Working With Lobo Tech

August 22, 2015:

X-Red members tour Lobo Tech Facilities

Lobo Tech - New York


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The blessing and curse of X-Red is the fact that it operates publically and its membership is known. It gives them a lot of ability to go into situations where others might risk exposure and do their thing. However, it also means that when it would be convenient to go… outside normal channels, the risk is significantly greater. And that means they have to get creative when it comes to investigating.

One name has come up over and over in the investigations into Purifier activity. Lobo Technologies. It'd be a good idea to get a closer look at them… but doing so… well…

Bobby had the bright idea of opening business negociations with them. That gets them two things. First, they'll willingly show them their books. Second, a tour of their New York facility. Which is in Brooklyn as it turns out. Bobby's asked Brinley along for her business accument and Wanda just in case. He's hoping she'll be able to pick up if something weird is going on. Maybe she'll find a way to listen in on their htoughts or something.

Dressed in her X-Red uniform, Brins joined Bobby at the New York facility "This is great. With Mike touring their Japan facility, it will seem very legitimate." She's got her tablet, of course and she glances to Wanda with a reassuring smile. The other woman will do just fine as they do this tour.

Wanda is nervous. She's not one for meeting other people and she's certainly not good at carrying off 'important business person'. She wouldn't know the first thing about it. But Bobby is right. She can read minds…sort of. Those voices she complains about are just as likely to be coming from other people than her own psychosis. Nobody really jumps to the conclusion they are reading minds when the voices start.

Wanda is in her X-Red clothing and smiles back at Brinley before taking a deep breath. Her role is to stay quiet and listen to her voices. This she can do. She hopes.

Bobby smiles as they are shown into the facility. It's a production facility, allegedly of microchips. It's clean. High tech. The workers are… corporate types. The woman who greets them is rather immaculately groomed. All this us expected.

What was not expected is the very tall broad shouldered man standing next to her. He grins. Rather sharply. "Welcome to my facility." He says in a deep voice.

This man has… presence. That's the only way to describe it. Something innate about his being that makes people pay attenion to him. It's… slightly unnerving really.

Brins met this pair before, when she posed as Peppers' EA. Good thing she added that to the services she performs for X-Red, and Pepper had coached her well.

Holding her hand out to man first, then the woman "Mr Lobo, Ms Carver. A pleasure to see you again." she speaks quietly "We hadn't expected that it would be you meeting us, today. Brinley Myers and these are my colleagues, Bobby Drake and Wanda Maximoff."

Wanda nods politely to the pair as she is introduced to them. Her hands tucked into her pockets rather than offered to the pair. She does still have a sense of the feral about her at times. The man gets her interest…as probably intended…and her brow furrows as she tries to find a voice in her head that could be his. "Do you have ghosts in your machines?" she asks innocently.

"Not usually." Maximus rumbles nodding to Wanda and Bobby as they're introduced. "I apologise for dropping in on you like this." It doesn't sound like an apology. "But when I'd heard X-Red was coming to visit, I had to come see for myself. You all have something of a reputation, you know."

It doesn't take Wanda long to find his 'voice.' It's the loudest one in the room. Commanding attention and obedience. People just seem to defer to him. The man seems to be the very picture of 'Alpha Male'. "Well, come with me then, shall we get the tour started? I understand you're looking for some business opportunities?"

Turns of phrases rarely both Brin, so when Maximus apologises without seeming to mean it, she simply dismisses it. "It's somewhat of an honour, actually." It is, really, to have the owner of the company come to see you. "Yes, we are. Mr Drake can explain more but X-Red are always interested in technological advancements."

A reassuring smile to Wanda and Brin waits for the tour to begin.

Wanda winces as she finds the voice. So loud. So arrogant. But that is the one she now listens to. It is only a light reading of his mind. Surface thoughts mostly but arrogant people aren't usually the type to keep their secrets deep. Wanda has no idea who any of these people are but hopefully she son't make a fool of herself…or X-Red. She will follow along.

"We've been looking to expand our partnerships and have been examining local companies for good applications for our talents." That's not untrue, Bobby knows. Lobo they don't really want to partner with but these things happen in business.

"Mmmmm, I see." It's a calculating sound. "And what brings you here Miss Maximoff?" The full weight of his rather considerable presence lands solely on Wanda for an instant.

They come to a catwalk overlooking the main production floor. Microchips, it definitely seems. Maximoff seems rather pleased about their progress. Nothing about the purifiers but there's a sense that he's got plans for whatever's going on down there. There's a brief flash of a large robotic warrior in US Military colors with the words 'SENTINEL MARK II' scrawled across it.

Brin resumes her usual role, that of being quiet and listening. Bobby's explained what they're here and the tour is just beginning. There'll be time for anything she wants to ask, later.

"I just go where I am told" Wanda replies to Lobo with a shy, embarassed smile. "I am trying to learn about your country so I think my friends…" A nod to Bobby and Brinley, "Wanted to show me American industry and business." She reaches into her jacket and produces a card before thrusting it at Lobo. "Look. I have visa. I am allowed here now." Her smile is now proud and happy.

At the same time both Bobby and Brinley can hear Wanda's voice. "What is a Sentinel?"

"How fortunate." Maximus favors wanda with a sharp smile as they proceed. "These are used in both consumer and industrial electronics. We do have an awful lot of them. I understand during your time at other places, Mister Drake, you've done work in superconductors. We might be interested in seeing some of that."

Bobby nods slowly as they keep going… and then he hears Wanda. "Sentinel? Weren't those the robotic weapons the US used a couple months ago against that rogue state?

Wanda hear Maximus thoughts move on from those to an interesting set of what look like cybernetic parts. They're… a couple years old. And he's thinking its time to 'dispose' of them.

Superconductors and microchips mean nothing to Wanda but she is one to bestow anthromorphism onto inanimate objects…especially when they are being thrown away. If there is anything Wanda can understand it is being cast off. "What do you do with all the old things?" she asks Lobo. "I mean, you are always making newer and newer things so I wonder what happens to the parts you don't want anymore. They must feel sad to be unwanted. I know I would. They should be allowed to continue to work, don't you think?"

"Old things? Oh we repurpose them. Melt them down to create, newer, better things." That's… a lie. They do repurpose them but not by recycling… Wanda can feel Maximus suspicion land on her. She's asking… interesting questions.

"Miss Meyers I'm a bit curious to see you here. Not held up at Stark Industries today?"

Bobby looks over the operation as they walk pointing out one area of it that seems to be sectioned off from the rest silently.

"I suppose that is how all life goes" notes Wanda sadly. "Even us. We melt down and return to the world to be made into better things. It is still not nice though. Especially when you thinkyou have been doing well." The maudlin witch shrugs at her own words before moving away from the others to survey the rooms they find themselves in. The sectioned off area getting a special look.

Even Brin picks up on the lie… she's trained to, of course, but it doesn't take her any effort at all to detect that. She's also picking up on Maximus' interest in Wanda and the brunette shifts slightly. Bobby might pick up on her discomfit.

"Not at all, Mr Maximus. I'm on a retainer with Stark and it's a flexible arrangement. Miss Potts is most understanding that sometimes, X-Red will need my services elsewhere." Pasting a polite smile on her face, Brin continues "It is one of the service we've just introduced." courtesy of their new status.

As they move, Brin watches Bobby and looks over to the sectioned off area "May we ask what that is?"

"That?" Maximus looks over and smiles. "Ah one of our special projects. We do classified government work sometimes. Sorry I can't tell you more than that." Another… half truth. Classified government work does make a lot of what Lobo Tech does. But that? Well it's got other uses. Brinley can feel suspicion now as well. He's a suspicious sort in general but the questions are a bit too… timely.

"Now, why don't we move from the production floor and look at some of our upcoming projects." If Brin finagles it right she might be able to have a look at some of their books in the name of due diligence. Wanda gets a rather distinct impression. A skyline. Two of them, actually. Hong Kong and Tokyo. They're important.

"All the work my government does is classified" Wanda muses as she resumes the tour. "And none of it was good work. But you have different government here, da? So maybe everything is fine." The images are noted and stored away to tell the others later…or show them. "So now we see where the machines live?"

"Of course. We understand the importance of privacy to clients." Brin tries to direct Wanda and Bobby away from that discussion and avoid any more of Maximus' suspicion. It's been noticed though and might be the subject of future scrutiny.

"The production floor would be wonderful." the small brunette slides a look to Bobby before looking back to Maximus "As we're looking to work with new businesses, we're interested in what they have coming up. Not the details of course, that would be covered by NDA, but what contracts you have and the like."

The rest of the tour is normal ish. There's a constant sense of Maximus watching them like a hawk but… beyond that, normal. A few hours later when it's done and they're headed out Bobby looks pensive as they return to the car.

"Well that was interesting. Did you two get anything useful?"

"There are making machines for the military" Wanda informs Bobby, whispering even though they are far away from the factory. "These Sentinels. But if they are for the US military, why are they building them in Hong Kong and Tokyo? And he lied about the old ones being brought back to life. They do something with them but they do not recycle. I did not like that man…but it is okay because I don't think he liked me either."

"We need to step carefully." Brin looks between Wanda and Bobby "Our questions were too well timed… he grew suspicious… well more suspicious" She pauses "I think it interesting that he was here… As to that closed off room, it's not all what it seems. Whatever they're doing there, it's not just for Government." she looks concerned "It's just confirming what we already suspected… the business is involved in other things."

"Mike and Vorpal are in Tokyo." Bobby muses. "But a second look over there couldn't hurt. And Hong Kong… Brin, work our business connections and see if we can get an in to look around at what they're doing. Wanda, very well done today. Thank you."

"It wasn't me" Wanda shrugs to Bobby, "It was my voices." A tap of her forehead to emphasise the point. "But I guess you needed my there so they could talk with me." A deep breath. "It has been quite a day today. Do superheroes always do so much? Not that I mind. You want me to go to Hong Kong?"

Brins already on the Hong Kong connection. Tapping away at her tablet "As soon as I can, Bobby." She's not heard from Mike since he touched down in Tokyo, either… she'll follow that up as well.

"You did well, Wanda. And yes, we needed you to hear your voices." Brin blows out a breath "Sometimes we do more than this" For Brin, that's an /often/, not sometimes, "Let's see what our business contacts in Hong Kong come up with first. We may need to send a team in."

"We may, Wanda. We'll see how it goes." Bobby gestures to the car as he gets in and starts it up. "For now, let's get some lunch and then go back and see if there's any e-mails that need answering."

"E-mails? Do I have an e-mail account?" Wanda seems surprised. "I do not even know how to use a phone properly."

"Sounds like a plan." Brin ushers Wanda into the car and follows suit. "Yes, Wanda, you have an email account. I'll get Tabby to show you how to use it."

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