Pushing The Perimeter - Remaking Reality

August 21, 2015:

The Deadzone is getting deadlier… and Darques forces keep trying to expand it…. (emits by Zatanna)



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'Things Are Happening' (TM) around the Deadzone. Leylines are being used to steal lifeforce and energy, fed straight into the Deadzone. There's continued incursions on the mages wards, trying to increase the area. If it wasn't dangerous before, it is now!

Late evening, Friday and a call goes out, across the Leyline networks, through SHIELD, through the Titans, and to any of Zee's personal contacts… magical or otherwise.

«This is Zee. There's action in the Deadzone. They're trying to push the border again. I need backup. To my location»

The raven haired mage - hair cut shorter than normal - is in her SHIELD issued body armour, channeling power into a ward. The amount of energy being thrown at the perimeter is astounding. Those magically inclined will also feel power being drawn through the Leyline. This is not good.

With a push, the ward starts to shatter and a group of skeletons, complete with spears and shields can be seen marching on the perimeter. It's not possible to see how many but there's a lot! What follows them? Who can tell?

The heart is the strongest muscle. That is what they say anyway, and for Colossus, it probably follows the same rules. That doesn't mean that the rest of the one-man wrecking crew's /other/ muscles aren't up to handle the job sometimes. The man wastes little time, already in his steel form and gleaming in the late evening sun when the ward breaks.

He doesn't even get to tell Zee that he likes her hair short, or greet his fellow Russian who happened to be on the job.

He shouts, a warning without words, a booming roar that draws everyone's attention to the breach as he intercepts the first crowd. As always, he has two purposes in each huge ground engagement. Either shield those who don't have his raw strength and durability, or vanguard any sally. In this case, he holds the front line, giving time for the wizards and technomancers of the Shield an opportunity to conceive a tactical response that goes beyond punch and crush.

No leyline jewel and no known teleportation powers yet Wanda turns up where she is needed as she always does - probably a subconscious warping of reality. Dressed in her new clothes - red leathers and such with embossed X - she quickly appraises the situation and doesn't like it. That magic is buffetting her very core…and it hurts. Fingers twitch and energy quickly builds around her hands. A quick nod to her team mate in Colossus…she really should meet him properly…before her eyes are fixed on the sword wielding skeletons.

"I suppose we should be thankful that they only have the dead to call on from before guns" Wanda muses before looking over to her fellow mage. "What do you need, Zatanna?"

The ward shatters, the skeletal army swarming to Colossus. Zee's seen him work before and for now, will leave him to deal with that threat - the perimeter needs to be reset!

"Dr Strange, Wanda, Rain…" Zee shakes out her hands, the backlash of the ward shattering was like a small electric shock "We need to rebuild the perimiter and block this leyline - can you feel it? They're drawing souls from somewhere… " They'll need to work quick. "Wanda, you seem to do best with the undead, can you work with Colossus to stop what comes through? Rain, can you start putting a block on the Leyline…"

Zee's words are cut short as another wave of power comes from the Deadzone "Dr Strange, can you help get the perimeter back up?" As to Doom incoming? All Zee knows is that there's a Quinjet on the way…

Colossus stands strong against the waves of undead, a bulwark of unbending steel that holds the center of the ward line. Two skeletons hang off his back, driving swords into him without any visible effect, as he cuts a swarthe through the mass with his fist and feet.

He works like a bulldozer, pushing back wherever the skeletons clatter most thickly, withdrawing only to pave way another thick grouping under his boots. He turns back, his strange skeleton cape clattering off his solid back, as a handful slip past to threaten the mage. Threaten being the key word. Before they can even get adjacent to the magic wielders, he's smashed them flat with an overturned power generator that has been damaged in the melee but is now firmly destroyed.

Wanda nods to Zatanna's words - dead management it is. She takes a half a step forward, as much to protect Zee as to protect her from what she is about to do. Colossus she is pretty sure is all steel at the moment…at least she hopes so. Ancient words spill from her lips as her scarlet energy grows and grows until it she casts it forward like a cloud over and past Colossus and into the next wave of skeletal warriors. They were already aberrations of reality but now reality is striking back…at least Wanda's version of it. The constituents of their bones change. What was once firm and strong is now jelly. The bones flopping and oozing, unable to support any weight and sending the marches to the ground, flapping about as formless and harmless piles of jellied bone.

Colossus punches a gooey skeleton, and stares at horror at bone jelly as it gloops to the ground. Gross.

The skeletons are slowly thinning, bones crunching underfoot as Colossus smashes until Wanda remakes reality and the bones become ooze… no more crunching to be heard from the corner. Behind them though, is giant bone construct - a great wolf that towers over even Colossus. It leaps for Wanda and the Tin Man, skeletal maw snapping at them.

Stranges Great Shield springs up and stops any further breaches, giving the magic users time to try and rebuild the wards. Which is going to be difficult whilst that power is still being channelled in trhough the Leyline… Hopefully, Rain can do something there.

As Dooms bolt of mystical energy hits Zee in the magic, the teen mages eyes BLAZE neon blue - whatever he's doing, she feels /alive with power/ - which… might not be such a good thing.

With a sharp intake of breath, nearly in pain, Zee gives her head a shake… she can use this… but should she? Where the hell is that coming from anyway? It takes a long moment for her to make a decision and then… she intones a spell, trying to rebuild the wards

"Captain, how's Rain doing? I … I'm trying to rebuild the ward, that power needs to be stopped."

The distant peal of thunder is lost of the pitched battle below..

..above, clouds flare in rapid succession conveying a presence from the farthest horizon to the dead zone in with the swiftness of lightning arcing from cloud-to-cloud.

The clouds above burst sending a stream of crackling ebon from the heavens onto the firmament below..

Explosive force expels a hailstorm of bone shards outward as a squadron of skeletons are decimated leaving Mighty Adam at the epicenter of the affair. Hovering three feet above the decay his arms are crossed over the flaxen bolt that slashes his chest.

The bigger they are…the more Wanda worries. She stares up at the wolf even as it leaps towards them. But it's not as if reality doesn't apply to the giants of the world either. Already there is perspiration on her forehead as she thrusts her hands forward and hits the monster with another blast of chaos. A circle in the sky that the wolf passes through with its leap and, as it does so, its atoms compress together - feeling an urge to stick closer and closer to the next. So that when it has finished its leap through the circle, the giant is now about three feet long and all set up for Colossus.

"Big dog," Colossus says with a sneer as the bone wolf snarls and howls, or failing that, simply stands there as a dangerous abomination against the natural order. The apicenter of the Adam's arrival as bits of debris bouncing off him, but he's busy with the wolf. The wolf that seems to be rapidly shrinking. When they collide together, it is Piotr who has the greater mass.

As it happens, he has the greater strength as well, catching the beast out of midair in his burly arms. Lifting it up, he leaps only to bring the necromancer's construct down in a spine-breaking power bomb. Bone claws rake at his face and eyes, but the steel turns them. With a grunt of effort, the mutant lifts the wolf again, bringing it down in another massive slam that cracks the skull but still the wolf lives.

"Hmph." One last time, the quivering montrosity is lifted and one last time it is brought down, and this time its buried past its shoulder in the rock hard ground.

No leyline jewel and no known teleportation powers yet Wanda turns up where she is needed as she always does - probably a subconscious warping of reality. Dressed in her new clothes - red leathers and such with embossed X - she quickly appraises the situation and doesn't like it. That magic is buffetting her very core…and it hurts. Fingers twitch and energy quickly builds around her hands. A quick nod to her team mate in Colossus…she really should meet him properly…before her eyes are fixed on the sword wielding skeletons.

"I suppose we should be thankful that they only have the dead to call on from before guns" Wanda muses before looking over to her fellow mage. "What do you need, Zatanna?"

"Nice job, Rain. Can you help Wanda and Colossus?" Zee's focussing on rebuilding that ward … "Uh, no, don't worry…" Her wards not complete yet, it's a complex structure… and Stranges Shield begins to fail. Through the barrier, two more bone constructs appear …. two bears. One goes for Wanda and Colossus, a little more carefully than the last. The second starts to run towards Rain and Captain, looks like the violet eyed witch might be able to 'Bear Out' afterall.

Black Adam finds himself confronted by a huge flying skeletal beast … the stuff nightmares are made of. Rising out of the Deadzone, it shrieks, and dives for Mighty Adam, jaws snapping at his head as it does.

Stranges astral figure can follow the spell that is draining the souls, into the Deadzone… and then it seems to disappear. Which might make sense, the power is being channeled to the Darkforce Dimension. All of a sudden, the Sorcercer Supreme will feel the backlash for his efforts, a strong necromantic spell designed to push him back and maim if it can… It's unlikely he's going to get any further.

Zee can feel Doom using her and she starts to fight on two fronts. Foolish? Maybe? But she's trying to stop him channeling through her, whilst finishing that ward. Can she do it?

Colossus advances on the bear, but a back paw catches him, throwing him aside before he can set his feet. He is swarmed by smaller skeletons, thin creatures who make up their lack of power with sheer numbers, the mutant steelman fighting the press of body weight before temporarily sinking down to his knees. Only with a herculean press forward does he throw them back, but that does mean that Wanda is on her own in regards to the bear… or, is she? There was one other who just arrived on the scene!

Ripping reality apart takes it out of you and Wanda is breathing heavy as a giant bear comes charging at her and Colossus…and it picks her. A deep breath before she throws up a wall of paradox to at least shield her. No matter which way the bear enters the scarlet haze that hangs over the ground, it leaves the same way. And since it is on the other side, that will do until she can catch her breath.

A quick look around reveals Adam has his own monster and Zatanna is doing far too much…again. So Wanda has to deal with this herself. The bear is getting angry…as skeletons do…charging faster and faster at the scarlet energy and charging faster and faster out the same way it went in. She waits until it is sprinting as fast as it can then, when it enters the field, she twists her hands downwards and it charges straight into the ground and shatters into a million bits.


Black Adam lifts his chin to regard the shadow of the dracolich as it passes over him…

…skeletal swings snap into a dive and its entire form undulates sending it into a spiraling dive towards the rotting earth — towards Adam..

Mighty Adam's cross before his face and he surges upwards to upwards to meet the beast..

..they collide mid-air the force of the impact sending both into the fetid ground with a spray of rotting soil. The ribs of the dracolich extend as if it were breathing, gathering the supernatural energies of decay within its chest, before breathing outward to create a thick black cloud the shrouds them both.

..lightning flashes within the cloud and their is a horrid shriek..

Black Adam rockets out of the cloud clutching the upper jaw of the undead horror in one hand and the lower jaw of the other. As he clears shadowy vapor he makes a strong movement of his both arms, ripping the jaws wide, and then tensing at the shoulders as he hyper-extends its bite..

..the bone quivers — and then its skull shatters.
The hulking fall back into the cloud below him.

"Shazam," and then the swiftness of Heru conveys him aside.


Six tendrils of light connect in the pea-green sky above and twine together into a bolt of ancient power. In a flash it pierces the cloud, which is vaporized, leaving a smoking crater in the firmament below.

Adam rises again, arms folded across his chest, and as they blue barrier stretches overhead he looks upward. In the next moment be evaporates into a blur of ebon and gold which slips through the ward before it connects above him.

Then, he is gone. Thunder and lightning carrying him to the East.

"I hate flyers." Colossus grumbles under the heavy burden of dozens of skeletons that jab and prod, and attempt to wrestle the incredibly strong mutant off his feet.

Wanda stares up at the thunder and lightning before looking over at Colossus. "He likes to make an entrance…and exit" she notes before adding, "Do you need some help?"

Rain-Bear smashes the bone construct apart, Wanda remakes reality again and Colossus smashes the skeletons. Black Adams display vanquishes the flyer with his mighty display. All in a good days work, really. Stranges blast may interrupt the gate for a short while, but it remains to be seen for how long.

Zee stops struggling against Doom, she does something else, she simple walls off the power he's supplying. She won't draw on it - these things generally come at a cost and she's been dealing with demons too long to trust a 'free gift'. With a final murmur of her spell, the ward is remade… and the teen mage turns to the group "Thank you…." noting Adam has gone again, blue eyes search for Doom - she'll have words for him… only to see the Quinjet taking off.

Later, she'll find out more about the man. "Is everyone alright?"

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