chin and her own features tilt towards the direction of Rain, watching the woman or starin -through- her?

Along side Steven though the shadows seem to shift, the climate bearing warmth plummets as the darkness seems to gather and then spill outwards, shadows beconing their own life, drawing it from the surrounding area where a dark power begins to merge and build.

One on either side of the bridge Rain is upon, though one is closer in proximity to Satana forming from the brush where the sunlight no longer pierces and the crystals fail to dance.

Rain is a quiet sort, admiring the koi. "Fishy fishy~" And then she looks up in time to notice the man and the woman. She blinks owlishly, eyes wide and blushing. Um. Oh dear. She seems curious, albeit unbothered by any sort of scant clothing. People wear what they wish and her family is pagan as all hell. Skyclad is a thing, so it is all good.

Rain does smile politely at the too, trying not to be too rude. Though, she looks curious. There's- no sunlight. Headtilt. She looks back to Satana. Waitaminute. "Oh. Um. Hi!" Yes, there we go.

And of course the sunny peace couldn't last. Then again, if it could last, then Strange wouldn't have felt compelled to stay for so long. There is a paradox lurking somewhere close, as often happens in his life. Also, some black magic. Which also happens often.

Tracing a symbol in the air with his index finger, Strange peers through the veil of reality to feel the flows of mystic energies around him. Several things become clearer quickly, including the presence of a rather powerful demon entity in his immediate vicinity. Very likely the responsible of the darkening, although… ah, there is also a witch. Rain! "Miss Moontree!" He calls. Oh. And the redhead seems to be the demon. "Please, stay away from the auburn-haired woman."

By the time either one of them has a second glance Satana has the man in thrall. A single digit slid barbed tip of nail from his throat to his chin, a stroke that left a pinkened line along his skin to taunt him closer, and when he leans even further into her the belongings he is peddling are an afterthought, clattering to the ground as he nearly clears the surface to ascend it and press his lips upon the dark pout of infernal temptation.

When his lips close upon hers there is a moment of struggle as arms embrace, encumbering his form like a python its prey, tugging his body into her lap with ease all the while he rapidly begins to age, just as it darkens around them, the air growing chill and /harder to breathe/…

Aquamarine melts beneath brimstone occulars, now staring through kohl lined eyes and sooty lashes towards Strange and Rain while the mans struggles cease and his body shrivels into a husk. When her head snaps back, quartet of canines are visible in the deep inhale she takes, hands lift like she is uprooting a tablecloth without spilling the dinnerware on top but she uses this motion to dump the lifeless form upon the ground at her feet. The shadows that merged and darkened begin to hiss and cry forth, one clawed hand followed by another, pieces and parts of borrowed corpses melded together by a mad scientific gesture and adhered with magics that also breathed life!

Stilletto'd heel touches down upon the brick and beside her is an Eater, it's 'twin' on the other side of the bridge behind Rain, the wood groaning as its mass covered in chitinous armor settles down upon it with the insectile clicking and draw back of unhinged maw riddled in razored teeth.

"Yes, stay away from Hell, but be wary of Heaven. Boths desires are not your own." But as she says it her words come forth in a dulcet purr, fingertips she had touched upon the crumpled man curling inward to touch down upon her lips and /smear/ downward. Along the spanse of bared plexys, betwixt gauzy clad bosom and just above that Veve that seeps as if newly opened, but the connection is evident between her and the beasts just before the kiss is blown and they both lunge for Rain, Satana's other hand shooting outward to spawn a line of Hellfire his way.

"Stay out of this! It is not your turn." A small 'tsk' to Strange as eyes blaze from him towards her minions and their foe.

Rain isn't too bothered by demons, actually. Her household staff is demons. They seem pretty alright. Rain pauses, looking to Strange. There's an owlish blink. "Oh. Hello! And um," She looks a bit awkward a moment. Something is going on. Her magic senses are tingling (forget spidey senses!). Her eyes widen a bit. She pauses, nods at Doctor Strange. She's not going to interfere with the others.

But even she is realizing that something bad is going on. Then the dude totally gets husked harder than a grad student reading the world's driest scientific papers. Oh shit. It's on now. The witch is duly startled. "NO THANK YOU, MA'AM!" Rain is startled as suddenly things want to make witchsnax out of her. Rain mumbles something in an ancient, forgotten language. « Remake the beast. » And lo, she's powered up her bear form! An immense, white Siberian godbear with silver armor - that has a crescent moon with a purple gem set in the center is her new form. "You'll only be hungry again in an hour." She weighs nearly a ton in this form, and is a violet-eyed bear. Silver flames engulf her form, swirls of magic and she lunges at one of the beasts. Moonfire and bearswipe! Granted, she is the weakest magi here but she's gotta do something. This escalated quickly.

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, a succubus in broad daylight!" Strange frowns deeply as Satana kills the entranced man. But then he sees the sigil on her skin. Darque? But he can't expect a single succubus to be a threat for him, even if… she is a spell-caster. Fine!

"You must be a young and foolish one, demon," strange gesticulates as he speaks, circles of light appear on the air in front of him. It is not a shield, a more complex spell. "Your power is in your tempting, not strength, and your magic is raw, chaotic and unfocused. So easy to control."

The stream of hellfire reaches him, but with an imperious gesture Strange splits it two, then lifts his arms, and the fire flies up. "Do you even know who I am?" He lowers his arms, the fire falls. On the undead monster closer to him, searing the flesh and bones of the creature and burning it to cinders in a second.

Rain's change does not stop the impending charge of those dis-articulated forms, reknitted into beasts that are simply -hungry-. It is palpable, like the chill that is now devoured by heat as they approach the one shifted into a bear, one felled beneath the sweep of heavy claws, rolling with a thunderous sound and then scraping, as severed bones for claws dig into the earth and aid it in a rebound that barrels it into the Rain-bear while the second is seeking to bear those jagged hooked teeth fomed by broken and severed rib cages into her hide. Darque's minions lead in the hunt for those who oppose by the red haired vixen…

Strange only gets a rise of finger, twist of the wrist, the flames not yet within his grasp spiral, recoiling to her in a wave that rises like a tsunami to come crashing at her feet. A /hot/ wind rises in return as the flames sink into the earth and scatter into a circle around her, the black gauzy fabric of gypsy pants fluttering upward and snapping out into leathery appendages…

The shadows birth from the fabrics and spread behind her, strips that tied at the back of her neck joining while the sound of tearing skin and fabric produces wings in which she lifts from the ground, finger splayed and hands spread to call the flames higher!

"You presume to know me, but please, Supreme, tell me more about myself that even I do not know!" And when the final words make toll the Eater is sucked past her to him, away from Rain and whatever hold it had upon her form, likely having to have been -torn- free to come so quickly to its burning death, the smell one of flesh and decay, but following through is yet another blast of that flame, though that floor of Hellfire is spanning outward… The more she expels, the more she must take…

Blink. Rain is normally pretty tolerant of demons. After all, they have their place in this world, too. And some simply like to exist on this plane. For her part, she's busy bearing it up to contemplate the ethics of succubusing. She growls low. She does not like this feeling. She roars in pain, angry and hurt. Claws swing, razor sharp, determined to splatter and rend her foes into meatcubes.

Then there's a momentary blink as the Eater promptly gets sucked away. Rrrg? The bear is confused a moment. She concentrates a moment, taking herself out of the fight for a bit to mend herself, her white hide stained red. She's more than a little worried about Strange, though.

"Do you seek a lesson, demon? It would be my pleasure to teach you one you won't forget." As the hellfire reaches him, a hand is raised and a transparent shield of blue light forms and holds the fire at bay. "Your Hellfire is a crude element from hellish planes. Elemental magic is the most basic and simple magic. And in most regards, the weakest. You should use it as power source for more complex and versatile magics."

With his other hand Strange is warding and binding, making sure the undead can't leave a narrow area of the garden. The mortals are leaving the area, but instead of the usual panicked run, there is a surprising hasty and orderly retreat. And that is also the sorcerer's making. Multitasking while giving lectures, because he can and he is /that/ arrogant.

The Eater that Rain-Bear had managed to spill away laid there, a sprawl of meaty limbs and broken bones, but not as decimated as the one burned to cinders. The noise of the battle raging above and below between Satana and Strange (though it has become convoluted into a pompous exchange of words and little magical 'jabs'), likely dulls the sound of breaks, snaps, wet sucking slaps that suddenly forge upward, and as the bear seeks to lick her wounds what is left of the Eater seeks to reopen them or make more. An attempt to slam its side into her, exposed shards of rent armor and broken bones as well as the hollowed sounds of souls wails emanating from its side…

"Do you seek to be a teacher, and school me?" Though now her voice returns to a lilt, a small purr at the end and bleeding into the next as a hand runs through her hair, and where it touches that dark auburn turns a blood red, spilling downward like paints rethinking their path upon her tapestry, the length growing, spiraling outward like silken tentacles to swirl about her figure. A svelte form swathed in those scarven fabrics that covet but leave plenty revealed while casting shadows where there is nether…

Hand drops and she scraped her own finger along the etching outline of the rent Veve, the blood spilling upon pale abdomen like her hair upon the dark sky blanketing behind them, the darkforce now tangible as lips move and nothing comes out.

A shield is sought to form around Strange, one that was meant to block him, perhaps even save at one point, but in here, it is void of air unless it is like breathing in sulfur and acid.

"Teach me yet another lesson. I only came here to be /dying/ to learn them for your ilk. Just make sure you kiss me before you tear me apart!" And with a sudden snap of wings she flies upward, somersaulting and twisting back towards the earth to dive for Rain and leave Strange to figure out his surroundings.

Rain is breathing hard after her fight. She is listening to the back and forth of the magic and words between Satana and Strange (sssssssss). Rain manages to avoid most of the incoming blow, growling and swatting at the Eater. "DOWN." She is less than amused at all of this. She is hurting and she is scared. Rain isn't sure what brought this on, or why she's being attacked. She was just admiring the koi.

"What are you doing this for?!" Rain is desperately trying to defend herself. While Strange can handle a succubus no problem, Rain might struggle a bit. She's still reaching her potential and her magic is slower to deploy. She bolts in the direction of AWAY because oh shit, she just sprouted wings. "Ack!"

Strange expands his shield to keep the shadows at bay, but soon finds himself engulfed in darkness. Nevertheless, his voice is heard clearly. "I am a Master, of course I teach," he states. "Alas, you already have a master, if a foolish one. Now lets end this game." A pause, then he chants. "In the name of the Vishanti, I call upon the First Sorcerer. Hear me, oh All-Seeing One, and grant me your favor. Be all darkness vanished by Agamotto Blinding Light!"

The cage of shadows explodes as if a sun had been born inside it. Strange form is barely visible in the searing brightness. For Rain it feels warm and pleasant as sunlight, but for Satana it is holy, and painful, and she might grateful she had a mortal mother and it is not hitting her as hard as it would for a full-blooded demon.

The Eater is fended back, the exchange between injured Rain-Bear and the Eater one that has blood ad visceral bits flying across the ground in Rorschach artwork of dark ethereal art. Satana's redirection is to back up her quickly demolished attack and tanks, as Strange was an unexpected addition.

When Satana lands the ground beneath cloven hooves now cracks, the sudden impact of heat across the earth one that saps the moisture, leaving it barren and dry, those wings span out and snap inward, seeking to strike out a final blow to Rain until that light pierces its way through and scatters the shadows, burning the remnants of the Eater Rain had not yet dismantled and forcing her wings to fold upward in defense, shadowing and shielding from the light that obviously rises a light fog from her skin.

Slowly though, the wings peel away, the cocooned figure beneath one clad in liquid shadows in turn for what gauzy fabric had been spent in guise. White fur lines over cloven feet, the latex like apparel painted upon every deadly contour, coating upward over hips but splitting at thighs like a figure 8 to remain open at hips and sides, still crossing over her chest to cast shadows where eyes sought distraction. Long red hair still danced, despite the obvious reddening of skin and pain Satana refused to show at the onslaught.

What is still plain is that sigil etched into skin, left open and raw, redone by that of her own hands to draw the darkness from a curse.

"I do it because it keeps me alive and unrepentant." Riddles in the words, but even as she speaks she lovingly sweeps up the blood falling from the wound, another hint?

"I do not kneel well, where others could be more easily forced. Darque's will my own." A flicker of a smile and the quartet of canines flash.

"Consider yourself marked. Lucky one." And with a narrowed glare sent towards Strange, Satana rolls her head back, those blood red strands slipping from bare shoulders to pool upon the ground and beneath her feet… coming to life like a rippling pond of bloodshed - the fire sprouting upwards and consuming her form from sight.

Rain is grateful for Strange's help, even if she's currently trying to avoid being sucked dry and/or hoofkicked in the face. Both seem unpleasant. "Thank you, I owe you one," She is duly grateful to Strange. And it feels nice, pleasant as sunlight. She has no idea who or what her dad is, but she's not bursting into flames, so she's got that going for her.

Her eyes are wide as she shifts down, her shirt now wet with some dark fluid (blood) where she was hurt. The scene is surreal, art with soul and blood, tinged with flames, raw desire and all that is a demoness. She seems uncertain of what to make the riddles.

"I am fine," replies Strange, walking forward closer to Rain. A glance is spared to Satana's victim, the soul-drained husk beyond his help. He failed that man, he should have recognized the demon earlier.

"I am okay, but you were injured by those undead creatures, we need to deal with those wounds." And makes sure there are no more of Darque's agents in the area. "Had you seen that succubus before?"

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