God of Xbox

August 03, 2015:

Lunair learns that Alexander plays xbox. The gods must be crazy.

Dimensional doodad?

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Fade In…

Some of the denizens of Deathstroke's ultra-dimensional stronghold tend to late hours. They often spend them on self-improvement, training, exercising, studying tactics and dossiers. Yet it's no such effort that has one of the team members up this night. The hour is definitely an unfriendly one, just a bit of time before 'sunrise' or whatever time the clock says that Slade deems it time to begin the day. But at this time the young Olympian is there in the training facility's rec room, slouched on a post-modern steel and leather couch with a flat screen display in front of him.
An X-Box controller is held loosely in his hand as he lounges to the side, one booted foot propped up on the sofa as he holds a can of soda in the other hand. He takes a few sips now and then, occasionally making a little yellow and black clad ninja do flips and kicks on the video screen. Often times those kicks connect with other little fighters on the monitor, sending them rocking back with flashes of immense amounts of blood and occasional video flashes of broken bones.

Lunair sometimes keeps odd hours. Or sometimes she might be curious about what's going on in this odd ultra dimensional doohicky. It's a bit weird not being able to just wander outside. But she has been working pretty hard. She didn't get to play many video games early on, likely due to the whole practically dying or being in a lab thing. Not that she's unwilling to catch up. But sometimes nightmares creep in, and it's hard to want to sleep.

So here she is. Going to explore a bit and then there's… Phobos. Playing Xbox. "… are you winning?" She asks.

"Of course," Alexander's voice is a deadpan rumble, cut off by another sip of soda as he lounges there on the couch. His little ninja does a flip, extends an arm and shouts, 'C'mere!' as it apparently spears some poor defenseless old man in a kimono and pulls him forward with a yank. Of course an uppercut follows that and then the fight continues.
Glancing over his shoulder, it's semi-impressive that he's able to keep up with the fight without really looking at it, or even using both hands. "What are you doing up?" He asks, then those faintly glowing red eyes shift back towards the video screen.

Lunair tilts her head. And then a blink. "I - uuuh…" Think. "… had to …" Think. "Water my plants?" Well, it was worth a shot. "What are you playing? And you're up at an odd hour, but then this is that not really needing sleep thing, huh?" She watches the game a moment. She stays where she is, amused by the soda drinking, video gaming deity. Maybe divinity isn't so far removed?

"Killer Mortals 9." Alexander maintains his posture, barely moving as he's apparently got a good sedenatary potato stance going on. He's still playing, has apparnetly reached a bonus round where his little yellow ninja guy has to beat up a car for some reason. The young deity just presses one button over and over and it causes the car to suffer irreperable damage until it comes up with, 'Congraturations!' on the screen.
Looking sidelong, Alexander replies, "Well it's sometimes nice to sleep, but I figure with the various surprises that Slade has been attempting I was just staying up to get a sort of jump on them. If anything came of it." He seems to ignore her lie about the plants, since that's fairly fine with him.

Lunair ohs softly. She looks quietly amused by it all. The game, the state of potato, all of it. "Neat. And oh. That wouldn't surprise me," She shakes her head. "That makes it hard to sleep but being tired makes it easy." And the nightmares do their own thing. So there's that. She moves to sit nearby.

"Is this hard to play?" He's got skillz. That's one way to put it. Lunair isn't acting stupid - she's just bad at socializing. She is watching curiously.

"Not really," Alexander turns back to look at the screen and hits the pause button, freezing his ninja in mid flying kick. The screen holds there and he casually hands the controller to her, "Feel free to reset it and pick whomever you want. The capoeira guy you can just hit any series of buttons and he does ten hit combos. Go crazy."
With that he straightens up a bit in his seat, sliding his boot down off the couch in case she should wish to sit down herself. He clambers to his feet slowly, "Want something to drink?" He asks as he moves towards the refrigerator for something for himself.

"Oh." Lunair smiles. "Okay, I'll try it. What's your favorite kind of game? I usually play RPGs." Pause. "That is such a stereotype," She seems crestfallen for a moment, looking sheepish. She will sit nearby but give him plenty of room. "Do we have any juice?" She is alarmingly childlike in some ways. "I guess soda's alright. If I'm up, I may as well stay up, yes?"

Awake keeps the nightmares and terrible fears away. "And what do you like to be called, anyway?" 5 dollars on Phoboss. She chooses the capoeira guy. He sounds like a cool party dude.

"Alex is fine," Alexander comes back with a bottle of orange juice and a caffeinated beverage for himself. He tosses the former to her and drops back down onto the couch with the later. Propping one foot up on a nearby ottoman, he slouches fully into the sofa seat and folds his arms over his chest. "I play whatever is twitchiest, reflexes and all that. Keeps me occupied." He looks across the way at the screen as she makes her selection and starts on the first stage.

"Thanks!" She catches the juice. "Alex it is then." Lunair nods. "Nice to meet you when something probably isn't trying to kill me." And she's not massively strained out. She carefully opens the bottle while it loads. She listens. She's actually an active listener, inclining her head. "Oh, I see. I guess you enjoy smashing people on xbox live then," There's alternately wry and impressed tones. She respects talent where it is due.

"I like games that make me think. I don't know why I learn things well sometimes." But she does. What she seems to lack in twitch (though, she is pretty quick by teenage human girl standards - thanks gunslinging and extra gunslinging with a time traveling uncle), she makes up for in learning speed. Though, it probably is funny. "Hmm. Okay, that's a kick and now that looks like break dancing and…" And yes, she talks to herself when concentrating on a game, eyebrows furrowed. And that kicks a guy across the screen.

A smile wry smile touches Alexander's lips as he looks to the screen, "I used to, was a thing I did. Now I barely play. Lots of more interesting things to do with my time… usually." He smiles sidelong at her but then looks back at the fight she's embarked upon.
"Just hit a bunch of buttons, you can learn the moves later. The guy just flails around and somehow you end up killing the guy. If you choose him online everyone gives you grief."

Lunair has a hard time reading people, but now and then, she picks up on things or really knocks it out of the park. She lets a smile linger at his smile. Why not? "I see. I can understand that," She nods. "I tried to live a normal, boring life but combat always found me. So that's out the window. Hey! That was rude, you get a kick in the face." As some enemy gets too close and lands an attack. She was talking!

"Oh. I see. That feels kind of… I dunno. I know I am a beginner, but …" Hmmm. "Oh well. Challenge later." Fun now! Lunair has priorities. And she is managing to get the character to kermit everyone to death. Flailflailflail. "To be fair, though, a lot of people find reasons to give one another grief online. I bet strife must love that sometimes." It is an observation and an amusement. She is easy going, probably the sort to send many a rival gamer into a fit of apoplexy. But this is fun and she is getting to talk to Alex.

"This must be really easy and hard at the same time for you," Lunair considers.

"What do you mean?" He asks easily enough, still enjoying his soda and settling in deep into a true potato of couchness stance. It's pretty impressive how still he's able to be without fidgeting nor shuffling. He just watches her play as he replies, "What is hard and easy for me?"

Lunair sips her orange juice. She replies, "This whole pocket dimension of face stabbing and stuff." Siiiiip. Kickkickpunch! Go Kermit Fighter GO! "Um. Did you want to play this again soon? I feel bad hijacking the game and making you watch," She smiles.

"No, feel free, go crazy." Alexander remains where he is, taking a few swallows of soda now and again. He shakes his head somewhat, "The pocket dimension doesn't bother me much. I've been to a lot of them. If I put my mind to it I might even be able to get us back with the help of my sword, but for now I'm fine being here. I kind of enjoy Slade in some ways. I like that he projects this surety of self. I'm still trying to figure out if it's confidence or self-deception."
There's a pause as he sips again, then he adds, "Practically there's no difference."

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