Mafia Madness

June 03, 2015:

Lunair gets bored on a stakeout of some mafia. Other heroes are slightly more heroic.


Collgate Heights, likely at night. It's Gotham. I'm pretty sure Batman has dramatic fog set up on purpose. Maybe he has a degree in Theatre.


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Collgate heights is Gotham's own Little Italy, and it's full of as much Mob activity as you might expect in a city like Gotham.. which is to say an awful lot. It all seems business as usual this evening, at least from the street level.. but overlooking an otherwise unassuming cafe.. Pepo's Cafe and Eaterry, to be specific is Huntress. She's on a rooftop, with a disposable cup of mocha from one of the local chains, as well as a box of zeppole's sitting beside her as she sits, looking a bit bored, with a pair of hightech eyewhere up to her eyes, a pair of binoculars, or nightvision glasses, or something of both.. rumor is a mid-level meeting of one of the local Gotham crews is going to happen at Pepo's.

The Question heard the same rumors as Huntress and, as such, takes a similar action, although he's less of a rooftop dweller than your average vigilante. While he's a more competent fighter, he doesn't have the circus acrobat training that tends to go along in the spandex crowd. Which is why the faceless man dwells in the shadows of a nearby alley, his hands thrust in his pockets, hat turned low as he waits to see if anything in particular develops.

The Mafia always interest him, as they like to lie along that line between legitimate and illegitimate - a hundred years ago, they'd have been almost seen as respectable businessmen, deeply involved in local politics, the grease of corruption keeping the trains running on time and the streets free of litter. And, in Gotham, unlike most of the world, that remains more true than untrue. The people in there, despicable as they are, most likely have friends with deep pockets and lawyers who earn their fees. Putting them in jail might be difficult.

Which won't make socking them in the jaw any less satisfying, given the opportunity.

Lunair doesn't really 'get' Gotham. There's this weird, murderous kid with a katana who gets mad when other people kill and this dude who is REALLY into bat cosplay, a lot of dramatic fog and even the pigeons have mafiosos. It's all a bit baffling. But picking off mobsters is good money, reasonable practice and generally considered community service. So that's why she's on a rooftop beneath a black blanket with a sniper rifle that looks big enough to give Liefield pause. Hopefully no guys in tights walk in front of her because scoping someone's butt always feels tres awkward.

The Titans tend to work all over the tri-city area. It helps when three of its members can be anywhere they want to, with a wiggle of the nose*.

It also helps that they have contacts with the most impressive information broker this side of Delphi, and the Word On The Street became the Word Of The Oracle, and then Word To The Titans. Vorpal lived in Gotham for a while, and Misfit is at ease there as well, so it is not surprising that the two took interest in this rumored meeting.

There's no sight of Vorpal anywhere, though. This does not really mean much- since the cheshire cat can choose to look like whatever he wants to. For example, he could choose to look like the rather tall and dignified matron sitting at one of the tables who might or might not be there with a grand-daughter. That's the thing about cheshire cats- they can be a bit tricky.

The matron in question does not have cat ears. That anyone can see. But if people could see the cat ears, they'd see them twitching this way and that, listening intently.

*Note: They don't actually wiggle their noses.

There is a teenage young woman's voice from behind Huntress there. "So, what are you going to be doing to the Mobsters anyhow?" yeah Charlie isn't really familiar with Huntress. Still she is behind her out of immediate punching range asking her a curious question while her partner in crime of the evening is down scouting in disguise.

Hopefully said Vorpal isn't disguised as a Zeppole, because Huntress reaches into the box and pops one into her mouth, munching on it a little as she continues her observation from on high. She probably doesn't notice the others also staking out the same building as her, thanks to angles of view, super powers, and blankets. But one shouldn't underestimate the observational powers of a Wayne girl! Which is maybe why she doesn't jump at the sound of Misfit behind her, "I wanna talk with one of 'em. Find bigger fish to fry." She replies, turning her head a bit to look towards Charlie, Her head turns back quickly as the first of no doubt many towncars arrives outfront of the Cafe, and a fellow wearing a Member's Only jacket steps out the front passenger side and moves around to open the rear door, and out steps a portly looking man, with slicked back hair and sausage fingers, "Jimmy Chorizo.. Racketeering.. Not the one I'm looking for." Huntress murmurs from her perch. The Car moves off down the street a bit as Jimmy Chorizo starts towards the front door. She reaches to push the Zeppole box back towards Misfit, a peace offering?

The Question slips back around to the back of the restaurant, momentarily startling a busboy before he grips the young man on the neck, giving him a few thoughts of Star Trek before the zen vigilante nerve pinches him into unconsciousness. Laying him down gently, Question moves more properly into the building itself, the labyrinthine rear of the building full of the kind of backrooms and private lounges that well-suit the mafioso crowd. A lady of the evening persuasion, waiting for her client to finish his bolognese out front, starts to make a flirtatious remark to Q, only to cover her mouth with her hand at the sight of his faceless countenance.

The Question puts as finger to his non-existent lips, "I don't want their attention. You don't want mine. Take the night off," he says in a low, even voice, getting a hesitant nod as he moves past her and deeper into the building itself.

MEANWHILE, beneath the world's best cover - who the hell snipes with a 50 calibre gun? Lunair, that's who because if you're gonna go overkill, you might as well go straight into hilariously ludicruous territory. And that's not even getting into the near dueling RPG match - better not admit to THAT one. Ahem.

Okay, she's starting to get kind of bored. While Lunair is pretty good at what she does, sometimes boredom torpedoes reason. 'Because this could be hilarious' is a perfectly good reason, right? There's a brief debate as to the most hilarious and potentially lethal punishment. There's a thoughtful look. Thinkthinkthinkthinking. The windows wheel is spinning. There's a thoughtful look. A real debate. Hmmhmhmhmhm. Okay, she rocket launchers the car once no one she knows or looks reasonably heroic is near it. "Why the hell did I do that?" Pause. A shrug beneath the black blanket, the sniper rifle and rocket launcher disappear. Time for the armored figure to make her way down and watch the ensuing chaos.

All things considered, it was a good cover. Baldina Benedetti Petrillo, a well-respected 'nonna' among the crime families in Little Italy- and someone who was not going to show up tonight, on account of having gone on an impulse trip to the Maldives, so Vorpal was sure his cover was safe.

However, when a car explodes and sends the restaurant into chaos, that cover is blown very quickly when Baldina stands up, table falling to the side, and says "What the fuck was that?" in a very, shall we say, masculine voice.

Well Charlie aka Misfit is obviously a bat associated sort. I mean she has bat armor, her own color scheme sort of reminiscent of the original batgirl, though flopping Bat ears at cute angles, Misfit angles. Also the symbol, is it a Bat or an M.. blended costuming. That though is totes a utility belt though. "Mmmm" she squints down at the box offering through her goggles and then reaches to accept one. "I like your costume though you should look into more armor coverage.. lot of exposed skin. So which fish are you out to fry?"" hers is way more armored. There is a pause for a beat there as she takes a bite of the offered food. "Hmmm … was blowing up the car part of the plan.. I mean… that is a bit lethal for Gotham and frowned on…"

"I got another one. But it gets so hot sometimes, and can get restrictive." Huntress says in response to the Misfit's comment on her costume, she's about to say something when a car explodes. "What the hell??" she exclaims, moving up onto her knees a bit, "I wanted Alfonso Fuzz. He runs prostitution, I wanted his ahh.. importer! But he hadn't showed up yet!" Sh looks a bit, "Shit." She exclaims, pulling out her crossbow and readying a bolt.

Meanwhile, the mobsters in the building itself jump in alarm, and a lot of 'Haaays! Ohhhs! And Whatsagoing on??' can be heard, or probably more vulgar less stereotyped statement, and out come guns and other assorted weapons.

The Question can't visibly wince, but he does duck a bit at the sudden explosion. He presumes it's a hit attempt or some sort of rival mob - these sorts of things happen, after all, when putting other people in the trunks of cars or slitting their throats is part of day to day business. Of course, some of the more cowardly members of the family starts to run out the back, even as their braver compatriots draw their guns and go out to investigate.

Question doesn't feel bad picking on the weak. They're rather asking for it. As the accountants and second cousins dash in the back hallway, they find themselves running headlong into a faceless tornado of kung fu, as Question's hands and feet lash out at them in turn, cracking skulls into walls, snapping knees, and then casually flinging them back over his head, making a pile of overdressed, overcologned bodies, all the while holding his grown and looking quite dapper in the process.

Or a very bored mutant whose powers happen to contain a lot of weapons. Lunair has no qualms about picking off mobsters, not really. It's decent money when she bothers to take that up, otherwise she thinks of it as alarmingly lethal community service. Some people plant trees, some people pick up trash and some people blow up mobsters. It's just how it works. Granted… Lunair is in dark blue armor with black trim and uses quiet propulsion of some sort to lower herself to the ground and stifle giggles at the ensuing chaos.

What to do next? What to do next… She's like a cat smacking her prey around before eventually finishing them off. Any mafia she can spot are summarily smothered by a large pile of spaghetti. That's right. Spaghetti cannon. And in the other hand? A nudity ray. It's about to get surreal. AND NAKED. And pasta-tastic because it really is good spaghetti.

While the Question deals with the ones going out the back, Vorpal simply lets himself be swept along in the throng until he finds a convenient spot to vanish and become invisible.

This was tricky. The meeting didn't happen, so there was no hard data to use- the bug he was planning to plant on the table will have to go unused. What now? Well, he couldn't exactly arrest people. While these were members of the Mafia, the fact that they're up and about and free means that they have the right contacts and have fiddled with enough witnesses and evidence to make themselves as teflon- nothing could be pinned to them, for now.

And that's where the more independent vigilantes feel glad about being solo operatives with secret identities, because the fists of fury working in the back don't need to worry about being sued for assault and battery, whereas the Titans…

Sometimes playing by the book sucked. This is what's in Vorpal's mind as he tries to think what to do next. Searching the premises for incriminating evidence would be pointless- this is a public place, and mobsters who manage to stay out of jail are the kind of mobsters who are not stupid enough to keep sensitive information inside the offices of easily-accessed public locales. They're usually hidden inside the right fake breast of an expensive Greek statue in their villas.

So Vorpal, instead, tries to figure out what exactly happened out front. The Cheshire remains invisible as he leaps through one of the broken windows…

Charlie taps her goggle's side a couple of times zooming in and then just stares. "The … what…" she wonders if Keith has gone totally off the deep end of chaos down there or what. "Okay… I have no idea what is going on down there…" stupified at the wierdness, which is saying something seriously. "No killing people." she calls after Huntress and then she leaps down disappearing in smoke and reappearing by Lunair "What the heck?!" she is ready to teleport to not be shot.

Huntress doesn't kill too many people… of course.. there was a big explosion. She sighs a bit and moves to follow down to street level, using a rope though to slide down the front of the building, "Try and get Chorizo! He might be able to give me a lead!" She shouts to the batgirl knockoff that was just up with her!

Gunshots go off, and Mobsters are beaten up.. of course there aren't a whole lot of them here thanks to the explosion, and towncars and stuff that were on their way are diverting, and general madness is erupting in Gotham's Little Italy.

The Question does a little something extra when he compiles a sufficient pile-up of underlings, wannabes and low-level thugs.

He picks their pockets.

Not of their cash or wallets, but of their cellphones. Little pockets of data, text messages, candid photos - fun little things that he throws into a bag (okay, it's actually a chef's hat that he plucked off of one's head as he fled), little shiny computers full of intelligence gathering that he can casually dump off with Oracle for deciphering, decoding and general evidence sorting. She's good at that sort of thing, and it saves him the fact that his computer savvy doesn't extend much beyond knowing how to access Tinder on a slow night.

Meanwhile, outside, chaos continues to ensue, his little pocket of order growing smaller as the others do their thing.

Lunair's not killing people. She's covering them in pasta and some are nude AND covered in pasta. Okay, so maybe not killing people YET. She jerks, startled by the appearance of someone beside her. "Hi! Should I have used the Twerker instead?" Nothing says evening quite like batting around prey before finishing it off. "Sorry, sorry. My stakeout starting getting a bit boring… I'll go home now and let the cops round up the spaghetti covered mobsters." No killing, see? Good girl! "Nice to meet you and good luck! Or I can help if you needed someone nabbed." Otherwise? Lunair will cheerfully depart, leaving chaos in her wake.

Charlie thought she was unbridled Chaos. What the hell and who is Lunair. She just stares at her through her goggles. "Twerker…" she trails off there and then looks around "um well.. we are looking for a guy who got out of the car you blew up.. named Chorizo… we need to try to get up the mobster chain…" she wings a batarang at a monster still armed and not covered in pasta.

"What that.." Huntress exclaims as she sees her first naked.. spaghetti'd person, "Happened.." This certainly isn't something her upbringing has trained her for. She dashes forward to come up nearby where Lunair and Charlie converse, and she shoots a blunted crossbow bolt right into the temple of one of the mobsters, sending him sprawling, and unconscious, "I was trying to catch Big Alfonso Fuzz, so I can bust up a Prostitution ring, but I guess someone tried to hit Chorizo! I'm hoping he can give me a lead at least!" She exclaims, "He's gotta be inside somewhere." and she starts in towards the door.. where The Question is. Most of the mobsters have probably been handled, but there may have been some holdouts who fled a bit deeper in!

The Question steps out of the back just as Huntress arrives, straightening out his hat and putting it properly back upon his head. He has his makeshift sack o' phones slung over his shoulder, like a kid about to runaway from home, except he's wearing a much snazzier suit. And he's taller. And doesn't have a face. But exactly the same otherwise.

He steps over an unconscious mobster, "Chorizo, did you say? Think that's him there?" he says, pointing his shoe at unconscious man on the floor, "I'm afraid he took the brunt of a guido stampede. Looks like he's breathing, though." he says.

"Good to see you, Huntress. But, then, you do make a point of making the view pleasant, don't you?"

Lunair is working on a new codename. Getting mistaken for Arsenal all the time is awkward.

Lunair is working on a new codename. Getting mistaken for Arsenal all the time is awkward. It really is. She pauses. "I think he was inside," She offers. "I was after another dude for human trafficking. He was a no show, though," She admits. "Maybe the Russians got him," Sigh. "Oh well. Um." A wince as a dude gets bataranged. "I'd better go check on the corner where the Russians hang out just to be safe. The Russian mafia anyway, stereotyping is cruel and useless." Pause. "Good luck. I didn't see your dude come out if that helps," She offers. And she will power armor fly away. Whoosh!

Charlie looks after Huntress and then pivots to look after Lunair. This has been a very strange evening so far all said. She steps over to snag her batarang and kick some guns away from people. "Man… I need to catch up to Vorps and talk to Oracle about this level of insanity… this is extreme."

"Jeeze.." Huntress says as she looks over the room, "They probabl won't meet up again for weeks.." She sighs, then looks up at Q, "Hey, The Question.. my ahh.. friend?" she says, thumbing at Misfit, "Says I should cover up more." A little shrug as she goes over to check Chorizo, "I don't think I can get him out of here before the cops come." The mention of Oracle has her huh a bit, "She's got her fingers everywhere, doesn't she.."

The Question shrugs his shoulders slightly, "The young lady's welcome to her opinion," he says. "I dunno, it's Gotham. The cops here aren't exactly fast. That's why the Bat population here just keeps growing and growing," he says.

"The Oracle does like playing puppeteer from far away, doesn't she? Even when she doesn't tug, somehow we all end up dancing along the same strings. Makes you wonder if she's the one doing the pulling…or just another puppet herself? And, if she is, who's Gepetto? Batman? The government? Tony Stark? Hard to say. But it'll be interesting finding out. It always is…"

"Be seeing you," he says, wandering out the door, his sack of phones over his shoulder, starting to slowly whistle, the tune recognizable to Disney afficionados.

I got no strings to hold me down, to make me smile, to make me frown…

Misfit looks back when Huntress talks. "Maybe drag him out back and onto a rooftop… that seems to work great for interrogations.. can dangle him off by a rope and scare him and all…" she looks after Question "Hmm I don't like the line of that statement…" she shakes her head and looks to Huntress "Good luck." she notes and then vanishes in a slash of smoke.. >pinkpurple> and is gone.

Lunair is likely already power armor flying away. Thankfully, she didn't pick anyone off tonight. But spaghetti? Really?

"I doubt anyone could pull.." A pause, "Batman's strings." Huntress says, looking a bit exasperated as everyone flees the ruins of her stakeout, and she just gives Jimmy Chorizo a /really/ hard kick in the side to take out her frustration, before she leaves too, out the back of course.

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