Of Pain and Breadsticks

August 18, 2015:

Rose plays catch-up and familiarity comes with a side of breadsticks.

Lower Mahattan, NY

The southern end of the island of Manhattan is the seat of Wall Street and
City Hall. Bounded by the Hudson on the west, the East River on the east,
and the harbor to the south, it's a veritable mosaic of smaller, storied
neighborhoods that fill in the patchwork south of 14th street. From the
arts-friendly, boutique-laden, gentrified areas of Greenwich Village, SoHo,
and TriBeCa, to the tenement dwelling, immigrant-filled, working class
districts in the Lower East Side, Bowery, Little Italy, Lower Manhattan is
one of the most diverse places in the city. Just about anything can be found
here, and often is.


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Fade In…

The Tomahawk is left parked like the asshole she was (Diagonal and in two spots, but she paid both meters!) down at the end of the opening strip to the NY melting pot of boutiques and cafes. Due to Nate's recent injuries and interactions in Mutant Town, Rose found it best to skirt the issue, meaning staying away from the recent warzone. Highly unnatural to her normal mien, but sometimes she goes with common sense - cuz it tingles - and when she doesn't listen to it, it tends to leave her with a bleeding newly created orifice.

Strolling down along the strip from toe to low slung upon waist Rose's attire looks militaristic. Heavy laden boots bearing laces and straps to just beneath the calf, black cargos tucked into the tops of boots, hanging loosely around legs until the waist where the evident made-for-men pants decides to cling at the berth of hips, held aloft by a studded black belt. Abdomen is bare, a spanse of scar riddled flesh that seems to have not seen the light of the sun despite current attire of a simple halter top of black, lined along the thin straps up and over her shoulders with matching studs like her belt, though the faux leather of it bears a small shine to reflect the suns light.

Platinum strands hang down around her face from the high pony tail of a mixture of plaits and twists, but enough is left to try and obscure the bionic eye in a veil of shadows from the public. Only so much you can do for that milky white surrounded in scar tissue, but it is not like she tries too hard. Some people like their flaws.

Dragging Nate out was another scar in the making, walking slowly with him with a shopping bag over one arm and coffee in her other she sips of the nectar of the morning gods while the narrow set of eyes is either for the sun or for the conversation. "I still think infiltration is th ebest. Or let me get my hands on some more inhalers and let me loose in their nest. Is Jean at this location Frost found?"

Pointed, she just wants to get shit done.

Nate looks like has been skipping sleep again. His misadventures in Mutant Town left him with several broken ribs and some physical withdrawal symptoms he is making himself ignore. It barely hurts compared with the technovirus flare up he had when the Smooth interfered with his powers. Usually he is immune to power neutralizing stuff, but he had been using his powers too much for two days. Which was dumb. And necessary. And he never learns.

So he is good at walking slowly, "Hrm. Lets see those satellite photos Emma said she would get reveal. I would just drop a nuke there. Untainted Grove. Even the name makes me want to kill someone."

There is a collection of black SUV parked in front of local pizza shop. Morien is standing outside inspecting the pizza boxes and looking at a list as members of the pizza shop load them into the SUVS. "Okay, that is twenty pepperoni pizzas. 10 pizza with the works minus the anchovies. One pizza with anchovies and pineapples."

Morien pulls out a marker and writes Arielle on the top of the pizza and turns to one of the drives. "This pizza goes to Ms. Reynolds. She is walking around with a purple construction hat. Morien goes back to look at the boxes and says, "20 orders of hot wings, and 20 orders of breadsticks. Morien looks at the drivers of the different SUVS. "Okay, take them to the construction site, and give everyone my thanks for working hard. Morien looks up at the sky, "I think I will walk back. It is a nice day and all." One of his security guards gets out of the SUV to follow behind him. Morien rolls his eyes and looks back at the man. "Just make sure you keep up."

"Awe but it sounds so much like a sweet vacationing spot for the newly married. So they can taint they're little slice and talk about the contradiction they made for years!" As Rose says it she waves her hands, claps them together and entangles fingers to hold that large fist at her chin while lashes bat dreamily. "Ahh, l'amour." even a small wistful smirk, but it rapidly fades with a wave off that is careful not to spill her coffee. But how she finally sips it finalizes the sarcasm coated arsenic that drips from her lips afterwards.

"Like I said, drop me in there… With bombs. This way I can at least effectively direct the blasts and who gets killed. They may have more like Jean…" A small eye tic at those words and she glances his way, the sweep over his form and his slow but sure pace has her sucking air between teeth.

"If they can take her, drop you and the others… This is what /we're/ for." And the ways she says it defines it all, the hand looped with a bag just looping thumb through a belt loop of pants to keep hold and give her something else to do beside poke Nate in the side for emphasis. Time and place!

Though their walking is interrupted by the fleet of… pizza delivery men and the important executive that orders around the placement? Is he Don… Morien just outside of Little Italy? Though the exchange between Pizza-Exec and Bodyguard brings a small rise of brow and smirk. It's always amusing to see people seemingly burdened by security. Some would give their already chopped off fingers for that!

"Am I seeing this right?" The whole scenario, that stands in their path, at least for a moment before Rose sighs and just steps in the way of the loading of steamy hot food, helping herself to a bag off the pile of breadsticks, a 5.00 left in its place.

"Breadstick?" She offers as she begins to open the bag and 'don't mind if she does'.
From afar, Morien laughs. "Yeah, I think only Kara knows his secret identity, and that is because her player forgot and posed walking up and talking to him as Morien.

Lunair isn't a clingon. Not really. But life in a hospital bed has left her loathe to just lay around. She's likely a little addled on pain killers on account of blocking explosions and bullets with her face. And ribs. And what have you.

But today is a day and she had classes and also wants to do LUNAIR STUFF. She's using her car today, since busted ribs isn't terribly condusive to her dark purple scooter. Whatever. And as she's making her way to wherever Lunair is going, she is greeted by - is that a Rose with a breadstick? It is! Time to amble that way. And time to regret enthusiastically ambling that way.

While she has terrible times remembering to emote, there's a comical range of 'my friends!' to 'MY BITS'. So now she has a strange, baffled wincesmile. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Nate snickers at Rose's antics. But sobers up when she mentions Jean. That is another piece of business, and a more alarming one, since Jean knows almost everything about the X-Men operations. Does that mean the Purifiers do too?

"Folks say she is still in New York," notes Nate. "I can't find her, though. Mimic was going to use Cerebro. Or Rachel would. It is strange they have not found her yet." Breadstick is taken, but without the usual gusto. Appetite also a victim of the Smooth. And then he spots Lunair. "Seems we all decided to come downtown today, uh? How is, Luna?"

The security guard coughs and taps Morien on the shoulder. "Uhmm, Sir. I think that woman took one of the break sticks meant for the construction workers. Morien clenches his teeth and slowly turns around and glares at the man. "Are you the bread stick police? You do remember you should have been fired for being on Tinder, when you were supposed to be watching me when I was having my meeting in M-Town. If it wasn't for Aileana pleading for your job, you would be unemployed. The security guard steps back and lowers his head. "Yes, sir. I was just.." He points in the direction of Nate and Rose, but again is cut off by Morien's objections. "Again, not the bread stick police.

Morien looks the duo over, before turning to his security guard. "Watch me from across the street, and try not to get distracted this time."

"Well, then we start there. We make an attempt to get her back first." Rose knows the direness and depth of the situation with Jean. She is not only a VIP among them, but the bearer of way too much information. The thoughts alone bring in the art of detachment from the woman, because she goes to the worst case scenario first, and thinking the woman a friend in this is the worst place to put herself. Rose does not say it but her expressions shut down, and that says enough.

Lunair's gimpy sneak attack hello has Rose also trying to be gentle in embrace, moreso shoving the breadstick at her and poking her rather lewdly in the cheek wth it since Nate ignored her offer. "Hungry Luna?" Wagglewaggle, *fwapfwap*, right in the cheek that floppy breadstick is being used and abused upon a beaten friend with a wink to Nate. Oh yeah, totes suggestive. From murderdeathkill to food assault and battery. It works for the broken.

Morien's attention though has her dropping the breadstick into Luna's hands and hiding the bag behind her back while innocently sipping her coffee. "I paid for it, you all saw that, right?" Time to gather witnesses.

Low whisper. "He's looking at us." Something between impending doom and snicker.

Foiled by biology! Lunair is unaware of the bread patrol. But she does see Nate and Rose and despite the wince, she smiles. Until she gets poked with the breadstick in the check. Oh my. Her eyes widen a bit. "I don't know, normally I have dinner with someone before they start poking my face," For she is a gentlewoman and a scholar. Ahem. She's being wry about that, giggling a little at the breadstick shenanigans. "Um, just a bite or two. I was figuring out where to eat and wander around the da—" Pause. "She did." Lunair pauses.

"Thanks." She'll share it with Rose, neatly tearing it in two. "How are you two?" She asks and pauses. "I am okay. That guy seems familiar," Lunair muses. She's met him before, likely.

Hay, Nate was going to accept the breadstick. He was just too slow. The bread-assault makes him snicker again, though. He would laugh, but it is bad for his ribs. "We are fine," he lies, " you look good too," which is mostly true. At least when compared with Luna's appearance after the battle in Mutant Town. "Want to join us? Rose is in a shopping spree, which is not as bad as it sounds since we are not buying guns or ammo this time."

What about the bread stick police? Rose paid for it, she just forgot to order for it. So not that bad, right? He glances to Morien and… Luna might be right. But from where?

Rose takes her half and hands it to Nate, still hiding the bag because, well. The Man is watching and she is watching back, the single azure eye following the security guards gestures and then departure, the pure while of the bionic making t unsure if -both- eyes are following. Creepy.

Nate's words about her shipping habit though has a huff exhaled with a roll of those eyes that brings attention back to Nate and Luna for a moment. "If I wear what I just bought and nothing more with a bright and shiny new Heckler and Koch you would not complain." For emphasis she snapped the bag back and forth and grinned, but if it was truth or not is relatively unknown, the bag is black. Nuff said.

"And Luna would like guns and ammo shopping, right?" Though it is evident the looming watch of Morien is starting to make her trigger finger itch.

It's not polite to stare!

Lunair looks uncertain, at 'we are fine'. She kind of stares at Nate, her expression slackening as she thinks. She seems a bit dubious about that. "… yeah? Um. Thanks. I'm glad to see you two." She offers. "If you need to talk about stuff, I wish I could help." She seems uncertain. "I would love to." Pause. She looks quietly amused by Rose and Nate. She doesn't seem too bothered by Rose's odd eye - she's a social blank slate and for all she knows, that sort of thing happens now and then.

She laughs and then winces. "Oh my. Ow. Hee. Ow." Lunair has to regain her composure a moment. "Well. At least wear a sun visor so you don't get a sunburn on your face," Because that's important! She looks quietly amused. "I um. I guess. I keep forgetting to." Lunair does not need to buy guns, but after being freaking depowered, she's not sure. "I already got my textbooks. And ummm… Er. What would Nate want to look at? We can do both for you guys." Smile.

Then quietly, "… buying guns is hard when your real self died legally years ago…" She almost whispers to it. While she has a false identity, one never knows.

"You know you could have just asked for a bread stick. Now, there is a going to be a construction worker who is not going to have a bread stick, and the next thing I know I am going to hear from his union rep about unfair working conditions. You have truly cause a bureaucratic nightmare for me. Morien jokes.

He casual glances at Nate easily recognizing him from Africa, it takes him a few moments to clearly deduce Ravager's identity. Even though he has run into Lunair more times than the other, he hasn't placed her voice yet. Morien extends his hands outward. "Sorry, My name is Morien Washington. Hhmm, I am thinking your names are not going to be Hansel and the two Gretas."

"Maybe she would, but you get greedy with your guns," points out Nate. Lunair is right, he is not 'fine'. But you won't get him to admit it. Most of the X-Men that went to Mutant Town got pretty badly hurt, anyway.

And then Morien steps forward, and Nate is sure he has recognized him from somewhere. The white stripe in his hair makes him easy to remember. The young mutant is curious, so he scans Morien's surface thoughts to find out from where while shaking the older man's hand. "I am Nate, Rose is the blonde and Luna the brunette," quick introductions.

"If the construction workers name is Magic Mike, I will give him his breadstick for a dance." The smirk speaks of the jest as she takes one small step away from Nate so he cannot react efficiently. Wounds and all, must be careful!

Rose does not recognize Morien at all, and to her a suit is a suit, but at least he is being cordial… Reason for more suspicion. What is also odd is everyone else is worse for the wear when she is normally right there with them on this level and it not only makes her feel like she missed out on fun, but like she was not there for them. So now she needs to exact revenge, but for now being rather aloof suffices.

"Not even close. Though if we are comparing fairy tales to the here and now. Are you the witch with bread sticks instead of candy bait?" A pale brow rises as she finally stops stashing the bag behind her and helps herself to one.

Lunair blinks at Morien. "Sorry." She rubs the back of her head. She smiles politely. "Nice to meet you, Morien." She knows better than to pry things out of Nate. She likes him and Rose, so she just goes with it. "I am indeed Luna," She offers. She goes quiet a moment at Rose's quip. She laughs softtly and winces. "Ow, hah."

Lunair looks to Rose. "I think insurance on a gingerbread house would be hellish, honestly." And heaven help that witch if kids ever went to the forest for a field trip.

Nevertheless, she seems duly sympathetic.

"I think insurance on a gingerbread house house would probably still be cheaper than some real estate's prices here." Morien shakes his head and says. "So I am neither a good witch or a bad witch." Morien shakes hands with Nate as he nods to the others. "It is a pleasure to meet you." Morien peers down at the bags, "If you are guys are still hungry for something besides bread sticks, I have a little bit of shopping to do, and was going to have a late lunch at one of my favorite restaurants here in Manhattan.

Morien raises his hands up in the air as he laughs. "Again, not trying to use bait. I am setting up shop here, and I want to make sure that my renovations of my building is not pissing people off. I think the best way to found out is to ask some random people, and sometimes I get the added bonus of learning about new trends.

Nate is somewhat suspicious the man wants to invite them, that just doesn't happen in New York. But he gets little to work from the brief surface scan except Morien doesn't consider himself 'Morien'. A false name? It is strange. Hopefully he is not trying to kidnap Luna, that is getting old quickly.

"Hmm," he looks at the women inquiringly. "Well, lets see if we can stay till then. We are on a rather hectic schedule."

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