August 24, 2015:

Sundog is brought before Professor X to gauge his suitability.

The Xavier Institute


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Professor X has a busy schedule between managing the Institute, managing some of the X-Men and managing the various financial aspects of both. He's also got, of course, a lot of news to keep up on and is constantly on the look out for mutants in need of help.

And mutants who can provide that help. X-Red has been a prime recruiting ground lately for this there's a few that might be ready to know just a little bit more about the more clandestine aspects of the organization. Of course revealing these kinds of things to just anyone won't do. One has to be sure they can be trusted. Which is where today's appointment comes in.

The blad, wheelchair bound man is sitting behind a large mahogany desk in his office. Miss Meyers and Mister Starr should be up shortly, he expects.

Making her way to Professor X's office, Aaron beside her, Brin looks up to her new team mate. "This is just routine, nothing to worry about. Professor Xavier is really nice." even if he appears stern sometimes.

Knowing that Charles will be aware they are near, she pauses at the door and knocks. "Professor Xavier? It's Brinley Meyers, from X-Red, and I've bought Aaron Starr one of our new recruits."

+MEET: Brinley Myers has arrived via +meet.

Jemma Simmons heads to the Quiet Room.

"Don't worry, Mana, I've got this in the bag." It was just routine, right? The building reminded him of the times when he had to meet with some of the executives from the record companies… but unlike those times, he didn't need to worry about being fleeced.


Aaron pauses at the door next to Brinley and waits for the go ahead. He takes a moment to make sure his white blazer is straight. White blazer, shirt and pants- yes, he looks like he should be auditioning for the set of Miami Vice, twenty-plus years too late. He sometimes liked screwing with the paparazzi who liked to use him as some sort of fashion trend-setter. and occasionally wore horrible things to see if they would catch on.

Those ugly Ugg boots? Yeah. He's to blame.

The Professor looks up with a small smile as Brinley announces them. "Come in, both of you." There's a small shuffling of paper as he finds Aarons' file from the X-Red systems, forwarded by the team earlier. "Hello Mana, Sundog. Please, make yourselves comfortable." He's rather unassuming. He doesn't have 'presence' like a lot of exects Aaron will have dealt with. What he does have, more than any of them, is confidence. Here is a man who is the absolute master of his corner of the world, or at least those aspects of it he chooses to involve himself in. "X-Men Red speak very highly of you, Mister Starr. I'm Professor Charles Xavier. A pleasure to finally meet you. Have you been told why you're here?" That last with a glance to Brinley.

With a small smile to Aaron, Brin moves to the side as they enter the room, this is Aarons show, she's just there as escort.

The small brunette is in her X-Red uniform - the one she uses when meeting clients and the like - very conservative and functional. "Professor Xavier." She speaks quietly like she normally does, unassuming "It's good to see you again. And yes, I've explained to Sundog why he's here."

Sundog nods as Brinley answers for him. "She has, Professor. It's an honor that you wished to see me," see? He can play nice and be a good boy. This only means he'll probably have to add a little extra cockiness in the evening to make up for the lost dose, though.

"Excellent. That always makes things smoother. Well then… this won't hurt." The Professor focuses on Aaron and begins to look through his memories, his personality. Nothing horribly invasive but he is looking for red flags that Aaron may not be trustworthy with the secrets that he's about to impart. Secret allegences or simply extreme tendencies toward selfishness. Once told of the other teams, the trust for keeping those secrets is sacred and the lives of others depend upon it. It likely feels… odd.

Brin watches as Aaron responds to the Professor. She's picking up on his emotion - remember, she's empath. If any of that cockiness rebounds on her tonight, Aaron might need to watch out.

As the Professor starts, Brins reminded that she's been here, done this… just not for these purposes. They had to stitch her mind back together after The Incident. Standing quietly, to the side, hands folded infront of her, she stills her own mind, using the exercises she learned back then - she's been using them a lot since Jean mindblasted her.

Aaron blinks a couple of times. It does feel… odd. "…whoa…" A low mutter.

There's anxiety coming from Aaron. A good amount of it happens naturally, anyone who likes their secrets kept will oten feel defensive upon being laid bare. Selfishness? It's there, alright, the staple of every celebrity. There is a marked difference between regular selfishness and nihilistic, self-absorbed entitlement. Aaron has been to the edge of that- for many years his life was a downward spiral that would culminate in a cautionary tale flashed across television sets. A lust for eintertainment and heightened sensations brought about by a certain internal emptiness, a numbness that seemed contradictory with the fact that he was idolized by staggering numbers.

Ah, there it is. The thing that changed everything. The thing that stopped the downward spiral was absolute terror… of himself, of his powers. He feared them as much as he appeared to revel in them. The realization that a moment's carelessness could kill people, and that he had that power. That's what drove the career change- that's the why of the tights. He was running towards his powers because he knew that if he ran away from them, he would end up causing something terrible at the end. He had to learn, he had to control before he was controlled. And, funny enough, as he started doing what he was doing, he felt more satisfaction and fulfillment than he had in a long time. Maybe ever.

Aaron Starr wasn't a bad apple, at heart. But he was a decidedly confused grapefruit.

"… Do I know Kung Fu yet?" he says. A joke. A defense mechanism.

"That's the advanced mine reading course. One step at a time." The return joke is gentle and easy. And apparently the Professor has seen the Matrix. It doesn't last long either. Once Charles is satisfied, he disengages from Aaron and lets his secrets be. He's on the edge, but that's a quality he shares with many of the X-Men at one time or another.

"He passes, Brinley." It's validation as much as permission. "Aaron, what I saw in there will remain between you and I, but know that I think you can be trusted to know a bit more about us. Brinley, if you would?"

Aarons and then Charles words bring Brin out of her reverie. A few minutes solace for the brunette mutant. "Thank you, Professor and … " This normally isn't her task… "of course."

Turning to Aaron, Brin smiles a little "Welcome to X-Red… and the X-Men. We've a few more resources accessible to us, than those we've shown you for X-Red. These are a well guarded secret, and the main reason why we took these precautions." In a few sentences, Brin outlines the setup, the connection to the school, the resources… Aaron will be picking up how serious she is about this, and just what passing Charles exam really means.

Aaron spends a couple of seconds after the debrief staring ahead, brain latching on to the exposition. Finally he lets a slow breath out as his brow furrows, "I had no idea it was… so big." He rubs the back of his neck and he quickly wonders if he's doing the right thing. What if he screws up? It's not the kind of thing you can just say 'sorry' and conduct interviews in a contrite manner. All of this had serious repercussions. "… you're sure I pass?"

A second opinion never hurts, right?

"I'm sure, yes." The Professor smiles faintly. "But if you wish a second opinion, why not ask Brinley. After all, she'll be working with you closely." She'll be placing her life in your hands, is the subtext not spoken. The Professor knows of his fears, how could he not? "We have many people working with and for us, all of whom wish eventually to live in peace with the greater part of humanity. But there are… different approaches. You are in one of the more open, and it is vital that you remember your friends in the shadows desire just as you do. To live without fear." Of yourself, of others. Fear is fear.

That Aaron didn't know, meant that the X-Red team was doing it's job. Brin listens carefully as Charles allays Aarons fears and nods slowly. "You wouldn't have got this far, if we didn't believe in you." That's all there is to it for the small brunette.

"If that's all, Professor?" Brin's making to to depart. Afterall, Charles has a lot on his plate - and possibly more than usual at the moment.

Aaron stays silent for several moments before nodding, "Thank you, Professor…" he needn't ask about the fear comment- the pop star doesn't doubt that Xavier saw what he needed to see… but Aaron wished there had been a way to tidy up the place a bit. There is no such thing as being prepared for a telepathic glance, after all. He stands up as Brinley does, not wishing to take up more of the professor's time…

And, secretly, not wanting to stay too long lest he think something terribly irreverent, as he is wont to do, just because he can.

"That is all. Welcome to the team Aaron. Brinley. Please see that Sundog's access privilages are updated accordingly." And with that the Professor returns to his work, the interview apparently over. Except for…

You will do just fine Sundog. I think you've finally found the place where you belong.

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