Coffee and Catching Up

August 23, 2015:

Fenris meets with The Dark Lady and discovers she's been sleeping in Hades' realm to escape Darque's call.

Java José

A small Cafe in New York City


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Fade In…

Fenris has been a busy wolf, but not so busy that he doesn't make time for friends. Kaeira Duvessa has been operating with his people against the necromancer Darque and while it's been problematic for everyone, he's sensed it's been particularly hard on her. Especially since Darque wields forces so connected to what she is. He's invited her out for coffee to check up on her and give her some 'news from the front' as it were.

Kaeira arrives at the coffee shop looking even paler than usual and rather worn. She's been using alot of power, and spilling more blood than she can fully replenish during the night for awhile now. The Dark Lady is well dressed as always. Black slacks and sandals with small diamond butterflies. Matching earrings adorn her ears and a midnight blue silk blouse and silver chain belt complete the ensemble. Her expression brightens when she spots Fenris and bit of color rises in her pale cheeks.

Fenris smiles back and indicates a chair. "You look tired." He murmurs as she finds her seat. He knows she's been working hard though not specifically what at. "What have you been doing? And can I get you anything?"

People watch her as she enters and seats herself. Without trying or even thinking about it, her every movement is done with a grace that enhances her delicate beauty. Kaeira only has eyes for Fenris though and she gives him a tired smile and nods. "I am thirsty, yes, Thank you." With a sigh she settles back in her chair.

"I have been meeting with …" She hesitates for a moment. People isn't really the right word. "Some of the leaders of Underworld's that I know in an effort to convince them to help. I've also been exploring a few of the empty places. Looking for..something, anything that might help. I've been using one of them as a prison." Her voice softens and lowers. "I've caught a few of the lesser necromancers. The more stupid ones. Easy enough to trick and trap them by messing around the borders of the deadzone."

Fenris nods and waves over a waiter to get Kaeira a coffee and a water. Once he's gone he leans in. "And how has that gone?" He knew she was doing that. SHe told him. But he also knows that Underworld Lords are a fractious, proud lot and they don't often cooperate. With anyone. "You've been bleeding haven't you? You're paler than usual."

The Dark Lady nods and sighs softly. "Yes. Perhaps a bit too much of late but it was needed." When she moves one hand to brush back a lock of hair the decorative slit that starts at the button on the wrist of her sleeve falls open and if he's looking Fenris will see the deep cut marks there. She's using so much power and spilling so much blood that her enhanced healing isn't even keeping up with it anymore. "I think that by the time any of them are truly willing to do something, it will be far too late. The best I've managed it permission from Hades to sleep there. I have needed a place to rest that is quiet and safe." Her long lashes lower and she bows her head. "He's caught on to me. I hear it constantly now when I'm on earth. His voice inviting me to join him. To go to him. It's incessant and exhausting because even now the temptation is still there." Kaeira shoulders slump and she looks a little defeated for few moments before she manages to gather herself and straighten again.

"He must want some company when Persephone isn't there." Fenris murmurs. "I wouldn't." If that needs be said. The god-wolf catches her wrist and looks at it, then up at her. "Let me…" His hand starts to glow faintly green. For one so skilled in causing death, it is perhaps one of the greatest ironies that his power in magic lies in primal life. Handy though. It makes him very, very good at healing.

"Oh you don't need to…to.." Kaeira's lashes flutter and close and she leans forward and rests her other arm on the table as Fenris's magic washes over and through her. Her skin flushes and warms and the nagging exhaustion begins to fade away. "You are very very good at that Fenris." She exhales softly and when her dark eyes open again she looks relieved. "Thank you." His comments on Hades finally catch up to her and she laughs softly. "No, he isn't interested in me in that manner. My blood…he is not immune to it as you are. Honestly I'm rather certain the offer of a place to sleep was an attempt at placating me. I've spent several nights in a small cave there with no ill effects."

"It doesn't cost me anything." Fenris murmurs. "And Hades has a reputation for being… tricky. If you continue to go into his realm, be careful. The greeks were very fond of blood offerings and I can see how yours might be particularly… Intoxicating." That gets a small smile. "Any other luck on that front?"

Kaeira returns Fenris's smile with one of her own. She forgets herself for a moment and meets his eyes, her own power rising up and working to ensnare and enchant. Even without the magic she's beautiful. One of the most beautiful women this world has seen. Realizing, Kaeira gasps softly and lowers her gaze, grabbing the coffee and taking a sip of the still too hot drink to cover her embarrassment. "Not much I'm afraid. It is..very frustrating. I wish to do more to help but am at a loss as to what. I've had a few thoughts but…I really think they are more wishful thinking than something that can actually be done."

"I have people working on reverse engineering the spell that created the deadzone so that it can be dispelled permanently." Fenris confides, blinking a bit as she meets his eyes and then smiles as she lowers them. "Anything you can do to keep them off balance would be good. But it looks for the moment that you could use some rest… in a place that isn't the Underworld. Can I offer you one?"

It's not that Hades' realm is uncomfortable for her. It isn't cold there, or hot, or anything really. Not like it would be for an ordinary mortal. It is however, very lonely and dark. Things that Kaeira actually prefers most of the time. She is the darkness after all. Lately though, things have changed a bit and she finds herself no longing wishing to spend all her time alone or with the dead and gone. "I would like that very Fenris. Perhaps after some real rest here, my thoughts will become clearer and I will be of better use." Kaeira smiles again and her expression turns more hopeful. "It's very kind of you to offer."

Fenris stands and offers her a hand up. "Come then. We can get you some dinner later but right now…" He thinks rest is probably the best possible thing for her. Whatever form it takes, be it sleep or meditation or just simple relaxation. The god-wolf opens a Way, not at all shy about doing so and invites Kaeira through.

Taking his hand, her smile growing, Kaeira rises gracefully and steps through. She doesn't even notice the stares, or that despite the strange and likely frightening exit, several people are gazing jealously at the God-Wolf leaving with such a beautiful creature at his side.

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