Pushing The Perimeter - Godbear and Astral Projection

August 21, 2015:

A push on the Deadzone perimeter (emits by Zatanna)



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The unfortunate part of having to keep an eye on the Latverian Monarch was that if anything made him curious, he would act. In this case, that call for help that passed through SHIELD communications about the Deadzone coming through a radio turned up just loud enough to make him look up from his work…

If anyone would be warned of the incoming response, Zee would immediately know that there was a possible threat incoming. In this case, a Quinjet was once again being used as transport. He had taken a simple joy in making the government ferry him about, knowing he did not have to trouble himself.
Doom had given the order to be taken to the site itself, and now the Quinjet was in the airspace…and closing in on the coordinates.
"This…will be very interesting…I wonder," the man in metal muses, "Who will attend this occasion?"
His pilot is silent, as always. How professional, Doom sees it.

The ward shatters, the skeletal army swarming to Colossus. Zee's seen him work before and for now, will leave him to deal with that threat - the perimeter needs to be reset!

"Dr Strange, Wanda, Rain…" Zee shakes out her hands, the backlash of the ward shattering was like a small electric shock "We need to rebuild the perimiter and block this leyline - can you feel it? They're drawing souls from somewhere… " They'll need to work quick. "Wanda, you seem to do best with the undead, can you work with Colossus to stop what comes through? Rain, can you start putting a block on the Leyline…"

Zee's words are cut short as another wave of power comes from the Deadzone "Dr Strange, can you help get the perimeter back up?" As to Doom incoming? All Zee knows is that there's a Quinjet on the way…

Rain is quiet. She hasn't done much work with the leylines. Can she even without a pendulum? "Alright, I'll do my best. Captain will watch my back and keep an eye out in case I need to go bear form," Rain promises. She looks sympathetic towards Zee.

But fortunately, Rain can linger nearby, and start quietly meditating and getting a feel for the leyline, to ward and block it. But it's going to take awhile. Her magic is slow to deploy.

Strange can indeed 'see' how the wards crumble. They are a hodgepodge of defensive mechanisms setup by a dozen of magicians from half a dozen mystical traditions, including himself. Quite the work of Art, it was difficult to mess up without knowing at least the basics from very different magical systems. Obviously Darque didn't, he used brute force. He probably killed a large number of people. That man is a thug.

"Too much power, I think we need to find the source of this necromancy, or disrupt the channel. I can dam it for a few minutes, however," the sorcerer closes his eyes and sends a signal towards the upper plane. "In the name of the Vishanti, I call upon the power of the children of Akah Ma'at, the ancient people of Oshtur. I call upon the Seraphim, grant me the Great Shield to ward of this darkness!" He raises his left hand, and a transparent wall of magical force materializes in front of him. The Great Shield of the Seraphim spreads hundreds of yards to the sides. It is a very strong barrier, but even in the best circumstances it lasts only a few minutes.

As the jet screeches by, it swings to a stop and hovers. The occupant inside simply steps out and falls the remainder. The few feet still are enough to make a resounding clang when Doctor Doom lands on the battleground. At first, Doom just stands up straight, looking around at the panic going on. The eyes of Doom lock on Zee, slowly taking in a long breath before turning his chin up to look towards the ward she is attached to.
His focus then shifts, examining the ground itself as the eyes of his mask take on a different hue. He's scanning, and that's when he begins to recognize and detect the other signatures nearby. One is too familiar, but that is not a worry.
Doom, without fear, walks directly towards Zatanna and her own ward, before raising his right arm.
Zero warning was given as an overwhelming bolt of mystical energy surges from Doom's palm…striking the mage in the back and maintaining an unshaking connection.

The skeletons are slowly thinning, bones crunching underfoot as Colossus smashes until Wanda remakes reality and the bones become ooze… no more crunching to be heard from the corner. Behind them though, is giant bone construct - a great wolf that towers over even Colossus. It leaps for Wanda and the Tin Man, skeletal maw snapping at them.

Stranges Great Shield springs up and stops any further breaches, giving the magic users time to try and rebuild the wards. Which is going to be difficult whilst that power is still being channelled in trhough the Leyline… Hopefully, Rain can do something there.

As Dooms bolt of mystical energy hits Zee in the magic, the teen mages eyes BLAZE neon blue - whatever he's doing, she feels /alive with power/ - which… might not be such a good thing.

With a sharp intake of breath, nearly in pain, Zee gives her head a shake… she can use this… but should she? Where the hell is that coming from anyway? It takes a long moment for her to make a decision and then… she intones a spell, trying to rebuild the wards

"Captain, how's Rain doing? I … I'm trying to rebuild the ward, that power needs to be stopped."

Strange pauses a few seconds to verify the flow of dark power has been negated. It has… but pressure is quickly increasing on the Great Shield, and it is a construct that is not supposed to exist in this plane for long anyway. It won't stand for long.

Also, Doom is here? "Doctor Doom, what are… oh, I see. In that case, I will find the source of this event and endeavor to disrupt it." Strange hovers a few feet from the ground and takes the lotus position, legs crossed, the back of his hands on his knees, mystical signs on his hands. Then closes his eyes and concentrates. His astral form is freed, and the Eye of Agamotto appears on his brow, glowing brightly.

The astral form seems to grow giant, as Strange examines the Deadzone and the corrupt ley lines crisscrossing it. Tacking and divination spells are cast quickly, channeled through the Eye. He seems the source of the black magic with desperate urgency. No subtleties in this work, he is going to be detected himself, he is sacrificing stealth for raw power.

It's going to take them a moment. A magic block isn't too difficult, a crude ward like a metaphorical brick wall. Captain's tail flicks as he looks out after his witch. The orange tabby (Rain may well be the familiar). Captain looks to Zee, before offering in his rich, deep voice. "We're almost-" There's a deep shimmering, violet light as there's the mystical equivalent of a beaver dam over the leyline. NO SOULS FOR YOU. COME BACK NEXT YEAR. OR DON'T.

The light comes along with a surge of power, Rain's hair whipping dramatically. Past that, the effect is fairly subtle.

"Don't find yourself too surprised, Strange." Doom warns the Sorcerer Supreme.
"Doom acts on his own."
Doctor Doom would raise up his other arm now, pointing it towards Rain. The same spell, a sudden overwhelming blast of energy launches from his left palm and strikes the girl in the back. Doom's action is simple…he doesn't want to bother with the dirty work himself. He's here to observe, and now as he channels the two with his own immense will he simply uses it to his advantage.
His mask's eyeports close, beginning to scan again and in this case he is scanning for his own energy…Doom is using Zee as a tool.
As his sensors begin to finally work out the makeup of the wards, he begins to record the very manner in which they are formed. This prompts a quick reaction as both of his hands form a new gesture, causing the beams he is connecting himself with to the other two mages to shift from a brilliant blue to a fiery red…
Doom is adapting to the situation and it's needs.
"This would be a problem if the situation ever got to Latveria. Don't expect my aide to come easy."

"Nice job, Rain. Can you help Wanda and Colossus?" Zee's focussing on rebuilding that ward … "Uh, no, don't worry…" Her wards not complete yet, it's a complex structure… and Stranges Shield begins to fail. Through the barrier, two more bone constructs appear …. two bears. One goes for Wanda and Colossus, a little more carefully than the last. The second starts to run towards Rain and Captain, looks like the violet eyed witch might be able to 'Bear Out' afterall.

Black Adam finds himself confronted by a huge flying skeletal beast … the stuff nightmares are made of. Rising out of the Deadzone, it shrieks, and dives for Mighty Adam, jaws snapping at his head as it does.

Stranges astral figure can follow the spell that is draining the souls, into the Deadzone… and then it seems to disappear. Which might make sense, the power is being channeled to the Darkforce Dimension. All of a sudden, the Sorcercer Supreme will feel the backlash for his efforts, a strong necromantic spell designed to push him back and maim if it can… It's unlikely he's going to get any further.

Zee can feel Doom using her and she starts to fight on two fronts. Foolish? Maybe? But she's trying to stop him channeling through her, whilst finishing that ward. Can she do it?

Strange is not going to argue with Doom about his… attitude. For one, he is pretty busy. The astral form of a mage of Strange's school is not less powerful than his physical form, although its ability to affect the physical world is more limited. Fortunately, he is not dealing with a physical problem. A gate to the darkforce dimension is not a physical problem.

He sees the necromantic blast coming. Not the caster, though. Maybe he triggered a trap. His hand rises and he creates a personal shield to block the attack, and still, he is pushed back. "No, I don't think so. Good enough maybe against an adept, Darque. But not against the Supreme Sorcerer. Begone!" He needs to retreat, but he still manages to strike at the extra-dimensional gate with a barrage of mystical bolts. Maybe not enough to shut it down, but it should cause a major disruption in the flows of energy.

Then, he is back to his body. His eyes open and he sees the wards are forming again, stronger than ever. Good, because the Great Shield is crumbling.

Rain didn't expect to get struck in the back. Her eyes widen, as suddenly, POWER OVERWHELMING! She's being Doom'd. Her purple eyes go wide. She wasn't expecting that in the slightest. Well, she'll let it be for now. Not that a humble witch can really contest DOOM(TM).

"Sure," Rain nods. « Remake the beast, » In an ancient tongue before her body shifts. An immense, white Siberian Godbear (weighs nearly a ton, terrifies villagers to this day) appears with violet eyes. A bellowing roar and she wades into the thick of combat to help the others. Captain stays ner Zee, perhaps to watch. Cats see many things, after all. And it is terrifying to see what an angry bear can do to the undead. There are more limbs flying than an entire Tarantino trilogy.

Doom's head tilts when he feels his own spells being resisted, and fought back against, by Zatanna. This act alone causes his chin to lift in slight amusement. He audibly chuckles and decides maybe teaching the child a lesson in accepting a hand when it's given, especially the hand of Doom himself. He closes his hand that is pointing at her into a fist, and the bolt that is released is suddenly streamlined. Doom, instead of overloading every bit of her body with his own immense power, utters a low warning.
"Finish the spell and then you can attempt to best me. But do not resist when you are in dire need of assistance. Accept the power, or fight it and regret it."
As for Rain, Doom's split attention is not wasted, it takes almost no effort to maintain the connection with the fledgling mage. She too is a tool. He does not wish to dirty is own hands in this menial task of holding back the hoard of the undead. As he dismantled his Doombots, he cannot call upon them for this work anymore.
Living beings will do just fine in handling this type of task. His eyes do shift towards Strange for a moment. A slight thought of using this moment to his advantage passes quickly. To this, he chuckles too before turning his own eyes back to Zatanna and her ward.
"Would you hurry, child? I do have a busy schedule today."

Rain-Bear smashes the bone construct apart, Wanda remakes reality again and Colossus smashes the skeletons. Black Adams display vanquishes the flyer with his mighty display. All in a good days work, really. Stranges blast may interrupt the gate for a short while, but it remains to be seen for how long.

Zee stops struggling against Doom, she does something else, she simple walls off the power he's supplying. She won't draw on it - these things generally come at a cost and she's been dealing with demons too long to trust a 'free gift'. With a final murmur of her spell, the ward is remade… and the teen mage turns to the group "Thank you…." noting Adam has gone again, blue eyes search for Doom - she'll have words for him… only to see the Quinjet taking off.

Later, she'll find out more about the man. "Is everyone alright?"

Strange stands, studying the new wards for a few moments. "I am fine, and I believe I will remain a little longer here. The necromancers used this ley line as a conduit for their attack for a reason. They might try again, so I am going to construct a specific countering ward that will cause a rather unpleasant feedback across the line. They were channeling energy from a gate to the Darkforce dimension. Out of my reach. For now."

Rain SMASH! Fortunately, Hulk didn't trademark that one. She seems a bit baffled she even registers on someone like Doom's radar. Her inferiority complex is catching up with her. But there's no time to think about it. She's busy bearing.

Though, at what cost did Doom help? Her eyes glow as she speaks to Zee and nods, « I am fine. » Her voice is slightly deeper but that may just be the magic intonations. Captain hops on over and up onto the bear's shoulder. Gotta remember who steers this meat mecha. But the two will affirm that they are okay, and make sure Zee is, too. "Are you? We can help a little while," Captain offers. "Being pet all day is tough work."

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