The Last Lorekeeper

August 24, 2015:

Ryden Sable, Last of the Lorekeepers seeks the council of the God-Wolf. Secrets, wars, and the ending of a world are discussed.

Fenris's Home

The dwelling of the God-Wolf


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Fenris has gotten his guest ensconced in an actual room with an actual bed and is up now in his main room, reading. He has a lot to read up on, after all. And he'll be catching up with his team in Germany. Soon.

Ryden approaches Fenris's house with a thoughtful expression on his face. He's dressed absently if not outlandishly this time. Moccasins and dark leather pants with fringe all down the outsides of the legs. A red silk shirt that’s buttoned wrong and his ever present pack of course. A white duck is waddling along beside him and follows him to the porch. Before he knock the duck pecks at the door. "Dude. Behave. Or he might just eat you." Ryden grins at the duck and then tries to jump aside and avoid getting his ankle pecked. Unfortunately all he does is land on his ass and get pecked.

Fenris looks up and smirks a bit. When he opens the door he already knows who's going to be on the other side. "Hello Ryden. Nice to see you. Please come in. Can I offer you anything?" It's all old world hospitality for him. "Don't be too loud though. I have company."

Ryden smiles sheepishly as he gets to his feet. Between the ducks pecking and his klutziness the half deaf old guy down the street probably knows he's here. "You here that Duck. Be quiet." The duck tilts its head and stares at Fenris. "..eep.." Ryden seems startled. It's never made such a quiet sound. "Ookay then. A glass of water would be great, thanks." Yep, he asked for water. Hell might be freezing over, or pigs flying, or the world ending.

Fenris certainly seems curious that water is all he wants. "Have a seat in the living room. I'll bring it." There's a sound of the refrigerator opening. The God Wolf uses a pitcher filter. Go figure. It's nice and cool and refreshing when he brings it though. "So, what brings you by?"

"I've been thinking lately. Like, actual thinking. I had a talk with some friends of mine awhile ago." Ryden's slight frown fades into a genuine smile. He really needs to go visit Lyn and Josh again soon. As good as he can be around people, Ryden doesn't have many actual friends. He rarely lets people get that close to him, or really know him. It's easier that way. Less painful when they're eventually gone.

"I know we're still dealing with Darque and this whole mess, this isn't exactly the time to run off on a quest but.. once we get this settled.. There's something I'd like to do. I'm just not sure if it's the right thing to do. Or a good thing. You've been around a long time, seen a lot of stuff and you came from somewhere else, somewhere not here. So I figured maybe you'd have some good thoughts on the matter."

"I'm listening." It's an interesting way to start a conversation and Fenris has no problems helping out when things are less dire. "What is this good thing you wanted to do?" The sooner he finds out the sooner he'll know if he can help.

Ryden sits down and leans back, the duck waddles around a bit and then makes the strange decision to sit at Fenris's feet. Ryden nearly chokes on his water and has to clear his throat a few times before starting. "I've never told anyone this before. There have been a few who know I'm a lot older than I look, but the why and how of it.." He shrugs. "I'm not from this earth. The earth I was born into was a very different place. In some ways it was very much more advanced than things here are even now, in other ways it was centuries behind. Homi Magi weren't exactly the dominant species in number but there were far, far more of us there than here. Enough that we could have easily ruled over the humans." Ryden sighs and stares at his glass of water as he considers how to continue.

"I've heard of such realities. Portals between them are not common but they exist. I try to keep them closed when I find them for obvious reasons." Fenris glances out to New York and back to Ryden. "Mankind is worrisome enough on one world. In its own time it will find others, but it doesn't exactly need help."

Ryden nods and his expression turns pained. "You won't need to worry about mine. It..doesn't exist anymore. People have this awesome ability to just *suck* every where. I've oftened wondered if it's something we'll be able to evolve past..but the bits and pieces I've heard about other planets and peoples don't give me a lot of hope on that front. That's really fucking depressing you know?"

"There was a sort of subfaction of the homo magi. An order that called themselves The Lorekeeper's. We had this grand centre, a library and musuem to end them all. This place was the font of our power. We were born there and we died, we returned. Our core philosophy was twofold. A strict adherence in regarding recording the events of the world as a neutral observer with zero interference in the natural order of how the world progressed and developed.

Secondly, the gathering and keeping of all knowledge, not just of the magic and arcane but technology, history, lore of any kind, in any form was gathered and safeguarded then studied and combined to develop advances that would have taken hundreds or even thousands more years. We kept it all locked within the Library, keeping it from the world where it would interfere in the natural progression of things. We sent researchers and explorers out into other dimensions and realities, even other planets, and gathered from there as well. So much magic and power in one place would've begun fraying the threads of reality, So the library was actually anchored in different places and times. It was..complex and done over centuries. I couldn't even begin to explain how. I really haven't a clue. I was still just an apprentice. I didn't know a helluva lot of things then."

"Mankind is its own angel and its own demon in many cases. There's hope for your race, Ryden, if there is hope for any of them. I would not spend so much time here if I thought there was not." The god-wolf listens and nods as he does. The story sounds familiar in generalities if not in specifics. "So what is it you wish to do then?"

"We'd been at war with each other for awhile by the time I was born, nothing ever lasts and eventually we were split down the middle with one side not wanting to stay seperate from the world anymore. There were more and more humans, more wars, more strife and sickness and we had the power to change things for the better. It got to the point where even my side, who just wanted to help better the world was destroying the land and people to just survive. So when the Others came, we didn't have a chance. I can't tell you what it was in the end that destroyed everything but just as it happened all the magi left united a final time and gave their lives to shatter the library and send pieces of it across time and space. I was the youngest left and the put the knowledge of what they'd done in my mind. They changed me, granting me eternal youth so I'd have all the time I ever needed to fulfill their charge.

My body was made into a sort of key to unlock the ways to where the pieces came to rest and when I eventually found a place suitable I was supposed to track down all the parts of the Library and restore it and the order, this time with the lessons of the long war added to prevent the cycle from happening again. It was done hurriedly and it was the last desperate actions of the still surviving few. They either didn't realize, or didn't care that I was connected to the library. We all were. When it split, a part of my essence went with each piece. It's why my magic is so fucked up. I'm not whole. I'm not entirely certain I can even do what I was supposed to. But if I can..if we did things better this time..having a place like that here.. what do you think? Is it something that would do good in this world? Or what if I just say screw that and start a centre from scratch here. I've managed this long with mangled powers. A place for the magically inclined. A university or something. It could be a really good thing. Make a difference."

Fenris is quiet for a long time after Ryden finishes, tapping the arm of his chair. "I think that such a thing would be very dangerous. Knowledge is power, near unlimited, in the hands of mankind. In the hands of those such as I…" He shakes his head. "Were you to create such a thing on Midguard, it would rapidly become a battleground. If you are determined to do that, keep it separate, and secret. The more who know, the more enemies you shall have."

Ryden bows his head in acknowledgement. It's more or less what he expected, what he'd known really but lately the years have started to weigh heavily on him. He's homesick for a place that he'll never see again, if he does whats smart. As grand and incredible as it had been, and all the good that could have came from it, the Library had in the end led to the destruction of his world and possibly others as well when it was shattered and hurtled through space and time.

"I know you're right. I need to forget about it. Like I have been all this time. It's just.. gods it's tempting. To have home again. To have all that knowledge.. its not even the power. I don't care about that. What am I supposed to do then? I'm a guardian of a thing that should never be found. I've been running from that for so long.. and now I'm trying to finally face it and having to realize that maybe I should just keep running and not look back."

"I wouldn't give up on your dream but… Mmmm… wait… now there's a thought…" Fenris muses. "Ryden… how much do you know of oineromancy?" The ancient art of dream magic. It's difficult, tricky and its uses are obscure but… well he might have an idea.

Ryden looks up and his pained expression fades a bit as he thinks. "I know what it is. It's slightly possible I've done some sort of magicry while dreaming…but it’s also possible that I was just uh.. high and dreaming that I was doing it. I don't really know. I heard of a few people who could such things over there years, even tried to track one down out of curiousity but I never found them." He hadn't really looked for long before something else had caught his attention.

"It's an interesting art. And may yield some solutions to your problem." If Ryden were to hide the library in a world of dreams, fighting over it would be much more difficult… and protecting it much easier. "I suggest you study up on it, if you can find a place to learn." Of course, Fenris knows that the best such intentions require work to see though.

Ryden blinks and sits quietly, thinking hard. His duck looks over and opens his beak. There's a wicked glint in its eye but whatever mischief it's about to get up to while Ryden is distracted, the duck thinks better of it after a glance up at Fenris and resettles itself after a gentle fluffing of its feathers. "That is a really interesting idea." The lorekeeper finally says. "It could work. It's an entirely different way of looking at this too. I'd really kinda given up hope and came here because I needed to hear someone else tell me what a bad idea this was. Only this…this is pretty brilliant. Even if it’s not doable. It's a grand thought. I'm going to start researching it right away. Well…right after Darque isn't a threat. I can't go getting lost in research right now." His gaze is open and full of an honest sincerity and some of aged and weary look that had overtaken the man fades. "Thank you Fenris."

"That's what I'm here for. Until I get tired of the place and decide to eat the sun." It's… not at all clear if that's a joke. Fenris expression is certainly… rather deliberately enigmatic. "Is there anything else? If not I should see to my guest."

Ryden snorts. He likes humor, dark or not. He also knows exactly what Fenris is. That is entirely possible but it's not happening today and so not a problem. The duck jumps up as Ryden gets to his feet and waddles over to him. It makes a very insistent but also soft noise. "qwek! qwekqwek!" "If you bite my ear again I'm going to come back here and stuff you in the mailbox." Ryden mutters as he bends and lifts the duck up after he settles his pack, so that the animal can tuck its self between it and his shoulder and neck. "I don't want to keep you from your guest and I should get some sleep too. Let me know when there's anything else I can do towards Darque."

"Shortly, I'm sure. If you have time, find Hax. Or Zee. They're both working on that spell and I'm sure they'd appreciate the help." Fenris rises and will see Ryden out before headed back to the bedroom to check on the Dark Lady. He's not sure she's sleeping.

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