Unanswered Questions

June 07, 2015:

Lunair and Rose have a brief exchange in regards to her father.

//Xavier's Institute //

Near the Olympic sized pool.


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Fade In…

The pool on the X-Men grounds was back up, still cold due to the freshness and lack of summers full heat to warm its depths, but it had no effect on her and pushed Rose to exert herself to warm - although the advanced physiology had her metabolize it faster as well. A discussion with Nate that was much needed was had, and when he finally wandered off she lapped the pool several times and climbed out of its depths to gather her towel from a bench and dry off, starting with the wringing of her hair.

I was early, so early the sun had yet to rise and the silent hour had crept in. Stars still visible but birds are starting to chirp and foretell the rise of the sun before it ever breaks the horizon. These hours were the best, the world is still and your thoughts could be heard or serenity could be had.

Rose is clad in a black and silver bikini, red strings keeping it tied at hips and criss crossed along her back like crimson marrings on an already heartily scarred canvas. Despite her age it is apparent she has been tried, and every memory permanent like tally marks.

Lunair, on the other hand, totally lacks an advanced physiology aside from the ability to contemplate Rose being part polar bear or something. At an 8th grade level. That's pretty advanced. Nevertheless, she totally accidentally binged on video games and is now considering crawling literally back to her room. For now, the crawling is metaphoric. Or symbolic. She fell asleep during that lecture.

Also, she's college aged and keeps weird hours. What she gets up to is anyone but a telepath's guess. Either way, she has on a fuzzy purple and black wizard robe and is blearying her way to greatness— and by greatness, she means sleep. Somehow, she gets turned around and wanders in to the pool area. There's a long pause, noticing Rose. She kind of double takes, blinking slowly. Looking around. Blinking again. Back to Rose. Eyerub. "Oh. Oh WOW. I am so sorry. I totally interrupted your zen moment." Hawkward. "Hi!"

Rose does not stop toweling through her hair, even as mismatched gaze darts up to Lunair and remains on her, a partial smile touching lips while she straightens and gives once over of Lunair's attire, a single brow hiking up with an unasked inquiry, the assumption already made.

"I never figured a walking arsenal watches Cute Kittens (tm), and has fuzzy wizard pj's. But then again, I kind of like Fuzzy Puppies and an oversized cashmere sweater." Rose handles the moment like it was nothing but ordinary, and to her, it was. Life is handled casually, and if Lunair can kill people with her, Lunair can see her having a personal moment in a bikini.

Lunair blinks, and smiles back. She looks quietly amused a moment. "I like kittens," She agrees. "I think I like things because I couldn't before." And she just likes them. Plus, it beats thinking about HYDRA and work as usual. Who knows? She rubs the back of her head a moment. "It must be an awesome sweater." She smiles wryly. It is more ordinary than her shenanigans in Gotham, at least. Progress!

Lunair takes a lot of joy in many thiings. It's just how she rolls. "That bikini is awesome on you," She offers. Lunair does think it's pretty cool. "How are you?"

"Aside from the usual? I am well." Rose could empathize with many things Lunair could, but she can also be left in wonder to the girls own broken history. There's a kinship in picking up the pieces sometimes. Or a rivalry, one that begs the question….

"When I mentioned who my father was, The Terminator - The look on your face." Rose pauses, a moment of thought and a flush at the compliment passing beneath the veil of slick strands of white. "I noticed the look on your face. You know him. How?"

Let the pasts be the pasts, as sordid as they are or may be, but here, Rose did not have one, and this was new grounds for so many questions.

When she asked though, that gaze of ice and static snow settles on Lunair without that hard edge, instead a curiosity lacking accusation or a hard edge.

Lunair empathizes in her own way, though she's also desperately stunted in a good number of ways. She's got to forge her pieces and figure it all out. She doesn't seem to see a rival in Rose, probably because she figures Rose is aces at face stabbing and also she's a friend. Lunair is odd sometimes.

A lot of times. Then Rose starts talking and Lunair listens. There's a headtilt. Her eyes widen a bit. Rose noticed. Then again, that too, is a downside of having resting neutral face. Her poker face is abysmal. She pauses at the question. "… yeah. Yeah." She rubs the back of her head. "Well, for one, his reputation. I d—" Hesitate. "Diiiiiiiid a lot of mercenary work. Nowadays, not so much." But she didn't stop completely. Ahem. "So the dude is serious business and quite frankly I hope never to be on the target list," She holds her hands up, palms out. Seriously. Not a list she wants to be on. "Also I miiiiiight have shot a laser cannon at him when he was chasing a friend of mine. Just a little." Pause. "A lot. Kinda. And I saw him a time or two." She's trying to remember. Think, Lunair, think.

Rose's look is unmoving. She has a natural resting bitch face #r.b.f, but it seems as Lunair speaks moreso, and how she does it slowly begins to dissipate a huff of laughter finally and she shakes her head, pulling the white hair over her shoulder just before she wraps herself in the towel, tucking the ends to hold. "You should take up swimming, it kills the time between jobs, and helps me regroup." A slight gesture towards the pool and then she claims the bench, leaving ample room for Luna if she so chose.

"Did? You sound unsure." A wry twist of Rose's lips in that lopsided grin while those eyes assess her, from toe to head. "I still do. It is, after all, in my blood." A light tilt of head and she thinks, then proceeds. "So then nothing has changed here all too much." Beat. "Don't shoot to kill him. I like you, and I'd like to stay friends."

Well, there's laying it out on the table, at least… Until she sees him for herself and affirms things… Depends on the day, she may do it herself.

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