The Egyptian

August 22, 2015:

Selina, Rant, and Fantomex meet while The Egyptian is under construction.

The Egyptian


NPCs: Various construction crews



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The large building is clearly being renovated. Old original architecture bearing that 'gothic' theme is being lightened up, a beacon in the middle of the drab appearance that seems filmed in monochrome in Gotham. Where gargoyles of stone once decorated the pedastals that run along the stairs of the entryway there is now large statues of Bast on either side. Black marble make their bodies but bedescked in gold, lapis, turquise jewelry it adds sunlight to the once drab appearance, the beginning…

Over the large glass doors there is the Sun Disk in gold, edged on either sides by the splay of Ma'at's wings radiating from it as if it was the body, their feathers done in golds and blues, lined in a ecru of almost painted upon stone with henna colorations. Spotlights that radiate into the gray and dismal sky filter downward like beams of false radiated sunlight, sweeping down and out along the stairs and up to this entry where upon grand opening petals of lotus blossoms will coat the stairs for entrants to tred upon.

But for now workers tread over the stairway and filter within, ladders ercted as well as scaffolding where stone is being etched into and reformed along the entry with heiroglyphs. Standing outside of the doors is Selina, the woman's power suit clinging along her waist and thighs but flaring out in trousers formality to cover the high heeld boots bearing silver pointed stilleto boots. The white blouse upon torso is worn slightly open, unbuttoned by four to hang just like that of the flared cuffs upon sleeves. Clutched in one hand is Amenti, the Sphynx feline, lazing with eyes at half mast, but the tail recoiled to hook upon her forearm for anchoring.

"The other statues will be in place by tonight? What of the slot machines and tables? Roulette? The lighting in the dining area finished and dimmed accordingly? I also placed an order for 10 hookahs for the 'Pharoah's Lounge', I suppose the pillows…Ah."

A woman approaches then with swatches of silk bearing different designs to hand raft the pillows from.

What is different now, is where in East End and under Catwoman, Alley Cats would be present as guards, here it is Calbrese Henchmen, even the stance that of a different nature and mien down to their three peice suits and ring laden fingers.

Melody was somewhere in there. Aside from a planned charity ball, and other things that shouldn't be mentioned, this became her little pet project in Gotham. The security room, it was almost the fort knox of security, almost being that a little too much would be easily breakable, Melody had the knack of figuring things just right.

"Cameras, cameras.." She mutters in that little space, glancing up and watching the display of Selina, directing, talking, then back to her own little crew as she lays out the floor plans of the casino. "Okay, we need surveilance cameras here.. here.. and here.."
'Bathrooms too, little boss?'
"Don't be gross. But keep cameras at the doors leading into the bathrooms and we'll figure something else out in that regard. Here. Here.." Another shift of the paper, allows her to twist and turn just a touch. "I want a few of the slot machines outfitted with cameras too. Not too microscopic, but small, like this." She uses her fingers to gauge the sides. "And a small camera outfitting the tables where the dealer stands that give panorama view. And cameras -above- the table…"

The small work crew was abuzz as the other crew filters in, Melody gesturing them to the next table as she taps an ear against the comms. "Selina, the guys want to know how far apart you want the sprinklers in the main lobby. They don't like the old design, says it's too close to be functional."

Egyptian temples in the middle of Gotham are pretty eye-catching, and Fantomex is every curious. More than usual, as he is fresh from the bloody streets of Mutant Town, and even bleak Gotham seems a cheerful place in comparison.

So Fantomex came to investigate, and look who is there. Disguised as a businesswoman or something too. "Did you know when the Romans took Egypt the goddess Bast moved to Wakanda?" Fantomex steps out from behind the statue of Thoth, "bonsoir, chere. It has been a while."

Security? What security.

"Do the sprinklers need to be set a bit differently anyway to accomodate with security enhancements? Remember structural integrity first, preservation of the building second, security third, if they do not know how to evacuate a fire - fourth. Darwinism dear Rant." A small dulcet purr lilts her tone. Despite the girls absence, when she is present she busies herself and does optimal. Her fence comes in handy, now just to maintain the trust…

Speaking of, the french accented voice brings a small perk of a brow as she had diverted emerald gaze to the swatches, flicking through and stopping upon one with a tap of clear lacquered pointed nail. "This one." Silk with the pattern nearing persian 'omage but not enough to truly belong there as it was yet another nation to seek Egypts demise, and there will be no nod or mentions of…

Once the woman disappears into the construction bustle those kohl lined eyes tilt towards Fantomex while idle hand rests upon the bare spine of the held feline. "So many rumors on where Gods go, but the last place they belong is deserting their home and people. I do not at all desire to think less of the Goddess of Cats." So to end that notion. "And how have you been?" Inquired with the rise and fall of eyes upon him.

"Yes, they do." Rant listens with a turn of her ear, snapping her fingers and pointing down towards the plans. "Okay.. you guys heard the lady. Keep everything she said in mind but I want to insist on sprinklers where the points of egress lay so that no ones trapped or boxed in."
'Yes little boss. We're also going to need the assistance of one of the contractors below to give account of the live load and adjust everything appropriately.'

"Okay, Charlie's crew is coming in to upgrade the HVAC systems along the casino so we all don't get humid-ited out. Coordinate with him and make sure everones properly introduced to not get in each others way? They'll go high, I suspect you'll have to go low."

With everyones modius opperandi in check, Rant draws away from the crew as they adjust the plans to make her way down the elevator, leaning against the back wall with a slight grip that causes the metals to lightly groan. Once the door was open, she breaches the lobby just in time to catch Fantomex and Selina, as well as the rest of the guards, a slight smile given to them both. "It's starting to come together. The accounts are being set up as we speak. I think the three of us should see about getting a lawyer as well." Yes, that means Fantomex too.

"The Wakandans actually keep track of divine affairs, they have for centuries," mentions Fantomex, who has sneaked in some odd libraries in the past few years. "And Bast was around long before Egypt, they say."

Fantomex spreads his hands to Selina, as a way of shrugging. Then nods to Mel, smiling under the mask. "New York has been interesting the last few weeks," he notes. As for Mel's statement, he chuckles. "Lawyers? N'est-ce pas? I do not believe there are enough lawyers in the world for me, mademoiselle."

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