An Abbey In France

August 22, 2015:

Following Abnegazars lead, a Primal Force team head to France (along with a talking voodoo doll)



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Zee has uncovered some information that Darque's sister was recently at a monastery in France. And has the location. Simply going there alone though isn't horribly well advised. Or likely to end well. So, Fenris has put a call out for other members of Primal Force to meet him at Central Park before they all make their way over. Could be nothing, but there could be problems there.

Zee's already there, waiting with Fenris. Hair considerably shorter than usual… a reminder of her run in with Poison Ivy during the last week.

Leaning against a tree, the teen mages eyes are closed as she speaks quietly to Fenris "Whoever it was, Fenris, they supercharged me… I … didn't like it." She's referring to the incident yesterday, where Doom 'shared' his power with her, against her will.

Jes is absolutely thrilled to be doing something. Her mate has been away on business and except for a brief adventure in New York's harbor, she's been bored and lonely. She's dressed simply in black sneakers and socks, matching tube top and blue and black flannel vest. She's found a pair of jean shorts that for the moment at least fit. A closer look might reveal an odd bulge at the small of her back. Jes bounds forward at a brisk pace through the park, the slightly feral grin on her face encouraging people to move out of her way as she approaches.

Melinda May arrives at the closest ley line and walks the rest of the way. She can track Jesana's progress by the people around the feral young woman, but doesn't comment aloud as she stops by Fenris and Zatanna. The new hairdo doesn't get so much as a glance. Remember, May's worked with Romanoff.

Fenris chuckles at Jes' antics. Hey, it's not often one gets to witness a new godling coming into her own. He gives Coyote's child a short bow as she arrives and then glances to the other two. "I don't blame you, Zee, such power often comes at a cost. Something that's well to remember when dealing with the supernatural crowd." He takes a deep breath. "Alright, hello you two. I'll let Zee bring you up to speed before we head over to France."

"Hello Jes, Agent May." Zee opens her eyes and pushes off the tree, giving Fenris a small nod for his comment. She'd not used the power but the fact it had been forced on her, weighs on her mind.

Folding her arms, Zee explains "I've been working with Fenris to locate Darque, which is nearly impossible…because we don't know much about him. About three weeks ago, Black Adam asked me to meet him." Asked, a nice way to put it. "He'd discovered that Darque has a twin sister who he's bound his soul to. I've been trying to locate her and the other night, Fenris and I got a lead." Glancing to Fenris and then back again "She was last scene very recently, like days ago, at an Abbey in France. We're going to go and see if we can find her. If we do…. we'll have a link to Darque himself."

Jes blushes slightly at Fenris's bow and grins at Zee before nodding respectfully at May and making a visible effort to rein in her enthusasium. A light furrow takes over her brow as she looks Zee over. A warning about the supernatural? Hm. The coyotes eyes (both brown now) narrow at the mention of Darque. "Are you sure he bound his soul to her, or is it just, how they are? Some twins share the same soul. At I was taught. My brothers did. I'm sure of it. I guess it doesn't really matter." Jes shrugs. "The result is the same." Jes blinks and looks thoughtful. "What if we do find her? She'll need to be taken somewhere safe where Darque can't go, right?"

Melinda May nods to Zee's explanation, then looks at Jesana. "Actually, it's likely best we disrupt her daily routine as little as possible. If their souls are linked, Darque might be able to tell if we move her from where she is now." And they are NOT ready for that.

"If their souls were linked I think he'd be able to find her." Fenris opines as he stands up and opens a Way to France. "And I'm given to understand that he can't. First things first though. We don't know where she is, only where she was. So. Everyone though." Beat. "May why am I picking up another presence from you?"

From inside of May's jacket, there comes the sound of something… snorting. It's immediately followed by a voice, high pitched and carrying, of all things, a Central African accent. "Dis guy serious? Anodah presence? What kind of company you keep, May?"

Jes frowns more, thinking about what May and Fenris have said. It's possible someone is hiding the girl. Blocking the connection. If that's the case then it might be okay to move her. Jes's eyes widen and she turns and blinks at May. What…that voice. It almost sounds familiar. She can't quite place it though. Not without a scent. Since no one looks alarmed yet, she resettles herself although still looking askance at May.

Zee tenses at that voice and looks to May with a crestfallen look. "You bought him along?" beat "Just be quiet, Shift." he'll recognise Zee's voice in a trice.

"The sister has been hidden from Darque. It took an awful lot of work just to find where she was… We're not looking to disrupt that protection." Zee steps into the Way that Fenris has opened, gesturing for Jes to follow close behind.

Melinda May shushes mini-Shift and taps at her jacket gently up near one collarbone. "We're entering dangerous territory, Odame." She steps toward the Way, one hand already behind her back and prepared to pull a weapon at a moment's notice.

"Oh. You." Fenris sighs and then does something incredibly nerdy and… perhaps slightly impressive. "I sense something. A presence I've not felt since…" And all of that in James Earl Jones voice.

What, he liked those movies. They were like sagas.

At any rate the God-Wolf ushers everyone through to an abby…

That isn't what Zee saw. It's the same abby all right but it's been burnt to the ground in the last few hours. The embers are still flickering and the stones are still hot. "Well… that's not good. On your guard, everyone."

"You be quiet, fishnets." The voice seems derisive and rude, potentially about to make another snarky remark, when the shushing does its job. "Could have asked me to come along, May," the little voice croaks. "I'm so bored, pay-per-view porn is quickly becoming an option."

Jes gives Fenris a startled look and thin grins. Oh that is so awesome. Will anyone believe her if she tells them about it? Her grin fades and she stiffens, her hand moving to the small of her back in a gesture similar to May's. She still doesn't recognize Shift. The one time she'd met him had been in battle and names weren't exchanged. She only remembers the voice because of the accent and the fact she'd been impressed and amused by his cursing abilities. The coyote woman's eyes narrow and her nostrils flare as she scents the air.

Zee just blinks at Fenris and shakes her head. Wonders will never cease to amaze her. Then again, she /did/ make a voodoo doll so well, that it's bound person can interact through it. (Totally not what she intended!)

Zee snorts at Shifts comment "Is that the best you got, Shift?" yes, she's baiting him. Maybe she'll save SHIELD some pay-per-view expenses.

Exiting the Way, Zee's shoulders slump "We should have gone straight away, Fenris…. " she speaks in a slightly defeated tone, even as her eyes start glowing - being on your guard for Zee, means have your power ready "Jes… please be careful."

"I'm not letting Darque anywhere near you again, Odame. Deal." May does gently pull the stick-and-wool doll from her inside pocket and after a moment of finagling has the small figure hanging from her Pendulum's chain and almost looking like the small dragon charm there is supporting mini-Shift. Now, at least, he can see what's going on.

And then she pulls her butterfly swords in one hand and her ICER pistol in the other. The latter is offered to Jesana.

Fenris has a sword out. This place isn't that large, especially with the walls removed. He starts to sniff. "No scent of burnt flesh. Means the place was burnt empty… which could be to throw us off the scent. Fire cleanses away a lot of magical traces. So does water. I suppose this was easier than flodding the place. Question is… who did it? Darque's sister's allies? Or Darque hismelf to prevent us from finding her before he does…" He glances around. "Fan out, look for anything that might provide a clue."

Zee's baiting works. "Sugah, dere's no chance in hell you could handah my best." Restraint isn't his strongest suit right now, but the re-introduction of his self-respect has Shift, fortunately, biting his tongue.

"Guess you don't want him to end up a smeah on de pavement," the voodoo doll quips toward May. He's got absolutely no love for Darque; in fact, he's become quite intent on being a part of the necromancer's downfall. Being able to 'see' what's happening, though, is appreciated.

The little doll's silver eyes stare lifelessly ahead, but it's mouth curls into a smirk.

Jesana nods at Zee. Careful and the coyote are usually passing aquaintances at best but now that she's carrying her pup, she's grown more careful than she'd ever thought possible. It's been an interesting and often maddening change. She shakes her head no in response to May's offer and pulls her own gun from the small of her back, beneath her flannel vest. A little subcompact beretta.

She doesn't play when she fights and someone willing to burn down a freaking abbey.. Jes has no problem shooting them with actual bullets. In fact, she'd find it rather satisfying. Her mouth drops open and her nostrils flare again as she realizes its the doll that is speaking. Her eyes flick to Zee. That's…different. She's curious but now isn't the time for questions. Instead Jes half shuts her eyes in concentration and begins slowly walking off to the side. Her nose isn't as good in human form but its still a damn sight better than a regular persons. She's also a skilled tracker and her eyes move meticuleslly over the area, one small piece at a time.

"You shouldn't judge, Shift." Zee murmurs already distracted by the tableau in front of them. Moving to one side, Zee makes sure to stay in view of the group and picks her way through the ruins, using the toe of her boots to move things carefully, looking for any clue possible.

"Fenris, can we recreate what happened here?" She could do the spell… but whether she should or not… she's still edgy about yesterdays encounter with Doom.

Melinda May pauses briefly as she calls in to the local SHIELD office, asking for any available security camera footage. Then she starts to move through as well, fully expecting Odame to speak up if he sees anything. Extra pair of eyes CAN be useful. SHe's going for the more mundane angle, trying to determine what sort of accelerant was used.

Kerosene is the answer. May finds a canister of it not too far from the walls. As arson goes, it's a pretty bad job of it. Might be prints. Might not. Fenris nods to Zee. "Cast it."

Once she does the scene becomes confused. It's quite clear that it's a bunch of women who are dousing everything to burn. And they seem in a great state of agitation, as if in a hurry to leave. Considering that they'd vacated this location over a week ago, that's curious. Jes can pick up the scent of several of them. And then their car. They drove north and east, toward the german border. Possible Zee can use that information and the cannister to figure out where they went.

"Remind me when I give a fuck," the voodoo doll answers Zee. Beyond the rude remark, there is something meaningful there. Shift is aware that he's missing quite a few of his marbles, and while it's a challenge to comprehend it all, he at least understands that, if he doesn't give a damn, there may be a chance that he should.

Through the eyes of the voodoo doll, Shift is in fact looking. Elsewhere, in a Philadelphia-based SHIELD safe house, Kwabena Odame is perched upon a table, peering off into space. If this Master Darque managed to play havok with his shattered soul, perhaps something similar to what's been done with his sister might be noticed.

When the scene unfolds, the voodoo doll hisses quietly. "What a bullshit chop job," it quips. "Amateur work. Something had den spooked."

Jes doesn't know what is going on with shift but the doll's rudeness to Zee is starting annoy the coyote woman. She eyes the doll for a moment after watching the scene. "As far as I can tell they were human's been a week, that place is all burned and now there's magic. If I change, I might be able to tell more." Ordinarily she'dve already done so but she was told that for the time being she shouldn't unless it's necesarry. Her eyes move to the doll again. "Does he feel anything through that doll…or just see?" The speculative look on Jes's face might be a little bit more than slightly malicious since she's thinking it might be worth it to go coyote and "mark her territory" if May happens to sit him down somewhere.

Zee nods to Shift-doll, without even realising and ignoring its rudeness, eyes still glowing as she holds her power. "They left before I summonsed that demon… they had to be spooked… when did he say he had seen her, Fenris?" Zee thinks hard before answering her own question "Two days before I called him… About the same time they were leaving." Zee wonders if she should summons the creature again, if only to kick him … but she could have asked better questions too.

"May I have that cannister, Agent May?" Zee marks a circle on the ground around her, preparing to cast a divination - not her strong suite, but something she can definitely do.

If May hands the cannister over, Zee will place herself inside the activated circle, and murmurs the words of a spell… this should show the group where they went, and the activated circle should protect the others from any malicious forces that come into play.

Melinda May hands the cannister over to Zee while answering Shift. "Agreed." Jesana's question about the doll earns her a disapproving glance. She watches the spell's results and nods seemingly to herself. "I can call in ground transport if you feel it's needed."

"Probably best at the moment. We'll follow their trail and see if anything pops up. If we teleport, we might miss something important." Fenris glances over at Shift-doll. When the other things aren't quite so pressing, he's going to be asking about this one. What on earth have they done? "When Zee's done, we'll move out."

"Don't get any funny ideas," the doll warns Jesana. Because yes… it hasn't yet been proven, but pricked, the real Kwabena will bleed.

Jes just kind of smiles at May. She respects the shield agent and is still a bit in awe of her abilities but since learning just who and what she herself is, Jes isn't really cowed by people bigger or badder than herself. She eyes the doll and grins toothily. "Does it count if I think its funny but you don't?" Jes asks as she moves slowly forward, searching the ground carefully. The flippant question covers her concern over hearing Zee talking about summoning demons. Or the fact that there is what looks like a freaking voodoo doll hanging from May's neck and talking to her. That is weird even for Jes.

Divination requires a lot of concentration and Zee isn't listening to the conversation around her, focussing on the cannister, Zee's eyes glow as she chants the spell letting her magic flow over the landscape.

Funny thing about Zee's magic - it sometimes doesn't work like she expects it to - look at Shift Voodoo doll, for instance. This time as the spell is unleashed as a figure forms near the group and gestures in the direction they should take….

Melinda May has already put her swords away and is in the process of requesting ground transport when a figure suddenly appears near them. Long-trained reflexes have her pulling the ICER and aiming it at the figure before she fully registers that the gesture is one of beckoning.

Fenris blinks and cants his head slightly. Well… there's that. "You three go on. I'll meet you when you arrive at your destination." Well, or possibly before. "I need to check in on the others and make sure Darque is still behaving in his little kingdom." And possibly chat with Hax about how far he's coming on reverse engineering that spell. He opens a Way back to New York. "Be careful. I'll find you soon." And then he's gone.

Jes lowers her gun rather than raise it. There are too many people between her and the.. "What the hell was that?" to risk shooting at it. It also doesn't seem to actually be there. Oookay then. The coyote holsters her weapon and starts moving in the direction the…thing.. pointed. Carefully though, all her senses focused on looking, listening and scenting for anything out of place.

The voodoo doll is now staring in Jesana's direction. The person connected to it recognizes the woman, and would normally hold no ill feelings, but key facets of his capacity for things like 'friendship' and 'respect' were stolen from him.

"If my dog were ugly as you," the doll quips, "I'd shave it's ass and make him walk backwards."

Jes laughs at doll-Shift's comment. She doesn't quite see beauty in the same way most humans do but she knows she's far from ugly. Attracting partners has never been an issue. "If I were dog I'd bite your balls off while you slept." She keeps her voice low enough that hopefully Zee doesn't over hear her. She still thinks of Zee as a Lady and not someone to speak foully infront of.

Melinda May thumps Shift-doll very lightly on the side of the head as she's not sure how the physical interactions translate across. "You're going to hate yourself later for being rude," she admonishes Kwabena. Then she gives Jesana another disapproving look, nods to Fenris as he departs hastily, and finally looks to Zee. "When you're ready, Zatanna, we'll move.

Zee's ready. Picking herself up from the ground, she dusts herself off and scuffs her circle out. "Let's go. That's not quite what I was expecting." A look to Shift-doll "But so much hasn't been lately… " and she'll have to explain that doll to Fenris.

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